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40 Advent Calendars For Teens & Tweens (Plus Filler Ideas)

Find the best advent calendar or filler ideas for your tween or teen.

The traditional advent calendar, where you open a door or window and find a chocolate, is probably no longer cool enough for your difficult-to-please teenagers.

Although they still want to be part of traditions and celebrations (and still love chocolate), it might be a bit harder to find an advent calendar that your teen will love.

So I thought I’d share some really awesome advent calendars for teens and tweens that I recently discovered, as well as some fun calendar fillers if you’d prefer to DIY.

Just a heads up to order soon as most advent calendars start on December 1st. But don’t fret, if you’re a bit late you can get a 12-day advent calendar as well.

Table of Contents

Advent Calendars For Tween Boys

Robot Construction Vehicles Building Blocks Advent Calendar

This 24-day countdown robot construction advent calendar for tween boys includes 24 building blocks that he can assemble into 2 fighting robots.

Robot Construction Vehicles Building Blocks
JOYIN 2021 Robot Construction Vehicles Building Blocks 24 Days Advent Calendar for Kids Christmas 24 Days Countdown

Military Army Men Advent Calendar

Let your tween boy discover 12 army men, 1 dog, 3 transportation vehicles, weapons, and gear over 24 days countdown to Christmas.

Military Army Men Advent Calendar
JOYIN 2021 Advent Calendar Kids Christmas 24 Days Countdown Calendar Toys for Kids with Military Army Man

Dinosaur Advent Calendar

For all dinosaur enthusiasts, this 24-day advent calendar will have them looking forward to opening a new door and discovering the next dinosaur every day. It even includes a dice game to play once all 24 doors have been opened.

Dinosaur Advent Calendar
Dinosaurs Advent Calendar 2021 Christmas Countdown Calendar 24 Days Advent Calendar Dinosaurs Toy Gift for Boys Girls Kids Teens Toddler with Dice Game


Lego Advent Calendars

If your son loves building legos then any one of these Lego advent calendars will bring a huge smile to his face.

I’ve chosen our son’s favorite, Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar, but there are several other Lego advent calendars to choose from like Stars Wars, Lego City, and even Happy Potter.

LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar
LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar 76196 Building Kit, an Awesome Gift for Fans of Super Hero Building Toys; New 2021 (298 Pieces)

Fidget Advent Calendar For Boys

24 fun fidget toys for boys including pop-it’s , robots, slinky and more.

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar Pop-On-It Fidget Toys
Fidget Advent Calendars 2021 Toy for Kid,Pop-On-It Advent Calendars,Christmas Advent Calendar Fidget Toy Packs,Christmas Countdown Calendar 24 Days,Figetsss Toy Sets Fidget Toy Boxs (Style-Q19)

Candy Christmas Advent Calendar

If your tween loves candy but you’re looking for something different from the usual chocolate advent calendar, then he might enjoy this Swizzels candy calendar.

Swizzels Candy Christmas Advent Calendar
Swizzels Christmas Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars For Tween Girls

Disney Princess Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2021

Your little princess will love counting down to Christmas while unwrapping 24 small paperback Disney Princess books.

Disney Princess: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2021
Disney Princess: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2021

DIY Arts & Crafts Ornaments & Decorations Advent Calendar

This new 2021 Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar includes 24 stunning DIY Arts & Crafts Ornaments & Decorations for the Christmas tree and table.

24 Beautiful DIY Arts & Crafts Ornaments & Decorations
NEW 2021 Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar - 24 Beautiful DIY Arts & Crafts Ornaments & Decorations Handmade by your kids. 24 days, all the season decorations for the Christmas Tree and Table

Slime Advent Calendar

This must be one of the coolest advent calendars for tween girls.  With 24 surprises DIY slime kits and some fun ornaments, your daughter will absolutely love creating their own slime creations this Christmas.

Slime Advent Calendar 2021
GAMENOTE Slime Advent Calendar 2021 Christmas with 24 Surprises Crystal DIY Countdown Calendar Gifts for Kids Fluffy Slime Kit Accessories for Christmas Teens Girls Boys Toys

Barbie Advent Calendar

Gosh, to be a girl in this day and age! There are just so many creative advent calendars to choose from. This Barbie advent calendar comes with 24 items including clothing and accessories as well as a Barbie doll.

Barbie Advent Calendar with Barbie Doll
Barbie Advent Calendar with Barbie Doll (12-in), 24 Surprises Including Day-to-Night Trendy Clothing & Accessories, Festive Holiday Themed Packaging for Kids 3 to 7 Years Old

24 Scented Slow-Rising Squishies Keychains Advent Calendar

These super cute squishes are scented and on keychains, so your daughter can collect or share with friends. Super cute for any tween girl.

24 Days Countdown Advent Calendar with 24 Scented Slow-Rising Squishies Keychains
JOYIN Christmas 24 Days Countdown Advent Calendar with 24 Scented Slow-Rising Squishies Keychains Assorted Xmas Party Favor Gifts for Boys, Girls, Kids and Toddlers

Fidget Advent Calendar

I really wanted to share an equal number of advent calendar ideas for boys and girls but I just couldn’t resist sharing this one. Filled with 24 sensory relief toys this will surely be a hit with any teen.

Fidget Advent Calendar 2021
Advent Calendars 2021 Fidget Advent Calendar, 24DAYS Christmas Countdown Calendar Sensory Stress Relief Toys Pack, Surprise Gifts Box Xmas Party Favor (C-1)

And yes, there is a fidget toys countdown calendar for boys as well.

Advent Calendars For Teen Boys

Teen boys can be quite difficult to shop for as they don’t always open up about what they’re into at the moment.

However, you can’t go wrong with the Marvel comics for teen boys.

Marvel Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2021

Marvel Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2021
Marvel: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2021

Crazy Scientist Advent Calendar

This countdown calendar includes 24 exciting science experiments & tricks any teen will love.

Crazy Scientist Advent Calendar
The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist Advent Calendar - 2021 Countdown to Christmas for Kids Boys Girls Who Love Science. Game Includes 24 Exciting Science Tricks & Experiments for The Christmas Season Age 8-99

Magic & Tricks Advent Calendar

If your teenager is more into magic tricks then this advent calendar will keep him entertained for days.

Magic & Tricks Advent Calendar
NEW 2021 Advent Calendar MAGIC & TRICKS by The Purple Cow. 24 Magic Tricks for Kids age 8 and above. S.T.E.M

Wire Puzzle Advent Calendar

Our son loves fidgeting with these wire puzzle toys and figuring them out. Let your teen countdown to Christmas while enjoying these 24 brain teasers, from beginner to expert level.

Metal Wire Puzzle Toys Advent Calendar, 2021
Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle Toys Advent Calendar, 2021 Christmas Countdown Calendar Decoration Gift Box Set of 24pcs Brain Teaser Toy Count Down for Xmas Holiday Party Kid Favor (Upgraded Version)

Advent Calendars For Teenage Girls

Advent Calendar Charm Bracelets

I wish we had such amazing advent calendars when I was a teenager. What an amazing way to countdown to Christmas. This advent calendar includes 2 DIY bracelets, 1 necklace, and 22 pendants.

Advent Calendar Jewelry 2021
Advent Calendar, [New 2021] Christmas Advent Calendar, Advent Calendar Jewelry for Girl with 3 Adjustable Bracelet and 1 Necklace and 22 Charm Beads Countdown to Christmas Calendar DIY.

NYX Lipstick & Lip Gloss Advent Calendar

For your older teenage daughter, you can’t go wrong with 24 lipsticks and lip gloss from NYX

NYX Love Lust Disco 24 Day Cosmetic Lipstick & Lip Gloss Advent Calendar
NYX Love Lust Disco 24 Day Cosmetic Lipstick & Lip Gloss Advent Calendar

There are quite a few other brands that also offer beauty advent calendars in 2021 so have a look at the Beauty Blast Reloaded (make-up for tweens), skincare, make-up, and perfume samples from Yves Rocher,  L’Occitane (also a favorite), Rituals (pricey but oh so beautiful), or the Body & Earth advent calendars if you think your daughter might prefer those instead.

New York Puzzle Advent Calendar

This stunning advent calendar will be enjoyed by the whole family as it includes 24 x 100 piece jigsaw puzzles. Absolutely beautiful, these puzzles can be used as stocking stuffers for years to come.

New Yorker Advent Calendar ’21-24x 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
New York Puzzle Company - New Yorker Advent Calendar '21-24x 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Jewelry Advent Calendar For Teens 2021

This is probably my favorite advent calendar idea for teenage girls as there are just so many gorgeous pieces that will certainly heighten her excitement and anticipation for Christmas.

Jewelry Advent Calendar For Teens 2021
MOVINPE Jewelry Advent Calendar for Women 2021 Christmas, Fashion Bracelet Necklace Rings Earring, 24 Days Countdown to Holiday, Xmas Surprise Gift for Wife Daughter Mom Adult Girls

12 Days Of Christmas Advent Calendars

If you missed the 1 December advent calendar start to countdown 24 days to Christmas, then you can still get one of these 12 days of Christmas calendars and make amends.

12 Days of Christmas Socks Advent Calendar

I absolutely love this idea for an advent calendar.  A new pair of Christmas socks every day to countdown to Christmas. I might have to get this one for myself.

12 Days of Christmas Socks
2021 Christmas Advent Calendar 12 Days of Christmas Socks Countdown Calendar Includes 12 Pairs Socks Bulk with 8 Low Cut Socks and 4 Knee High Socks

12 Day Beauty Countdown Advent Calendars

If you missed the 24-day countdown calendar from NYX you can still get the NYX 12 days lipstick countdown, or 12 days of Chapstick Holiday advent calendar lip balm gift set.

Or why not spoil your teen with 12 days of Ulta Beauty surprises.

ULTA 12 Days of Beauty 2021 Advent Calendar
ULTA 12 Days of Beauty 2021-12 Piece Beauty Countdown Set - Makeup Advent Calendar

12 Days Ice Cream Truck Building Bricks

Another exciting 12-day countdown advent calendar for tween girls is this gorgeous ice cream truck building bricks for kids.

12 Days Countdown Girls Building Block Advent Calendar with Ice Cream Truck Building Bricks
JOYIN 2021 Christmas Advent Calendar 12 Days Countdown Girls Building Block Advent Calendar with Ice Cream Truck Building Bricks for Kids

Friends Central Perk 12 Days of Bath Advent Calendar

What better way to celebrate the run-up to Christmas than with 12 days of bath and body advent calendar from Central Perk. With body washes, lip balm bath salts, hand cream, and more, there’s sure to be treats and surprises she’ll love.

Friends Central Perk 12 Days of Bath Advent Calendar 2021
Paladone Central Perk 12 Days of Bath Advent Calendar 2021, Friends TV Show Countdown to Christmas

I hope you’ve found the perfect advent calendar for every child in your home. But wait, don’t forget about your furry friends. You can get an advent calendar with 24 unique treats for your doggo here.

DIY Advent Calendars & Filler Ideas For Teens

We’re all so busy at the end of the year that the advent calendar ideas for teens above are very useful for when we don’t have a lot of time on our hands. However, if you do have time and would like to be creative and make your own DIY advent calendars, then I have some great ideas for you as well.

First, you need to decide how you want to display your advent calendar. You might already have something at home, but I wanted to share some fun DIY advent calendars with you before I share my top teen advent calendar fillers.

DIY Craft Advent Calendar

If you want to go totally DIY then these pillow boxes are a great way to start. They also offer cube boxes and jute bags, so have a look and choose your favorite.

DIY Advent Calendar Pillow Boxes
LIVAIA DIY Advent Calendar: Beautiful Craft Advent Calendar 2021 with 24 Boxes, Jute Cord and Sticker Paper with Designs – Empty Adult Advent Calendar to Fill Yourself – Christmas Advent Calendar

Hanging Christmas Advent Calendar Gnome

For younger kids, this cute little re-usable gnome is super cute. Fill the 24 felt pockets with some of the fillers mentioned below. There is also a Santa option if you prefer that to a Gnome.

Hanging Christmas Advent Calendar 3D Felt Gnome
JOYIN 3.75ft Hanging Christmas Advent Calendar, 3D Felt Gnome 24 Days Countdown Advent Calendar, Wall Decoration Cloth Advent Calendar with Pockets Reusable Xmas Decoration

24 Christmas Hanging Advent Calendar Stocking Socks

Instead of the usual advent calendar bags, which are also cute, I prefer these gorgeous stocking socks. Hang them on the tree or on a string with pegs, and fill them with your favorite treats.

Christmas Hanging Advent Calendar Stocking Socks
JOYIN 2021 Christmas Hanging Advent Calendar Stocking Socks 24 Days Countdown Fillable Advent Garland to Fill Xmas Hanging Socks Decoration

Wooden Cabin In The Woods Advent Calendar

I love the surprise drawers in this advent calendar but it’s only good if you want to use small treats and toys, as the drawers are only a couple of inches in size. Filler ideas for this would be candies, coins or jewelry.

Cabin In The Woods Advent Calendar
MorTime 24 Day Advent Calendar Wooden Countdown to Christmas Calendar Decoration with 24 Storage Drawers, Cabin in The Woods

DIY Advent Calendar Kit Houses

This DIY advent calendar kit includes 24 printed houses and with ribbons and instructions to fold and glue yourself.

Christmas Advent Calendar Gift Box Houses
KESOTE 24 Empty Advent Calendar Boxes to Fill, Christmas Advent Calendar 2021 for Adults Kids Countdown to Christmas Gift Box Party Favor Box

Fun Advent Calendar Fillers For Teenagers

Now that you have your advent calendar ready to fill, it’s time to find the best possible treats, toys, and surprises to make your teen’s countdown to Christmas super special.

As you’re filling the advent calendar yourself, you can custom make advent calendars for each child. A good place to start is with chocolates. Every kid loves to receive at least some chocolates, and it will remind them of all the traditional advent calendars they might have had as kids. It doesn’t really matter which chocolates, just choose their favorites, although we do love Lindt Holiday Figures and Hershey’s Kisses.

Remember that you can use any extra leftover items as stocking stuffers, as well as for birthday gifts fillers during the year. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers then have a look at these 100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Every Kind Of Teen.

Another great addition to any advent calendar for teens is cash. But add a bit of creativity and fun to it and fold your dollar bill into a Christmas tree. You can learn some easy DIY origami money folding techniques here.

Christmas Tree Money Origami

origami xmas tree

12 Cocoas Of Christmas In 4 Unique Flavors

Everyone loves a good cup of cocoa and these unique flavors including doubled chocolate, snickerdoodle, toasted marshmallow, and french vanilla cocoas won’t disappoint.

12 Cocoas Of Christmas
Thoughtfully Gifts, 12 Cocoas Of Christmas, 4 Unique Flavors: Double Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Toasted Marshmallow and French Vanilla Cocoas, Set of 12

DIY Building Blocks Dots Bracelets

Each bracelet is individually packaged with a silicone band and 28 colorful tiles to decorate and design your own dots bracelet.

DIY Building Blocks Dots Bracelets
SIENON Bracelets 6PCS, Kids Building Blocks Dots Bracelets, DIY Creative Craft Bracelet Making Kit for Kids, Friendship Bracelets, Dots Construction Toys Kit for Birthday for Girls Boys

Stackable Push Pencils With Eraser

These fun donuts multi-point stacking pencils with non-sharpening lead make great fillers and stocking stuffers as well.

Stackable Push Pencils With Eraser
TINYMILLS 24 Pcs Donuts Multi Point Stackable Push Pencil Assortment with Eraser for Donut Party Favor Prize Carnival Goodie Bag Stuffers Classroom Rewards Stocking Stuffers

Llama Crazy Loop Reusable Straws

These Llama drinking straws are super cute and a fun filler for any advent calendar. If they’re not into Llamas, you can choose Ice Cream, Unicorn, or  Watermelon straws instead.

Llama Crazy Loop Reusable Straws
24 LLama Straws Party Favors for LLama Birthday Party Supplies with 2 Cleaning Brush

Diamond Painting Sticker Kits

Super popular these DIY superhero diamond painting sticker kits will bring hours of entertainment and they can stick them on their phones afterward.

DIY 5D Diamond Painting Stickers Kits Kids
Rertcioph Diamond Painting Stickers Kits for Kids,DIY 5D Hero Diamond Art Mosaic Stickers by Numbers Kits - 9 Pieces

Squishies Toys

These squishies are not only cute but feel great and are fun to play with while relieving stress.

Squishies Stress Reliever Anxiety Toys
KINGYAO Squishies Squishy Toy 24pcs Party Favors for Kids Mochi Squishy Toy moji Kids Mini Kawaii squishies Mochi Stress Reliever Anxiety Toys Easter Basket Stuffers fillers with Storage Box

Game & Grub Gift Card

All teens love a good gift card that they can spend on their favorite things – gaming and food.

Game & Grub Gift Card
games & grub gift card

Sensory Fidget Toys

Fun to play with, these sensory fidget toys are a great filler for any teen advent calendar. Includes spinners, cubes, squishies, balls, finger rings, and much more.

38 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys
Sensory Toys Set 38 Pack, Stress Relief Fidget Hand Toys for Adults and Kids, Sensory Fidget and Squeeze Widget for Relaxing Therapy - Perfect for ADHD Add Anxiety Autism

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees is popular and useful all year round and makes a great addition to any advent calendar or stocking stuffer. There are different flavors, so have a look and choose their favorite.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm 4 Pack
Burt's Bees Lip Balm Stocking Stuffer, Moisturizing Lip Care Holiday Gift, 100% Natural, Original Beeswax, Strawberry, Coconut & Pear, Vanilla Bean with Beeswax & Fruit Extracts, Multipack (4 Pack)

LED Flashlight

Our boys love having a flashlight in the room, in their tent, while camping and hiking, and do tend to ‘lose’ a few during the year. These LED flashlights are useful and great value.

LED Flashlight 6-Pack Assorted Colors
EverBrite 9-LED Flashlight 6-pack Impact Handheld Torch Assorted Colors with Lanyard 3AAA Battery Included (Hurricane Supplies, Camping, Hiking, Emergency, Hunting)

Card Game

Smack It! is a fun fast-paced card game for kids.

If your kids love playing party games then you might be interested in these Christmas Scavenger Hunt Games & Clues, or even board games that they can play during the holidays.

Smack it Card Game for Kids
Smack it Card Game for Kids

I hope that you’ve found some amazing advent calendars for teens or if you’ve chosen to go DIY, that these advent calendar filler ideas have given you some inspiration to create the best advent calendars for your teens this year.

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