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College Halloween Costumes (Cute, Easy & Cheap!)

Are you looking for cute college costumes for Halloween? Do you want something cheap and easy to make?

There are tons of great costume ideas online, but many cost hundreds of dollars. Even if you find something affordable, it often won’t look fantastic.

This post contains over 90+ college Halloween costume ideas to help you put together adorable costumes without breaking the bank.

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College Halloween Costumes Ideas

Wednesday Addams | College Halloween Costume

Undoubtedly, Halloween should be dedicated to Wednesday Addams. This classic Halloween costume is so simple, but everyone will recognize you. For this look, you will need a black dress and a white collared shirt. Wear some dark shoes and vampy lipstick to complete the look. Get the pigtails and act unfazed to stay in character.

Wednesday Addams Costume Dress
Women Wednesday Morticia Addams Costume Dress Addams Family Halloween Costumes Cosplay Pugsley Long Sleeve EN013S

Space Astronaut | College Halloween Costume

This costume will draw attention no matter what type of party you’re having. Add a cap with the Nasa logo to round off the look — you’ll look both futuristic and sexy at the same time! Mix it up by adding logo patches, or go for a silver jumpsuit. The astronaut costume idea is suitable for both college girls and college boys.

Astronaut Costume Jumpsuit for Adults
Maxim Party Supplies Mens Astronaut Costume Jumpsuit for Adults with Embroidered Patches and Pockets (Large, White)

Alien | College Halloween Costume

Make your costume truly otherworldly by dressing as an alien. Gold or silver metallic materials, glitter, and face paint are a great way to make your outfit seem like it comes from outer space!

Starbucks Frappuccino | College Halloween Costume

Love your Starbucks coffee? Then make this Starbucks Frappuccino costume and rock this look at your college Halloween party! This costume is cute, pretty, and perfect for Starbucks lovers. The best part is that it’s cheap and easy to DIY – see the link below for instructions.

Cards Against Humanity | College Halloween Costume

A great group costume idea that is super easy to put together. Boards and statement printouts are all you need. An easy alternative is to use sharpies or fabric paint, and you can decorate T-shirts in no time! Get some card ideas here.

Barbie Halloween Costume College

For this look, there is a lot of emphasis on bold colors, including makeup. As we all know, Fitness Barbie had some cool workout looks. Accessories are a must to complete your Barbie Halloween costume, just as you would for any other costume!

Womens 80s Workout Costume
MIAIULIA Womens 80s Workout Costume Outfit Barbie Costume For Women Leotard Set Pink Rompers M

Girl Scout | College Halloween Costume

You’ll love this one if you were a girl scout! You can wear a green sash with just about any outfit suitable to get that girl scout vibe.

Women’s Sexy Scout Costume
Leg Avenue Women's Scout Costume

80’s Fitness Instructor | College Halloween Costume

Channel your 80’s aerobic fan on Halloween night! It’ll be easy to recreate this look if you already have a few neon pieces in your wardrobe.

80s Workout Costume Outfit
MIAIULIA Womens 80s Workout Costume Outfit 80s Accessories Set Neon Shorts Earring Leg Warmers Headband Wristbands lets get physical Short Blue M

Riverdale Girls | College Halloween Costume

This costume is still in style because Riverdale is still a popular show. Getting this Riverdale outfit ensemble together with your besties is a great Halloween costume idea! Going as a South Side Serpent might be a bit more difficult because to sell it, you’ll need the iconic patch.

South Side Serpents Costume
Rubie's womens Riverdale Toni Topaz Deluxe Serpent Jacket Costume Outerwear, As Shown, Large US

Sailor Girl Halloween Costume

Dressing up as a sailor is another excellent costume idea! Channeling a sailor’s feminine counterpart must be fun. You can complete the sailor look with so many fun accessories!

Women’s Nautical Costume
California Costumes Women's Nautical Doll Costume,Navy,Large

Wonder Woman | Superhero Costume College Girl

There are so many ways you can dress up as Wonder Woman. Wear a red top and a blue skirt, or you can buy an extravagant costume set and dress up as Wonder Woman from any of her eras, whichever you prefer.

Wonder Woman T-shirt with Cape & Headband Costume
Rubie's womens Dc Comics Wonder Woman T-shirt With Cape and Headband Costume Top, Red, Large US

Hottest College Halloween Costumes

Lola Bunny | College Halloween Costume

Lola Bunny is one of my favorite college Halloween costumes! It’s the perfect balance of girly and flirty for college girls. This costume is as simple as a cropped tank and a pair of white shorts. There’s a good chance you already own these, or you can buy a set for cheap that will serve you well. Make sure you’re wearing sneakers and a Lola Bunny headband.

Bunny Squad Costume
Forplay Bunny Squad Sexy Movie Character Costume White

Ariana Grande | College Halloween Costume

Ariana Grande wore an iconic outfit in the music video for Dangerous Woman. Get creative with this hot Halloween look and unleash your inner Dangerous Woman – be whoever you want! This costume would be best if you wear the bunny mask to recreate Ariana Grande’s look.

Bunny Masquerade Mask
Leg Avenue womens Bunny Masquerade Mask Lingerie, Black, One Size US

Hot Ninja | College Halloween Costume

This ninja outfit has all the qualities to make a hot costume! With this edgy, inexpensive outfit, you’ll be ready to go out without too much effort.

3 Piece Dragon Ninja Costume
Leg Avenue womens - 3 Piece Dragon Ninja Set Sexy Romper and Face Mask Halloween for Women Adult Sized Costumes, Black/Red, Small US

Victoria’s Secret Angel Costume

One of Halloween’s hottest college costume ideas is dressing up as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Wear your favorite heels or flats, grab a robe, and wear your wings like a genuine Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Angel Wings with Elastic Straps
Touch of Nature 11008 Adult Angel Wing in White with Elastic Straps, 43 by 27-Inch

Angel & Devil Costume

These matching Halloween costumes are perfect for college girl besties! Getting a corset and fishnet tights will instantly transform any regular outfit into one of this year’s hottest Halloween costumes. These two accessories make this costume so unique. It’s just a matter of choosing who will be the devil and who will be the angel.

Playboy Bunny | College Halloween Costume

It’s no wonder the Playboy bunny is one of the most popular Halloween costumes. Dress up as a sexy bunny with the iconic playboy bunny ears. You’ll turn heads all night with this Halloween costume idea!

Bunny Costume Set
Women's Bunny Costume Set Rabbit Ear Headband Collar Bow Tie Costume Cuffs Rabbit Tail for Halloween Christmas Costume Cosplay Party (Black)

Sexy Cop | College Halloween Costume

Become a police officer in a sexy outfit. Your uniform can be paired with fishnet tights and accessorized with a cap, dark sunglasses, and handcuffs.

Lieutenant Ivana Misbehave Costume
Dreamgirl Women's Lieutenant Ivana Misbehave Costume, Blue, Medium

Catwoman | Superhero Costume College Girl

There is nothing more seductive and fierce than a Catwoman costume for Halloween. It will be your hottest Halloween costume ever if you want to transform into this strong and sexy character.

Sexy Stretchable Catsuit/Bodysuit
Forplay Women's Metallic Zip Front Mock Neck Catsuit Black Large/X-Large

Delicious Devil | College Halloween Costume

Try something easier, like this Devil costume on Halloween, to stand out from the crowd. Dressing up as a devil can be done in so many different ways. Choose from horns, tails, pitchforks, wings, or no wings; you decide!

Devilish Onesie Pajamas
6258-S Just Love Adult Onesie / Onesies / Pajamas,Devilish

Hot Nurse | College Halloween Costume

Hot nurse costumes continue to be one of the most popular costumes each year. And why not? With this costume, you’re sure to draw some attention.

Cardiac Arrest Nurse Costume
Cardiac Arrest Nurse Costume X-Large

College Halloween Costumes Pinterest

Chipotle Burrito | College Halloween Costume

Do you love yummy Chipotle burritos? Chipotle burritos make a cute, relatively simple, cheap costume idea. First, dress in a nude tube top. Then, make your foil-like skirt, and you are good to go! Don’t forget the greens!

Eleven From Stranger Things | College Halloween Costume

Become the star of your favorite Netflix series in this adorable costume. This Stranger Things Eleven costume will help you protect your city from the creatures lurking in the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Eleven Costume
Halloween Women Short Sleeve Stranger Eleven Costume Peter Pan Collar Roleplay Party Pink Dress S

Pennywise & Georgie | College Halloween Costume

Some Halloween costume ideas that feature Georgie and Pennywise from “IT” will blow your mind. Besides being sexy and stunning, the look below is super easy to create. This costume idea will pass as a couple or a BFF costume.

Disco Girls | College Halloween Costume

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute college Halloween party costume or something easy, this disco girl outfit is a sure bet. You won’t have to do any DIYs or prep work because you can get a disco costume on Amazon or raid your Mom’s closet. Pair it with gogo boots, and you’re all set.

Foxy Lady Disco Costume
Foxy Lady Disco Adult Costume (Medium/Multicolored)

Napoleon Dynamite & Deb | College Halloween Costume

Napoleon Dynamite-inspired DIY looks are cute, funny, and easy to make. This costume is perfect for best friends who are huge fans of the movie!

Vote for Pedro – Cotton Black Ringer TEE
The Goozler Vote for Pedro Dynamite Funny Election - Cotton Black Ringer TEE, M

Race Car Drivers | College Halloween Costume

Halloween is the perfect time to wear sexy costumes! You can complete the look without fancy accessories and makeup. Plus, you can get this exact costume on Amazon if you want to prep for Halloween without hassle.

Women’s Sexy Racer Costume
Forplay Women's Sexy Racer Costume - Race Car Driver Costume with Sunglasses, Medium/Large, Black

Bratz | College Halloween Costume

You may prefer Bratz dolls if Barbie isn’t your thing. It only requires a Bratz crop top, body glitter, and doll-like makeup to make this sorority Halloween costume. Your creativity is the only limit! Group costumes like this one are perfect for all sizes of sororities.

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Sandy From Grease | College Halloween Costume

Have you been looking for the perfect costume to slay your college Halloween dress-up game? Take a cue from Sandy from Grease and recreate her look.

Flinstones | College Halloween Costume

You can make this Flinstones Halloween costume by cutting the hem of any plain dress and adding a hair bow to look like one of the characters for your next cute college costume idea.

The Flintstones Wilma Costume
The Flintstones Wilma Costume,White, Small

White Claw | College Halloween Costume

College girls love white claw costumes! The process of dressing up as the can of your favorite flavor of White Claw might seem challenging, but it’s not that difficult. This costume features silver shorts, white tube tops, and a logo printed on the front.

College Couple Halloween Costumes

Gomez & Morticia Addams from The Addams Family

Put on a black dress and a pinstripe suit to represent the iconic Addams family couple.

Adam & Eve

The Adam & Eve costume is a wildly popular and easy couples costume idea. Use your creative skills to create a perfect look for this costume inspiration.

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

How can anyone not love this duo? This couple’s costume can be recreated either by purchasing a Peter Pan costume and Tinkerbell costume from Amazon or by making your own with a dress and wings for Tinkerbell and a green t-shirt for Peter Pan.

Coca-Cola & Jack Daniel’s

Put together this last-minute Jack Daniel’s and Coke costume on a budget! It only takes a Jack Daniel’s t-shirt and a Coca-Cola dress from Amazon for this fun costume for your college party.

Barbie & Ken

Barbie and Ken costumes come in many trendy variations. You likely already have many items, but you can get extras like this Barbie Ken Box on Amazon. This look is iconic and requires minimal effort.

Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf

Become terrifying storybook characters with the help of just a few key accessories. The red velvet cloak and vampire fangs will complete this costume concept idea.

Edward & Bella from Twilight

Choosing these iconic Halloween characters means you’re on Team Edward. If you both grew up reading Stephanie Meyer’s cult favorite books, you and your boyfriend can go as your favorite Twilight characters.

Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears had an iconic denim moment that anyone will recognize instantly. Go that extra mile and wear all denim for this costume!

Pikachu & Ash from Pokémon

Pikachu and Ash Ketchum are the perfect couple’s costumes for anyone who wants to put on a cute couple look for Halloween.

Flapper & Mobster

Putting on a glittery dress and a sleek suit, you and your significant other will look like flappers and mobsters from the flapper era in the roaring ’20s. Flappers were women known for their free spirit and energetic style, embracing lifestyles considered outrageous, immoral, or outright dangerous by many at the time. Check out this flapper dress and headband costume on Amazon.

Superman & Lois Lane

Superman in disguise as Clark Kent is easy to pull off with the iconic huge eyeglasses. The highlight of his look is the Superman tshirt peeking out from under his unbuttoned shirt. The most common outfits worn by Lois are button-down shirts, vests, and skirts. The bag she carries often has a name tag on it. How else can you dress up an iconic super couple?

Sailor & Nurse

Become a sailor and attending nurse from World War II for a costume inspiration that’s simply lovely. Definitely a classic.

Mario & Luigi

It doesn’t take much to create these Mario and Luigi costumes, which consist of two pairs of overalls, matching hats, plus red and green t-shirts.

Dora & Diego

Brightly colored outfits will make you feel like a child again. It only takes a backpack and clothing that matches Dora and Diego’s colors, which you may already have at home.

Harley Quinn & Joker from Suicide Squad

Do you intend to have a bit of a crazy Halloween with your significant other this year? Then this Harley Quinn and Joker look might be for you!

College Halloween Costumes Guys

Danny from Grease

An easy and classic Halloween costume for men is to dress up as their favorite TV character. The Grease character Danny is always a favorite, especially for girls who can dress up as Sandy. Ensure you’ve got a leather jacket and that you’re confident with your dance moves and singing to complete the attitude!

Prince Charming

One of the best college costumes for guys is Prince Charming. Dress up a dashing prince straight from a fairytale and make their hearts skip a beat.

Where’s Waldo?

Known for wearing a red-and-white stripe shirt, bobble hat, and glasses, Waldo is easy to identify in person, making it one of the more accessible college Halloween costumes guys. Where’s Wally? (called Where’s Waldo? in North America) is a British series of children’s puzzle books created by English illustrator Martin Handford.

Frat Boys

The image of frat boys in Hollywood movies is usually one of wealth and privilege. Frat boys are stereotypically depicted as drunken buffoons with pink shirts. The frat boy costume includes a long-sleeved buttoned-down shirt, cargo shorts, a black leather belt, boat shoes, and a sports cap.
To complete the look, you can also wear sunglasses like Ray-ban Wayfarers.

James Bond

One of the famous college Halloween costumes for guys, the James Bond costume is a great choice! Putting together the look requires nothing more than a black tuxedo and some famous James Bond lines memorized. Remember: The name is Bond. James Bond.


A Viking costume is a warm, comfortable outfit to wear. Wear suede, leather, and fur in a variety of brown, black, and gray colors for this costume. Adding a fake axe and Viking cap to your Viking costume will complete your look.

College Girl Halloween Costume

Velma from Scooby-Doo

Turn into a problem-solving bookworm for Halloween as Velma! Wear her iconic pullover turtleneck in bright orange. In a look straight out of the 1970s, the Velma look includes an orange turtleneck shirt, a red skirt, and a pair of knee-high socks. Lastly, add her eyeglasses with a thick black frame.

Mermaid Costume

You’ll be the talk of the party if you dress as a mermaid for Halloween. Whether you’re going solo or with your BFFs, this is one of those cute college girl Halloween costumes you may want to try. Check out this Sequin Mermaid Tail Skirt on Amazon.

Supergirl Superhero Costume for College Girl

Full Supergirl suits are available with dresses, removable capes, and belts. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort on becoming a superhero, you can wear a Supergirl tee. Definitely a classic and relatively easy Halloween costume for college girls.

Space Cowgirls

The space cowboy combines the best of future fashion with the old west! You don’t need more than a white cowboy hat, metallic shorts, and a colorful blouse to look the part. Complete the look with metallic boots you can easily get on Amazon if you want to skip the DIY prep.


With your old cheerleading outfit, you’ll have no trouble with this one. If you don’t have one, you can buy cheerleader costumes on Amazon at a reasonable price. To add the scare factor to your costume, add some fake blood, and you’re all set!

Playing Cards

A perfect combination of sexiness and cuteness, these cards are sought-after sorority Halloween costumes regardless of the size of your sorority. It’s best to wear only a few cards, such as hearts or spades, if your sorority is smaller. Consider dressing up as an entire deck of cards, including the two jokers, if you have more than 50 sisters.

Sexy Pirate

There’s no better choice than a sexy pirate, and making one is very simple. If you’re short on time, this pirate costume might give you some ideas. Think of adding fishnet stockings, a renaissance pirate shirt with trumpet sleeves, and a pirate bandana.

The Spice Girls

A Spice Girls Halloween costume is an excellent 90s throwback idea. Who will you be? Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, Baby Spice, Ginger Spice, or Posh Spice? Get the Ginger Power costume here.


The hot zombie is one of the easier DIY Halloween costumes for college girls. It’s as easy as throwing on your favorite sexy underwear, then adding a ripped shirt and some fake blood. If you want to go all the way, add some glow-in-the-dark contact lenses!

Flight Attendants

Sororities of all sizes will love this sexy costume idea — classic 50’s flight attendants get a sexy makeover! You’ll be the only sorority sisters wearing this classic look this Halloween. You can find this exact retro stewardess costume on Amazon.

Easy College Halloween Costumes


Get into the Halloween spirit with this costume and spread a little love. You only need a tank top, tutu skirt, or a white mini dress. A variety of Cupid wings and bow & arrow kits are available on Amazon.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Halloween is right around the corner, and this cute costume is perfect for college girls who want something easy to DIY. There’s a good reason why the Lara Croft costume is so popular at Halloween.

Hawaii Tourist

Make sure you wear a Hawaiian shirt and fanny pack for this college Halloween costume idea. Add some dad-like sunglasses and a flower lei to go with your outfit.

Regina George from Mean Girls

There is no doubt that Regina George is the most popular girl at the school; she is also the dominant leader of the clique referred to as “Plastics.” The only thing you need to do for this one is to cut a couple of holes in a white tank top. Your reputation as the queen bee will have everyone admiring you.

Kim Possible

Teenage Kim Possible fights crime regularly while dealing with everyday issues associated with adolescence. Start with a black long-sleeve crop top, green cargo pants or khaki pants, a brown leather utility belt (to hold all your gadgets), leather gloves, and black boots to recreate her outfit. You can complete the look by adding Rufus, the happy and fun-loving naked mole rat.

Best Halloween Costumes College


Dress in a versatile little black dress and high heels, then add accessories. As part of this costume, you will need a pointed witch’s hat, a broom, and perhaps a black cat.

Tequila Shots

Three friends can dress up as salt shakers, tequila bottles, and limes. What a great Halloween costume for a trio!

Hot School Girls

You’ll need only a plaid uniform skirt, a white crop top, and thigh-high stockings for this seductive ensemble. Putting your hair in pigtails and wearing glasses will complete the hot schoolgirl look.

Greek Goddess Costume College

Dresses in white will do for this outfit. Alternatively, you can wrap yourself in a sheet if you don’t have one. Accessorize your costume with a gold belt, bracelets, and a necklace. Complement the outfit with shiny gladiator sandals.

Dead Beauty Queen

A silky and sparkly party dress paired with platform heels will best achieve this look. Add a plastic tiara and a sash that reads “Miss Halloween 2000.” The fake blood pouring from a gash around your neck will give the impression that your head is about to fall off.

Sexy Vampire

This Halloween costume inspiration best demonstrates how to become a sexy vampire. An outfit with black lace sleeves, fake blood, and vampire fangs is all you need.

Prisoner Couple

You can wear a white crop top or a black and white striped shirt. It’s easy to stand out in simple orange pants or an orange prison jumpsuit. Complete the perfect mugshot with some fake prison face tattoos.

Sexy French Maid

French maid outfits are always sexy. If you don’t want to buy the pre-made costume, you can recreate it with a plunging black halter top and a white mini-skirt. Complete your outfit by adding fishnet stockings, a small white apron, and a feather duster.

Hula Girls

You can look cute and sexy at the same time with this hula girl costume idea. Combine a Hawaiian lei, hula skirt, shell bra, strapless crop top, floral headdress, and flip-flops to get the tropical look — you’ll be ready for an island party!

DIY College Halloween Costumes

Sexy Ghost

Are you looking for a quick & easy DIY Halloween costume? A white sheet is all you need, along with a few holes cut into it for your eyes. Add some fishnets and high heels for that sexy touch!

DIY Lifesavers Costume

For this costume, you only need to stack up layers of candy-colored inflatable pool rings around your body with a Lifesavers printout as a label. Sweet and easy!

Mummy Halloween Costume College

Mummy costumes are popular on Halloween. This one is simple to recreate and matches the Halloween aesthetic. You can DIY this by wearing white clothes underneath and using gauze bandage rolls.

DIY Sun & Moon Costume

Dress this costume up or down as you like! Wear a gold and silver glittery outfit with a DIY headband. It also works great as a duo costume.

DIY Cute Clown

College Halloween parties will be filled with scary clowns this year, and it’s up to you to stand out. Dress up in a DIY costume with thigh high leg warmers and apply creative makeup to become the cute clown.

Rosie the Riveter

The costume won’t go unnoticed at any Halloween party. This classic costume idea only requires a red bandana, a denim shirt, and pants. “Rosie the Riveter” was an iconic poster of a female factory worker flexing her muscle. She stood as a symbol for women in the workforce and women’s independence.

Nerdy Girl with Glasses

With just a button-down shirt, suspenders, geeky glasses, oxford shoes, and a fun bow tie, you can pull this quick costume together in no time.

College Cowgirl Costume

It is pretty simple to put together this costume. An old plaid flannel shirt, some shorts, a cowboy hat, and some cowboy boots are all you need to get started!

Cereal Killer

Halloween is the perfect time to wear this punny DIY costume. It’s all in the picture.

Parisian Costume

Make your Halloween costume more glamorous and comfortable by dressing up as a Parisian. For the complete look, you’ll need a beret, striped shirt, skinny black pants, ballet flats, and a bright red scarf!

Minions Costume

Because Minions are such a popular costume idea, you might find a group of them to join on Halloween. All you need are some overalls, a yellow shirt, a yellow beanie or hard hat, and some DIY Minion goggles (WATCH: How to Make Minion Goggles)

Caution Tape DIY Costume

There is nothing complicated about this Halloween costume. Wrap some caution tape around you, and you’re done!

Hippie DIY Costume

There is little effort involved in making this costume. You just need baggy jeans, a tie-dye shirt/loose tank, vintage John Lennon sunglasses, and a headband.

DIY Bubblegum Pink Halloween Costume

As far as Halloween is concerned, pink is the new black and orange.

Do people dress up for Halloween in college?

Yes, people dress up and wear Halloween costumes in college.

What do college students do for Halloween?

Many colleges keep decades-old Halloween traditions on campus. Colleges host costume parties, pumpkin-carving contests, bonfires, and hot chocolate socials, while others open dorms to trick-or-treaters.

How do people celebrate Halloween in dorms?

Common ways to celebrate Halloween in dorms include:

  1. Horror Movie Night
  2. Halloween Movie Trivia Night
  3. Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  4. Halloween Dorm Room Decorating
  5. Halloween Would You Rather
  6. Halloween Party Games
  7. Halloween Charades