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50 Christmas This or That Questions For Kids & Adults

Christmas This or That Questions list with free printable to play at home.

Just like many other ice breaker games, Christmas This or That can be played by anyone.

As with Christmas Would You Rather questions, no one will emerge as the winner of the game. The quiz, however, will give you the chance to bond with your family and friends.

Christmas This or That is therefore one of the best games to play when you have kids around. They give the most honest and often the funniest answers. Just wait until you hear them defend their choices. The game will certainly be entertaining and full of laughter.

Who knows, you may even discover some things you didn’t know about them based on their answers and choices.

It’s a great way to create lasting memories and bond on a more personal level.

Check out this collection of This or That Christmas edition questions for kids and adults – with free Printable to print at home.

Christmas This or That for Kids & Teens

Here’s a list of Christmas This or That for kids that will keep them entertained at your next family gathering.

1. Santa or his Elves?

2. Ice Skating or Sledding?

3. Going Christmas caroling or watching Christmas movies?

4. Elves or Snowmen?

5. Chocolate or Candy?

6. Watching the Grinch or Home Alone?

7. Christmas Socks or Christmas Sweaters?

8. Eating the Christmas cookies or leaving them out for Santa?

9. Pajamas or Dressing Up?

10. Handmade Gift or Bought Gift?

11. Ginger Bread or Sugar Cookie?

12. Tree ornaments or tree lights?

13. Toys or Chocolates?

14. Naughty or Nice?

15. Opening gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

16. Fuzzy Hat or Ear Muffs?

17. Christmas pudding or Christmas cake?

18. Green Christmas tree or White Christmas tree?

19. Angel topper or Star topper?

20. One big present or lots of small presents?

Christmas This or That for kids free printable

Christmas This or That for Adults

Whether you choose to use these This or That questions as an icebreaker, or while lounging in the living room after enjoying your Christmas feast, these suggestions are sure to help you keep the fun and laughter going.

Here are some Christmas This or That for adults to get you started.

21. Gift Card or Material gift?

22. Home for the holidays or Travel?

23. Putting presents in front of the tree, days in advance, or waiting until late on Christmas Eve?

24. Mariah Carey or Michael Buble Christmas album?

25. Christmas Dad Jokes or Funny Christmas Puns?

26. Wrapped Presents or Gift Bag?

27. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

28. Shop In-Store or Shop Online?

29. Elf On The Shelf or Advent Calendar?

30. Christmas Games or Christmas Movie?

31. Pajamas or Dressing Up?

32. Christmas Lunch or  Christmas Dinner?

33. White Lights or Colorful Christmas Lights?

34. Eggnog or Hot Cocoa?

35. Home Made Meal or Order-In Food?

36. Christmas Gift Exchange or Christmas Party Games?

37. White Christmas or Tropical Christmas?

38. Garland or Wreaths?

39. Real Tree or Artificial Tree?

40. Sweet treats or savory meals?

41. Ugly sweaters or Matching PJs?

42. Staying in or Going out?

43. Turkey or Ham?

44. Peppermint or Caramel?

45. Red & Green or White & Glitter?

46. Eating treats or Baking treats?

47. Party poppers or Christmas Crackers?

48. Home Alone or Elf?

49. Minimalist decor or all-out decor?

50. Christmas Charades or Christmas party?

50 Christmas This or That Questions For Kids & Adults

I hope you’ve found some fun This or That questions and wish you a very Merry Christmas with lots of laughter this year.

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Download and print these Christmas Would You Rather questions.


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