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19th Birthday Ideas (For Girls, Guys & Gift Ideas)

Your 19th birthday may seem less exciting than your 18th or 21st birthday (depending on where you live), however, it is your last year as a teenager and should definitely be celebrated.

You may be living away from home, might not have the budget, or are just not in the mood for a big party. If this is the case, there are still many ways in which you can celebrate. 

Have a look at these 19th birthday ideas that you can use to celebrate your birthday with friends, as well as a list of activities to do on your own and spoil yourself.  

However, if you prefer to have a big party, then we’ve still got you covered.

You’ll also find some exciting 19th birthday party ideas & activities as well gift ideas. 

Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a memorable 19th birthday.

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Things To Do On Your 19th Birthday

You’ll find several fun activities to do on your 19th birthday even if you don’t feel like having a party. Whether you want to hook up with friends or go solo, there are many things you can do to celebrate and make it a day to remember.

Things To Do On Your 19th Birthday With Friends

Things To Do On Your 19th Birthday With Friends
  1. Go to the beach. 
  2. Visit the amusement park. 
  3. Plan a go-karting experience with your friends.  
  4. Go to a skating rink. 
  5. Go to the arcade. 
  6. Go to the trampoline park.  
  7. Go to a concert out of town. 
  8. Go on a cruise. 
  9. Go to a resort and stay for a few days.
  10. Take a pottery class. 
  11. Take a cocktail-making class. 
  12. Organize a birthday picnic at the park. 
  13. Make your own pizza at home. 
  14. Plan a cook-off session or try new recipes with your friends. 
  15. Have a spa date together. 
  16. Play tourist in your city. 
  17. Have a movie marathon at home.
  18. Get creative and decorate your sneakers
  19. Make homemade candles or bath bombs. 
  20. Go on a nature walk or hiking trip with friends.
  21. Take a camping trip out of town.
  22. Take a road trip
  23. Watch the sunrise or the sunset. 
  24. Cozy up, drink tea, and eat cake. 
  25. Go for high tea at a luxury hotel in your city. 
  26. A weekend getaway to your favorite hotel. 
  27. Take a trip to a new city with your friends. 
  28. Visit the aquarium. 
  29. Visit an art gallery.
  30. Attend a fashion show. 
  31. Vlog your entire day and save the video. 
  32. Book a wine tasting session. 
  33. Take a drawing class. 
  34. Create a video together and save it to watch on your next birthday. 
  35. Learn how to make candles and create a signature one for the group. 
  36. Learn how to weave baskets and create one as a group. 
  37. Visit a botanical garden. 
  38. Spend the day gaming with friends.
  39. Attend a concert out of town. 
  40. Buy tickets to a game you and your friends enjoy. 
  41. Have a themed birthday photoshoot. 
  42. Organize a creative crafting session with friends and family. 
  43. Host a game night with your friends. 
  44. Make a paper flower wall and take pictures. 
  45. Buy supplies for making jewelry and create unique designs with your friends. 
  46. Create a photo collage with photos of your best memories together. 
  47. Write a song together and perform it. 
  48. Write a gratitude list with your friends. 
  49. Visit a theme park and enjoy the day there. 
  50. Book tickets to a comedy show and bring your friends along. 
  51. Attend a painting class and create paintings to take home. 
  52. Go driving bumper cars. 
  53. Go indoor downhill skiing.
  54. Play video games all day. 
  55. Attend a play at the theater. 
  56. Make a home movie playing the roles of your favorite movie characters. 
  57. Make a video diary of your teenage years with your friends. 
  58. Have a kickback party.

Things To Do On Your 19th Birthday By Yourself

Things To Do On Your 19th Birthday By Yourself
  1. Spend the day at the mall shopping. 
  2. Dress up and go on a solo dinner date.  
  3. Go on a solo movie date. 
  4. Try a new recipe at home. 
  5. Visit your family that lives out of town. 
  6. Do a spa day and enjoy a massage, sauna, etc. 
  7. Get a manicure and a pedicure. 
  8. Buy yourself a new phone. 
  9. Buy decor items for your room. 
  10. Buy a range of hair products. 
  11. Build a skincare routine and buy the products you need. 
  12. Buy yourself a new purse.
  13. Splurge on jewelry. 
  14. Build a makeup kit for yourself. 
  15. Take a makeup class. 
  16. Learn how to make a mosaic tile mirror. 
  17. Do a spa day at home. 
  18. Take a bubble bath and drink wine. 
  19. Buy yourself new clothes for a makeover. 
  20. Go to the salon and get a new hairstyle. 
  21. Order pizza and indulge. 
  22. Buy yourself AirPods. 
  23. Buy a designer perfume. 
  24. Get a tattoo or a piercing. 
  25. Take a yoga class.
  26. Make your own pizza at home. 
  27. Read a classic book. 
  28. Do a movie marathon in bed.
  29. Birthday photoshoot in bed. 
  30. Take the day off from work and chill at home. 
  31. Order in all meals of the day. 
  32. Buy yourself flowers. 
  33. Make breakfast and enjoy it in bed. 
  34. Buy a new journal and start using it on your birthday. 
  35. A weekend getaway to your favorite hotel. 
  36. Visit a psychic and get your reading. 
  37. Organize and redecorate your room. 
  38. Create a photo book with the photos on your phone. 
  39. Write yourself a letter to open on your next birthday. 
  40. Start a birthday tradition and write it down. 
  41. Buy plants and start a garden. 
  42. Have a staycation to enjoy yourself. 
  43. Get lost in a book store and buy a few books. 
  44. Buy a houseplant and name it. 
  45. Add a new crystal to your collection
  46. Commission a piece of custom artwork. 
  47. Watch your favorite childhood movie. 
  48. Adopt a cat or a puppy. 
  49. Visit your grandparents.
  50. Visit an animal shelter and spend the day with animals. 
  51. Visit a charity organization and spend the day there. 
  52. Take a trip down memory lane, looking at old photos. 

19th Birthday Party Ideas

19th Birthday Party Ideas

If you decide to celebrate with a party, then have a look at these birthday party ideas below. Remember to always include your favorite snacks, whether you are just hosting a movie night, spending time in nature, or organizing a party on the beach with friends. 

19th Birthday Ideas For Girls

There are many birthday ideas to celebrate your 19th birthday in style. Include your favorite food to make your birthday special. 

Have a look at some of the 19th birthday ideas below and decide what to do for your 19th birthday. 

19th Birthday Ideas For Girls
  1. Host a hotel party with your friends. 
  2. Have a karaoke party evening. 
  3. Host dinner party under the stars. 
  4. Host a cake-decorating party with friends. 
  5. Have a neon, glow-in-the-dark party
  6. Have a fondue party where everyone can dip treats into chocolate and get creative. 
  7. Host a pool party with the girls. 
  8. Organize a dance party with select music playlists. 
  9. Host a sleepover party.  
  10. Plan an outdoor movie experience with projectors. 
  11. Camp in the backyard and roast marshmallows. 
  12. Plan a tie-dye party and create fun patterns on tees. 
  13. Organize a photo scavenger hunt. 
  14. Host a color-fight party for friends and family. 
  15. Plan a beach party with the girls. 
  16. Create a photo booth or photo backdrop and take lots of pictures. 
  17. Have a pottery painting party. Buy plain pottery and paint; have your friends take their creations home. 
  18. Have a cheese & wine party. 
  19. Have a potluck party to have different food options for the party. 
  20. Have a chocolate fountain at the party. 

19th Birthday Ideas For Guys

19th Birthday Ideas For Guys

Here’s my list of birthday activities for guys including a backyard birthday party, beach volleyball party, or a LAN party which is the perfect idea for guys. Choose your favorite birthday party idea and don’t forget to include some snack options and yummy food.

  1. Host a backyard barbeque.
  2. Have a LAN party – play video games and compete.
  3. Recreate the amazing race, and create routes and pit stops. 
  4. Plan a beach volleyball party.
  5. Build a backyard bonfire and spend the night outside. 
  6. Plan a paintball party for the boys. 
  7. Plan a geocaching experience in the woods. 
  8. Host a poker night or gaming tournament with the guys. 
  9. Create an epic escape room at home.
  10. Plan a night out clubbing with the boys. 
  11. Plan a sport-themed party – think dodgeball for an intense and energetic party. 
  12. Organize a bowling party with the guys. 
  13. Rent a food truck for your party. 
  14. Host a mixology party and DIY all your drinks. 
  15. Host an outdoor party with a variety of games and activities. 

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19th Birthday Gift Ideas

I’ve shared some unique birthday gift ideas below that you might like. Share this post with your friends and family if they don’t know what to get you, to give them some ideas.

1. DIY Hangover Kit

Depending on where you live, a birthday party may end up with hangovers the day after the party, especially for the birthday boy and girl. A box with hangover fighters can be a thoughtful gift that the birthday boy or girl will use. 

hangover kit
Image Source: Pinterest

2. Luxury Gift Basket

A luxury gift basket with the birthday girl’s favorite products can be a unique and valuable gift idea. This can include body splashes, lotions, candles, and jewelry.

Luxury Beauty Birthday Gift Basket

Mothers Day Birthday Gift Basket, Bath and Spa Gift Set for Women, Birthday Spa Gift Box, VIT E, Rich Bath Essentials, Diffuser, Candle, Sterling Silver CZ Heart Necklace, 24k Flower Rose Gift & More

Luxury Beauty Gift Basket


Luxury Gift Basket Includes:

  • High-End Décor Gift Box
  • .925 Sterling Silver Heart Necklace With Chain and Velvet Jewelry Pouch
  • 24k Flower Rose
  • Shower Gel
  • Bubble Bath
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Scrub
  • Bath Salt
  • Essential Oil Diffuser,
  • Reed Sticks
  • Scented Soy Candle
  • Shower Steamer Tablet
  • Handmade Soap
  • Bath Bomb
  • Fuzzy Socks


3. Fun Birthday Gift Box

For lovers of relaxation and reflection, this ready-to-gift package has some favorites, and a few unique items such as a notebook, silky eye mask, and novelty socks. These, together with a birthday card, make a unique yet valuable birthday gift.

Happy Birthday Gift Box

Milky Chic Special Women's Happy Birthday Gift Box Basket for Mom, Wife, Sister, Best Friend, Pack of 8 Fun Unique Gifts For Her, Mothers Day Gift Box Ideas, Mothers day gift

8 Fun Unique Gifts For Her


Gift Set Includes:

  • Notebook
  • Bath bomb
  • Bath salt
  • Comfy novelty socks
  • Handmade sugar scrub
  • Spacious makeup bag
  • Silky eye mask
  • Lip balm


4. Money Pizza Box

Surprise the birthday bor or girl with a money-filled pizza box. Add a cheeky message inside the box for an extra punch to the gift. Top the money with a bow and add a few coins; it will be the least-expected gift idea. 

money pizza box
Image Source: Pinterest

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5. Boyfriend Gift Box

It can be challenging to craft a gift for men, but this man box filled with fun and unique guy gifts will make him feel like the man he is today. Perfect birthday gift for the outdoorsman on his 19th birthday.

Boyfrined Gift Box

Man Box Gifts for Men | Unique Gifts for Him - Fun Birthday Gift Set for Men Dad Brother Son Husband Friend Camping Enthusiast Adventurous Outdoorsman

Man Box Gift Set


Man Box Gift Set Includes:

  • Card
  • Ferro Rod w/ Tinder Rope – fun fire starter
  • Rambo Knife w/ Sheath & Mini Ferro Rod – must-have in the outdoors
  • All-Natural Coffee Grit Soap – refreshing & exhilarating
  • Green Double Insulated Mug w/ Lid – keeps drinks hot & cold
  • Charcoal Cedar & Sandalwood Candle – earthy & relaxing


6. Gifts In a Jar

You do not have to DIY gifts in the usual cardboard box; you can get creative and use a big jar to pack the perfect gift. These can be candy, treats, self-care products, stationery, etc. 

gifts in a car
Image Source: Pinterest