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40 Fun Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend (With Consequences)

If you’re looking to spice up your relationship, then these bets to make with your boyfriend are the perfect way to have more fun together.

For every challenge lost or won, there can be appropriate rewards or consequences for your partner.

When choosing which bets to make with your boyfriend, it’s important to consider how well you know each other and agree upon the rewards or consequences up front.

Bets should be fun and challenging but not embarrassing. Remember that you’re aiming to enjoy spending time with each other and not making your partner feel uncomfortable.

There are many friendly bet ideas to make with your boyfriend: some are funny, silly, and even flirty.

How To Decide On Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend?

How To Decide On Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

You might want to consider wager ideas that encourage you and your partner to achieve your goals or simply find ways to spend quality time together.

Start with a challenge that you’d both enjoy doing and that you think you can win, and then agree on the reward or consequence for the winner or loser of the challenge.

This article will give you a selection of challenges and fun bet ideas for you and your boyfriend that will be both fun and flirty.

Fun Challenges To Do With Your Boyfriend

Are you looking for a change of pace? How about adding a little friendly competition to your relationship and getting both of you motivated to reach your goals?

fun challenges to do with your boyfriend bets

1. Physical Challenge Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

If you and your partner want to accomplish more and have fun together, a healthy amount of competition can be helpful.

If you both enjoy physical challenges or love exercising together, then you can incorporate these fun activities into your bet.

  • See who runs the fastest.
  • Holding a plank for the longest.
  • Balancing on one leg the longest.
  • Who can do a handstand the longest?
  • Bet on who can swim the fastest.
  • Who is more flexible?
  • Who is the better dancer?
  • Who can do the most lunges?
  • See who can hold their breath the longest.

A good bet would be whatever physical challenge you both enjoy and feel you could win.

2. Flirty Bet Ideas

Here are 10 flirty bets for partners:

  • Cooking Challenge: Bet you can’t make a better spaghetti carbonara than me. If you lose, you owe me a candlelit dinner
  • Have a dance-off. The loser gives the winner a foot massage.
  • Trivia Night: Let’s play a trivia game. Every time you get a question wrong, you owe me a kiss.
  • Board Game Battle: How about a game of Monopoly? The loser plans and executes a surprise date for the winner.
  • Blindfolded Drawing: Let’s draw each other blindfolded. The one with the least recognizable drawing has to prepare breakfast in bed for the other.
  • Guess the Ingredient: I’ll make a smoothie with 5 ingredients. If you can’t guess all of them, you owe me a spa day at home.
  • Staring Contest: The first one to blink or laugh during a staring contest gives the other a 20-minute back rub.

3. Food-Based Challenge Bets

If you both love food, then you could include a food challenge in your bet.

Here are some food-based challenge ideas:

  • Who can eat something the fastest?
  • Who can peel something the fastest?
  • See who can drink something the fastest.
  • Who can eat the spiciest chilly?
  • Bet on who can eat something the fastest without using their hands.
Food-Based Challenge Bets

4. Sports-Based Bets

For sports enthusiasts, you might enjoy betting on a favorite game you watch together.

  • Who will win a sports game you’re watching?
  • Who will score the first goal/points?
  • Predict the final score of a game.

5. TV Shows or Movie Bets

If your idea of a romantic night includes watching a movie or game show, then you can add this to your betting challenges.

  • Predict a dating show outcome.
  • Play along with game shows.
  • Predict the end or plot twist of a movie.
  • Predict which character will die first in a movie.

6. Friendly Wager Bet Ideas

Whatever you’re doing with your boyfriend, you can almost always include a quick, friendly wager.

  • Who can do the best impression of their partner?
  • Who can draw the best picture of the other?
  • Bet on who will arrive first at a party.
  • Bet on how late a friend will arrive.
  • Bet on how long a relationship will last.

7. Quality Time Bets

Spending quality time together is one of the best ways to strengthen a relationship, and making bets with your partner can be a great way to do just that.

Whatever kind of challenge you set or game you decide to play, these favorite game bets will keep things exciting and bring plenty of laughter into your relationship!

  • Play a game of pool.
  • Play a game of table tennis.
  • Play video games together.
  • See who can stay off social media the longest while spending time together.
  • Have a staring contest; the first person to blink first loses.
  • Challenge each other to a board game.

8. Bet Ideas for Couples to Save Money Weekly

Saving money can be a fun and rewarding activity for couples. Making bets with your boyfriend is a great way to turn saving into a game while still reaping the benefits of putting some extra cash aside.

  • Bet on who can come up with the most creative way to save money each week.
  • Set up an ongoing wager about how much each of you can save in a given month or year.
  • See who can stick to a weekly allowance.
  • Who can make the best budget dinner?
  • Who can plan the best budget date?

Not only will this add an element of competition and friendly rivalry to your relationship, but it will also help build your savings without sacrificing too much fun!

9. Fun Challenges To Take On Together

  • Who can complete a jigsaw puzzle the fastest?
  • Learn a new craft together, and see who completes their first object.
  • Loose weight together and see who loses more weight within a set timeframe.

🤓 Watch the video below for some sneaky bet ideas you will always win:

Benefits of Betting With Your Boyfriend

Creating fun bets with your boyfriend can be a great way to add some spark to your relationship. Whether you are looking for physical challenges, friendly competition, or spending quality time with the one you love, there is something exhilarating about the flirty consequences of losing a bet to someone you love.

Competitive betting may even help you bond closer together by introducing healthy competition into your relationship. From sports games and video games to bedroom activities and foot massages, the possibilities for betting with your boyfriend are nearly endless!

You could make a wager on who can save more money each week or challenge him to a game of pool for bragging rights. Dream vacation destinations and using massage oils can also be fun ideas for couples bets. If you’re feeling creative, come up with your own unique bet!

What Are Good Bet Consequences To Make With Your Boyfriend?

Before you start your challenge, you need to agree on the consequence of the bet. You can either reward someone for winning or give someone a consequence for losing.

The options are endless, and you can decide what to win in a bet with your boyfriend.

Think of silly or flirty things that you’d like him to do, or ask him to do something that he might not usually do voluntarily, like giving you a long foot massage.

Remember that you must both agree on the bet and that it should be fun for both of you.

There’s no need for it to be too bizarre or out of the ordinary. Just keep it simple.

Food related bets for boyfriend

From the meals we share to our snack conversations, food brings us closer together as a couple. What could be a more straightforward wager idea than something that involves food?

1. The loser will try something spicy.

This can seem like a real punishment for someone who dislikes spicy food. We either have a high or low tolerance for it; it can be a real challenge.

2. The loser has to make dinner.

Many people do not have the privilege of having their partner cook for them. Winning over a bet may give you that opportunity at least once.

3. The winner decides where they have dinner.

If your partner usually decides where to eat, here’s your chance to get them to take you to a new restaurant that you’ve wanted to try.

4. The loser has to buy the winner a week’s worth of snacks.

Couples often enjoy snacking on movies or series, but it would be very nice if the other half bought one week’s worth of them.

5. The loser will eat food they have never tried before.

There is always something about food that delights everyone, unless it’s something they’ve never tried or don’t like. Then, it turns into a punishment.

2. Consequences To Physical Challenge Bets To Make In A Relationship

Consequences To Physical Challenge Bets To Make In A Relationship

A chore can become a fun activity for couples with healthy competition involved.

1. The loser needs to wash the winner’s car.

Winners will be rewarded for this one, while losers will be challenged. Is there anyone who wouldn’t appreciate having their car washed by someone else?

2. Loser needs to go to the gym and do workouts with the other for a week.

Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Working out with your significant other is also beneficial to your relationship. A great way to bond and put your commitment, perseverance, and discipline to the test.

3. Consequences To Funny Bets For Couples

It’s always through the silliest of things that we have the most fun. Playing fun challenges with your partner is one of the things you can do at home with them.

1. The loser has to tell their most embarrassing story.

No one enjoys sharing their most embarrassing tale, but when you lose a wager, it comes with the territory.

2. The loser needs to join in on a Tiktok dance video.

Dance isn’t for everyone. And Tiktok isn’t for everyone, either. However, new things are always fun to try, especially with your significant other.

3. The loser must record a personalized alarm for the other.

It would be nice to wake up to a personalized alarm made by your partner every morning. You will feel less lonely if you live far from one another.

4. The winner gets to choose a new hairstyle for the loser.

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4. Consequences For Challenging Bet Ideas For Couples

The friendly competition involves winning against each other. These bets will even put each other to the test, with the purpose of strengthening your relationship.

1. Loser Drives The Winner Around For A Day.

It is never over until the loser does something for the winner in a bet. Money and action aren’t at stake this time, but rather the day-to-day activity of driving around. Having your own personal chauffeur while spending time together is actually a double win.

2. The loser will not use their phone for 24 hours.

The challenge here is that we’re not used to not having our phones with us. Then again, it’s an excellent way to do a digital detox and focus on each other.

3. The loser needs to do a random challenge given by the winner.

Here’s a fun bet idea! It depends on how far a person will go to challenge their partner. As the challenge progresses, you’ll learn more about your partner and whether they are willing to comply with your wishes.

4. The loser will take the other shopping.

Shopping for women is a form of therapy and activity that drains the energy of men. If you’re a woman who wants to tag him along and you think you can win, this is the best bet.

5. The loser will create a scrapbook featuring the timeframe of your relationship.

Art and crafts are enjoyable for some of us, but they can be difficult for others. But the real challenge here is not the artistic aspect but trying to remember every detail or memory associated with your relationship. Even though this is a challenging bet, the result will be satisfying if one puts effort into it.

5. Consequences For Fun Bets For Couples In A Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance bets can bring couples closer together. Just because you don’t spend a lot together, your relationship does not necessarily have to suffer. A bet for couples can provide a little friendly competition while keeping you connected.

1. The loser will send the other a care package.

Here’s a great idea for couples. Though this will not come as a surprise, and this is a price for winning a bet, it still feels good to receive a care package from someone you love.

2. The loser will plan a virtual date night.

Virtual dates are now available for long-distance couples. Even though nothing beats being physically together to go out on a date, a virtual one will keep you both excited and make your relationship stronger.

3. The loser will treat them to food via delivery.

When sent by someone who means a lot to you, food is more than just something to eat.

4. The loser will send handwritten love letters by mail.

At this point in our lives, not all of us are comfortable writing handwritten love letters. However, it can sometimes make our hearts flutter even more when we follow the traditional route. The loser would have a challenge, but the winner would get something they can keep.

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6. Consequences For Travel & Activity Bets For Couples

Traveling and participating in fun activities are a few things couples do together. Take it up a notch by playing travel wagers that will surely take you places and on adventures.

1. The loser will try the other’s favorite sport.

There are often differences in interests between couples. Perhaps the thing the other likes is something the other does not. When it comes to sports, it’s great to try something new.

2. The loser will plan the next trip.

It isn’t just about convenience for you when your other half arranges the next trip. It also builds anticipation for your next bonding experience.

3. The loser must go on a camping trip with their partner.

Camping with a significant other is a great way to get to know each other better and a fun memory to cherish.

4. The loser needs to visit and spend time with the other’s family.

Not everyone spends time with their partner’s family. We will have the chance to know more about their family through this fun wager.

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7. Consequences For Flirty Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Flirty challenges to do with your boyfriend

1. The loser needs to kiss the other publicly.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you do a lot of PDA. It may be difficult to kiss your partner in public if you keep your relationship on the down-low. It’s an exciting challenge to take on.

2. The loser has to plan their next mystery date night.

We all need a bit of romance in our lives, so let them plan your next date night and surprise you.

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3. The winner gets a massage from the loser.

We all enjoy getting a massage. It would be nice to get that from your boyfriend or girlfriend as a reward for winning a bet.

4. The loser must write daily love letters for their S.O. for a week.

Couples do not always write each other love letters. People are also no longer writing love letters in this day and age. This would be a fantastic opportunity for couples to talk openly about their feelings and express their love to each other the old-fashioned way.

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This article summarizes some of the bets to make with your boyfriend that couples have tried.

Add some fun and flirty consequences to spice up your relationship and have loads of fun.