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100+ Best Emotional Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Expressing your feelings to your boyfriend builds your connection, but how you do that plays a significant role in how he reacts.

If you react to his romantic gestures with tears of joy, why not write some love letters for him that make him cry as well.

If you’re looking for love letters for your boyfriend, these unique letters can be a great resource.

Just pick a few of your favorite love letters from our lists below, add your personal touch, write it on a card, and wait to see how he reacts.

Deep Emotional Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Deep Emotional Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

I wake up in the morning with you all over my mind. I cannot stop thinking about you and what you are to me. You have become one of the most important persons in my life, thanks to how you support me, embrace me, and encourage me. I love you, and I can’t wait to see you soon.

Being with you has become a reality of my dreams, and every day, I work towards making you feel the same way. Being part of my life has brought immense growth, and I cannot thank you enough for being present. I value you and will protect what we have as long as you are in it.

I am writing this sweet letter to tell you how amazing a person you are to me. I am grateful for everything you do for us and how hard you work to see us stand strong in love. I love you today, tomorrow, and in all days to come.

I cannot wait to grow into my adult life with you in it. I know we will come across hurdles and setbacks, but I know we will beat the odds together. I believe in us and the love we share.

You deserve to be treasured for all you do for me and us. You are a thoughtful boyfriend, and you see what I need before I can. Having you in my life has encouraged me to go after what I want and become the person I aspire to be. I am grateful for you and your contribution to my life.

We may have started on a rough note, and I understand that I acted unjustly towards you. I didn’t know the gem I was pushing away, and thinking I might have lost you gives me jitters. Now that you are here with me, I am glad you pushed through to see us together. I love you and always will.

Every day, I think about what it would be like to have you forever. Even though that seems far-fetched, I know that we care about each other so deeply and are actively working towards making that a reality. I firmly believe that we were meant for each other, and one day, we will commit to a lifetime together.

I keep protecting what we have because I know how important it is to me. I will not gamble your love for anything; it is the most precious thing in my life. Our relationship is beautiful, and it can only get better; with our commitment to each other, I can see us grow more and more in love.

When you ask me why I love you, the first thing that comes to my mind is why wouldn’t I love you? If I could write all the reasons, I’d need days to make a list. Because you are so much to me that I cannot put into words, but the top of them all, is how you love me for me.

You have helped me find a new meaning in life, experiencing the love you have shown me. I didn’t understand why people said that all you need is love, but now that I am in love, I know its meaning.

I am not afraid of being vulnerable with you because you have created a safe space for me to express myself and communicate my needs. The best part is that you see me beyond my past, mistakes, and failures. You are the true description of support and safety to me.

Your optimism challenges me to grow, get better and improve myself. Your outlook on life is filled with hope for a brighter future. I am proud to be associated with you and be here to realize your goals. Thankfully, I get to do the same with you, celebrating each milestone we hit.

Feelings Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Feelings Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

You are precious to me and how you make me feel is unexplainable. I feel deeply connected to you and what we have together. It is a beautiful feeling that I will protect and nurture because I have found love with you in my life.

I have always wanted to feel the true meaning of love. I feel it so profoundly, and I cannot imagine never having this. My love for you is deep-rooted in how beautifully you have embraced me and how you have allowed me to be myself. I love you and always will.

Seeing you go through hardships in life while holding us together has given me a sense of commitment. I feel a deep connection between us in that whatever is going on with our individual lives does not affect the love we have for each other.

My feelings for you cannot be written down on paper, nor can they be explained in words. But I know that they are strong and beyond my control. Feeling so close to you and deeply loved by you has to be the best feeling ever. I love you so much.

When I first met you, I didn’t know that I’d be feeling this way for months to come. My attraction towards you keeps growing by the day, and with everything you have been to me, I can only predict an even deeper attraction. I will not trade this feeling for anything else in the world.

I cannot explain the feeling I get when I see you; all I know is that it is incredible, and I would have it every day. You make me feel safe and comfortable, allowing me to express myself fully and live in my truth. I love you for creating this space for me.

You have been with me at my most terrific moments and watched me cry out of pain. In those moments, you have held me, encouraged me, and stood by me through it all. I feel incredibly grateful for that, and I appreciate you for being that person to me.

I would love to spend my entire life with you. Although that is not in my control, I believe in what we share and its potential to grow into a lifetime of us together—a day at a time, loving you, supporting you and treasuring you.

Every time I think about you, I smile ear-to-ear. The feeling I get from thinking about how amazing you are is unmatched. You are pure comfort to me, and I feel at ease whenever I am with you. This feeling is unique to you, and that confirms to me the depth of our love and connection.

Having someone that feels like home is the greatest gift of all time. I feel safe, comfortable, at peace, heard, seen, and protected when we are together. This is home to me; it is the peace of mind in knowing that I can be myself, make mistakes and still get the love I need.

Heart Touching Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Heart Touching Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

You are a jewel that stands out from the rest, shining brightly into my life and others around you. This is beyond the norm, and you should know that your impact on my life is felt. I am grateful to have you in my life, now and in the future.

You are worth emulating. The way you show love and understand people’s love language warms my heart. If I can be half the person you are in expressing your love, I’d be happy. I see all the love and the commitment you have to see this relationship grow. I love you.

They say happiness comes from within, and even if I believe that is true, there is a big chunk of my happiness from your being in my life. You radiate so much positivity that I tap into and seek joy. You are part of my story and my happy days. I love you.

I don’t say this enough, but you have the warmest heart I have ever met. You are selfless and empathetic, qualities everyone around you would wish to emulate. The way you treat me makes me believe that you are one of the rare ones who never run out of love to give.

I see everything you do for us, and I hear everything you say. I may not say it much but how you express your love to me leaves me wanting to do better for us and the people around us. It is effortless to my eyes, even though I know it takes a lot for you to share how you feel.

I do not know how much time I have with you, but I know that I’ll be happy and fulfilled all those days. You bring so much peace to me, and I soak it all in, not worrying about not always being there. I believe in our story, and I know we have many more days together.

The calmness of your voice when you speak to me gives me confidence in our relationship. I am confident that this is how it was supposed to be; warm, calming, soft, and peaceful, and it is precisely what I have with you in my life.

You give me endless peace and calmness. I know I have a safe space to come back to when I feel weary and frustrated. You have allowed me to be weak and seek deep into myself for the strength I need to pull through the dark moments.

I am grateful to the universe for making our paths cross. From the first day I saw you to this day that I am deeply in love with you, I have seen my happiest days. You are easy to talk to, ready to listen to me, and comfortable taking on the hard conversations. All I can see is growth individually and in this relationship.

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Cute Paragraphs Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Cute Paragraphs Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Every morning, I am reminded of your worth and the impact you have on my life. You have been kind to me, allowing me to be vulnerable and sensitive. The warmth you radiate brings comfort to me, and I value the place you have in my life.

My feeling for you grows by the day, and I cannot help it. You fill my heart with so much joy, and I can see how genuine your heart is. Your love for me is unmatched, and I can confidently say that you are the best thing that happened to me.

Our relationship is like a puzzle, with all its pieces correctly placed. You are everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend, and I can see our lives coming together like one big puzzle. We may not be perfect, but our love is much stronger than the imperfections of our relationship.

While I may not measure up to your parents’ love for you, I know that what I feel for you is true. The bond we share is unique, and anything you have given me, no one else can give me. You have the most special place in my heart, and I tuck you in tightly to keep you there as long as possible.

A love letter may not provide enough space for me to express how I feel about you. But I know that the feeling is strong and beyond my words. I keep you close to my heart and love you as far as possible. You are a precious gift that I will not trade for anything.

You picked me up from a dark place in my life and showed me what I needed to thrive; your love and appreciation. You are a true soulmate to me, and I will not risk this for anything else in my life.

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The world is unfair and brutal, but my love for you is accurate and safe. I get to go through my days knowing that I have given you the love you deserve and need. I am and will always be here to go through life’s hurdles, loving and appreciating you.

You are a constant to me, even when everything seems to be falling apart. I am thankful to have a shoulder to cry on and a beacon of hope to beat the bad days. You make it safe for me to believe that our relationship would stand even if nothing else worked in life.

You are more than a lover; you are a friend and show up as one every day. You laugh with me, cry with me, struggle with me and win with me. I do not take for granted that you are with me through the seasons of life. Thank you for sticking by me.

You have been with me during my lowest moments and held me up when I was breaking apart. I appreciate you holding me as a priority in your life and showing up for me even when I didn’t think I needed you to.

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Long Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Long Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

I have not come across love as deep as this. You have redefined the meaning of love to me and showed me that I deserve it in every possible way. It is in the way you call my name, the way you hold my hand, the many jokes you crack, the many tears you wipe off my face, and the words of encouragement you give me every day. I go to bed knowing that I have genuine love from you, and for once, all the love I give is returned to me in these beautiful ways. I love you.

I adore you and would not trade our love for each other with anything in this world. It is as simple as it comes but one of the most beautiful things I have had in my life. You have made it safe for us to be ourselves without fear of judgment. You have pushed us far to grow and improve as individuals and lovers. I can confidently say that I have experienced true love with you, and this is always what I wanted.

When I think about you, I feel blessed and loved. You are like home to me, and the calmness and peace that comes with knowing someone loves you genuinely. I feel the love in how you treat me and push me to become a better person. I have broken barriers and beliefs that stopped me from realizing my best self with you in my life. Thank you for being such an integral part of my growth.

One thing I know for sure is that this relationship has taught me things I would never have learned if I didn’t meet you. You have helped me redefine myself and the things I want for myself. I have dug deep into myself and discovered my potential to make it in life. Thank you for loving me and impacting my life so positively.

No one can change my belief that you are a fantastic person to your loved ones and me. You have so much love to give; I get inspired to do the same for the people around me. Your impact on my life is far beyond the love notes, the kisses, and the dates; it is how I seek inspiration from you to become better for me, you, and everyone else.

Romantic Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Romantic Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Love never fails, and ours has proven that over and over again. I am confident in what we have built together and where we are heading. This is just the beginning of a beautiful, fulfilling future together. Cheers to many bright days and happy moments together; I love you.

I never lose the spark I get from our relationship. Every time I see you, I feel like the first time I lay my eyes on you. You remain my crush, and the feeling remains so fresh and alive. The love we are creating for ourselves will be magical, and we will be glad we stuck together.

My life is as peaceful as it can get with you by my side. You have shown me what love feels like and why it is important to everyone. Knowing that you wake up every day and choose to love me gives me more confidence to work on me and us. I love you more now than ever.

Knowing I have this precious gift in my life makes me want to see another day. You are worth treasuring, and with every passing day, I will show my appreciation for being in my life. You are more than I imagined, more than I prayed for, and more than I ever wanted.

No joy goes beyond the feeling I get when I am with you. You spark a lot of appreciation for life because you are in mine. And, knowing that you will always be here for us gives me hope for a happy future together. I love you for everything that you are and will be.

Life has not been the same since I decided to bring you into my life bubble. You have been with me during the dark days and the happy days, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to do life with you as we figure out our dreams and aspirations. I am happy I have you here with me.

I know I say this a lot, but I didn’t think I’d find love as deep as this one. You have made me believe in the power of letting love lead the way for us, and this has revealed to us the most beautiful thing ever; our love. I cannot wait to see what the future holds, but I know it will be beautiful and worth the journey.

I‘d hold you like my teddy bear every day, hug you, kiss you goodnight, and wake up next to you. Even if this is not possible now, I am comforted in the love you show me, the reassurance you give me, and the hope you help me build.

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Poems Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Poems Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

When I got to know you
You were just a friend
But when said you loved me
I let my heart unbend

I had some past memories
that would often make me cry
But I wanted to open my heart to you
and give love another try

Now that I’ve fallen in love with you
I’ll never let you go
You’re the best thing that’s happened to me
I just had to let you know

And if you ever ask me why
I know just what I’ll say
Because you make be happier
Each and every day

My love for you will never change
My feelings for you are true
Always remember this one thing
I Love You

There are so many things I want to say,
Every time I see you, you take my breath away.
My love for you is passionate and true,
I hope you feel the same way too.

Just thinking of you makes my heart beat fast,
May these moments together forever last.
There’s one more thing I want you to know,
My love for you will always grow.

I have loved you from the very start,
The moment I saw you, you opened my heart.
Please say that you’ll be mine,
And I’ll love you till the end of time.

I’ve never felt a love this right,
You fill my heart with so much light.
I adore every inch of your soul,
And will help you reach your highest goal.
Will you be mine!?

I have never felt a love so true
Now that you’re by my side
I know that I will always love you
It’s a feeling a cannot hide

Now that you’re my lover
I hope you’ll always be mine
I will never love another
And love you till the end of time

Paragraphs Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Paragraphs Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

The best decision I ever made in life is falling in love with you; because in doing that, I have discovered parts of me I didn’t know existed. I have reinvented myself in this love, and I continue to do so with you by my side. It hasn’t been a long journey, but it has had the most significant impact on my life so far.

If I were to choose a beautiful memory of us, I’d choose the day I met you. Even though I did not know we would end up here, I saw a beautiful soul, ready to give love and receive it equally. This is what we have now, and I couldn’t be happier.

I have found my true identity in you, thanks to the comfort and safety you have provided for me to be myself. I am comfortable playing around, laughing out loud, being cheeky, and falling serious without worrying about what you’d think about me. I am grateful for this space you have given me.

Our relationship makes me so happy; I am committed to protecting it against any harm. Seeing you smile and hearing you talk is enough to brighten the darkest of my days. It is an unexplainable feeling, but all I know is that it is one of the most genuine feelings I’ve had.

As we go through life, I want to let you know that I’ll stand by your side, dance with you on the happy days, and cry with you when the days turn dark. I will keep you on top of my mind and have your best interests at heart because that’s what love means to me. I love you.

My greatest wish is that we never stop loving each other; we are perfect and whole in my eyes. You have my heart, and I have yours. I vow to keep yours safe, and I pray you keep mine safe. I love you from the deepest part of my heart.

Calling you my boyfriend fills my heart with joy and peace because that is precisely what you are to me. Your cheesy self and teasing spirit make me happy, and I do not take that for granted. Having you around gets me to dig deep into my soul for the energy and strength to pull through any circumstance.

Nothing in this world compares to the love I have for you. Your love is slow, soft, and reassuring, something that I have searched for in the past and didn’t find. Now that I have that, I intend to keep it safe and protected, hoping to keep it blazing for years to come.

Looking at your beautiful smile brings the same positive energy to me. I can see the love you have for me deep in your eyes, and this gives me the confidence to believe in what we have built together. I love you more than I’ll ever manage to show.

Short Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Short Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

I love you, and I know you feel the same about me. You are special to me, and everything that you are is everything I ever wanted.

Although I may not be with you all the time, I know that you are always in my thoughts. Our memories and the things we hope to do are always on my mind.

I have chosen to be with you for many reasons, but one that stands out to me is how gentle and reassuring your love is. I love you.

If I were asked to say one thing to you over and over again, I’d say I Love You. These words encompass everything I feel for you.

I wish I could write a million words to express how I feel about you and another million words to appreciate you for being in my life.

If there were things to do beyond loving you, I’d gladly take that on; because you are worth everything the world offers.

I love you with my whole heart, and I pray that our love story evolves into one of the beautiful stories we will create together.

I wish I could put into words what I feel deep in my heart. It is hard to explain, but I know it is a good feeling that I should treasure. I love you.

I am the luckiest woman on earth, thanks to the heartwarming love you have shown me. I choose to love you equally.

You are an amazing boyfriend to me, and I appreciate everything you do to keep us this tight and connected.

I am proud to be part of your life, and with that, I have become a beautiful person, in and out. Thank you for being such an amazing boyfriend to me.

I am the happiest woman on earth with you as my boyfriend. You are more than I wanted but everything that I needed.

Your bright eyes and smile send butterflies to me, and the feeling I get is unexplainable. I treasure every day with you and love you with every part of my heart.

You are the soul mate I so wished to have growing up. Now that I have you, I will love you unconditionally and treasure what we build together.

The bad times and the good times have shown us that we are good together, regardless of what is thrown at us. I am proud of how strong we are together.

I have thought about many things, but one thing remains clear to me; I cannot imagine a life without you.

When I look at your face, I smile and wonder what I did to deserve such a wonderful person. The fantastic time we spent together cannot compare to any we have had apart.

You are a sweetheart to many, but you are the sweetest soul on earth to me. You have fulfilled a heart desire; to feel loved.

I have the strength to go through the dark moments because I have you in my life. You have proven to stick around when the sun shines and when the rain comes.
I have a hard time expressing raw emotions, but what tops it all is the deep attraction toward you. It’s all new to me, but it feels right and timely.

The amazing memories we created will always have a special place in my heart; you touched my soul and inhabited my heart in the calmest ways.

Your personal touch is like no other; I get butterflies all the time. But I know the connection we share cannot compare to what we have with everyone else.

You are a beautiful dream come true, one that I hoped and prayed for, and now it is here. I have lots of emotions to express, but the best of them is I Love You.

I can write you an amazing love letter every day of my life, but still, I wouldn’t tell you everything that I feel for you.

The reality of life is calmer and peaceful with you by my side. I get to do life with you, knowing that I have a love soo deep to get me through every phase of life.

You have given me a new perspective on life; how you go about, how you live your time, and how you see the bright future.

Deep Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Deep Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

I am the luckiest person on earth; I get to call you mine, and you get to do the same. Sharing a love so deep and pure was one of my biggest dreams, and seeing it come to pass is a blessing. I am happy I finally found my one true love. I love you.

If I were to write a book about what you have been to me, I’d definitely include that you have been the biggest motivation since I met you. I have dug deep into who I am and tapped into my own potential, becoming more than I hoped for. I love you.

When I think about wearing a white dress and walking down the aisle, you occupy my mind. I always see us getting to that point and saying I Do to each other. But until then, I will love you and treasure you.

I am a happier person, not because you do things to make me happy but because you have taught me how to be happy by myself. It is crazy how I have found a new meaning in life, finding happiness from within me while enjoying having you every single moment.

You are the dearest person in my life. You take the time to listen to me and take care of me when I need you to. This goes beyond the love we have; it taps into our friendship which is such a beautiful thing to experience with you.

Although girls are drawn to handsome men, I choose to see you for what you are deep within. While you may be good-looking, your heart beats any looks in the world. You are warm, comforting, loving, and such a wonderful person.

I am glad I get to go through this life journey with you by my side. We have come so far, and we have a long way to go. Even with the uncertainties of life, I am calm and confident that our life journey will be worthwhile.

Your simple smile gets me jittery, but I know that is because of how warm you make my heart feel. You are a beautiful soul, and your exact energy radiates to me in ways I cannot explain. I cannot wait to see what we create together.

Your smile shines as bright as the morning sun, your heart is as warm as Christmas mornings, and your beautiful soul brightens the mood anywhere you step foot. I am glad to have this and more in my life, and I am happy to benefit from these and more from you.

Finding a faithful friend is challenging; thankfully, I have one in you. You show up for me more than a friend; you take the time to listen to my struggles and comfort me on my sad days. You celebrate with me and clap for me when I win. I love you.

How Can I Make Him Cry With Words?

The best way to make him cry with words is by emphasizing how deeply in love you are with him. Express the emotions you feel towards him and how he makes you feel. Use a reassuring tone and be confident in what you say.

How Do You Prove To Your Boyfriend That You Love Him Over Text?

Send him a love note expressing how you feel about them and how they make you feel. Highlight what you love about them and what that does to you. Make sure you mention an instance you have had or a memory you created to add weight to your message.

What Can I Say To Make His Heart Melt?

Target the things he cares most about in life. If that is the love he has for you, describe how it feels from your perspective. Also, attach his strong qualities to the message and emphasize how deeply in love you are with him.