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42 Fun Trampoline Games For Kids & Teens

A great way to keep kids and teens active is to combine fun and exercise.

If you’re looking for ways to do that, investing in a trampoline is a great option.

To help you get started, I’ve found some fun trampoline games for kids & teens to play.

Please note that trampoline accidents frequently occur, so always use a closed net and never have more kids on the trampoline than is safe for its size.

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Trampoline Ball Games

trampoline ball games

Poison Balls

This simple game requires a few balls that are placed on the trampoline.

How Do You Play Poison Balls:

The balls will bounce around the trampoline as the teens’ jump.

However, the balls have been declared ‘poisonous,’ so all jumpers should avoid touching them. Some kids prefer to shout “the balls are lava” instead of poison.

The idea is to jump as much while avoiding the balls. If you touch any of the balls, you are out of the game. The last one standing wins the game.

Trampoline Gaga Ball

Gaga ball is a form of dodgeball and is usually played in a  pit; however, you can easily play this classic game on a trampoline as well.

You just need one ball (a tennis ball or four-square ball works well), and you can have any number of teens playing.

The number of players will depend on the size of the trampoline.

The more the kids, the more competition and fun.

How Do You Play Trampoline Gaga Ball:

All players are positioned inside the trampoline.

The game starts with one player throwing the ball in the air and letting it bounce on the trampoline.

Teens can hit the ball with their hands at the other players aiming to hit under the knees.

If you are hit or hit another participant above their shoulders, you sit out the game and wait for the next round.

The last participant on the trampoline wins the game.

Watch this video to learn how to play Gaga ball:

Hot Potato

You can play Hot Potato with several players.

How do You Play Hot Potato:

Everyone stands in a circle and gently bounces on the trampoline.

When the music starts, the first person throws the ball to the person on their left.

Players must catch the ball and quickly throw the ball to the next player.

As soon as the music stops, the person holding the ball is out.

Play continues until one person is left standing.

Trampoline Volleyball

The game requires two teams to play opposite each other.

How Do You Play Trampoline Volleyball:

Trampoline volleyball is similar to regular volleyball, but you have to keep the ball from touching the trampoline.

Additionally, you should not touch the ball more than twice when it is on your side.

Another important rule is you have to jump throughout the game.

While participants jump, the ball should remain airborne and in motion.

The team that drops the ball loses.

Trampoline Basketball

If you have a trampoline with a hoop and basket, kids and teens can enjoy dunking and making baskets while they jump.

If the trampoline you have does not come with a hoop, you can DIY one using an open cardboard box or a plastic bucket.

Ensure the hoop is as close to the trampoline as possible for ease of use.

Alternatively, you can get this fantastic trampoline volleyball accessory to make your teens feel like professional basketball players:

Trampoline Basketball Hoop
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Cherry Bomb

This game requires a large beachball that is thrown up in the air.

How Do You Play Cherry Bomb:

The game starts with one player throwing the beachball high up in the air and shouting out, “Cherry Bomb!”
The other participants must avoid touching it as it bounces.

The participants will have a predetermined number of lives, losing one every time they touch the ball.

If the ball falls out of the trampoline, all players lose one life.

Players that lose all their lives are out of the game, and the one with the most points wins.

This game can also be played with a bunch of water balloons where players need to avoid the exploding water balloons.

Falling Apples

This game requires two players at the center of the trampolines and more at the edge of the trampoline.

How Do You Play Falling Apples:

The two players need a bucket or a cardboard box to catch the balls thrown by the other players.

Teens place themselves around the edge of the trampoline and all throw balls into the trampoline simultaneously.

The two players on the trampoline must try to catch the balls with buckets.

Teens then swap for the next round.

The player who managed to catch the most balls in their bucket wins the game.


The game starts with one player standing outside the trampoline, armed with a soft ball, and the other players are on the trampoline.

How Do You Play Rejection:

The player outside throws the ball to the teens on the trampoline.

The players must either catch or hit the ball out of the trampoline.

If a player gets hit by the ball, they must switch with the person who threw it and become the thrower.

Also, if a player hits the ball out and the player outside catches it, they must also switch places.

Trampoline Water Games

Trampoline Sprinkler Fun

Turn the trampoline into a mini water park by adding a water sprinkler to your game setup on a hot summer day.

One player can try to spray the others on the trampoline with the hose, or you can place a sprinkler under or next to the trampoline.

The game is fun, but you should be careful as water can make the trampoline surface slippery.

You can even get a specialized trampoline sprinkler that attaches to your trampoline.

Trampoline Sprinkler
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Water Balloons

Fill as many balloons with water and line them up on the trampoline floor.

As players jump on the trampoline, they are bound to step on the balloons and burst them open.

Players can compete by tracking how many balls each player bursts.

Here are some more water balloon games that you could possibly play on your trampoline.

Attack the Castle

This game requires a minimum of two players, but four players in two teams are more fun.

How Do You Play Attack The Castle:

One team stands on the outside of the trampoline and throws water balloons at the players on the trampoline.

The players on the trampoline have to catch the balloons without popping them. They can then throw them back at the outside team and try to get them wet.

The team on the trampoline scores a point for every water balloon they manage to catch or swat away, and the outside team gets a point for every balloon that pops and lands on the trampoline.

Once all the balloons have been thrown or popped, add up each team’s points and declare a winner.

Teams can then swap sides and start a new game.

Draw and Clean

This game is a great idea to keep kids creative and busy outside while having fun.

How Do You Play Draw and Clean:

Give your tweens sidewalk chalk and ask them to draw what they see in the garden on the trampoline.

It’s a great collaborative game as they can each draw something different, but together it will represent everything they see in the garden, from the trees, swimming pool, birds, jungle gym, or even your house.

When they’ve finished drawing, they can clean the drawings using water and jump around to get the chalk off.

You can use a sprinkler, a hosepipe, or a bucket of water to clean the drawings.

Trampoline Balance Games

Egg and Spoon Race

Balancing anything on a trampoline has to be one of the hardest things to do, but it definitely adds to the fun.

How Do You Play Egg and Spoon Race on the trampoline:

This game needs you to place a boiled egg on a spoon and carry it around the trampoline.

Get each teen to walk around the circumference of the trampoline several times and time how long it takes them.

If a player drops the egg, they have to go back and start over.

Due to the bounce element on the trampoline, this is a difficult task.

You can make it even more difficult by incorporating some movements, like dance moves, moving on your knees, or holding the spoon with your mouth.

The person that goes around the trampoline without dropping the egg in the fastest time is the winner.

Standing on One Foot

Standing still on a trampoline is challenging enough, but you can spice things up by balancing on one foot on a trampoline.

How Do You Play The Game:

Players must balance on one foot for as long as possible.

You can set a timer for a predetermined number of seconds that each player should balance.

The first one to put their other leg down is out of the game.

The last teen standing on one foot is the winner.

Advanced Trampoline Balance

This is an excellent game for competitive teens that can outlast each other.

How Do You Play Advanced Trampoline Balance:

The game requires players to stretch their arms out wide, lift one leg and straighten it out in front.

Slightly bend the knee and hold in that position for as long as possible.

The idea is to see who can last the longest in that position.

If a player drops the other leg or arms, they are out of the game.

The player that stays put for the longest period wins the round.

Single Player Trampoline Games

Single Player Trampoline Games

You can have so much fun by yourself on a trampoline. Adding a few items to your game setup can help you create new ways to have fun other than jumping on a trampoline.

Here are some single-player fun trampoline activities you can try.

Bounce Board

This is an excellent addition to your trampoline for older teens as they can practice their skateboarding, snowboarding, or water sports tricks.

Trampoline Bounceboard
NorthShore NSI Trampoline Bounceboard (Blue)

Your teens can practice all their board tricks without getting seriously hurt as the trampoline will cushion their fall.

Ball Pit

If your trampoline comes with a mesh cover, you can add as many balls as you want and enjoy bouncing with them.

This is primarily fun for younger tweens who will enjoy rolling and bouncing around between the coloured balls.

Your tween can throw the balls out of the trampoline and back for more fun.

1000 Pit Balls 2.3 Inch Balls
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Sprinkler Under The Trampoline

Any game that involves water is always a good idea.

Attach a sprinkler under the trampoline and let the water splash through the mesh.

If your trampoline mat does not allow water to pass through, attach a trampoline sprinkler hose to a higher level to splash the water on the trampoline.

Jump and Grab

This is a great single-player game to keep your tween engaged and exercising.

Attach toys, ribbons, or strings to the top of the trampoline. Make sure they are low enough for your child to reach them if they jump.

The child can track how many items she retrieves to add to the fun.

Solo Basketball

If you are looking to introduce your child to basketball or looking for ways to keep them engaged all day, a trampoline with a basketball hoop is a great option.

If your trampoline doesn’t have a basketball hoop attached, you can easily add a basketball hoop or DIY one and attach it to the trampoline’s safety enclosure.

Your child can practice layups free throws and master the basketball game while having fun all through.

The good thing is that they can reach the hoop easier than on regular basketball courts with the trampoline bounce.


A great way to get your teen exercising is by introducing kickboxing on the trampoline.

You can place a punching bag in the middle of the trampoline that they can kick and get a great workout in.

Inflatable Punching Bag
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Inflatable Beach Ball

Get an inflatable beach ball and try balancing it on the trampoline.

Start by laying on the trampoline with your torso in the center.

Try keeping the ball in the air with your hands and legs.

You can count the number of times you toss the ball up before losing control.

Creative Drawing

You can do much more on a trampoline other than jump.

A trampoline jump mat can be a plain canvas to practice drawing and get creative.

You can use sidewalk chalk to draw diagrams on the mat; it is safe and easy to use for kids.

Multiplayer Trampoline Games

Multiplayer Trampoline Games

Playing on the trampoline is more fun with friends or family.

Below are multiplayer games you can try on the trampoline.

Snow Sled Knock Off

You will need a snow sled to play this game.

How Do You Play Snow Sled Knock Off:

One player sits on a snow sled and holds on to the handles while the other players jump around and try to knock them off the sled.

If a teen falls off the sled or the sled flips over, they’re out, and the next person gets a turn.

Premium Foam Snow Sled
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Trampoline Surfing

Surfing is similar to Snow Sled Knock Off, except this time you must stand on the sled.

You can also use a body board for this game as you don’t need handles.

One stands on the board while the others teens jump around, making waves.

You can do tricks in the air, as long as you land back on the board and not on the trampoline.

As soon as you fall off, another person can take your place, and the game continues.

Scary Snake

You will need a skipping rope and at least three kids to play this game.

How Do You Play Scary Snake:

Two kids sit on opposite ends of the trampoline and wiggle the skipping rope making it look like a scary wriggling snake.

The other tween tries to jump over the rope while it’s moving and tries not to let the rope touch them.

If they touch the rope, they’re out and must swap with another player.

Monkey Barrel

One person is the ‘barrel,’ and one is the ‘monkey.’

How To Play Monkey Barrel:

The person playing the ‘barrel’ must roll on the trampoline, and the ‘monkey’ must jump over them. As soon as they’ve jumped over them, they swap roles, and the other person becomes the ‘monkey’ and must jump over them.

After each jump, the teens must swap roles.

It’s a fast-paced and fun game to play with two players.

Pop The Popcorn

This game works best for three players.

How Do You Play Pop The Popcorn:

One player is the popcorn and has to sit in the middle of the trampoline with their knees drawn up to the chest and their arms around the knees, forming a ball shape.

The other two players stand around the trampoline’s edge and shake up the jump mat by bouncing up and down.

The goal is to make the popcorn pop, causing them to release their arms from around the legs.

Players take turns to be the popcorn, and the winner is the one that stays the longest before they pop.

Hoppy Ball Assassin

Adding a hoppy ball to an already bouncy trampoline doubles the fun your tween can have.

How Do You Play Hoppy Ball Assasin:

Give each child a hoppy ball and let them bounce around on the trampoline.

One child gets to be the assassin and has to try and knock the other players off their hoppy balls.

They’re not allowed to use their hands but can bounce into other players to try and throw them off.

If the assassin falls off instead, they’re replaced by the child they tried to bounce off.

JumpSport 45 cm Small Red Hoppy Ball
JumpSport 45 cm Small Red Hoppy Ball

Bubble Arena

No matter how old you are, everyone loves blowing and popping bubbles.

How Do You Play Bubble Arena:

Parents can get involved or just let your child blow bubbles.

Kids can take turns blowing bubbles while on the trampoline, while the other players jump around trying to pop them as fast as possible.

There’s no real winner in this game, but it’s super fun, and kids will really enjoy bouncing around and popping bubbles.

Just remember that the soapy bubbles will make the trampoline slightly slippery, so it’s best if there aren’t too many kids on the trampoline at the same time.

End the game with some sprinkler fun to hose down the bubbles off the trampoline mat.

Piggy In The Middle

The game starts with one player at the center of the trampoline, the Piggy. Two other players stand at the edge of the trampoline.

How Do You Play Piggy In The Middle:

The Piggy must bounce while the other players throw a ball over them to each other.

The goal is to ensure Piggy does not catch the ball while bouncing.

The two players can move around the trampoline to confuse Piggy, but they must always throw the ball over Piggy to the other player.

Once Piggy catches the ball, the person that threw the losing ball becomes the new Piggy.

Bouncing Air Catch

This game requires two players, one on the trampoline and the other outside.

How Do You Play Bouncing Air Catch:

The player outside the trampoline has to throw a ball into the trampoline enclosure as high as possible.

The player on the trampoline has to try to catch the ball while in the air.

Each ball the player catches while airborne earns them a point.

The players take turns, and the one with the most catches after a predetermined number of throws wins the game.

Bum Wars

Bum wars is a fun bouncing game.

How Do You Play Bum Wars:

Players all bounce around the trampoline, and when given a signal (say a word, or blow a whistle), everyone must bounce on their bum and jump back up on their feet.

You’re only allowed to bounce on your bum once.

If you have more than one bum bounce or fall over, you’re out of the round.

The aim of the game is to be the last person standing.

An alternative to the bum drop is to get them to do a knee drop instead, which may be slightly easier for younger players.

Rock Paper Scissors

In this fun trampoline version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, you use your body to signal which object you choose instead of using your fingers.

How Do You Play Rock, Paper, Scissors:

Two players jump on the trampoline, and everyone shouts, ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot.’

On ‘shoot,’ both players must fall down and choose either a rock (curled up in a ball), scissors (sitting), or paper (stretched out).

The rules are the same in that rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, and scissors beat paper.

Whoever loses the round is replaced by the next player.

Zombies Rise

Zombie Rise (or Dead Man Rise) is tons of fun for a group of teens.

How Do You Play Zombies Rise:

One player is blindfolded and sits in the middle of the trampoline.

The blindfolded person cannot stand up but is allowed to crawl or roll around on the trampoline.

The aim of the game is for the blindfolded player to try and find and touch the other players on the trampoline.

Once a player is touched, they are blindfolded and become a ‘Zombie’ as well and must try to touch the other players.

The game can get quite funny as you get more and more blindfolded ‘Zombies’ crawling around on the trampoline trying to catch the last man standing.

A fun tip is to film the game and let your teens watch it back later, as they’ll enjoy watching and laughing at themselves.

Trampoline Sport Games

Trampoline Dodgeball

Dodgeball on the trampoline can be fun and interactive.

This popular game requires two teams of players, each armed with a soft ball.

How Do You Play Trampoline Dodgeball:

Players have to throw balls at the other team while avoiding being hit by the other team.

The idea is to eliminate all the other team members to win the game.

If a person gets hit, they must get off the trampoline and wait for the next round.

This game can last hours with many players; therefore suitable for a large group of kids or teens.

Slam-Dunk Basketball

This game requires a trampoline with a safety enclosure and a basketball hoop.

How Do You Play Slam-Dunk Basketball:

Like regular basketball, players can practice how to dunk and score but with the added fun of the trampoline’s bounce.

Depending on the size of the trampoline, this game can have one, two, or more players.

A trampoline basketball hoop is a great accessory to add to your kid’s trampoline.

Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop
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Paddle Ball

Baddle ball is a fun game for two players.

Get your teens this awesome bouncy paddle ball set to play on the trampoline.

You can even swap the rubber balls for water balloons on hot summer days for some extra fun!

Bouncy Paddle Ball Game
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Night Time Trampoline Games

Playing on the trampoline at night can be even more fun than during the day.

You can add some fun waterproof outdoor string lights for your campout barbeque or trampoline sleepover.

Glow in the dark parties are a teen favorite, so why not add some nighttime trampoline games.

Add a disco ball with Bluetooth speaker and you’ve turned your trampoline into a dance floor.

Trampoline Lights Disco Ball with Bluetooth Speaker
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You can get glow-in-the-dark volleyballs or beach balls to play with on the trampoline.

It would be cool with one of these glow-in-the-dark volleyballs for exciting glow-in-the-dark volleyball trampoline games.

GlowCity Glow in The Dark Volleyball
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After a long day of playing games on the trampoline, they can turn the trampoline into the perfect setting for an epic trampoline sleepover. Here are some fun trampoline sleepover ideas to choose from.

Mini Trampoline Games

Knees Up Jumping

In this classic trampoline game, your child should jump on the trampoline alternating between landing on their feet and their knees.

They can improve coordination and muscle strength with the folding and unfolding of the knees as they bounce on the trampoline.

Leg Switch

A mini trampoline is ideal for practicing switching legs while jumping.

The game is simple and only requires the player to switch legs with each jump.

They can count the number of simultaneous jumps and compete for the one that does the most switches without messing up or falling over.

Side to Side Jump

A side-to-side jump can be a fun game on a trampoline, as long as it is wide enough to accommodate the movements.

For kids, a trampoline with a handle is ideal for supporting them from one side to the other.

Mini Trampoline With Enclosure Net
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Trampoline Safety Tips

A game as fun as jumping on the trampoline can be disastrous if no safety measures are in place. Here are some safety tips you should implement.

  • Cover the trampoline springs with a padded spring cover, or if you don’t have one, then you can use pool noodles to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Use a safety net to provide an enclosure and prevent falling off.
  • Ensure users do not go underneath the trampoline.
  • Clear the trampoline of leaves, water, or other debris before use.
  • Use the trampoline away from structures, trees, and fences.
  • Install the trampoline at ground level and ensure the ground is even.
  • Remove any objects under the trampoline before use.
  • Keep shoes and socks off the trampoline as they increase the risk of slipping.
  • Avoid jumping off a trampoline; instead, walk to the edge, sit and slide off.
  • Fix any damage on parts to ensure the trampoline is functioning well.
  • Adult supervision is always advised.

Trampoline Jumping Benefits

Jumpin on a trampoline is fun and has some great health benefits.

Here are some benefits you can reap from jumping on a trampoline:

  • Jumping is a great cardio exercise therefore beneficial for cardiovascular health.
  • The longer you jump, the more you build your endurance.
  • Bouncing up and down helps to relieve stress and tension.
  • It can help improve coordination, balance, and motor skills for kids.
  • Jumping helps to improve bone density for trampolinists.
  • Jumping on a trampoline engages multiple muscles, contributing to building strength.
  • Constant bouncing increases core strength and balance.

What Is The Safest Trampoline?

There are several trampolines to choose from but the latest trampolines have the added safety measures of being spring free. This Springfree trampoline comes with a safety net, and you can add a basketball hoop, and ladder for safe entry and exit.

11ft Springfree Trampoline
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With so many trampoline games, there’s no way to ever get bored! Adding an element of darkness, water, or music can easily spice up your trampoline games. 

Be sure to always check the safety elements on your trampoline regularly to keep your kids and teens safe while having fun this summer.