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14 Interesting Hobbies For Teen Boys

Many teenagers tend to spend most of their time in their rooms playing video games.

Spending too much time on their screens is not beneficial to their mental or physical health.

There are plenty of fun hobbies that can persuade your teenage boy to get out of the house.

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Hobbies are a great way to learn new skills or improve on already acquired ones.

Taking up a hobby as a teenager improves their interpersonal and communication skills, improves their physical fitness and self-esteem.

There are so many choices for hobbies these days that it is hard for teens to figure out what they want to do.

That’s why I’ve written this article on some of the best hobbies for teen boys.

What Are Good Hobbies For Teen Boys?

A hobby should not only be something that your teen is interested in and that they enjoy, but it should also add value to their lives in some way. This could include learning a new skill, like playing a musical instrument, or participating in a sport and getting more exercise.

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There are various activities to enjoy while outdoors or indoors as discussed below.

Outdoor Hobbies For Teen Boys

There are several solo or team sports that many teen boys enjoy playing.

Many of these will be available at school, so we’ll look at some other hobbies that they may like to do outside of school.

1. Cycling

teen hobby boys cycling

Cycling or biking is a great outdoor activity, especially for fit young teen boys.

Biking can help you explore your neighborhood whilst getting some fresh air.

You could also go mountain biking which will take you to the woods and mountains.

Being outdoors is a great stress reliever that can aid in reducing mental health issues.

Most boys will have a bike, but if he’s really serious about pursuing road or mountain biking then he might want a more specialized bike.

A specialized road or mountain bike can cost you anywhere from $200 up to $5,000 (and beyond).

However, a good entry-level bike should cost less than $1,000 – somewhere between $700 to $1,000 is perfect.

Remember to take safety precautions like wearing protective gear while cycling.

What he will need:

To build up an interest in cycling, try cycling with your son for a couple of weeks.

It’s also great if he has a friend who is also keen on getting outdoors.

2. Running

teen hobby boys running

Running is one of the most health-friendly hobbies a teen boy can take up.

It keeps the body physically fit and will provide a full cardio workout.

Running is also a sure way to release your everyday stress.

All you need is your running shoes and your route well mapped out.

Although it looks easy, running is really tough.

Start by running shorter distances and then increase the time and distance as you get fitter.

3. Fishing

teen hobby boys fishing

Not a fan of physically intensive activities like running?

Then you can try fishing.

Fishing is a fun activity to enjoy alone, or with your family and friends, because you can enjoy the wildlife and nature at the same time.

Catching fish takes time and patience.

It’s a great de-stressing activity that will get you alone with your thoughts in a peaceful environment.

Depending on where he wants to go fishing, and which fish he can catch there, he’ll need to get the right fishing rod and bait.

4. Hiking

teen hobby boys hiking

If he loves being out in nature, just like fishing, your son may want to explore hiking.

It is a great way for teens to break a sweat as they de-stress and to be alone with their thoughts.

It’s also fun to meet up with a group of friends, or at least one other person for safety precautions.

He will need:
⦁ A backpack
⦁ Water bottle
⦁ Hiking boots
⦁ Navigation tools like a compass
First aid kit

5. Volunteering

teen hobby boys volunteering

Another worthwhile activity for teenagers (both boys and girls) is to explore is volunteering.

Tutoring kids, feeding the hungry, or volunteering at a local shelter all develop their interpersonal skills.

Volunteering will help them learn how to become selfless, as they offer services to make other people’s lives better.

6. Scouting

teen hobby boys scouting

Scouting is an enjoyable hobby that can teach you a variety of useful skills.

It offers many fun activities, including nature trips, camps, and learning new things together.

Scouting enables children to make new friends for life.

Through Scouting, youth learn academics, self-confidence, ethics, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives.

Scouting is also an excellent way to build leadership skills in teens.

They get to try new things, provide service to others and it builds self-confidence.

7. Lifesaving

teen boy hobby lifesaving

If you live near the beach or have a local swimming pool, then lifesaving might be a great hobby as well.

Not only does this teach valuable lifesaving skills, but it’s also incredibly great exercise.

There is also a wonderful bonding experience within a lifesaving club and it often becomes more of a passion than merely a hobby.

I recently read an inspiring article about a lifesaver from South Africa that was rewarded the prestigious Russell Medal, by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, after he rescued a young woman from drowning in a Camps Bay tidal pool.

Hobbies for Teenage Boys at Home

8. Programming

teen hobby boys programming

Is your son passionate about technology and computers?

Then he might want to consider programming as a hobby.

If your teen develops a solid understanding of programming early on, then it will lay the foundation for a successful career in the future.

All you need to get into programming is a computer, free coding software, and a stable internet connection.

With numerous programming tutorials on the internet, you do not need to go to school to learn these skills.

Check out these 8 free web development courses for beginners.

With the right attitude, patience and dedication, anyone can teach themselves computer and programming skills.

9. Writing (or Blogging)

teen hobby boys blogging

Writing can be a creative and therapeutic activity to enjoy.

With writing, you have the freedom to express yourself however you choose.

You can be creative and write a fictitious story or express your feelings in writing.

Journaling is a great habit to develop because it helps to “offload” your mind onto paper (or a computer screen).

You can get things off your mind by journaling your day’s events, good or bad.

Juanita Wells, director of clinical development at New Method Wellness says:

When we put something in our journal, it can help us remain accountable to ourselves, our feelings, our purpose, and plan. Keeping a journal can be a great way to make our hopes, aspirations, and dreams believable and attainable.”

Writing can also pan out as a career for you by writing and selling books or earning money from a blog or website.

10. Learn To Play An Instrument

teen hobby boys musical instrument

If your son is musically minded, then another excellent leisure activity for young men is learning to play a new instrument.

Like sport, learning a new instrument will instill patience in you as you have to practice often to get good at it.

Once he’s identified which musical instrument he’d like to play, you’ll most likely have to arrange some lessons.

Although, some great artists have been known to teach themselves how to play.

Plus, there are some amazing YouTube videos and online tutorials which he could also watch to get him started.

Piano, guitar, and drums are firm favorites with teen boys.

As a hobby, musical instruments draw a kind of passion that other pastimes lack.

Your son might end up being good enough to make a career out of it later in life.

11. Reading

teen hobby boys reading

Reading never gets old.

There is always something you haven’t read before.

The virtual environment we live in has made it even easier than turning pages with the option of Kindle, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Cultivating the culture of reading outside the classroom is one that cannot be stressed enough.

Encourage your teen to select a genre that interests them.

Discuss the books they read and make suggestions for new reads to ensure that your teen always has a book on the go.

The love of reading is a gift that will keep on giving, well into old age!

12. Photography

hobbies for teenagers photography

Most teens are taking selfies and using their phones to capture moments in life.

Photography as a hobby can fulfill the need for creativity and learning a new skill.

As an art form, it builds on imagination whilst still needing to learn the technical skills required.

If he shows real interest, then he will need a good camera and a little training.

Here is a list of 14 great sites to learn photography.

13. Playing Chess

hobbies for teenage boys chess

The game of chess is an incredibly beneficial pastime.

Playing chess results in better brain function, improved memory and cognitive abilities, strategic thinking, and an improvement in his ability to focus.

Your son can play with you at home, or in the school chess club.

He can even play chess online where he can learn by completing chess puzzles, by playing against the computer at various levels of difficulty, or socially against other players from all over the world.

Learning chess is one of the best games to learn not just for great strategic thinking, but also as a way to connect with others.

Our kids love playing chess with their granddad as well as other guests that visit.

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14. Start A Side Business

Teenagers can develop new skills and practice business skills by starting a side hustle or side business.

This may lead to a future job that allows for income diversification.

As a teenager, you have several options for making money.

These include:

If you like the idea, why not take up a new hobby that is entrepreneurial?


As you can see there are many interesting hobbies that your teenage son could find interesting.

It’s best to discuss these with him and try them together so that he gets a feeling for whether he likes one or not.

Once he’s ‘caught the bug’, you can encourage him, and help to grow his interest.

You can do this by joining him in his hobby, getting a tutor, or purchasing the equipment necessary to develop the skills for his chosen hobby.