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40+ Easy & Cute Halloween Drawing Ideas (with Tutorials!)

If you’re looking for ideas to draw a spooky Halloween character or cartoon, this article is perfect for you!

Below are a variety of cute & creepy drawing ideas to spark your creativity.

Each drawing includes a step-by-step tutorial to guide you.

Halloween Drawing Ideas

Dive into the world of Halloween drawings where we explore a plethora of spooky drawing ideas. From classic Halloween pictures to unique Halloween things to draw, this section promises to inspire and awaken your eeriest artistic inclinations.

1. The Corpse Bride

Released in 2005, The Corpse Bride is a stop-motion musical dark fantasy film directed by Tim Burton.

The movie features Emily, a reanimated corpse who was a talented and wealthy lady in her lifetime. She drags Victor (Johnny Depp) to the land of the dead after he practices his wedding vows in the woods. Victor battles to return to his love, Victoria, in the Land of the Living.

For this drawing of Emily to be successful, certain facial features should be in place to bring her character to life.

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2. Headless Horseman

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is the perfect story to revisit during Halloween. One of America’s first ghost stories (and one of its scariest) is Washington Irving’s 1820 tale about a headless horseman terrorizing the real-life village of Sleepy Hollow.

This drawing may seem complicated, but even a beginner artist can complete this drawing with a step-by-step tutorial.

Quick joke break:

Q: What is that one thing you can’t give the headless horseman?
A: A headache.

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3. Frankenstein

The story of Frankenstein tells of a gifted scientist (Victor Frankenstein) who succeeds in giving life to a creature of his own creation! The creature self-identifies as Victor’s son and so is called Frankenstein. This drawing features Frankenstein’s scar and bolts, as well as the green color of his face.

The video tutorial is intuitive, fun, and easy to follow.

4. Pumpkin Ghost Fairyhouse

This cute drawing idea features scary and dreamy elements and is sure to catch the eye. Use vibrant colors to make this artwork stand out and impress everyone who sees it.

5. Graveyard

Often Halloween movies have a creepy scene set in a graveyard. Graveyards are feared because of superstitions that the dead can rise from their graves to harm the living. Draw a creepy graveyard scene with this easy, step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial.

6. Scarecrow

You can create a unique scarecrow using this Halloween drawing idea. The scarecrow will wear a hat, an old coat, and a straw-filled bag for a head perched on a wooden frame.

It only takes four simple steps to sketch the basic scarecrow. Once the scarecrow’s outfit has rips, tears, and folds added, you’ll pair it with an old, rugged, and shabby hat.

7. Zombie

Zombies are among the most popular movie monsters worldwide, famous for their appearances in horror films. This scary season, draw an eye-catching, brain-eating zombie to impress and terrify your friends!

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8. Mummy

Mummies make for an ideal Halloween character artwork. Traditionally, mummies are as costumes, so let’s imagine what they’d look like as a drawing. Due to the mummy’s bandages covering the whole body, sketching the mummy’s body is relatively easy.

This drawing shows a mummy with worn bandages flying loose everywhere. Add a haunted house or Egyptian pyramid to your mummy drawing to take it to the next level.

Cute Halloween Drawings

9. Candy Corn

You’ll love this sweet Halloween drawing idea — that is sugar-free! Adding details to their drawings can be challenging for beginners, even though this drawing tutorial looks simple. Nevertheless, with the help of step-by-step video instructions, you’re sure to enjoy this fun drawing experience.

10. Owl

Owls make spooky sounds at night, which is why they are associated with the scary season. Even though this cartoon owl might seem slightly creepy, he’s actually quite adorable. It’s also reasonably easy to draw him, which is good news for beginner artists.

11. Cauldron

This bubbling cauldron is a quick and easy drawing idea for Halloween. Mix in some green gloop, and you’ll have your potions and spells ready in no time!

12. Black Cat

National Black Cat Day is observed just before Halloween on October 27. Here’s an easy tutorial for sketching a cute but slightly menacing black cat. Besides the black cat, this step-by-step drawing tutorial also features an eerie spider hanging onto its web. Plus, a black background adds to the creepy vibe of this artwork.

13. Jack-O-Lantern

To scare people in the mid-1800s, young boys hollowed out and lit up root vegetables. You can use pumpkins as trendy Halloween decor on their own, but you can elevate them by carving them into jack-o-lanterns. Check out this jack-o-lantern drawing guide — it’s much easier than you’d expect!

14. Bat

It is common to associate Halloween with nocturnal animals such as bats. Typical Halloween illustrations usually depict black and creepy bats, but this version is cute. Drawing bats is also a lot of fun. To draw them yourself, follow the guide below.

Easy Halloween Drawings

Below you’ll find some easy Halloween drawing ideas for beginners.

15. Skeleton Drawing Idea

A skeleton drawing can be a great piece of spooky art to put up in your room or create in the spirit of Halloween. You can draw this easy version as an alternative to the more complicated skeleton.

16. Halloween Candy Picture To Draw

Sweets and candy on Halloween are among the best things about this holiday. So it makes sense to draw a massive collection of sweets and candies to celebrate! Grab your sketchbook and add this drawing to your Halloween collection.

17. Skull Drawing Easy

Skulls might be frightening to small children, but they will likely appeal to adults and teenagers. You won’t have any trouble following this skull tutorial, even if you only have some basic drawing skills. The tutorial below will show you how to draw a cartoony skull front view for your first attempt. Then add some depth and volume using only solid shapes.

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Simple Halloween Drawings

18. Candle Picture to Draw

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to light your Halloween candles to set the mood. Wax dripping off an old worn candle can make an exciting addition to a spell book or Halloween sketches. Drawing a candle doesn’t require expert skills. Simply follow the simple tutorial instructions and enjoy the spooky season!

19. Witch Hat Drawing Easy

It’s great to draw a witch’s hat as one of your Halloween artworks. The complexity level of the lines makes this tutorial more suitable for teens and adults than children. Color the hat in darker tones, with only the buckle in gold to make it stand out more.

Cool Halloween Drawings

20. Pennywise Picture to Draw Halloween

Pennywise is a trans-dimensional evil entity that preys upon children using various powers, including the ability to shapeshift and manipulate reality. This tutorial is an excellent opportunity to practice the proportions and angles of the scary clown’s face. I get chills just looking at it, so I’d say it’s a good representation of this Horror movie villain.

21. Ghost Rider Drawing Idea

Ghost Rider (aka “Johnny Blaze”) is a marvel superhero with a devilish side that makes him a terrifying villain. Enhance your drawing by using markers or colored pencils to make the fire more prominent.

22. Wednesday Addams Picture to Draw

With her ghostly skin, braided pigtails, and dark lipstick, Wednesday Addams is one of the spooky season’s biggest icons. Known for her one-liners and classic outfits, she is the tween daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. Check out this fantastic Wednesday Addams Halloween drawing tutorial to draw one of the season’s most beloved characters.

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Spooky Halloween Drawings

23. Tombstone Drawing

Symbolically, tombstones symbolize death and parting. In horror movies, sometimes skeletons erupt out of graves as if they’re struggling to break free from their tombs. Tombstones with clever epitaphs are a great representation of the dead. Drawing this tombstone and add a clever epitaph of your own.

24. Coffin Halloween Drawing Ideas

In popular culture, coffins and caskets often give rise to the undead, such as zombies or vampires. Is there anything eerier than drawing an open casket? This easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial will show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, marker, and a sheet of paper.

25. Haunted House Halloween Things to Draw

Haunted houses allow you to express your creativity because they can be designed in any way you like. Go back to basics and draw this simple silhouette of a haunted house. In this tutorial, you’ll draw an outline rather than the entire house because it’s much more manageable. It’ll make a great addition to your Halloween artwork.

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Scary Halloween Drawings Ideas

26. Grim Reaper Drawing Tutorial

You’ll get chills drawing this scary and stylish representation of the Grim Reaper with his glaring eyes. The reaper harvests souls with a scythe resembling agricultural scythes used to harvest crops. Enhance the fear factor by adding a graveyard background to the drawing.

27. Demon Drawing or Halloween Scary

This demon may look cartoonish, but he’s terrifying at the same time with his fangs, horns, and pupil-less eyes. Use your artistic creativity to add colors to your demon.

28. Dracula Halloween Drawings Ideas

Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel, Dracula, introduced the character of Dracula as a fictional vampire. Known worldwide, Count Dracula has become one of the most famous vampires in history by personifying all that is threatening, powerful, alluring, and evil. Dracula continues to be a popular choice for Halloween drawings due to his legendary status.

Easy Halloween Drawing Ideas

29. Witch’s Broom Drawing

Children and adults alike have always loved the witch’s costume for Halloween. In this tutorial, the witch’s broom will be the focal point of your drawing instead of a complete picture of a witch. It’s not too tricky; you only need a pencil and a few colors to make it look good.

30. Ghost Drawing Tutorial

What creatures never show their faces but still scare the hell out of people? Ghosts, of course! You can draw a spooky ghost in no time using simple ovals and squiggly lines.

31. Jack Skellington Creepy Drawing Easy

Jack Skellington is the main character in Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Jack Skellington, also known as “Pumpkin King,” is a living skeleton with a mid-life crisis and attempts to kidnap Santa Claus to take over the role. Follow the steps below to learn to draw the Pumpkin King himself!

Happy Halloween Drawings

32. Halloween Cat

This drawing of a cat is a cute version of the black cat silhouette that has become synonymous with Halloween. Make the picture more fun and adorable with the cat peeking out from the jack-o-lantern. The contrast of vibrant colors will make your drawing stand out!

33. Happy Witch Draw & Color

Grim depictions of witches with grumpy expressions have been around since we were young, glaring at us with evil intent. Instead of the sinister grin, this version of a witch is slightly more friendly. She grins with crooked teeth that make her seem a bit less terrifying.

34. Cartoony Halloween Doodles

There is something for everyone in this fun collection of Halloween doodles. What would be more fun than combining these Halloween icons on a page and adding more creativity and life to each element?

35. Halloween Sunset Picture

Want to learn how to draw a detailed drawing with various elements? This fun, creative art project aims to sketch a spooky sunset scene featuring bats, owls, cats, dead trees, and a scary house in the distance. Especially striking is the contrast between the dark elements and the changing colors of the sunset.

36. Easy Halloween Doodles

With clever lines and puns, Halloween doodles are sure to capture the spirit of Halloween. Get creative with the lettering you use to add fun to your artwork.

Halloween Sketch Ideas

37. Scarecrow Sketch

A scarecrow is a dummy, most often in the shape of a human. Scarecrows are Halloween symbols because their underlying purpose is to instill fear regardless of culture or harvest. They always have a single goal: to frighten away intruders, and they do it well! Add this sketch to your growing collection.

38. Gargoyle Sketch Tutorial

Gargoyles take the form of grotesque human or animal figures. They were first used in 13th-century France as a means of disposing of water. Gargoyles were also intended to symbolize ‘guardianship’ of the building and to ward off evil spirits. So their purpose was both practical and artistic, but they’re undoubtedly frightening figures suitably associated with Halloween.

39. Michael Myers Sketch Idea

Michael Myers is a fictional character from the Halloween film series. The character has appeared in eight of the nine Halloween films and in several comic books and other media forms. If you are a fan of iconic horror film villains, this sketch idea is definitely worth a try.

40. Chucky Sketch Scary

As a notorious serial killer, Chucky frequently escapes death by performing voodoo rituals to transfer his soul into a doll called “Good Guy.” There is an extra creepy factor when something innocent gets turned into something monstrous. An innocent-looking child’s doll twisted and transformed into a sadistic serial killer — both frightening and disturbing. Make this iconic monster yours this Halloween by learning how to draw it.

Funny Halloween Drawings

41. The Swiss Reaper

Anyone who owns a Swiss knife knows how funny this Halloween-themed drawing is. Use this drawing as a template for your next artwork and add some humor to your Halloween sketchbook.

42. Surprise Me

Imagine a pumpkin in a barber’s chair getting ready for a “haircut” by a barber that turns out to be a knife. Witty and hilarious.

43. Afraid To Unwind

One look at this illustration, and you know immediately that this is a mummy’s worst nightmare captured in a hilarious sketch. Enjoy drawing this funny sketch, then show your friends to see their reaction!

Small Halloween Drawings

44. Spider Drawing

Spiders are often associated with the horror genre due to their creepy-crawly nature. The versatility of spiders makes learning how to draw them a valuable skill. Although there are many spider species, you can always start with a simple drawing like the one below.

45. Spider Web Sketch Easy

As Halloween approaches, you might want to decorate your cards, posters, or parties with Halloween-themed designs! If you don’t have expert drawing skills, you can always start with an easy, small drawing idea like a spider web.

As we bring our eerie exploration of Halloween drawing ideas to a close, it’s clear that this favorite holiday offers a vast canvas for every artist, be they experienced or just starting out. From the simple drawing idea of a plain pumpkin with a toothy grin to more imaginative drawings of quirky witches sporting bony fingers, there’s a spooky drawing idea for all skill levels. 

If it’s bright colors and humorous details you’re after, cartoon characters are a fun drawing activity, perfect for adding a lighter touch amidst the eerie scenes. The Cute Witch, with her oval shape face and cheeky expression, stands out as a delightful blend of spooky and sweet. But for those craving more wicked vibes, there’s always the wicked witch waiting to cast her spell from the depths of your drawing pad.

This blog post has aimed to inspire with a plethora of creative drawing ideas, from spooky details to touches that make each drawing uniquely yours. It’s the perfect time to let your imagination run wild, crafting everything from simple sketches to elaborate spooky figures.

So, as you pick up your pencil or brush, remember: Halloween isn’t just about the costumes and candies; it’s also a fantastic opportunity to bring your spookiest and most imaginative visions to life on paper.

Whether you’re sharing your works on a post or just for personal enjoyment, every stroke and detail celebrates the essence of this hauntingly beautiful holiday. Happy drawing!