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70+ Scary Halloween Dares For Teens & Tweens

There is more to Halloween than costumes and trick-or-treating. It is also common for teenagers to get together with friends and play Halloween games.

Whether you enjoy playing a game of Truth or Dare or just daring your friends to do some crazy Halloween activities, we have some scary and funny dares for you. 

Halloween Dares

If you’ve never tried a Halloween dare before, here are some ideas to help you make the most of your next Halloween.

Halloween Dares
  1. Get outside and walk like a zombie runway model on the sidewalk.
  2. Give your best horror movie-style “Im-about-to-be-killed” kind of scream.
  3. Livestream dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on TikTok.
  4. Roam around the streets wearing a ghost costume. When you come across a person, pretend to be scared and purposely turn away from them to confuse them.
  5. Mix four condiments (mustard, hot sauce, soy sauce, etc.). Pour into a glass. Say Cheers and drink the concoction.
  6. Call out Happy Howl-O-Ween to your neighbors and start howling at them when they answer.
  7. Take a picture of yourself in a strange pose wearing a Halloween costume and send it to your parents.
  8. Approach a random individual and ask, “May I Have This Dance?
  9. Get your neighbors excited (or annoyed) by screaming “Happy Halloween” out the window as loudly as possible.
  10. Put a spoonful of hot sauce on your tongue and act like a vampire biting someone’s neck.
  11. Put as many candy corns as you can into your mouth without chewing, and only start chewing when your mouth is full.
  12. Run down your road in your neighborhood in a ghost costume shouting Boo! at everyone you see. 
  13. Make your friends a potion using three edible ingredients. Make them drink the concoction and try to guess what’s in it.
  14. Knock on your neighbor’s door, and when they open, say ‘Knock-Knock’ instead of Trick-or-Treat. If they say, Who’s there? tell them your best Knock-Knock joke.

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Scary Dares For Halloween

Older teens might enjoy a scarier version of this popular party game. You might need to set a time limit for some of these dares. 

  1. Turn off all the lights in the house. Sit in a dark room for ten minutes straight without any light or sound source. In the dark, once the ten minutes have passed, make your way to the mirror. For another ten minutes, stare at yourself in the eyes.
  2. Purchase a used wedding dress and tuxedo at a used clothing store. In a candle-lit room, hang up the outfits with strings like they were getting married. Then perform a wedding ritual at midnight.
  3. Have dinner at a haunted restaurant and leave a place setting for any ghosts you might attract.
  4. In a haunted bathroom, perform “Bloody Mary” while drinking tomato juice.
  5. Turn off all the lights and tell your friends a scary story.
  6. Film a documentary about an abandoned hotel or hospital.
  7. Play dead until someone says your name. 
Scariest Dares For Halloween

Scary Dares To Do At Night

These scary dares to do at night offer a spine-chilling collection of horror dares for friends. From creepy dares that send shivers down your spine to spooky dares, you can attempt at home, this section is packed with Halloween dare ideas guaranteed to elevate the fright factor of your All Hallows’ Eve celebrations!

  1. On Halloween night, hold a séance in a graveyard.
  2. Spend the night camping in the woods on Halloween. 
  3. Play the Ouija board with friends in a dark room.
  4. Go camping on your own at full moon.
  5. Sit in a completely dark room all by yourself for 10 minutes, then get up and stare at yourself in the mirror for another 10 minutes.
  6. Let yourself be locked in a dark cupboard for 10 minutes.

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Horror Dares

1. Hide in the bathroom and scare the living daylights out of the person who enters. Watch Ellen scare her guests this way in the video below:

2. Wear a scary Halloween mask and ‘break into’ your own home scaring your parents.

3. Pick a random grave in a graveyard, sit down, and start telling your scariest ghost story.

4. Using fake blood, pretend to have cut yourself badly and ask your parents to take you to the hospital. 

5. Make a paper boat. Put on a yellow raincoat. Give the paper boat to a random person you see on the street and say, “Here, take it.”. Take it, Georgie.” with a sinister smile on your face imitating the scary clown Pennywise.

Funny Halloween Dares

  1. Using toilet paper, mummify yourself. Take a picture and post it online.
  2. Spend ten minutes impersonating Dracula.
  3. Demonstrate your zombie-like moves while zombie-stalking a random stranger.
  4. Eat a clove of garlic to prove you aren’t a vampire.
  5. Get yourself a broomstick and pretend you are flying while wandering the streets.
  6. Swap your Halloween costume with a male friend if you’re female and vice versa if you’re male.
  7. Act as if you’re going to bite everyone’s necks.
  8. Put on a scary Halloween mask and stay that way all day.
  9. Sit on the lap of the person opposite you, and whisper, “I see dead people!” in their ear.
  10. Cry like a baby for one minute.
  11. Nibble the earlobe of the person to your left. 
  12. Lick your finger and put it in the ear of the person to your left. 
  13. Pick up a piece of candy with your toes and eat it. 
  14. Put lipstick on the person to your right with your eyes closed.
Funny Halloween Dares

Fun Halloween Dares

  1. Try walking like a mummy after being spun around for 30 seconds.
  2. Eat a teaspoon of any condiment your friends choose.
  3. Dance and sing to the Monster Mash.
  4. Ask the person to your left a Halloween Would You Rather question.
  5. Make an impromptu dance number while in your costume. You are required to stay in character.
  6. Go outside and howl at the moon ten times. 
  7. Randomly blurt out your favorite horror movie quote to the next person you see. 
  8. Swap around your neighbor’s pumpkins at night. 
  9. Shout, Boo! every time someone says your name for the rest of the game.
  10. Pretend a pumpkin is your newborn baby and carry it around with you everywhere. 
  11. Tell a Halloween Knock Knock joke.
  12. Walk through the house saying, “Do you like scary movies?” in a creepy voice.

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Fun Halloween Dares

Halloween Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare is a fun game to get party guests to tell you their most embarrassing stories or act out some fun dares. 

1. Halloween Truth or Dare Questions

  1. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Tell the group in detail.
  2. Did you ever get arrested?
  3. Whom do you trust the least and the most among the people in this room?
  4. How many days have you gone without a shower? 
  5. If you had to bury a dead person, who would you call?
  6. Are you more likely to tell the truth or to lie all the time?
  7. Tell us what color underwear you are wearing right now.
  8. What’s the most embarrassing that’s ever happened to you at school?
  9. Tell us your worst nightmare.
  10. Tell us about the most embarrassing time you were scared.

2. Dares for Halloween Truth Or Dare

  1. Share your spookiest horror tale with the group.
  2. Make your face look bloody and tattooed with temporary tattoos and fake blood.
  3. Scare the next person who goes to the bathroom by jumping out from behind the door.
  4. After spinning five times with your head on a bat, try to jump rope.
  5. Dance to the tune of Thriller in front of everyone. If you are not familiar with the dance moves, watch the videos online.
  6. Ask the group to guess what movie you are quoting. Cite a famous line from any horror movie.
  7. Make predictions about a person’s future by pretending to do palm reading.

Halloween Questions To Ask Friends

Whether you’re hosting a party or going along to one, here are some brilliant Halloween-themed questions for you.

  1. Are you afraid of the dark?
  2. Would you be interested in participating in a seance?
  3. Are there any ‘mythical’ monsters that you believe in?
  4. In the case that it was possible to take one item with you after death, what would you choose?
  5. Costumes for adults that are sexy or overly revealing seem to be very popular. Why do people like these types of costumes?
  6. How would you describe the most disturbing song you have ever heard?
  7. What would you not want to run into if you were in a dark forest or an abandoned building?
  8. In your opinion, which conspiracy theories are credible?
  9. In today’s world, people don’t only dress in scary costumes anymore. They dress in costumes based on current news stories and politicians. Does this go against Halloween’s original spirit?
  10. Do you believe that ghosts exist?
  11. Do you have any experience with Ouija boards?
  12. Halloween is a popular holiday to decorate your house. Are there any other special days when you decorate your home?
  13. Would you consider it if I offered you $100 to try on a straightjacket?
  14. When you have an extreme fear of Halloween, what phobia do you suffer from? Answer: Samhainophobia (Fear of Halloween)
  15. October 30, 1938, was a day of panic sparked by which Halloween radio drama?

Answer: In 1938, Orson Welles’s radio play “War of the Worlds” was broadcast, creating panic in many areas. The play features a fake invasion of Earth by people from Mars, and many who tuned in late were frightened by it. 

Listen to the radio play below:

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Halloween Dares For Tweens

  1. Play dead for 3 minutes. When no one is paying attention, you will get back up and crawl like a zombie straight from the grave.
  2. Make three calls to different people and say a horror movie line.
  3. Keep humming The Addams Family theme song for 3 minutes, snapping your fingers at each cue.
  4. Act out your favorite horror movie scene.
  5. Take a piece of candy and eat it without touching it with your hands.
  6. Spend two minutes walking around the house murmuring, “They’re coming for you, Barbara.”.
  7. As if you were a werewolf, get on your hands and knees and howl.
  8. Spin around ten times and then name 10 Halloween movies in one minute.
  9. Put five candy corn candies in a bowl using your toes.
  10. Recite the alphabet backward as quickly as possible.
  11. Until the party is over, wear a lampshade as a hat
  12. Take a scary selfie and share it online.
  13. Drink a witches brew (water, milk, pepper & tomato ketchup).

14. Use a voice changer and prank call your parents or siblings.

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Guess Me If You Dare Halloween Game Answers

Let your guests answer these classic Halloween-themed questions. 

  1. ____ A bloodsucker that lives at night.
  2. ____ After a doctor and scientist attempted to bring back a dead body from the brink of death; this tragic creature was born.
  3. ____ She’s the creepy girl from the VHS tapes that crawls out of the TV screen and scares you to death.
  4. ____ This creature is typically portrayed as a clown, but he can take on the form of any entity the children of Derry fear most, and he will stop at nothing to satiate their fears until he finally decides it’s time to kill them.
  5. ____ A murderous toy whose wife is also a scary doll is one of the most terrifying things in the world.
  6. ____ There is a religious figure whose image is modeled after this demon
  7. ____ A terrible serial killer, this monster used to be a human being who eventually was captured by his town’s citizens and burned alive.
  8. ____ A porcelain doll that is said to have been possessed after a seven-year-old girl died of murderous intent.
Guess Me If You Dare Halloween Game Answers

Choose the correct answer:

A. Pennywise

B. Freddy Krueger

C. Annabelle

D. Dracula

E. Frankenstein’s Monster

F. Sadako

G. Chucky

H. The Nun

Final Thoughts on Scary Halloween Dares

As we wrap up our post on Scary Halloween Dares, it’s evident that our list of questions and dares offers more than just chills and thrills.

By integrating some of these scary dares into your favorite party ideas, there’s a variety of activities for everyone.

With a mix of Halloween dare ideas and classic favorites like ‘scary truth or dare’, this list is bound to become a highlight of your spooky festivities.

Now you have all the dares you need for your next Halloween party or get-together. Remember to keep the dares age-appropriate and fun for all.