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260+ Best Who Knows Me Better Questions

If you’ve ever wondered who knows you the best among your friends and family, there’s only one way to find out. Just ask them Who Knows You Better questions. You can even make it a game and play with your partner, friends, or family.

You need at least two people, and you can use these questions to get to know each other better or turn it into a competition and keep score by letting everyone write down their answers to your questions.

Instead of coming up with random questions, I’ve listed several unique ‘How Well Do You Know Me’ questions that you can ask to find out who knows you best. You can choose several from the ultimate list below.

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Easy Who Knows Me Better Questions

You can start with this easy list of questions to get the game started.

Easy Who Knows Me Better Questions
  1. Am I right or left-handed?
  2. When is my birthday?
  3. How do I like my coffee? Hot or iced?
  4. Am I a cake or ice cream person?
  5. Am I more extroverted or introverted?
  6. Do I like rainy days?
  7. Can I ride a bicycle?
  8. Am I a dog person or a cat person?
  9. Can you tell me what my favorite pizza toppings are?
  10. How would you describe my typical day?
  11. What are my hobbies? (Popular hobbies for teens: Hobbies For Teenage Girls & Hobbies For Teen Boys)
  12. Which sport is my favorite?
  13. What is my favorite animal?
  14. Do I know how to change a tire?
  15. Is there one color that appears to be prevalent in my closet?
  16. Am I neat or messy?
  17. Am I allergic to anything?
  18. What is my favorite snack?
  19. What is my favorite book?
  20. What is my favorite movie?
  21. What do I like better, Pepsi or Coke?
  22. What is my favorite candy?
  23. What is my favorite season?

Watch the Sister vs Girlfriend Who Knows Me Better question game in the video below:

Good Who Knows Me Better Questions

Here are some fun questions you can ask your friends to see who knows you best.

Good Who Knows Me Better Questions
  1. Do I prefer to talk or listen more?
  2. What am I most passionate about now?
  3. Which charitable cause do I support?
  4. Have I ever done something crazy?
  5. Is there anything popular that irritates me?
  6. If it were my last meal, what would it be?
  7. Is there anything I have faced in my life that has tested my courage the most?
  8. Which part of the world would I like to visit most?
  9. What is my favorite way to end the day?
  10. Tell me a story about myself that is both embarrassing and hilarious.
  11. Which do I prefer, sweet or spicy food?
  12. Would I rather travel by car or by plane?
  13. Will I prefer to travel alone or in a group?
  14. How often do I engage on social media?

Juicy Who Knows Me Better Questions

Juicy Who Knows Me Better Questions
  1. What is my most controversial opinion?
  2. Can you recall a time when I really stepped outside my comfort zone?
  3. What has been my worst job, and what have I learned from it?
  4. Did I ever sneak out of the house? For what reason?
  5. What would I choose if I had to choose between money and power?
  6. What is the one job that I would absolutely hate?
  7. Did I ever get involved in an interesting/embarrassing office incident?
  8. What is it that drives me nuts?
  9. What is the worst assumption someone has ever made about me?
  10. Which type of person am I? Optimistic, realistic, or pessimistic?
  11. Who is my current celebrity crush?

Embarrassing Who Knows Me Better Questions

Embarrassing Who Knows Me Better Questions
  1. Have I ever done anything embarrassing in public?
  2. Do I snore?
  3. Do I talk in my sleep?
  4. When was the last time I experienced a big failure?
  5. Have I ever tripped or fallen in front of a big crowd?
  6. How would my parents describe my worst personality trait?
  7. Have I ever gotten into trouble?
  8. Have I ever had chickenpox? If so, at what age did I get it?
  9. Did I ever get arrested? What did I do?
  10. What is the weirdest text you’ve ever received from me?
  11. The most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done to get my crush’s attention? Read: Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush (While Texting!)
  12. Do I like being in the spotlight?
  13. Right now, if someone gave me a million dollars, what would I do with it?
  14. When I eat out, do I take leftovers home?
  15. What is my worst subject in school?

Funny Who Knows Me Better Questions

Choose from this list of funny questions below that cover all aspects of life.

Funny Who Knows Me Better Questions
  1. How and when did I realize Santa Claus wasn’t real? Read: Christmas Santa Dad Jokes
  2. If I came with a warning label, what would it say?
  3. What word do I use too often?
  4. If there were a Zombie Apocalypse, how long do you think I’d last?
  5. What is my most embarrassing moment?
  6. What is my strangest habit?
  7. Is there an alcoholic drink that best describes who I am?
  8. Do I like my toilet paper rolled over or under?
  9. What would I rather eat: a chocolate bar or a bag of chips at once?
  10. What do I think of hairy legs?
  11. What weird quirk do I have?
  12. What is the dumbest thing that I’ve ever done to hurt myself?
  13. Do I have any hidden talent?
  14. What do I think of pineapple on pizza?
  15. Is there anything I’d bring to a deserted island that isn’t essential?
  16. What’s my favorite corny joke? Read: Top Deez Nuts Joke Ideas
  17. Is there something I’m really bad at?
  18. Is there anything I’m doing that makes me look stupid?

Deep Who Knows Me Better Questions

Deep questions are great questions to ask to find out how well people know you.

Deep Who Knows Me Better Questions
  1. What do I mean by a “good person”?
  2. Are there any boundaries I have always adhered to?
  3. Who has had the most significant influence on my life?
  4. Do I have any insecurities?
  5. Are there any particular words of wisdom I live by?
  6. Do I usually follow my heart or my head?
  7. Am I a believer in second chances for people?
  8. Do I have long-term goals?
  9. What is my main career goal? Read: How To Become Famous As A Teenager
  10. What does beauty mean to me?
  11. What is the best place for me to live? A small town, a large city, or the countryside?
  12. If I were to die tomorrow, what would I like to do before I die?
  13. Is there anything in your life today that your younger self would not believe?
  14. I only have one month left to live. How would I spend it?
  15. Do I believe in life after death?

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Friends

Use these personal questions to find out which of your friends knows you best.

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Friends
  1. Do you think I would pick you up in the middle of the night if you called me?
  2. When was the lowest point in my life?
  3. When did we meet?
  4. If I could host my dream dinner party, who would I invite?
  5. What is my biggest pet peeve?
  6. What is my middle name?
  7. How many siblings do I have?
  8. Do I have any half-siblings?
  9. What kind of job do you think I’d be great at?
  10. What is my favorite sports team?
  11. What is my zodiac sign?
  12. Where is my hometown?
  13. Did I grow up in a particular religion?
  14. Are my family members religious?
  15. Am I a religious person?
  16. Who am I closer to, my mother or my father?
  17. Have I ever performed on stage before?
  18. Are bright colors more appealing to me or neutral colors?
  19. Can you imagine how I would react if my significant other or I became pregnant right now? What would be my reaction?
  20. Do I have a close relationship with my parents?
  21. Am I still friendly with any of my exes? Read: When Is National Ex-Girlfriend Day?
  22. How do I dry my hair? Air dry, or do I use a blow dryer?
  23. Would I rather swim in a pool or go to the beach?
  24. What is my biggest fear?
  25. How do I de-stress?
  26. Did I ever do anything illegal?
  27. Who is my biggest celebrity crush?
  28. What is my favorite movie genre?
  29. When I am lost, do I ask strangers for directions?
  30. Where can you always find me?
  31. What is my favorite type of music?
  32. What is the first thing I’d grab if my house were on fire?

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Family

Below are several perfect questions to ask your family to determine which of your siblings or parents know you better. You’ll probably all get quite nostalgic and reminisce about your favorite childhood memory or favorite family tradition.

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Family
  1. Which family member would I choose if I had to share a bedroom with one?
  2. What’s the best practical joke I’ve ever played on a family member?
  3. What’s my favorite or fondest childhood memory?
  4. What was my favorite subject in school?
  5. Is there any trouble that I got into when I was a child?
  6. Did I ever have imaginary friends?
  7. When did my parents let me stay home alone for the first time?
  8. Would you say I made friends well as a child?
  9. What was my first pet’s name?
  10. What was my favorite food as a kid?
  11. Was there a particular board game I loved to play as a child on game night?
  12. After whom was I named?
  13. If I were a ghost, which family member would I haunt first?
  14. Am I a picky eater?
  15. Who is my favorite sibling?
  16. Which food would I eat for the rest of my life if I had to pick just one?
  17. Which member of my family am I most like?
  18. Who was my favorite teacher in high school?
  19. Did I ever have to repeat a grade when I was in school?
  20. When I was growing up, what chores did I have to do?
  21. Which subject was my least favorite in school?
  22. Am I like my mom or dad?
  23. Is there a family member with whom I would choose to go to a scary movie?
  24. What was I like when I was a baby?
  25. What was the name of my favorite stuffed animal?
  26. What was my favorite part of my childhood?
  27. What was my favorite family vacation?
  28. Who is the family member I call when I’m worried about something?
  29. Have I ever worn a particularly weird Halloween costume?
  30. Who were my childhood friends?
  31. Did I have a favorite toy as a child? Do I still have that toy?
  32. What did I want to be when I grew up when I was a kid?
  33. What is the one thing that I’m most afraid of?
  34. Which family member was I closest to when I was growing up?

Watch how to play the game with your family in the video below:

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Couples

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Couples
  1. What would be my deal-breaker in a romantic relationship?
  2. What is my love language?
  3. Am I flowers and gifts or a fancy dinner person?
  4. Do I get easily jealous?
  5. What is my idea of the perfect romantic getaway?
  6. Do I like taking pictures together?
  7. Am I comfortable being affectionate in public?
  8. Do I have an object or food I won’t share with anyone?
  9. Do I have anything I won’t accept in a relationship?
  10. Would I be willing to uproot and move my life for someone I love?
  11. What is my favorite gift you have given me?
  12. At what point did I start loving you?
  13. What do I really like about you?
  14. What do you know about me that no one else does?
  15. What made me fall in love with you?
  16. How would you describe me in three words?
  17. Am I more of a long-term-oriented person, or do I like to live in the now?
  18. What topics can I ramble on about all day?

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Siblings

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Siblings
  1. What are my phobias?
  2. Have I ever had surgery?
  3. When was the last time I was hospitalized?
  4. Which of my loved ones would I choose if I could bring them back to life for one day?
  5. Do I have any tattoos or piercings?
  6. Can I do my own laundry?
  7. What was the longest road trip we ever took?
  8. Would I be able to change a flat tire?
  9. Is there anything I believe I’m good at and get annoyed if someone says I’m not?
  10. Do I prefer to do laundry or dishes?
  11. Do I play video games?
  12. What is my favorite band?
  13. What is my favorite ice cream flavor?
  14. Did I ever blackout from drinking too much?
  15. Did I ever get into an accident?
  16. Have I ever been diagnosed with any medical conditions that required treatment?
  17. Do I curse a lot?
  18. If I could learn another language, what would it be?
  19. Do I believe in ghosts?
  20. Do I have a childhood nickname?
  21. What food won’t I eat under any circumstances?
  22. What do I put first in my bowl: cereal or milk?
  23. Which is my favorite meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
  24. What is my favorite dessert?
  25. What is my most annoying trait?
  26. Which one do I prefer, a fan or an air conditioner?

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Boyfriend

Use these relationship questions to find out how well your boyfriend knows you.

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Boyfriend
  1. What do I admire most about you?
  2. How can you tell when I’m in a bad mood?
  3. Am I likely to stay angry for a long time?
  4. What is the best way to cheer me up?
  5. Am I an active person, or do I prefer to sit around all day?
  6. What is something I am trying to change about myself?
  7. Would you consider me an honest person?
  8. What is the most important to me? Meaningful gifts or expensive gifts?
  9. Do I value my career or view it as merely a source of income for my passions?
  10. What’s my favorite music genre? Which artist or musician inspires me the most?
  11. Do I prefer to cook, order food, or eat out?
  12. Do I prefer store-bought gifts or experiences?
  13. Am I comfortable having others in my personal space?
  14. Am I a morning person or a night owl?
  15. Do I consider myself a geek or a nerd?
  16. Can you name one thing that I couldn’t live without?
  17. What country would I like us to visit together?
  18. How do I like to communicate with someone: by text or call?
  19. What is more important to me? Earning more money or having more free time?
  20. Is it easy for me to trust others?
  21. What would annoy me the most?
  22. Do you have any habits that annoy me? What are they?
  23. Can you tell me about one of my passions that’s a little strange?
  24. Do you think I would drop anything to go and help my best friend if they asked me?
  25. Am I willing to spend just my money on some of our dates?
  26. Do I enjoy cooking for you?
  27. Would I take care of you unconditionally if you were sick?

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Sisters

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Sisters
  1. What is my shoe size?
  2. Am I self-conscious about anything?
  3. Am I good at keeping secrets?
  4. When I am sad, what makes me feel better?
  5. What is my nickname? Who calls me by that name?
  6. Do I have any birthmarks?
  7. Do I sing in the shower?
  8. Have I ever seen a ghost or had a paranormal experience?
  9. In what position do I sleep?
  10. Who is my closest friend?
  11. Who was my first crush?
  12. Who was my biggest crush at Summer camp?
  13. Is there anything I feel I must do as a ritual?
  14. How do I like to spend my vacation time? Will I visit tourist attractions or explore places others don’t usually visit?
  15. What kind of business would I start if I had the chance?
  16. What’s a movie I could watch over and over again?
  17. Was there a fashion trend I followed in my younger years?
  18. What is something that makes me nervous?
  19. Which household chores do I hate most?
  20. What is my favorite school subject?
  21. Have I ever dyed my hair?
  22. When I’m sleeping, do I move around much?
  23. What is my dream car?
  24. Do I have a talent that I have not pursued?
  25. If I were stranded on an island, what would be the 3 things I would want to bring with me?
  26. What’s my spirit animal?
  27. What is my dream job?
  28. Would I rather dress up or down?
  29. Name the top 3 things on my bucket lists?
  30. Who do I talk to the most on the phone?
  31. In the morning, do I get up as soon as my alarm goes off, let the alarm ring a few times before I finally get up, or wait until my alarm chirps a few times first?
  32. When I die, do I want to be buried or cremated?
  33. How long can I concentrate on studying or working without getting distracted?

Watch these sisters hilariously ask Who Knows Me Better questions in the video below: