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Top 100 Funniest Deez Nuts Joke Ideas

You’ve most likely seen the Deez Nuts Got’Eeeem video where Welvin Harris pranks calls his dad or at least heard some Deez Nuts, Ligma, or BoFa jokes. Whether you think these jokes are hysterical or juvenile, you probably want to have a couple up your sleeve, or at least know what you could expect when hanging out with some teen boys.

I’ve gathered as many Deez Nuts joke ideas as I could find so that you can be armed either way. Let’s check them out. Be warned, some are pretty rude!

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Deez Nuts Joke Ideas

Deez Nuts Joke Ideas

Dee asked me out yesterday.
Who is Dee?
Deez Nuts!

Are you a fan of parodies?
Yeah sure.
Well then, you’ll love a pair of deez nuts!

Do you love tulips?
Yes, Why?
Because you will love your two lips on Deez Nuts!

Don’t sit on that!
Sit on what?
Sit on Deez Nuts!

I’m hungry. What have you got to eat?
I have some nuts…
What nuts?
Deez Nuts!

I would like to know who is in charge here.
Dee’s in charge.
Can you give me his number?
Sure, If you want to have Deez Nuts so bad, I’ll give them to you.

Would you like me to buy one of these?
Yea, sure.
How about two of Deez Nutz?

Have you ever played World of Warcraft?
Yes, I have.
Have you played a Goblin?
No, I don’t think so.
Dude, you should Goblin on Deez Nuts.

Can you imagine dragons flying in the sky?
Yes, I can.
Then imagine dragging Deez Nuts across your mouth.

Student: Teacher, I am tired of you giving me D’s every exam.
Teacher: I am also tired of you not paying attention in my class.
Student: I cannot focus when I’m thinking about those colossal D’s.
Teacher: What D’s are you talking about?
Students: Deez Nuts.

Hey, are you thirsty or hungry?
I am thirsty and hungry.
You can have some of Deez Nuts.

Are you a fan of Dee?
Who is Dee?
Deez Nutz!
(Response: And I thought it was Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory!)

You need to shut up before you end up like Ken.
Ken who?
Can Deez Nuts fit in your mouth?
(Response: Poor Ken! I don’t want to end up like him.)

How do you pronounce amoood spelled backward?
Doooma nuts fit in your mouth?

Has anyone told you you look like Phil?
Who is Phil?
Feel Deez nuts!

Do you like Wendy’s
Yes, why?
Because you’re going to love Wen-dys nuts, hit you in the face.

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Best Deez Nuts Jokes

Best Deez Nuts Jokes

Excuse me, do you like pudding?
Yes, of course, I do.
Well, how about pudding Deez Nuts in your mouth?

What did the wind say to the palm tree?
Hold onto your nuts; this is no ordinary blow job.
My nuts? No, Deez Nuts!

What kind of nuts gets bad grades?
Deez Nuts

Why did the squirrel do the backstroke?
He wanted to keep his nuts dry?
Nuts? Yes, Deez Nuts!

Do you want some tape and CDs?
What am I going to do with those?
You can tape my d**k to your forehead so you can C Deez Nuts.

Do you prefer the Yankees or the Expos?
Expos Deez Nuts!
Yank on Deez Nuts!

Do you want to play?
Play what? Play with Deez Nuts.

Have you been to a trade expo?
Yes, I love expos.
Expose Deex Nuts!

Do you like Candy?
Yes, I do.
Can Deez Nuts hit your face?

Can you name a state that starts with a ‘K’ besides Kentucky?
No what?
Have you heard of the state, Kandeeznutsfitinyourmouth?

Do you want to come with me to the West Indies?
The West Indies?
Yes, in Deez Nuts!

Do you know the latest on Putin?
You can Putin Deez Nuts in your mouth.

What size are you wearing?
I’m wearing double D’s.
Why do you ask?
Because I want to get some more of Deez Nuts.

Today I met someone at the store who said they were Ugondese.
Where is that? I have never heard of it.
Set location to UgonDeez Nuts.

Hey, everything around here is fresh?
Yes, everything is fresh from today.
Okay, can I get a sample of something?
Yes, what would you like to try?
Let’s see; I’d like to taste Deez Nuts.

Do you still have any music tapes or CDs?
I only have albums.
Well, you can C Deez Nuts.

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Good Deez Nuts Jokes

Good Deez Nuts Jokes

I think you will love some of these.
Some of what?
Some of Deez Nuts.

It is difficult to talk about it these days.
Talk about what?
Deez Nuts in your mouth.

I cannot believe they have stayed together for 20 years.
Deez Nuts!

Something came in the mail today for you.
What was that?
Deez Nuts!

Do you have any CDs of Enya?
Well, how’d you like to C Deez Nuts Enya mouth?

Who’s the greatest animator of all time?
Walt Deez Nutz!

Teacher: On this homework, you got a D grade.
Student: Well, I am also going to be giving you D’S.
Teacher: What do you mean?
Student: Deez Nuts!

Hey, are you leaving this?
Leaving what?
Leaving Deez Nuts in your mouth.

I saw you dancing yesterday.
What? You saw me dancing where?
You were at a club. I saw your hoodie.
Which hoodie?
Who Deez Nuts

Dad, can I borrow our car?
No, you can’t. Why don’t you borrow Deez Nuts!

How did your doctor’s appointment go?
It was okay, but I have Vitamin D deficiency.
I need to spend more time outside.
I can help you get that D
But how?
I am willing to give you some of Deez Nuts.

Do you like the plot of this film?
No, I believe we can come up with a better one.
So you want to come and film Deez Nuts?

Do you think Apple will launch a new product?
I hope so.
You hop on Deez Nuts.

Can you spell the word ‘indeed’ for me, please?
No problem. I N D
IN Deez Nuts.

What was the other name for Native Americans?
Do you mean Indians?
I mean In Deez Nuts!

Do you like listening to songs by Imagine Dragons?
Yes sure.
Imagine dragging Deez Nuts over your head!
I didn’t see where that was headed, but I still Imagine Dragons.

Do you want to play?
Play with what?
Deez Nuts!

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Funny Deez Nuts Jokes

Funny Deez Nuts Jokes

Have you ever been to Chewons?
No. Whats Chewons?
Chew on Deez Nuts!

Are You going this afternoon?
Going where?
Down on Deez Nuts!

Do you remember when?
When what?
When Deez Nuts were pressed up against your chin!

Have you seen the movie House of D?
You better watch House of Deez Nuts.

Do you like riding on trains?
Because you can ride on Deez Nuts.

You will never guess who I saw hanging out together.
Deez Nuts!

Are you into fitness?
Fit Deez Nuts in your mouth.

Bofa Deez Nuts Jokes

Bofa Deez Nuts Jokes

Excuse me, do you Bofa?
Bofa? What’s Bofa?
Bofa Deez Nuts.

Have you seen the film Bofa?
Bofa? Who is in it?
Bofa Deez Nuts.

I think you should be a goblin this Halloween.
A goblin? Why is that?
Goblin Bofa Deez nuts

Are you familiar with Bofa?
Bofa What?
Okay, let me help you get familiar with Bofa Deez Nuts.

I’m sponsoring an injured giraffe in Africa. His name is Bofa.
What does Bofa mean?
Bofa Deez Nuts.

Do you want to see Bofa?
Sure, why not.
Bofa Deez Nuts.

I have been writing a book titled Bofa.
Bofa? What’s that.
Bofa Deez Nuts.

My shoulders hurt so bad.
From carrying Bofa Deez Nuts.

Clever Deez Nuts Jokes

Clever Deez Nuts Jokes

Why are B and C afraid of D?
Because Deez Nuts!

Do you like Vanessa Paradis?
Yes, I do.
Well, how about a pair of Deez Nuts?

Are you Mr. Landese?
Yes, I am. Why?
I saw you have some of Deez Nuts on your porch.

Do you know where Norway is?
Yes, I do.
Norway Deez Nuts can fit in your mouth.

Guess what I do not want anymore.
Deez Nuts.

Do you smell that?
No. What does it smell like?
It smells like Deez Nuts.

What did one nut day to the other nut?
Deez Nuts.

Why did you trip?
I fell for Deez Nuts.

My girlfriend got diagnosed with DN.
Oh no, sorry. What’s DN?
Deez Nuts.

How do cowboys say ‘howdy’?
I don’t know.
Howdy’s nuts taste?

Do you know what they use in movies to imitate the sound of galloping horses?
No, I don’t know.
Deez nuts.

Are you having both of these?
Both of these what?
Both of Deez nuts.

Deez Nuts Jokes Reddit

I have a bunch of classic albums. Would you like 2 CDs?
To see Deez nuts!

Have you heard of E10? The spaceship?
No, I haven’t.
E10 Deez Nuts.

Can you imagine I got diagnosed with SDN?
What’s that?
Suck Deez Nuts.

Did you hear what happened in Norway?
What happened?
Norway Deez Nuts can fit in your mouth.

Did you hear there is now a vaccine for Deez?
Yes, Deez Nuts.

Do you want Pizza?
Yes, I like Pizza.
How about a Pizza Deez Nuts.

Do you listen to CDs?
Yes, sometimes.
Well, C Deez Nuts.

Do you know who is coming to our party later on?
Dee is.
Who is Dee?
Deez Nuts.

I would like to go to the Sekon convention.
What’s Seckon?
Seckon Deez Nuts.

We need to soak these.
Soak what?
Soak Deez Nuts.

I am moving.
Where are you moving to?
Moving Deez Nuts in your mouth.

Deez Nuts Jokes Twitter

Deez Nuts Jokes Twitter

Do you know Landon?
Landon? No.
Trip, fall, and Landon Deez Nuts.

Did you hear what Jimmy Fallon did?
No, what?
He did Fallon Deez Nuts.

Who is Jackie’s boyfriend?
Ken you fit Deez nuts in your mouth?

Did you hear about my friend Willya?
No, what happened?
Willya fit Deez Nuts in your mouth?

Do you remember that guy Eaton in Highschool?
Umm, no, why?
Well, he did Eaton Deez nuts!

I cannot give you my heart, but you can have Deez Nuts.

Do you know what tug boats are?
Some kind of boat?
Yes, tug on Deez Nuts.

I love orange juice, and my favorite one is Sunny D.
Do you like it?
Sunny Deez Nuts.

Would you like to have some of my goodies?
What do you have?
A bag of good Deez Nuts.

Would you like to get ice cream?
We can try a new flavor.
Yes, why not!
Well, you can see how Deez Nuts taste.

I wonder what will happen with DN after the election.
What’s DN?
Deez Nuts.

You need some of these.
Some of what?
Deez Nuts.

Hey, Dee was asking about you this morning.
Who is Dee?
Deez Nuts!

Candice and Ligma Jokes

Candice and Ligma Jokes

Have you heard of Candice?
Candice who?
Candeez nuts fit in your mouth?

Have you heard of Ligma?
Ligma? I don’t think so; who is that?
Ligma Nuts.

OMG, did you see that Candice died today?
Candice who?
Candeez nuts fit in your mouth?

Ligma is trending.
What’s Ligma?
Ligma balls.

Deez Nuts Memes

I'll be a dragon meme
Source: Pinterest

I’ll be a dragon. Deez Nuts across your face.

Sorry for dropping Deez Nuts in your mouth. 
Source: Pinterest

Sorry for dropping Deez Nuts in your mouth.

Can I interest you in some Bofa
Source: Pinterest

Can I interest you in some Bofa? What’s Bofa? Bofa Deez Nuts.

Imagine a day where you see Deez nuts in your face. 
Source: Pinterest

Imagine a day where you see Deez nuts in your face.

I'd like an order of Deez with a side of Nuts. 
Source: Pinterest

I’d like an order of Deez with a side of Nuts.

Can't believe you fell face first three times in Deez Nuts. 
Source: Pinterest

Can’t believe you fell face first three times in Deez Nuts.

Deez Nuts Products

Deez Nuts Shirts

Deez Nuts shirts come in various designs, with the most common having Deez Nuts jokes printed at the front or the back. Some simpler designs come with the phrase Deez Nuts while others feature complete phrases with Deez Nuts in them.

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Deez Nuts Socks

Deez Nuts socks come in fun prints with Deez Nuts printed on them. They are a variation of happy socks, but with a touch of Deez Nuts jokes. These can be a great gift idea for your dirty friend and a great conversation starter.

Best Deez Nuts Socks

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Deez Nuts Stickers

A sticker is your perfect bet if you would rather not wear a Deez Nuts joke but still want to have some of it. You can get stickers with jokes printed on them and stick them anywhere you like.

Best Deez Nuts Sticker

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What is a Deez nuts joke?

A Deez nuts joke is a phrase that people deliberately use to interrupt and change the direction of a conversation by soliciting a follow-up question. The question usually contains the sound ‘Deez’ (these) to get the victim to answer the question so that you can follow up with ‘Deez Nuts.’ Although many jokes do reference testicles, they started out being used figuratively as a way to disrupt a conversation by getting someone to respond to your ‘joke.’

The jokes are not always that funny in themselves. It’s more about the delivery and that you get to trick people into responding several times.

Who said Deez nuts?

Dr. Dre said Deez Nuts in his song ‘Deeez Nuuuts.’ The song was one of the few in his 1992 album. It begins with a phone call between a man and a woman and flows as a back-and-forth conversation between the two. After a while, the man shouts ‘Deez Nuts’

In 2015, Instagram user Welven Da Great posted a video of himself telling a similar Deez nuts joke to a friend on the phone. This video made Welven Harris a viral internet sensation and is often referred to as the Deez Nuts Guy.

When Deez Nuts became a presidential candidate later that year, however, they truly broke into the mainstream, coming in third place after Clinton and Trump in public polls. The candidate Deez Nuts was actually a 15-year-old Iowa native named Brady Olson, who registered under the pseudonym to express his frustration with the two major parties.

What does BofA Deez nuts mean?

Bofa Deez Nuts[Boh-Fah] – Bofa is used before Deez nuts as a slang word for ‘both of.’ So together, Bofa Deez Nuts is a figurative phrase to mean testicles. Deez Nuts can be used alone, but the word Bofa is added to emphasize the phrase – Botha Deez.

What is the best setup for a ‘Deez nuts’ joke?

The best setup for a Deez Nuts joke is in the middle of a conversation with a group of friends, where you interrupt and redirect the conversation using a Deez Nuts joke. It is best if you crack the joke with your buddies, but it also works in a new crowd of people to break the ice.

What is a clever comeback from a deez nuts joke?

A popular cleaver comeback from a Deez Nuts joke is agreeing to what the other person insinuates with the joke. So it can be something like, ‘gotcha,’ ‘I will,’ ‘bring them on,’ etc.