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Fun Halloween Movie Night Ideas (Invites, Decor, Snacks & Movie List)

As an alternative to throwing a big Halloween party, you can also host a movie night for Halloween. Choose a selection of movies to watch, grab snacks for the night and create a unique Halloween setup. 

Here are exciting Halloween movie night ideas you can try this Halloween.

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Halloween Movie Night Ideas

There are several things that make a Halloween movie night special.

1. Send out spooky invitations.

2. Get your friends to dress up. It’s always more fun when guests are already in the mood. 

3. Create a cozy area for everyone to enjoy watching the movies.

4. Include Halloween decorations.

5. Serve Halloween snacks.

6. Add some Halloween activities, especially if watching more than one movie or having a movie marathon. 

7. Have a good selection of movies available to watch. 

We’ll discuss each of these in more detail in the post below.

Halloween Movie Night Invitations (FREE downloads)

Scary Blue Smoke Pumpkin Invite. Print it out at home, fill in the relevant movie night information, and send it to your friends pronto. Download and print this invite at home.

Scary Movie Marathon Invite looking to scare your guests before the movie night? This template conveys the message well. Download and print at home.

Spooky Halloween Movie Night Invite. Cute and fun, this invite is great for tweens and family if you’re movie choices are less horror and more humor. Free to download and print at home.

Scream- Fest. A scary movie ticket stub is a great way to invite your guests to a horror movie screening at your home.

Scary Movie Marathon Invite 
Source: Pinterest

Horror Movie Marathon Invite is a classic type of invitation. You can use this one if you have a movie marathon night.

Horror Movie Marathon Invite
Source: Pinterest

Halloween Backyard Movie Invitation if you want to host an outdoor movie event, you can use this type of invite that highlights the venue.

Spooky Virtual Halloween Invite, great for a spooky-themed movie night, can be sent virtually to your guest.

Spooky Virtual Halloween Invite
Source: Pinterest

Pumpkin Carving Movie Invitation. Nothing depicts Halloween more clearly, unlike the pumpkin. Ideally, you can have pumpkins on your invites to bring out the Halloween theme.

Pumpkin Carving Movie Invitatio
Source: Zazzle

Online Halloween Movie Invitation is another option for virtual invitations. Since they are online, you can add more features like pop-ups and videos.

Online Halloween Movie Invitation
Source: Postermywall

Horror Movie Invitation grim imagery thanks to the blood splatters. The extra features like the bats and the cats give the invitation that much-needed different eerie feeling.

Horror Movie Invitation
Source: Pinterest

Halloween Costumes or Make-Up Ideas

To get your guests in the mood for the best Halloween movie night, ask them to either dress up or do some scary make-up. 

Have extra costumes, props, and make-up available to dress up anyone who arrives underdressed. 

For costume ideas, direct your guests to this post: College Halloween Costumes (Cute, Easy & Cheap!) 

There are many spectacular Halloween make-up looks and tutorials that you can incorporate into your movie night.

You can do these before you watch the movies or in between when taking a break. As we’re not all professional make-up artists, I’ve chosen a few that, with some practice, we should all be able to achieve.

Spider Web Make-up


Scary Marionette Doll


Ghost Scream Face Make-Up


Jason Mask

Baby Man

Don’t forget to take photos to post later. 

Having a spooky photo booth or backdrop with props is always fun as well. 


Halloween Photo Booth Props Kit - Pack of 22 | Halloween Picture Props for Halloween Party Decorations | Halloween Photo Props, Halloween Decorations | Halloween Selfie Props, Halloween Theme Birthday

Halloween Movie Photo Props

22 pieces, including masks from the following movies:

  • Freddy Krueger
  • Chucky
  • Scream
  • Jason
  • Pennywise
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Saw’s Jigsaw Killer 
  • Hellraiser
  • Michael Myers


OurWarm 5x7FT Halloween Photo Cloth Backdrop Photography Background for Halloween Party Decorations Studio Photo Props

Halloween Movie Photo Backdrop

  • Graveyard Scene
  • 5 x 7 FT
  • Polyester fabric
  • Vibrant colors

Halloween Movie Night Ideas At Home

Family movie night is an excellent idea for the whole family. You can choose films that are age-appropriate and family-friendly. Animated and comical horror films would be ideal.

DIY movie night is a great idea where you can set up the Halloween theme with available items in your home. It also offers you an opportunity to make other Halloween-related crafts. Online platforms are ideal for getting more ideas.

Virtual Halloween Movie Night. If you want to include friends and family that live far away, you could invite them to watch a Halloween movie with you virtually. There are several streaming services you can use to watch movies together. Read more in Virtual Halloween Party Ideas For Teens & Adults.

Movie night marathon, where you have several movies lined up for the night. You can focus on one movie with its sequels or mix up different movies. Your options can include animations, comical horror, or only scary films.

Include Halloween Movie Trivia Questions to spice up your Halloween movie marathon.

A romantic movie night is ideal for couples. You can set up in the sitting room and put up romantic decor in addition to the Halloween theme. You can prop up a DIY tent and create a cozy sitting area.

Picnic set up. Bring the outdoors indoors by using things you would typically use for a picnic. Place a picnic table in the living room, and have a Halloween-themed runner and placemats. You can use anything that represents the outside to complete the setup.

Sleepover movie night. Family and friends can come for the films and have a sleepover afterward. You enjoy more, and the fun carries on through the night. You can also incorporate a pajama party into the night.

Incorporate some Halloween Would Your Rather Questions to ask your friends to keep the evening fun and exciting.

Halloween pajama party. In addition to the movies, you can have a pajama party. All the pajamas need to be Halloween-themed to stay true to the event. Take photos, videos, and reels for your online platforms.

Family Matching Halloween Pajamas Set, Halloween Stripe Pumpkin Print PJs Sets 2 Pieces Loungewear Costumes Sleepwear Outfits for Adult Kids(Kid,2-3T,Orange)

Halloween Pajamas Set

  • 2 pieces
  • Kids sizes
  • Adult Men & Women
  • Long Sleeve
  • Bat, pumpkin, candy, balloon design

Wine and candy pairing movie night for adults. In addition to adult Halloween movies, you can have a wine and candy pairing activity. Always great if you have a couple of wines and candy types to choose from, so ask your guests to bring their favorites to share.

Halloween Outdoor Movie Night

An outdoor snack table setup is excellent for an outdoor movie-viewing session. You can put a snack table outside next to where you will be watching the film. This way, they will be within reach quickly. Just make sure there are enough snacks.

Projector setup for outdoor viewing. You can make the space cozier by spreading out cushions you will sit on when watching the movies. You may put up Jack O’ Lanterns and other Halloween-themed decorative items to complete the outdoor setup.

outdoor movie night
Source: Hugateen

Backyard movie set up at home. You can quickly put this together if you already have a projector. You will need a white sheet on a sturdy thread for the DIY undertaking to project the movie. Place a mat with enough cushions to sit on and throw blankest to cover up if it gets chilly.

Cozy outdoor movie set-up. Just because you are watching movies outside, doesn’t mean the area cannot be warm and inviting. Style it up by decorating with items that give a cozy aesthetic. You can use pumpkin lights to bring in enough artificial light at night.

Drive-in movie night is where your guests can sit in the designated sitting area or watch the movie from their vehicles. You can strategically put the snacks and beverage stand so all your guests can easily access them.

Rooftop setup. If you don’t have a backyard to host an outdoor event, you can use a rooftop instead if you have access to one. You just need to let your creative juices flow and put up Halloween-themed decor.

Rooftop setup
Source: TeenTimes

Halloween Movie Night Decor

Decorating your home for Halloween can extend to creating an epic movie night setup. You can enjoy decorating the space yourself, or you can incorporate making decorations on the night.

The cozy aesthetic for a relaxed evening. You can have a fire going in the fireplace and have a throw blanket in case it gets chilly. Enjoy the movie from a comfortable sitting area. Your snacks should always be within reach.

DIY Halloween decorations. You can make most of the items needed for Halloween using stuff from your home. Include the entire family and guests in the crafts-making activity. Refer online for inspiration and ideas.

Make a wreath. Even though you can use store-bought wreaths for decorating your door, you can make your own. Not only will it be a lot of fun you will be able to create one that matches your theme and movie preference. Have everyone create their designs as you binge-watch Halloween movies.

Carve Jack O’ Lanterns. Grab a few pumpkins and get everyone to carve a spooky Jack O’ Lantern during movie night. It’s a good idea to buy a few extra pumpkins in case a few get spoilt during carving. You can check online for inspiration to make your lantern more spooky.

Fall Halloween décor works well for Halloween and the fall season. You can create a great spot to snuggle up warmly and enjoy your film. This setup can work for the living room, but it’s perfect for the bedroom.

Vintage Halloween décor is great when you want to maintain and create that classic feeling by using decorative pieces with a vintage aesthetic. You can get vintage pieces from thrift stores.

Witch décor can be used for that goth feel and extra fright factor. Most of the items you will use will be black, grey, and white. Keep the color scheme monotone by paitning your pumpkins black as well.

Spooky lighting can be used to create an eerie movie night feel. You can use purple, red and orange lighting. Be sure to light up your Jack O’ Lanterns, and add some bat, witch or spider cut outs to your walls.

movie night decor
Source: Pinterest

Glow In The Dark Ghostly Figures will definitely frighten your guests. Shape chicken wire into ghostly figures and then spray paint them with glow in the dark paint. As it gets dark, your guests will notice some spooky figures lurking out in your garden.

A Still Dead’ gravestone can be placed to welcome your guests to your home.

Halloween Movie Night Snacks

Decorate a movie night snacks board with savory and sweet treats for your guests. You can choose from some of the spooktacular ideas below. 

Halloween Marshmallows. You can be creative and add sprinkles and dip in chocolate or orange food color to match a Halloween theme.

Dracula Denture Cookies. Easy-to-follow recipes are available to guide you on how to create these sweet treats.

Halloween Cookies. Bake regular cookies and decorate them with scary masks to match your Halloween movie choices.

Mummies in a Blanket If you are looking for extra creepy, definitely include this. Put the googly eyes on for an even scarier appearance.

Make caramelized apples. While enjoying your Halloween movies, you can make some of the snacks you will have during the night. This is a great fun activity that all family members can join in. Have the supplies beforehand, and divide roles among everyone participating. This, together with a Halloween movie, makes a perfect plan with friends or family.

Make a spiced latte. You can spice up your movie night with a cup of pumpkin latte. Though readily available in coffee shops, a homemade version is better. It will be a great accompaniment to the rest of the snacks you serve.

A Skeleton party platter has everything you need to mix fun and fright for your movie night. Grab a life size skeleton and fill the spaces around it with any sweets or treats you prefer.

Create a Witches Snack Board using purple, green and black snacks. These include pistachios, grapes, olives, and dark chocolate. You can use food coloring to make green popcorn or purple deviled eggs.

A Spider Web Taco Dip platter will surely delight your guests. Use cream cheese for the web and grated cheese on the outside. Decorate with some scary spiders to complete the look.

What Are Some Good Halloween Movies?

Below is a list of movies you can have lined up for the night. Ensure that your movie list is suitable for your youngest guest.

Alternatively, you can set up separate viewing areas if you have tweens wanting to watch a family-friendly movie and older teens and adults wanting more scary horror movies.

  1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) is one of the most beloved classics of all time for the whole family. 
  2. The Witches of Eastwick is a fun classic film starring Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon, Cher, and Michelle Pfeiffer.
  3. Death Becomes Her- starring Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep. Both ladies fall for the same man and will take any measures to get him.
  4. Practical Magic- starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. It was adopted from a novel of the same title and is considered one of the greatest witch movies.
  5. World War Z, starring Tom Cruise, is nothing short of epic, bringing a horrific zombie apocalypse to your screens. It’s gripping and tense with an ultra-realism depiction of the zombies.
  6. Hocus Pocus- starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy. A tremendous nostalgic classic film that many have enjoyed for several years. 
  7. The Nightmare Before Christmas is Tim Burton’s cult classic featuring Jack Skellington. It is an exciting love story with exceptional music that has a theme focusing on Halloween and the Christmas season.
  8. Casper and Monstrous-starring Christina Ricci. It Is a family-friendly film that everyone can enjoy. It is not considered one of the scariest movies, but it is pretty enjoyable.
  9. Beetle Juice-starring Alec Baldwin, Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Sandberg, Geena Davis, and Kevin James.
  10. The Witches-starring Angelica Houston and Anne Hathaway is an excellent adaptation of the book by capturing a considerable part of the original plot and storyline.
  11. The Haunted Mansion (2003), starring Eddie Murphy, is a great film that combines horror and humor.
  12. Haunted Mansion (2023), starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Winona Ryder, and Jared Leto.
  13. Edward Scissorhands- starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. These two stars are amazing and always bring their characters to life.
  14. Harry Potter movies
  15. Hotel Transylvania
  16. Sabrina
  17. Young Frankenstein-starring Mel Brooks. 
  18. The Addams Family.
  19. A Quiet Place-starring Emily Blunt. A film about survival and the love of the mother trying to keep her children safe.
  20. Slasher Horror film -starring Jamie Lee Curtis, is a remake of a classic from 1978. It will be a great option if you want an adrenaline-filled and compelling film about stalkers.
  21. Friday the 13th (Jason Voorhees).
  22. Halloween Collection (Michael Myers). 
  23.  Don’t Look Now.
  24. Saw Collection.
  25. Scream Collection by Wes Craven. 
  26. Wrong Turn.
  27. The Exorcist.
  28. The Bride of Frankenstein.
  29. The Lost Boys.
  30. The Thing.
  31. The Shining.
  32. Paranorman.
  33. I am not a Monster.
  34. Girl vs. Monster.
  35. Monster House.
  36. Coraline.
  37. Donnie Darko.
  38. The Fourth Kind.
  39. Train to Busan.
  40. The Awakening.
  41. Sinister.
  42. The Ring.
  43. Tales of Halloween.
  44. I am Legend.
  45. Lady in White.
  46. The Orphanage.
  47. Pet Sematary – is another Stephen King classic scary movie. 
  48. Drag me to Hell.
  49. Don’t Breath.
  50. 28 Weeks Later.
  51. Get out.
  52. Ginger Snaps.
  53. The Babadook.
  54. Insidious.
  55. REC.
  56. The Cured.
  57. The Houses October 1 and 2.
  58. The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  59. Dark Water.
  60. Session 9.
  61. Sleepy Hollow.
  62. The Invisible Guest.
  63. Veronica.
  64. Trick Or Treat.
  65. The Strangers.
  66. Dark Skies.
  67. Signs.
  68. What Lies Beneath.
  69. Awake.
  70. Identity.
  71. Julia’s Eyes.
  72. Shutter.
  73. American Psycho.
  74. Gone Girl.
  75. Gerald’s Game.
  76. The Witch.
  77. Flatliners.
  78. Hereditary.
  79. The Wailing.
  80. Let me in.
  81. The Invisible Man.
  82. Gerald’s Game.
  83. Night of the Living Dead.
  84. Night of the Demons.
  85. The Autopsy of Jane Doe.
  86. The Omen.
  87. Amityville the Awakening.
  88. The Fly.
  89. Black Christmas.
  90. An American Werewolf in London.
  91. Rosemary’s Baby.
  92. The Descent.
  93. Insidious.
  94. Poltergeist.
  95. Winchester.
  96. House of 1000 Corpses.
  97. The Fog.
  98. Return of Halloween Town.
  99. Last House on the Left.
  100. Monster University.
  101. The Grudge.
  102. 1408.
  103. The House of Wax
  104. Unfriended.
  105. Drag me to Hell.
  106. Human Centipede.
  107. The Collector.
  108. Halloween High.
  109. The Skeleton Key.
  110. Sinister.
  111. The Sixth Sense.
  112. The Silence of the Lambs.
  113. Amityville Horror.
  114. Annabelle.
  115. Mr. Boogedy.
  116. Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil.
  117. The Void.
  118. Hold the Dark.
  119. Delirium.
  120. Before I wake.
  121. 6 Souls
  122. Cargo.
  123. The Babadook.
  124. In the Tall Grass.
  125. Happy Death Day.
  126. The Crucifixion.
  127. Wish Upon.
  128. The Bye-Bye Man.
  129. The Open House.
  130. Mama.
  131. The Haunting of the Hill House.
  132. Creep.
  133. First Born.
  134. Don’t Knock Twice.
  135. The Perfection.
  136. Candyman.
  137. Paranormal Investigation.
  138. The Boy.
  139. Deliver Us From Evil.
  140. The Hills Have Eyes.
  141. Ouija.
  142. Anabelle.
  143. Childs Play.
  144. Hannibal.
  145. The Visit.
  146. Hereditary.
  147. A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  148. The Silence.
  149. Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
  150. Truth or Dare.
  151. Devil.
  152. Hellfest.
  153. Apostle.
  154. HeadCount.
  155. Look Away.
  156. Curse of Chucky.
  157. Dark Skies.
  158. He’s Out There. 
  159. Jack Skellington 
  160. Children of the Corn – Stephen King manages to make corn fields the scariest place on Halloween night.

What do you need for a Halloween movie night?

You need to have a wide variety of films lined up and try to get a balance by having classic movies and some new films for a Halloween movie night.

A comfortable sitting area for the number of people present when watching. Be sure to decorate the area to highlight the spooky theme of the evening.

Always make sure you have enough snacks, especially if you are hosting friends and hanging out with family.

How can I make movie nights more fun?

You can make movie nights more fun by having several movie options to choose from. Include lighthearted and fun movies to break up the bleakness of horror films.

Decorate the area with scary Halloween decor to set the mood, and serve matching snacks.

Ask guestst to dress up, or apply spooky face-paint.

You can play Halloween games to break the monotony that accompanies watching movies for too long. You will need to choose games that will best suit everyone present. You can even have prizes for the winning team or individuals. You can choose your favorites from this list of over 30 Ghoulish Halloween Party Games for Tweens & Teens.

How do you make a scary movie night?

You can make a scary movie night by having a theme that primarily focuses on frightening decor.

A scary movie night must include terrifying movies to match the Halloween mood. Scary decor and movies work well together. The more you watch, the more terrified you get.

You can add some scary Halloween dares to make the night more exciting as well.