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30+ Ghoulish Halloween Party Games For Tweens & Teens

Halloween is the ultimate excuse to dress up, decorate like crazy, eat lots of candy and have fun with family and friends.

Even though tweens love trick or treating, and teens still love eating candy, there is often a time later on in the day when they tend to get a bit bored.

Usually, this is at the same time when we, as parents, finally get a chance to sit down, relax and enjoy the party.

To keep your tweens and teens happily occupied, I’ve created a list of fun Halloween party games.

I’ve divided the Halloween party games into separate games for tweens, which are a little less scary, and for teens which include more grown-up games like Eyeball Pong, Spooky Make-Overs, and Guess What’s Gross. 

The best parties that we as parents get to enjoy are the ones that are appropriately planned. So once you know who’s coming to the party, plan ahead with some scary decorations, fabulous party food, lots of candy, and of course, some super fun party games.

If you have an older teen, you could ask them to coordinate the games and manage the tweens for you. This is an excellent way for them to take on some responsibility, perhaps make a bit of pocket money, and for you to relax and enjoy the party.

Halloween Party Games For Tweens

halloween party games for tweens

Navigating the maze of middle school can be challenging, but throwing a memorable Halloween bash for tweens doesn’t have to be!

Dive into our ‘Halloween games for tweens’ section where classic games take a fun twist, and spooky music sets the backdrop for a hauntingly entertaining game night.

Whether it’s ghost bingo with a spooky twist or the themed unwrap ball game, we’ve got activities for teenagers that are sure to delight every party guest.

So, ready your bags of candy and construction paper, and get set to craft an unforgettable party theme, complete with creepy decorations and eerie fun for all!

1. Spider Toss

Spider toss is one of those fun Halloween games for tweens that they can play at the beginning of the party, as they’ll also be helping you decorate.

Get some Halloween cobwebs with spiders, and stretch out the spider webs wherever you want.

Get the tweens to stand in a line, and they each get a turn to throw the plastic spiders at the web.

After each turn, they go to the end of the line. Players get another turn until all the spiders are in the web.

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07HMRZSWT&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=hugateen 20

2. Shoot the Skeleton

Shoot the Skeleton is one of our favorite Halloween games for tweens.

Hang a few fake skeletons around the garden and let kids shoot them with slime.

Kids love shooting games and now they can take all their energy out on the scary skeleton.

3. Spider Ring Toss

Kids will have loads of fun playing ring toss with these spooky spiders.

You get two spiders with 12 rings plus a pump to inflate them.

This perfect Halloween party game is easy to store until you’re ready to play again next year.

Max Fun Halloween Inflatable Spiders Ring Toss Game Set Pack of 2 for Kids Carnival School Party Favor Supplies Holiday Decoration Novelty Toy Outdoor Indoor Spooky Creepy Game

4. Pumpkin Face

Pumpkin face halloween game

Ask the tweens to rub Vaseline on their faces.

Spread out several cheddar cheese ball puffs (like Cheese Balls or Wotsits) on a long table.

Set the time for one minute, and when you say “Go!” each tween has to cover their face with as many cheese balls as will stick without using their hands.

The person with the most cheese balls stuck to their face wins.

Don’t forget to have your camera ready as you’ll get some hilarious photos.

Pro tip: If your tweens are going to play other Halloween party games, perhaps keep this one till last, as it can get quite messy.

5. Plastic Wrap Mummy Race

Split your tweens into groups.

One person from each team must be wrapped from neck to toes in plastic wrap or gauze bandage rolls for a more authentic look.

When the mummies are wrapped, the team lays them down on the ground and rolls them to the finish line.

The first team to unwrap their teammate is the winner.

6. Balloon Sweep Relay

Get the tweens to blow up a few Halloween-colored balloons.

Split the tweens into two teams.

You’ll need an orange or black balloon for each team and a broom.

Have them run a relay race by sweeping the balloon around the course and passing it to the next player.

7. Trick or Treat Balloon Pop

Halloween games for tweens

Place pieces of paper into balloons with treat names (Skittles, M&M, Crisps, Ice-cream) and tricks they have to do like ‘Scream like you saw something scary,’ or ‘Walk across the room like a zombie.

There should be at least one treat per tween and lots of tricks.

Each player picks a balloon and blows it up, and then pops it.

If it’s a trick, they must act it out and grab another balloon.

Once they get a treat, they stop so that everyone eventually has a treat at the end of the game.

8. Pop Goes the Pumpkin

Insert pieces of candy in several balloons and blow them up.

You can choose colors to match your Halloween party decor.

Attach the balloons to a piece of cardboard.

Blindfold each tween and let them try to pop the balloons with a large pin.

They then get to eat the candy that comes out of their balloon.

9. Slurp Some Worms

slurp some worms tween Halloween game

They’ll have loads of messy yummy fun with this Halloween game for tweens.

Put a few gummy worms on a paper plate (one plate per player) and cover with lots of whipped cream.

Players must find the gummy worms while keeping their hands behind their backs!

You could also substitute the worms with eyeball gummies.

For something a bit more challenging, you can use bubblegum instead, and the first person to find the bubblegum and blow a bubble wins.

Halloween Body Parts Candy
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10. Decorate Halloween Cookies

A fun activity for any tween at a Halloween party is to decorate some yummy Halloween cookies.

We’ve found some awesome Halloween cookie cutters for your tweens to use. You might like to get some icing and applicator bottles, as well as candy eyeballs to decorate your cookies.

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07VWGCMGS&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=hugateen 20

I found some fun ideas and inspiration on the following sites for you.

Halloween mummy cookie

Mummy cookies from The Redhead Baker are super cute and easy to make.

eyeball cookies

You can find the instructions on how to make these Halloween eyeball cookies on

Happy decorating!

Halloween Cookie Silicone Molds
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11. Pumpkin Pong

Each player gets a pumpkin bucket and some colored ping pong balls in a bowl.

Place the pumpkin bucket a few feet away from the line where the teens will be standing.

When you say go, players must bounce or throw their ping pong balls from the line and try to get them into the plastic pumpkins.

A player can win if they get the ball in first or receives a point for each ball they bounce in during a minute.

This game is actually a lot harder than it seems, so to make it a bit easier, you could half fill the buckets with sand, slime, jello, or even cereal to stop the balls from bouncing straight out again.

12. Mouthful of Dirt Halloween Game

Another fun game they can play with pumpkin buckets if you filled them with sand or cereal for the previous game is to add some gummy worms, spiders, eyeballs, or bugs to the ‘dirt’ in the buckets.

Each tween should get a large “dirt” filled pumpkin, a spoon, and a mini pumpkin.

Players must use their spoons in their mouths when you say ‘go’ and use only the spoon in their mouths to dig in the dirt for bugs.

Once a bug is found, it must be transferred with a spoon only to the mini pumpkin.

If a bug falls between two pumpkins, it must be placed back in the dirt to try again.

13. Guess & Feel Mystery Box

mystery box

Fill a shoebox with mystery items and let your tweens try to figure out what’s inside without looking.

To make it scarier, try to find a few items that feel hairy so that they might think it’s a real hairy spider.

If they guess the item, they get a candy.

14. Scary Spider Race

spider race tween halloween game

Give each tween a plastic spider and a straw.

The aim of the game is for them to blow the spider to the other end of the table with a straw.

The first one to blow their spider to the other end of the table wins the round.

You can have several winners or each winner from various rounds can square off for the ultimate winner.

30 Plastic Spiders
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15. Marshmallow Ghosts on a String Game

Tie a few marshmallows on a string along the handle of a broom or long stick.

Each tween stands underneath a marshmallow and has to try and eat it without using their hands.

The person holding the stick can make the game more challenging and funnier by moving the stick up and sideways – just a little bit.

16. Halloween Balloon Decorating

An alternative to pumpkin carving for younger tweens is to decorate balloons with scary faces instead. Just blow up some balloons, give them a black marker, and let them get creative.

balloon decorating for tweens

Here are some more fun indoor activities and games for teens.

Halloween Party Games for Teens

Halloween Party Games For Teens

Teen years bring with them a desire for more mature celebrations, and Halloween is no exception.

It can be challenging to come up with Halloween games for teens, so we’ve shared a treasure trove of ideas to ensure your party for teens is the talk of the school.

Dive into a universe where the music gets spookier, the games get an exciting twist, and party favors are a blend of horror and fun.

From Halloween-themed drinks, every teen guest will find an entertaining game or activity that adds a unique spin to their spooky soirée.

Here are our favorite teenager Halloween games that are a bit more scary and cool enough for older teens to have fun playing.

17. Guess What’s Gross

Here’s one of our favorite fun Halloween games for teens to play:

Get several shoeboxes and label them words for gross or scary things.

Teens need to stick their hands in the box and guess what it actually is.

Box 1: Ear wax = filled with peanut butter

Box 2: Worms = filled with spaghetti

Box 3: Witches eyeballs = soft boiled eggs

Box 4: Vampire vomit = filled with salsa

Box 5: Dead hands = a medical glove filled with flour

Box 6: Bleeding heart = peeled tomato

Box 7: Guts or Maggots = cooked pasta

Box 8: Brains = cooked whole cauliflower (or make a jello brain)*

Box 9: Liver – canned peaches

Box 10: Congealed blood = tomato sauce

It’s really fun seeing their confused and grossed-out faces when trying to guess what’s in the box.

* You can also make a jello brain using this brain mold.

Large Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold
Brain Jello Gelatin Mold,2 Pack Large Human Zombie Brain Mold for Cake Candy,Plastic Halloween Baking Brain Prop Decorations Standard for Kids Adult
Brain Gelatin Mold - ST
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Silicone Halloween Molds – Ghost, Pumpkin, Skull, Bat, Spiderweb
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18. Fear Factor Pennies

Fill a large jar with sand and earthworms and hide some pennies at the bottom of the jar.

Teens need to draw a number from a hat, which is the number of pennies they need to retrieve from the jar.

This teen Halloween game is a bit creepy for some, but if you match the pennies with some fun prizes, you might get even the most squeamish teens to participate.

19. Egg Roulette

egg roulette teen halloween game

Egg Roulette is one of those Halloween party games teens think is totally crazy, as they’re not usually allowed to smash eggs on the foreheads.

Hard boil enough eggs for each teen and let them cool in the refrigerator.

Place all the eggs plus one raw egg on the table.

Each teen has to choose an egg and smash it on their forehead.

You can either have them smash the eggs simultaneously, or they can choose and smash an egg one by one until the raw egg has been found.

Their expressions and hesitation will be hilarious, so be sure to take a video.

20. Create a Crime Scene

fake crime scene

This is a fun Halloween game for teenagers as they need to use their imagination in a bit of a silly way.

If you have a larger group, you can divide them into teams of 4 or 5 players.

Each team gets a bag filled with items that might be found at a mock crime scene. However, they’re not the usual weapons, like knives or rope, but silly things like a spoon, a tomato, a stuffed animal, a battery, and perhaps a cookie.

Using the items in the bag, each team creates a crime scene and presents it to the group.

21. Halloween Egg Hunt

Fill plastic eggs or mini plastic pumpkins with tricks or treats and hide them outside.

This game can be played in its original form by tweens, but if you fill some of the eggs with really gross items, it’s best for older teens.

Some gross items you could use for tricks are worms or crickets to give your teens a bit of a Halloween fright.

I’ve even heard of people using real cow’s eyes from their local butcher, but I don’t think I could even touch that myself, so I’ll stick to creepy crawlies.

Alternatively, you can make some fun candies in the shape of brains with these bite-size brains candy molds.

Bite-Size Brains Candy Mold
Bite Size Brains Candy Mold

22. Candy Catch

Split the group into teams of two. Fill a bowl for each team with candy and give each team a Halloween bucket.

With their back to their teammate, each player has to throw a piece of candy over their head behind them, and their teammate has to catch it in the bucket.

After a minute, whichever team has the most candy in their bucket wins and gets to keep it.

23. Candy Toss

Place 3 glasses on a table and 3 small candy bars on the edge of the table.

Teens need to flip the candy up and into the glass.

The person who manages to get all three candies into the glass first is the winner.

24. Corn Pickers

candy corn halloween game

Place Candy corn in two bowls and place two plates on a table about 6 feet away.

Players must use a straw to ‘suck’ up the candy and transfer it to the plates, using only the straw – no hands allowed.

After a minute, the person or team with the most candy corn on their plate is the winner.

25. Candy Corn Guess

candy corn jar

Put candy corn in a jar and let each person guess how many pieces there are.

The player who made the closest guess wins the jar of candy corn to take home.

26. Shoot The Witch In the Eye

shoot the witch in the eyeball

Line up 3 soda cans in a row for each player, and place a witches eyeball (ping pong ball) on top of each soda can.

Players must try to shoot the witches’ eyes off the cans. Probably best to use something similar to these Nerf guns, which most teens will have at home.

The player who shoots all three eyes off first or who shoots most eyes off first in a minute is the winner of the Halloween teen game.

27. Move My Candy

LCR (Left, Centre, Right) is a popular dice game usually played with chips or coins.

As a Halloween game, you can play this with candy instead.

Each player gets 3 pieces of candy and throws the dice to see if their candy goes left, right, or center (into a bowl in the middle). They get to keep their candy if they throw a dot.

Candies will move between players and eventually the person who has the last candy wins!

Watch how to play LCR:

28. Balloon Stuffing Game

Teens don’t usually like to dress up, and anyone wearing an oversized hoodie will do well in this game.

The aim of the game is to try and stuff as many balloons in someone’s sweatshirt as possible.

You can divide the group into two teams, and each team chooses someone to be ‘stuffed’ with balloons.

Get the teens to blow up lots of lots of orange and black balloons.

On “Go,” both teams try to stuff as many balloons as possible in their teammates’ sweatshirts.

This teen Halloween party game will have your teens screaming with laughter.

29. Spooky Make-overs

Get some crazy Halloween make-up and divide your teens into groups.

Each team has a ‘model,’ and the rest of the team are make-up artists. Every team member gets a turn to try and make their model as spooky or scary as possible.

Here are some great examples and tutorials that are not too hard and fun for teens to try.

This can also be a fun game for teens to play if they stay for a sleepover after your Halloween party.

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30. Eyeball Pong

eyeball pong

Get some ping pong balls. You can either buy eyeball ping pong balls or use white ping pong balls, and draw black pupils and red veins on them.

Line a few cups up along the back of a table.

Scary Halloween Eyeball Ping Pong Balls

The goal is to land an ‘eyeball’ ping pong ball in one of the cups by taking turns bouncing it on the table.

For every eyeball they land in the cup, they get a point.

31. Scary Pumpkin Carving Competition

pumpkin carving competition

An old favorite Halloween party game for teens is to see who can carve the scariest pumpkin.

Teens can either team up or do their own.

Carving pumpkins is loads of fun and keeps them busy as they compete for an ultimate prize.

End The Night With A Scary Movie

After a thrilling evening of spooky games, costume contests, and eerie music echoing the party theme, what better way to cap off a teen party than by diving into the realm of horror movies?

Ending the night with a scary movie is perfect for those party teenagers seeking that extra chill as the clock ticks toward midnight.

Whether you’re a fan of classic horror tales or looking for a fun twist with spooky movies featuring googly-eyed monsters, this segment promises to add a fun spin to your teenage party ideas.

So, dim the lights, surround yourself with creepy decorations, and let the spooky movies roll!

For tweens, we recommend The Addams Family (2019), A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, Ghostbusters, Casper, ParaNorman, The Goonies, Corpse Bride, and Gremlins.

For teens we recommend Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Frankenweenie, Beetlejuice,  A Quiet Place, and Poltergeist.

For much older teens/adults we recommend Halloween, The Others, The Sixth Sense, Alien, It, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Exorcist, and Psycho – these are definitely very scary and for older teens only.

Here are some affordable movie night snack ideas and recipes that won’t cost too much.

🎃 Suggested Read: 120+ Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers


Setting the mood for any teen Halloween party lies significantly in the details of the decorations. This section is dedicated to turning doorways into cobweb-covered arches, making every corner bristle with the unexpected, and using themed items to amplify the horror factor.

From Halloween-themed objects that make guests double-take to the strategic placement of fake eyeballs or eyeball candies, every inch of your party space can become a testament to the spooky spirit.

Whether you’re aiming for subtly eerie or full-blown horror, our decoration ideas are designed to ensure that your party for teens becomes the talk of the town!

2. Pumpkin & Cauldron Buckets

Large buckets

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B0744ZFSWZ&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=hugateen 20

Mini buckets

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B08BLB3QDT&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=hugateen 20

3. Glow In The Dark Eyeball Bouncing Balls

JOYIN 72 Glow in The Dark Bouncing Balls 1.25” | 6 Halloween Theme Designs | for Halloween Bouncy Party Favor Supplies, School Classroom Game Rewards, Trick or Treating Goodie

4. Halloween Balloons

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50 Halloween Balloons – Pumpkin, Bat, Ghost, Skull, Spectre & Spider Web
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5. Fog Smoke Machine

Filling the room with smoke with a fog machine is a perfect way to make the room super scary.

Fog Machine, Theefun 400W Smoke Machine with 2000CFM Fog, Wired and Wirelss Remote Control Fog Machine for Halloween Wedding Party and Stage Effect
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6. Extreme High-Density Fog Juice

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Outdoor Decorations

Halloween Creepy Cloth Outdoor Decor
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It’s clear that adding a spooky twist to classic games can elevate any teen party. From entertaining games with plastic eyeballs to costume contests resonating with the party theme, these ideas ensure fun for all.

Whether it’s the roll of toilet paper in the wrap mummy game or the eerie music accompanying a teen horror movie marathon, these activities for teenagers perfectly blend horror and fun.

Don’t forget the Halloween-themed drinks for an extra challenge! With such diverse party ideas, teens and tweens are bound to have an unforgettable spooky celebration.

I hope these Halloween party game ideas will keep your party guests entertained for hours and give you some time to enjoy the party as well.

Happy Halloween!