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Best Game Room Games & Ideas For Kids

Teens love playing video games, but how about creating a game room for kids where they can be active and interact with friends and family instead?

A kids’ game room is a wonderful investment as it will be used by tweens, teens, and even adults for many years to come. An entertainment space like a game room will be used during parties, sleepovers, family game nights, and especially when your teens want to hang out with their friends.

As our kids get older, their needs and interests change. Young kids and tweens used to be easily entertained with arts and crafts, but older teens tend to enjoy more active games.

At some point, you’ll notice that teens like to hang out at each other’s homes, and if you want to be the ‘go to’ home, then it helps to have a hangout room, or better yet, a home game room for kids to enjoy.

No matter how big or small the space you have to create a game room, there are many indoor games and activities to choose from to make your games room the most epic hangout space imaginable.

Game Room Ideas For Kids & Tweens

When considering how to create the best game room for your kids, you should start with their current interests.

Most younger children love climbing and jumping around, while older teens like more competitive or skills-based games. Although board games are always fun for family game night, teens might like being a bit more active as well.

With this in mind, I’ve selected my top game room games and activities for you to select which ones will fit in your space and be most useful to your family’s needs.

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Best Game Room Games For Kids

Klask Magnetic Game

Klask is rated as one of the best party games for tweens and teens and is fun for anyone to play.  This fast tabletop game is half foosball and half air hockey.

The game requires you to try and score by sending your ball into your opponent’s goal, similar to foosball. However, Klask is a magnetic game where you place your hand under the table and use a magnetic handle to move the ball.

You need 2 players, age 8+, and each round lasts about 10 min, so it’s fast and fun.

There is also a 4 player party game as well if you prefer to play with more players.

Klask should definitely be on your list of game room ideas for small rooms.

Klask Magnetic Game
KLASK: The Magnetic Award-Winning Party Game of Skill - for Kids and Adults of All Ages That’s Half Foosball, Half Air Hockey

Ring Toss Game

Ring Toss can be played by kids of any age and adults as well. This ring toss game is a combination of ring toss and darts, where you try to hook the rings over hooks to score points. It’s durable and kid-friendly.

Hang it anywhere in your home game room or take it with you when you camping.

This is a 2 player game and comes in three sizes, tiny (8 inches), classic (12 inches), and giant (20 inches).

One of the best game room games for kids for birthday parties, Christmas party games, or just fun with friends.

Hookey Ring Toss Game
Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games for Adults & Kids - Wall Games for Indoor & Outdoor Family Fun - Dorm, Garage, BBQ, Beach, Party, Camping & Yard Games for All Ages

Ladder Toss

Ladder toss is a fun multiplayer game for kids and adults and can be played indoors or outdoors.

It’s easy to set up and play with the provided instructions and a score tracker is included to make keeping score easy.

Want to know how to play ladder toss? Watch this video:

Ladder Toss
WIn SPORTS Ladder Toss Outdoor Game Set Indoor Ladder Ball Toss Game with 6 Weighted Bolos, Carrying Case and Sand Weighted PVC Piping,Games for Adults, Kids, Family

Foam Ball Shooting Game

As much as we try to steer them away from it, kids love shooting games. These foam ball popper air guns are fun to shoot at the target and score points.

The blaster toy guns and foam refill bullets are great to shoot at the round targets.

The air-powered guns use foam balls to shoot into the net circles.

Simply load, pump and fire the foam balls at the target.

Foam Ball Shooting Game
Welltin Shooting Game Toy for Ages 5 6 7 8+, 2pk Air Powered Toy Guns 2pk Blaster Guns with Shooting Target for Nerf, Boys and Girls, Indoor&Outdoor, Ideal Birthday Toys Halloween Christmas Xmas Gifts

Indoor Climbing Activities

Young kids love climbing, swinging, and jumping. You might have a treehouse with a jungle gym outside, but when the weather isn’t great an indoor climbing wall or gym is ideal for your home activity room.

Doorway Gym Set

This deluxe indoor playground has 6 different attachments including a pull-up bar, an indoor swing, plastic rings for gymnastics, a trapeze bar, a wood-and-rope ladder, and a knotted rope for swinging or climbing.

For younger kids, an indoor gym is a wonderful way for them to get rid of some energy and have fun indoors.

Indoor 6 Piece Gym Set For Kids
Gym1 - 6 Piece Indoor Doorway Gym Set for Kids - Indoor Swing for Kids Includes Kids Swing Chair, Rings, Hanging Trapeze, Ladder, Swinging Rope & Pullup Bar - Sensory Swing Set Accessory Playground

Wooden Ladder Wall Set

This sturdy Swedish wall tower has many different exercises for the whole family. From a slide to a rope ladder, swing, trapeze, pull-up bars, monkey bars, gymnastic rings, an abs bench, and more.

This set comes with a clear installation guide and mounts making it easy to assemble and secure to wood, drywall or concrete.

A great option for the whole family to use.

Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Set
WEDANTA Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Set – Kids Stall Bars for Exercise – Kids Gymnastic Wall Gym – Wood Gymnastics Playground – Best Gym for All Family All Ages Training Stretching Sport-3

Indoor Home Gym Playground

If you have more space, and would rather attach your home gym to the ceiling rather than the wall, then this Swedish Playground set has everything you might be looking for.

Adjustable and sturdy this well-engineered indoor gym is easy to mount between floor and ceiling without drilling.

Your kids can get rid of some energy on the gymnastic ladder, horizontal bar, claiming rope, trapeze, swing, and basketball ring.

Swedish Gymnastic Playground Set
Pegas: Children's Indoor Home Gym Swedish Wall Playground Set Gymnastic Ladder Horizontal bar Moving Gymnastic Rings Trapeze Climbing Rope Hole Snake Basketball Swing Gyms Climber

Rock Climbing Wall Holds

If your kids enjoy rock climbing you might want to add some rock climbing wall holds in your game room.

This set includes 20 different color climbing wall holds, with a 9.8ft climbing rope and 2 handles.

These wall holds are sturdy enough to hold anyone who weighs less than 230 pounds.

Rock Climbing Wall Holds For Kids
TOPNEW 20 PCS Rock Climbing Wall Holds for Kids, Rock Wall Climbing Kit with 9.8 Ft Climbing Rope and 2 Handles for Indoor and Outdoor Playset - Includes 2 Inch Mounting Hardware

Sensory Crash Pad

This crash pad can be used as a soft landing zone for kids that need sensory input.

The pad is filled with soft foam pieces and the four mesh vents gently release air when you jump on it, creating the ultimate sensory feedback.

Once they’ve got their dose of sensory input, they can relax and use it as a giant beanbag as well.

Giant Sensory Crash Pad
Milliard Crash Pad, Sensory Pad with Foam Blocks for Kids and Adults with Washable Cover (5 feet x 5 feet)

Double Trampoline

Trampolines have always been a favorite exercise activity for kids of all ages.

This fun indoor trampoline can be used by 2 kids with an adjustable handlebar in the middle.

Double Jumping Fitness Rebounder Trampoline
Trampoline for 2 Kids and Adults with Adjustable Handle Bar, Doufit TR-01 Double Jumping Fitness Rebounder Trampoline for Toddler Indoor and Outdoor Exercise with Spring Pad

Game Room Ideas For Teens & Adults

Teens and adults enjoy more competitive and skill-based games like table tennis, snooker, and basketball.

Depending on the size of your game room, there are many amazing games that you can add to create the most epic space possible.

Here are our top games choices from arcade games, table games, active games, as well as game decor and accessories you might need.

Arcade Games

Skee Ball Arcade Game

You can get this classic family game in as an arcade machine for your home basement or recreation room.

Perfect for your home game room, it comes with soft foam balls with a digital scoring system and ball counter.

Your kids will love the official Skee-Ball sounds and classic ball hop.

Skee-Ball Arcade Game
Skee-Ball Arcade Table Machine Game for Home Basement Recreation Room - Deluxe Nostalgic Classic Family Fun of Roll and Score - Made in The USA

Retro Arcade Game

The 3000 Retro Arcade Game is a 2 player cocktail arcade cabinet that includes classic games like Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede, 1942, and more.

You can switch from commercial coin operation to free play in your home game room.

Retro Video Game Table
West State Gamerooms Cocktail Arcade Machine – Lift UP Arcade Game Cabinet – Pre-Assembled 2 Player 3000 Retro Video Gams Table with 26-Inch LCD Screen Track Ball and 2 Chrome Bar Stools

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Full Size Stand Up Arcade Machine

This arcade game has several pre-installed 80’s and 90’s classic games that you and your friends can play immediately.

Simply plug and play, no further setup is necessary.

There are several screen sizes and player options to choose from.

Full Size Stand Up Arcade Game
Creative Arcades Full Size Stand-Up Commercial Grade Arcade Machine | 4 Player | 3500 Games | 32" LCD Screen | 4 Sanwa Joysticks | Trackball | 2 Stools Included | 3 Year Warranty

Cocktail Arcade Machine

If you’re looking for those classic 80’s and 90’s arcade games, then this one offers from 60 to 412 different games.

This high-quality classic arcade game has thick tempered glass with a 22 inch LCD monitor and premium joysticks.

The barstools are included as well.

Playing these arcade games will definitely bring back that nostalgic feeling for adults, and kids will love experiencing them as well.

Commercial Cocktail Arcade Machine
Creative Arcades Full Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine w/ Base Riser | 2 Player | 60 Games | 22" LCD Screen | Square Glass Top | 2 Sanwa Joysticks | 3 Year Warranty

Jurassic Park Pro Arcade Game

The Jurassic Park arcade game offers 9 levels 2 player sit-down shooting games.

Perfect for any Jurassic Park or dinosaur fan.

Jurassic Park Pro Arcade Game
Home Arcade Games Jurassic Park Pro with LED Lighting

Home Arcade Games Ice Hockey

This original bubble hockey game is now customizable. Build your own Super Chexx Pro arcade game to complete your game room for kids who love to play ice hockey.

Home Arcade Games Ice Hockey
Home Arcade Games Super Chexx Pro

Game Room Table Games

Air Hockey Table

Turn your game room into the most epic interactive hang-out room imaginable.

Get your kids off their devices and enjoy this air hockey table with low-light gameplay and premium airflow ensuring fast-paced hockey action.

Air Hockey Table
Hathaway Vega 5-ft LED Arcade Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scorer, LED Pucks and LED Strikers, Indoor Family Recreation Game Room,Blue / Black

Foosball Table

Every teen has played and loved foosball at some stage, so including a great foosball table is an absolute must.

This sturdy 48″ competition-sized table is a good size for kids, teens, and even adults, making it a great addition to any game room.

Foosball Table
Best Choice Products 48in Competition Sized Foosball Table, Arcade Table Soccer for Home, Game Room, Arcade w/ 2 Balls, 2 Cup Holders

Snooker Table

Snooker isn’t for everyone but if you have the space then a snooker table will keep your kids entertained for many years.

Even as your kids get older, it will remain perfect for a family game room, adult rec room, basement, or man cave.

Snooker Table
EastPoint Sports Professional Grade Dayton Billiard Table 96 Inch Pool Table, Scratch Resistant Luster Long Finish – Perfect for Family Game Room, Adult rec Room, basements, Man cave, or Garage

Table Tennis Table

We all know how much kids love to play table tennis.

It’s always best to get a real table tennis table like the one below, but if you don’t have a big enough space, then a portable ping pong set is a great alternative.

We always take our portable set on holiday with us, as it can be attached to any table.


Table Tennis Table
Kettler Cabo Outdoor Table Tennis 2X Player Bundle

Portable Ping Pong Set

Portable Ping Pong Set
OWEMTECH Portable Table Tennis Set,Ping Pong Paddle Set,Retractable Net Post,3 Balls,2 Paddles,1 Storage Bag

Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard is another table game that you could include in a game room in your house.

This table features a super slick, poly-coated play surface which is extremely important for smooth-sliding action. The gutters are carpeted to reduce noise during play.

Enjoy the modern design and high-quality components, which create a stylish look built to last!

Shuffleboard Table
Hathaway Daulton 9-ft Shuffleboard Table for Family Game Rooms with Padded Sidewalls, Legs Levelers, 8 Pucks, Table Brush and Wax

Want to know how to play shuffleboard? Watch the video below:

Poker Table

Poker is definitely more for much older teens and adults but nevertheless a fun table to add to your game room.

Poker Table
Giantex Foldable Play Poker Table w/Cup Holder, for Texas Casino Leisure Game Room, 8 Player Folding Blackjack Table

5-in-1 Combination Game Table

If you don’t have that much space then a combination table might be the perfect solution.

This 5 in one combination table allows you to play foosball, mini pool, shuffleboard, push hockey, and bowling.

A combination table is usually not as large or high quality as you would get if you were to buy individual tables, but if you’re lacking in space and looking for a more affordable option for your games room for kids, then a combination table could be the answer.

5-in-1 Combination Game Table
Multi Combo Game Table Set: 5 in 1 Multi Games Tables, Combo Game Table with Hockey Table/Foosball Table/Mini Pool Table/Shuffleboard and Bowling Table, Mini Game Table Suitable for Friends & Family

Active Games


No game room is complete without a dartboard. Choose from different designs like Belmont, Derbyshire, Joust, or Volt Premium Sisal dartboard.

The tightly packed bristles make the board self-healing, so you don’t have those pesky holes all over your board for long.

The heavy-duty steel spider and staple-free bullseye make this board a great option for accurate and efficient play.

It even includes 6 steel-tipped darts and built-in dart storage, as well as chalk scoreboards.

EastPoint Sports Belmont Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Set - Features Easy Assembly - Complete with All Accessories

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Smart Dartboard

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern for your teen game room, then a smart dartboard is just the thing.

You can play free online games against players around the world using the Granboard app for android and a smartphone.

These next-generation smart dartboards feature LED lights and a USB port.

Simply use your own Smartphone, Tablet, or Smart TV for graphics and scoring.


Granboard 3s Bluetooth Smart Dartboard
GRAN BOARD 3S Blue Online Bluetooth Smart Dartboard for Adults & Game Room Package c/w -Gran Bracket, Throw line Sticker, Smartphone Holder, Extra tip 50pcs, Adapter, Cable & FCX Dart.

Football Toss Game

Football toss is a brand new and exciting game that your kids can play indoors or out in the yard.

Players have 4 quarters to score the most points. There are 4 inflatable footballs (plus a pump) so you can compete with friends or practice your throws at home.

Football Toss Game
GoSports Red Zone Challenge Football Toss Game - Includes Target, 4 Footballs, Scoreboard and Case

Watch how kids easily set up and play the Red Zone Challenge:

Indoor Basketball

If you have a large entertainment space then an indoor basketball game is an absolute winner.

There are several options to choose from, and most of them are easy to fold away when not in use.

With multiple game options and an LED electronic scorer, this 2 player game will bring your teens hours of entertainment and exercise as well.

Indoor Basketball
ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game for 2 Players with LED Scoring and Arcade Sounds (6-Piece Set), Black (1658128)

Giant Games For Home Game Room

Giant 4 In A Row

4 In A Row is a much-loved game with many families, so if you have a large space, why not add a giant jenga to your home game room.

This giant game comes in 3 sizes, from 2 to 4 feet, and is played with 2 players. It’s a fast fun game that anyone can play.

Giant Wooden 4 In A Row
GoSports Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game - Choose Between Classic White or Dark Stain - 2 Foot Width - Huge 4 Connect Family Fun with Coins, Case and Rules

Giant Wooden Topple Game

Whether you choose the authentic brand name Jenga Giant, or a generic version, this wooden toppling game is a fun addition to any game room.

Giant Jenga
Juegoal 54 Pieces Giant Tumble Tower Blocks Game Giant Wood Stacking Game with 1 Dice Set Canvas Bag for Adult, Kids, Family

Inflatable Baseball Toss Game

For baseball fanatics, you can now practice your baseball toss with this inflatable pitching game.

Keep it inside your kids’ game room to play all year round, or take it outside for Summer.

This game comes with an inflatable baseball catcher, 6 inflatable rubber baseballs, a premium ball pump and a dry erase board to keep score.

Get your kids to challenge up to 4 kids for a pitching showdown.

Inflatable Baseball Toss Game
GoSports Inflataman Baseball Toss Challenge - Inflatable Catcher Strike Zone Pitching Game, Black

Premium Wooden Cornhole Set

Cornhole toss is such a popular game that can be played inside or outside and is fun for all ages.

This premium wooden cornhole set is made of solid wood and comes with 8 corn hole toss bags.

Premium Wooden Cornhole Set
GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set - Choose Between 4 x 2feet or 3 x 2feet Game Boards - Includes Set of 8 Corn Hole Toss Bags

Giant Right Center Left Dice Game

Play this classic game with life-sized dice which are 150x larger than regular dice.

The dice have the commands burnt into the wood, for ease of play.

Simply throw the dice and pass your giant chips left or right. The winner takes all!

And to make this game even more awesome SWOOC Games has partnered with Trees for the Future and will plant a tree with every game ordered. That’s pretty amazing!

Giant Right Center Left Dice Game
SWOOC Games - Giant Right Center Left Dice Game (All Weather) with 24 Large Chips & Carry Bag - Jumbo Wooden Lawn Game - Big Backyard Game for Family - Indoor / Outdoor

Game Room Decor

Apart from having the best games in your entertainment area, you’ll also want the coolest decor for your games room.

I found some cool game room signs and decor that your teens might love.

Gaming Room Sign

Game Room Sign
CHENXI Game Room Entertainment Led Business Store Neon Sign Display 19 X 10 Inch No Animation(48 X 25 CM)

Game Room LED Neon Sign

Teens love a game room neon sign to add some brightness and interest to their entertainment area. These LED neon signs come in several different colors, so have a look and choose your favorite to match your game room decor.

Game Room LED Neon Sign
ADVPRO Game Room Man Cave Bar Display Dual Color LED Neon Sign Green & Blue 24" x 16" st6s64-i2338-gb

Game Room Decor Lights

Game Room Decor Lights
Playstation Icons Light with COLOR TUBES & POSTER - Game Room Decor - Gaming Decor - Playstation Decor - Playstation Light Up Sign Lamp - Gaming Lamp - Game Room Decor - Playstation Neon Sign

Game Room Posters

If you’re looking for kid’s game room decor then some bright gaming posters are a great addition.

Gaming Room Posters
Waschbär Neon Gaming Posters for Boys Room Decor - Gaming Room Decor - Boys Bedroom Decor - Gamer Decor - Game Room Decor - Gaming Decor - Bedroom Decor for Men, (UNFRAMED) (Set of 6)

Entertainment Room Smart Light Bars

Some good lighting can transform any game room very easily.

Entertainment Room Smart Light Bars
Govee Smart Light Bars, RGBICWW Smart LED Lights with 12 Scene Modes and Music Modes, Bluetooth Color Light Bar for Entertainment, PC, TV, Room Decoration

Ultra Long LED Light Strip Kit

These LED lights are easy to add and brighten up any entertainment room decor.

Ultra Long LED Light Strip Kit
Tenmiro 65.6ft Led Strip Lights, Ultra Long RGB 5050 Color Changing LED Light Strips Kit with 44 Keys Ir Remote Led Lights for Bedroom, Kitchen, Home Decoration


Hammocks, beanbags, and comfy chairs are great to add to any game room. Teens love a good chill-out zone.

Legit Camping Hammock - Hammocks - 2 Person Hammock - Tree Hammock - Double Hammock - Portable Hammock - Outdoor Hammock - Hammock - Travel Hammock - Hammocks for Outside - Heavy Duty Hammock

Gaming Swivel Lazy Chair

Gaming Swivel Lazy Chair
Giantex Folding Floor Gaming Chair, 360-Degree Swivel Lazy Sofa Floor Chair w/ 6 Adjustable Positions, Tufted Linen Cushion, Video Gaming Chair for TV, Reading Foldable Floor Sofa (Coffee)

Baseball Display Unit

Baseball Display Unit
Wallniture Sporta Baseball Bat and Ball Holder Wall Mounted Organization and Storage Rack Set of 3 Metal Black

Game Room Accessories

To complement your games you’ll need some useful organizers, scoreboards, and other accessories.

Game Room Organizer & Scoreboard

Game Room Organizer & Scoreboard
JOOLA Game Room Organizer and Dart Scoreboard includes Ping Pong Paddle Holder for 6 Rackets, Table Tennis Ball Basket, Black Dry Erase Board with White Liquid Chalk Markers, & Hanging Hardware

Felt cleaner

Felt cleaner
Game Room Guys Pool Table Felt Cloth Cleaner

Silicone Shuffleboard Spray

Silicone Shuffleboard Spray
Game Room Guys Pkg/2 Silicone Shuffleboard Spray

Game room Dart Throw Line

Don’t let anyone accuse you of cheating, with this game room dart throw line.  A definite must-have accessory to keep the peace.

Game room Dart Throw Line
Game Room Guys Bull Starts Here Dart Throw Line

Shuffleboard Wax

You can’t play shuffleboard properly without some good quality wax. The shuffleboard wax helps make your shuffleboard pucks slide perfectly along the table.

Shuffleboard Wax Set
YDDS Shuffleboard Sand with Shuffleboard Brush - Shuffleboard Wax Set for Shuffleboard Table + Shuffleboard Brush + Mini Dustpan and Brush

I hope that I’ve given you some great ideas to think about adding to your game room for kids.

I’m sure that your kids will love many of these games, so choose wisely and remember to keep your budget and space restrictions in mind.

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