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120+ Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

If you enjoy competing in Halloween trivia with your friends or family, then this is for you.

The following is a collection of Halloween Movie trivia questions and answers to spice up your Halloween night.

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Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

1. In which movie was the phrase “Do you like horror movies” used?

Answer: Scream (1996)

2. In which movie is a research team in Antarctica haunted by a shape-shifting alien that mimics the appearance of humans?

Answer: The Thing

3. In which film are the words “the power of Christ compels you” spoken?

Answer: The Exorcist

4. What horror film from 1953 had Paris Hilton as the lead role in the 2005 remake?

Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Answer: House of Wax

5. What was the name of the creature that came from the Upside Down in Stranger Things?

Answer: Demogorgon

6. Which horror film are the words “in space no one can hear you scream” spoken?

Answer: Alien

7. What Stephen King film was the highest grossing to date?

Answer: IT (2017 remake)

8. Which film is considered the first horror movie ever created?

Answer: Le Manoir du diable (The House of the Devil) 1896

9. What TV series is a result of an unproduced episode of The X-files?

Answer: Final Destination

10. What animal’s blood is Carrie soaked in by her bullies after being announced as the Prom Queen?

Answer: Pig

11. What film was A Quiet Place initially intended to be a sequel to?

Answer: Cloverfield

12. What name is the name of Pinhead in The Hellbound Heart, Clive Barker’s original novel?

Answer: Hell Priest

13. What is Nancy’s address in the film A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Answer: 1428 Elm Street

14. In what film is the phrase “we dare you to say his name five times” used?

Answer: Candyman

15. Which film did Annabelle (the doll) make her debut in?

Answer: The Conjuring

16. In which camp does Jason Voorhees drown in the Friday the 13th movie?

Answer: Camp Crystal Lake

17. What was the first ever American Horror film made in the twentieth century?

Answer: Frankenstein

18. What name refers to Chucky in the film Child’s Play?

Answer: Charles Lee Ray

19. What was the original name of Jason in the film Friday the 13th?

Answer: Josh

20. Which is the longest-running film franchise horror movie?

Answer: Friday the 13th

21. How many people does Jason kill in the first film of Friday the 13th?

Answer: None. His mother, Pamela, killed 9 people in the original movie.

22. What is the name of the demon in the Exorcist film?

Answer: Pazuzu

23. Who was assassinated for committing the deadly sin of pride in the Se7en film featuring Brad Pitt?

Answer: A Model

Horror Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

The frighteningly fun holiday is a favorite for adults as well. Test your horror movie knowledge with these trivia questions. 

24. Which movie features a stunningly beautiful alien?

Answer: Aliens

25. Which film features a child who can see dead people?

Answer: The Sixth Sense

26. Which actor plays a murderous robot in the film ‘The Terminator?

Answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger

27. What is the name of the clown featured in the film ‘IT’?

Answer: Pennywise

28. Which slasher flick character died by drowning and became scared of water afterward?

Horror Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Answer: Jason Voorhees

29. What horror film features a comatose mother who refuses to die?

Answer: The Influence

30. Which horror film features a clergy member who succumbs to the evil side?

Answer: The Nun

31. Which horror film features a schoolgirl playing with an Ouija Board?

Answer: Veronica

32. Who was the prominent pioneer of the horror science fiction genre?

Answer: Mary Shelley. Her novel Frankenstein is credited as the first horror science-fiction novel.

33. Which doctor is known for sewing different body parts together to create a monster?

Answer: Frankenstein

34. Who is the protagonist in “The Woman in Black,” a 2012 horror film?

Answer: Arthur Kipps, played by Daniel Radcliffe

35. In which movie is the protagonist covered in blood?

Answer: Carrie

36. Which film became famous when Kubrick and Stephen King featured in it?

Answer: The Shining

37. Which horror film has a princess who goes through a hole to get inside a tree and finds a monster holding its eyes?

Answer: Pan’s Labyrinth

38. Which girl had supernatural powers and ended up the villain at the film’s end?

Answer: Carrie

39. What is the name given to the main character in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” film?

Answer: Freddy Krueger

40. Who played Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs?

Answer: Anthony Hopkins

41. Who in the horror film ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ plays the role of the Devil?

Answer: Jack Nicholson

42. Who in the film ‘The Scream’ is known as the iconic masked person named after the movie?

Answer: Ghostface

43. Which vicious fish has been featured in multiple monster films?

Answer: The Piranha

44. In which horror film does Freddy Krueger’s character feature?

Answer: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Scary Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

45. In what horror film is the phrase “Listen to them. Children of the night. What music do they make” used?

Answer: Dracula

46. Which horror film has the words “In space, no one can hear you scream” spoken?

Answer: Alien

47. What horror film has the phrase “I see dead people” in it?

Answer: The Sixth Sense

48. Which scary film has used the phrase “whatever you do, don’t fall asleep”?

Answer: A Nightmare on Elm Street

49. What horror movie contains the words “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”?

Answer: Jaws

50. What scary films are the words “It’s alive!” used?

Answer: Frankenstein

51. Which horror film contains the words “Do you want to play a game”?

Answer: Saw

52. “Do you like scary movies?”. In which horror film is this phrase said?

Answer: Scream

53. In which horror film is the serial killer wearing a mask?

Answer: Halloween

Scary Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

54. In which horror film does the protagonist repeatedly write a book whose only words are “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”?

Answer: The Shining

55. How many people got involved with the Exorcist film and died during production?

Answer: Nine

56. What is the color of Freddy Kreuger’s sweater?

Answer: Red and Green

57. In which horror movie did Johnny Depp have his first major role?

Answer: ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ (1984)

58. How many people are usually murdered by Jason in the Friday the 13th films?

Answer: There are about 202 total deaths in the series, with 150 attributed to Jason.

59. Why is it impossible to kill Micheal Myers on Halloween?

Answer: He is protected by the Druid curse

60. During the Poltergeist, what takes Robbie Freeling outside from his room through the window?

Answer: A wise old tree

61. In the horror film 28 days later, who is accused of spreading a deadly virus?

Answer: Animal rights activists

62. Where is Danny told to stay away from the Shining by Dick Hallorann?

Answer: Room 237

63. What does Norman enjoy doing in ‘The Psycho’?

Answer: Taxidermy

64. Who are the ‘Children of the Corn’ who appears and speaks to Isaac?

Answer: A demon named ‘He who walks behind the rows’

65. What is so weird and outstanding about the video recorded in ‘The Ring’?

Answer: It doesn’t contain a timestamp

66. How many films on Friday the 13th are there currently?

Answer: 12

Disney Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

67. Who in the film Halloweentown is considered to be the evil warlock?

Answer: Kalabar

68. Which character resurrects the witches in the horror film Hocus Pocus?

Answer: Max

69. Who is said to be the scariest in Monsters Inc?

Answer: Sulley

70. Who is the main rival to Jack Skellington in the film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’?

Answers: Oogie Boogie

71. What is the name of the dog that belongs to Miguel featured in the movie Coco?

Answer: Dante

72. Who helps Maleficent to escape?

Disney Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Answer: Aurora by helping her finds her wings

73. When was Disney’s Tower Of Terror Attraction launched?

Answer: 1994

74. Where are the Twitches in the ‘Alexandra and Camryn’ film born?

Answer: Coventry

75. What is Jim’s profession in ‘The Haunted Mansion’ film?

Answer: Real estate agent

76. Where in Disneyland is it possible to find 300 different types of pumpkins?

Answer: USA, Mainstreet

77. Which year was Hocus Pocus released?

Answer: 1993

78. Which colored guitar is featured in Coco?

Answer: A white guitar

79. Where does the ‘Bride of Boogedy’ occur?

Answer: Lucifer Falls

80. Which year was the ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ released?

Answer: 1971

81. Who takes on the character of the wicked witch in the “Into the Woods” film?

Answer: Meryl Streep

82. What creature do Gilbert, Amy, and Marshall bring back to life?

Answer: A mummy

83. In which horror film does Olivia Holt take on the character named Skylar Lewis?

Answer: Girl vs. Monster

84. Which human is brought into the Monstropolis in the film Monsters Inc.?

Answer: Boo

Easy Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

85. What day in the Catholic calendar is usually associated with Halloween, and what is it referred to?

Answer: 1st November, All Saints Day

86. Which character in Peanuts believes in the great pumpkin in the film ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin’?

Answer: Linus

87. What was Bram Stoker’s original name for Dracula?

Answer: Count Wampyr

88. Which book contains a character named Ichabod Crane?

Answer: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

89. What is the surname of Hocus Pocus’s three sisters?

Answer: Sanderson

90. Who is known to be the friendly ghost, and in what film are they featured?

Answer: Casper in Casper Scare School

91. Which film consists of 3 scientists in New York City who chase a ghost around?

Answer: Ghostbusters

92. Who uses a magic wand to transform a pumpkin into a carriage to carry Cinderella?

Answer: The Fairy godmother

93. Which character is played by Millie Bobby Brown in “Stranger Things”?

Answer: Eleven

Watch the Stranger Things kids walk through the House at Halloween Horror Nights in the video below:

Hard Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

94. What is the name used to refer to Gryffindor ghosts in Harry Potter?

Answer: Nearly-headless Nick

95. What creature does Edward appears as in the film ‘Twilight’?

Answer: Vampire

96. Who wrote ‘Room on the Broom’?

Answer: Julia Donaldson

97. Which one of Shakespeare’s plays has a ghost named Banquo?

Answer: Macbeth

98. What name is the cat in the ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ film?

Answer: Salem

99. Which horror TV series contains a character known as Elena Gilbert?

Answer: Vampire Diaries

Hard Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

100. What is the name of the witch in the film ‘Bewitched’?

Answer: Samantha

101. What name is used to refer to the magic potion in the film ‘Hocus Pocus’?

Answer: Life Potion

102. Who wrote the book by the title ‘The Witches’?

Answer: Roald Dahl

103. What is the name of the TV series that contains a character named Buffy?

Answer: Buffy Vampire Slayer

104. What was the original mask that Michael Myers wore in the first Halloween movie?

Answer: The original Michael Myers mask was based on a prop mask used by William Shatner on Star Trek. After painting the old Shatner mask white, the art director replaced the hair.

105. Which Tim Burton movie features the Headless Horseman?

Answer: Sleepy Hollow

Kid Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Dress the kids in costumes for trick or treating and hand out the candy corn. It’s time for horror fans to discuss their favorite movies. These Halloween movie questions for kids aren’t too scary. 

106. What is the name used to refer to pumpkins that have been carved?

Answer: Jack O’ Lanterns

107. What is the complete name given to the scary film, ‘It’s the Great________, Charlie Brown?

Answer: Pumpkin

108. What name is used for the dog in the film ‘Frankenweenie’?

Answer: Sparky

109. Who goes missing in the film ‘Toy Story of Terror’?

Answer: Mr. Potato Head

110. What name is used to refer to the grandma in the horror film ‘Halloweentown’?

Answer: Grandma Aggie

111. What name is used to refer to the villain featured in the film ‘The Little Mermaid’?

Answer: Ursula

112. What names were given to the two kids who are a part of the Addams Family?

Answer: Pugsley and Wednesday

113. Which town has multiple witch trials?

Answer: Salem

114. What horrific creatures are Adam and Barbara’s characters in the film ‘Beetlejuice’?

Answer: Ghosts

115. What movie contains a character named The Wicked Witch of the West?

Answer: The Wizard of Oz

116. Which “Friends” star appeared in the movie “Scream”?

Answer: Courteney Cox (Monica)

117. Who is the best friend of Ron Weasley and Harry Potter?

Answer: Hermione Granger

118. What surname refers to Sabrina in the horror film ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch?

Answer: Spellman

119. What is the name of the town in the TV series “Stranger Things”?

Answer: Hawkins

Kid Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

120. Where is Dracula’s castle located?

Answer: Transylvania, Romania 

121. Is Coraline a horror film?

Answer: Yes, it is.

122. What is the name used to refer to the boy in the Horror film ‘The Little Vampire’?

Answer: Tony

How many Halloween movies have there been?

Over the years, there have been 13 Halloween movies. These 13 films include all the remakes and those that have not yet been released. The latest installment, Halloween Ends, is set to be released on October 14, 2022.

What is the most commercially successful horror movie of all time?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, released in May 2022, is considered the most successful horror film to date. Currently, it is rated at an income of about $955,775,804.

‘It,’ with over $700 million, and ‘The Sixth Sense’ with over $670 million, come in second and third place among the highest-grossing horror films. 

Which horror movie has the most kills?

The Lord of the Rings is said to be the horror film with the most kills, specifically The Return of the King (2003). It is said to have up to 836 on-screen deaths. These kills result from the multiple battles between the villains and the heroes showcased throughout the horror film.

When it comes to TV series, Game of Thrones has 3523 deaths in season 8 alone.

Which horror movie has the most sequels?

Friday the 13th is an iconic horror movie with the most sequels – 10 in total, plus a remake and a cross-over with A Nightmare on Elm St. It is among the most successful horror films, and the 10th sequel was released in February 2009.