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13 Fun Trampoline Sleepover Ideas (Themes, Activities & Checklist)

Whenever kids have friends over, you know that they will ask for a sleepover at some stage during the day.

Sleepovers remain a favorite tween and teen activity as the fun doesn’t have to end due to their friends going home.

Instead of a regular sleepover, why not set up the ultimate sleepover on a trampoline!

Whether the sleepover is meant for a group of teens or a fun activity with family and friends, we share everything you need to know to plan your perfect trampoline sleepover event.

We got you covered with a list of what you’ll need, themes, decorations, fun sleepover activities, and a step-by-step guide to building a DIY trampoline fort!

Fun Trampoline Sleepover Ideas (Themes & Decor)

1. Friends/Family Fun Night

Trampoline sleepovers bring endless fun for kids and their families.

It’s a perfect setup to connect with your family, watch your favorite family movies, and play your favorite games.

Whether you like board games, card games, want to listen to music, or watch the stars and chat, there are plenty of things to keep everyone entertained.

You can even set up a giant movie screen to have an unforgettable movie night.

Spending time together and sleeping under the stars is a great way to increase the bond between family members.

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2. VSCO Aesthetic Trampoline Sleepover

VSCO is pronounced viss-coe (like disco). VSCO (Visual Supply Company) created an app where you can use filters and stickers on photos to create casual California-like vibes.

A VSCO backyard sleepover is a fancy version of a teenage sleepover. Girls camp out in the backyard, make forts, eat snacks, and have fun.

VSCO-specific sleepover activities resemble typical teenage girl activities, documented with the image editing and sharing app VSCO.

Activities can include:

  • Skincare routine.
  • Truth or dare.
  • Watching Netflix.
  • Making friendship bracelets.
  • Talking about crushes as well as taking pictures for social media.

Be sure to use some colored sheets or other colorful fabric for trampoline forts to create the Cali-like vibe.

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3. Halloween Trampoline Sleepover

Teenagers get bored quickly, so instead of just having a Halloween party, why not make it a Halloween trampoline sleepover?

It’s important to have games, activities, and Halloween-themed decorations and food planned out in advance to make the gathering memorable.

Grab a torch and tell your scariest stories or combine it with some scary Halloween movie night ideas.

4. Birthday Trampoline Sleepover Party

You don’t need a special occasion to throw a trampoline sleepover, but it would be pretty awesome to throw a teenage birthday trampoline slumber party based on your teen’s favorite theme.

Decorate it with fluffy blankets, fairy lights, plenty of cozy pillows, and balloons.

Make sure that there are plenty of snacks and a birthday cake to mark the event.

Keep reading for some awesome trampoline sleepover activities to keep them entertained all night.

5. Movie Theater Trampoline Sleepover

If you love watching movies with your friends or family, the one thing that’s better than watching a movie outdoors is watching it in your own backyard while enjoying some movie night snacks while wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

A trampoline movie theater allows you to do both!

All you’ll need is a sheet to hang over the netting and a projector, and you have a movie theatre ready to go.

6. Backyard Camping Trampoline Sleepover

Trampolines can be used in various ways to create an epic backyard trampoline sleepover.

You can either put up a regular tent or purchase one designed for a trampoline.

It’s pretty easy to set up a tent since all you need to do is ensure that the tent fits within the trampoline’s safety net.

Tying the tent to the trampoline poles will prevent it from moving.

7. Solo Retreat

You can have an outdoor trampoline sleepover if you want some downtime for yourself.

Create a comfy space with plenty of blankets and pillows.

Bring your favorite snacks, and snuggle up with a good book.

It might also be fun listening to music and stargazing with a telescope.

8. Couple’s Romantic Night

Couple's Romantic Night

Image: Pinterest

A trampoline sleepover can be a great idea if you’re looking for a romantic night out.

Prepare delicious meals and midnight snacks.

Enjoy a movie and music afterward, or simply gaze into the night sky with your significant other for that romantic vibe.

9. Romantic Bohemian Trampoline Sleepover

romantic bohemian

Image: TheSun

A romantic bohemian-themed sleepover offers a dreamlike escape.

A beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing theme is sure to set the mood for the best sleepover you have ever had.

Soft air mattresses, luxurious decorative cushions, tapestries, and other elements complete the aesthetic theme.

Gold and ivory tassels and lace paired with floral accents will make it even more gorgeous.

10. Pizza and PJs Trampoline Sleepover

Pizza Blanket
mermaker Pizza Blanket 2.0 Double Sided 60 inches, Novelty Realistic Pizza Food Blanket for Kids and Adult, 285 GSM Soft Pepperoni Pizza Blanket, Funny Gifts for Teen Boy and Girl Gifts

This trampoline sleepover theme only requires two simple elements, pajamas and pizza.

Dress in your coziest PJs and bring delicious pizzas you can order or make yourself.

Your theme can be further enhanced by getting a pizza-themed blanket that doubles as a design or a cover for your trampoline.

11. Glittery Galaxy Trampoline Sleepover Idea

Glittery Galaxy Trampoline Sleepover Idea

Image: Pinterest

Teenagers will surely dream about the glittering galaxy theme for their next sleepover!

It will give them a sense of being way out in space with these galaxy-themed trampoline sleepover tents.

A decorated trampoline with starry and glittery galaxy-themed colors is sure to give your teen an unforgettable trampoline sleepover experience.

12. Sports Themed Trampoline Sleepover

Sports Super Fan Fleece Blanket
Sports Super Fan Fleece Throw Blanket

Sleepover trampolines themed after popular sports such as basketball, soccer, football, and baseball will be a hit with sports fans!

Have a fantastic night with friends in an upscale baller haven.

It’s a surefire way to make your sports sleepover a smashing success.

Bring the theme to the next level by including a projector so that they can watch their favorite ballgame.

13. Spa Sleepover

Love to pamper yourself with make-up, spa treatments, manicures, and pedicures? You’re in luck with this pampering sleepover theme.

Get into the pampering spirit by preparing spa essentials, including spa favors, sleep masks, lotions, lip balms, and nail stickers.

How To Decorate A Trampoline For A Sleepover

You can decorate a trampoline in a variety of ways for a sleepover.

Apart from making it as cozy and Instagram-worthy as possible, you should use materials that are safe for outdoor activities.

1. Make it Cozy

When it comes to creating a cozy sleeping area, pillows are king!

The more pillows you add, the more comfortable the sleeping area will be.

Another important part of creating a cozy space for trampoline sleepovers is picking the right bedding.

Even though bouncy, springy trampolines make for a flexible, moveable sleeping surface, they aren’t the most comfortable.

Lay down on a cozy rug or fluffy blanket to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

2. Set The Mood

Light plays a crucial role in setting the mood.

They help light the outdoor space and create an ambiance suitable for whatever theme you choose.

There are several easy and safe ways to add lighting to the sleepover space, including colorful lights and battery-powered string lights.

Use clothespins to attach string lights to the netting or trampoline frame.

You can also make the seating area more visually appealing by draping the lights from each pole.

A trampoline party can also be beautifully lit by using battery-operated LED lanterns.

3. Stick To Your Theme

No matter what the theme of your decorations may be, stick to relevant colors and designs to ensure they stand out.

Not everything needs to be purchased. There are some items you probably already have around your home.

Watch this awesome trampoline sleepover makeover:


Trampoline Sleepover Checklist & Supplies

1. Trampoline Safety Enclosure

If your trampoline doesn’t have a safety net, it will be a bit tricky to create a fun fort with blankets for your trampoline slumber party.

2. Sheets

To make the trampoline sleepover feel cozier, you will need to cover the circumference of the trampoline net with flat sheets or blankets.

3. Blankets & Sleeping bags

To make it through the breezy nights outdoors, you need a pair of heavy blankets to keep warm.

You’ll also want to have something firm or warm to lie on.

The trampoline can get a bit wet due to condensation at night, so you’ll want either a mattress or some thick blanket to lie on. Picnic blankets that have plastic on the bottom work well too.

4. Cushions

Together with pillows, cushions can make your sleepover experience even more comfortable, especially if you would like to watch a movie.

5. Fairy Lights

It can get quite dark even in your backyard, so choose some fun fairy lights to string around the trampoline net.

You can choose the battery-operated lights or grab an extension cord for the more fancy backyard lighting options.

6. Tent or Roof Cover

Even though not totally necessary to have a trampoline tent cover, it is a good idea to have a cover over your trampoline to protect you from the elements, such as rain, wind, bugs, and the scorching sun waking you up the following morning.

Trampolines Shade Cover
Propel Trampolines Propel Shade Cover, 15', Multicolor

7. Mosquito Net

Buy a giant-sized mosquito net to cover your trampoline tent if it does not have a mosquito or bug-proof cover.

This will make a vast difference between a good bug-free night’s sleep and one filled with buzzing, slapping, and general discomfort in the night.

8. Mosquito Repellant

Using mosquito repellants helps you to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

Sure, your backyard may not be attracting as many flying creatures as the wild does, but it’s always better to prevent them from getting in the way of your outdoor sleepover experience.

9. Flashlight

Sleeping over in your backyard doesn’t mean you don’t have to have any extra lighting.

Everyone should have a small flashlight or headlamp that they can use if they need to go to the bathroom or find something on the trampoline.

10. Camera

You can use your phone for taking photos, and videos, sharing on social media, and even listening to music.

Be sure it’s charged before settling into your trampoline fort for the night.

11. Games

Playing less physically demanding trampoline games, such as board games and cards, is a great way to de-stress after an active day jumping around.

12. Snacks & Drinks

Having a few snacks at a trampoline sleepover is essential. Popcorn is a huge hit among teens and kids of all ages.

Favorite sleepover snacks include crisps, corn chips, cereal bars, candy, chocolate snacks, biscuits, cheese straws, and hot chocolate.

For breakfast, you could have some mini croissants and fruit ready for your teens.

Be sure to have some special snack trays to keep your food for sleepovers safe from any bouncing feet.

Self Balancing Cup & Snack Holder
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13. Telescope

While on a trampoline sleepover, don’t miss the opportunity to gaze into the night sky. Bring a telescope to get the most out of it.

Gskyer Telescope with Phone Adapter & Wireless Remote
Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners - Travel Telescope with Carry Bag, Phone Adapter and Wireless Remote

14. Books

In such an outdoor setting, reading can create lasting memories, whether you enjoy novels or bedtime stories for younger tweens.

15. Arts & Crafts Materials

Craft materials are perfect for adding a whole new level of fun to trampoline sleepovers for creative teens.

It would be nice to create a bracelet or keychain that would serve as a memento of the experience.

Things To Do At A Trampoline Sleepover

1. Watch A Movie

What could be more exciting than watching movies outdoors?

An awesome sleepover would include watching a great movie with friends and eating your favorite camping snacks.

2. Star Gazing

Staring at the night sky is an excellent activity for those who want to relax and enjoy a quiet moment.

3. Play Games

Playing games at trampoline sleepovers is a lot of fun.

A selection of board games, cards, and the classic truth or dare are great options.

4. Tell Scary Stories

Get creative with your torchlight and tell scary stories. …

5. Make Personalized Bracelets

VSCO sleepovers often include this trampoline sleepover activity; this activity showcases their creativity and gives them something to remember the experience.

6. Eat Snacks

A sleepover wouldn’t be complete without tasty snacks to munch on while playing games, watching movies, or doing whatever activity they want.

7. Coloring Book Activities

This activity is relaxing for both kids and adults and is widely popular because of the VSCO girl-themed sleepovers.

8. Take Polaroid Pictures

A picture is a great way to remember an experience. Although we usually use cameras on our phones, a Polaroid camera enhances the sleepover experience as they can print out their pics, and everyone gets a memento to take home.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera – Blush Pink
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera - Blush Pink

9. Social Media Sharing

It wouldn’t be a VSCO trampoline sleepover without at least one social media post highlighting the theme and capturing the overall vibe.

How To Make A Trampoline Fort

Building a trampoline fort is fun and not complicated.

You can choose to use a trampoline tent or place a pop-up tent on your trampoline, or you can go the DIY route using bedsheets and blankets.

If you don’t have time (or just don’t feel like the effort) to create a DIY trampoline fort with blankets, you can use a tent instead.

You can get specialized trampoline tents explicitly made for use on a trampoline with no poles or pegs to damage the trampoline mat.

Pop-up tents can be used safely as well. Just tie the tent lines to the trampoline poles to keep the tent from sliding around on the trampoline when you move around inside it.

And check that the tent will fit on your trampoline before trying to open it.

Portable Instant Pop Up Tent
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Camping Tent Pop Up Shade Tent
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How To Build A DIY Trampoline Fort

If you choose to build the fort yourself, you will need plenty of sheets and blankets, as well as pegs to tie them down.

Working as a team, you can build a fort in about an hour. Stringing the lights may take a bit longer, depending on how many twinkle lights you want to hang.

You Will Need:

  1.  Sheets
  2.  Blankets ( number of blankets depending on the size of the trampoline)
  3.  Sleeping bags
  4.  Mattresses (optional)
  5.  Pegs
  6.  Pillows & cushions
  7.  Lights
  8.  Extension chord

1. Cover The Safety Net With Sheets Or Blankets

Place sheets or blankets side-by-side all around the safety net and secure them with pegs.

If you think it might be windy, you can also secure the bottom of the sheets to the trampoline springs with pegs.

2. Cover The Top With A Bedsheet, Shade Cover, Or Tarp

Make a cover for the roof by placing a large bedsheet or tarp over the top of the net and using pegs to secure it.

Make sure the pegs are on the outside of the bedsheet.

The trampoline fort is complete when all the pegs are in place.

If you’d like something to protect you from rain, you can use a waterproof tarp cover, and there are also canopies for trampolines that you might want to consider.

Protective Weather Resistant Strong Outdoor Tarpaulin
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3. Cover The Mat With Blankets

Make a comfortable sleeping surface by covering the trampoline mat with blankets, rugs, mattresses, cushions, and pillows: the more soft fluffy padding, the better.

Remember, there will be cold air rising off the ground through the trampoline mat, creating some condensation overnight. So it’s best to have something to keep you warm and dry at night.

You can fasten the blankets to the edges of the trampoline mat to keep them in place and stop them from slipping and bunching up underneath you.

Alternatively, you can also use camping or blow-up mattresses on the trampoline for more support.

4. Put Pillows Inside

Using plenty of pillows will ensure a comfortable stay inside your trampoline fort.

And you know that there’s bound to be a pillow fight at some point of the evening.

5. Install Lights

Hang or string some cool lights inside the trampoline.

You can either use smaller battery-powered fairy lights or an extension cord if you prefer more fancy outdoor lighting options.

Nighttime photos of the lighted trampoline fort will be awesome.

Solar Star String Lights
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Is It Safe To Sleep On A Trampoline?

It is safe to sleep on a trampoline as long as you don’t overload the trampoline with too many people. It’s also important to have enough blankets to keep warm and a cover if there’s a possibility that it might rain.

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