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25+ Interesting Psychological Facts About Crushes

Just thinking about your crush can make you smile and get butterflies in your stomach. But do you know why we develop crushes on someone?

What kind of psychological and neurological reactions happen when we develop intense feelings for someone? Not only do we want to understand this feeling, but understanding more about crushes can help us cope better.

Intrigued? Then read on to learn more fun facts about crushes – what they are, why they exist, and how to ensure good feelings last!

Facts About Crushes

Facts About Crushes

1. Having crushes at a very young age is common

Children as young as five or six may develop a crush on someone.

2. A crush often leaves a lasting memory

There’s something about crushes that remain with you for a long time, even when they never turn into a relationship. There are often fond memories associated with happiness.

3. We all get crushes at some point in our lives

Since crushes are psychological in nature, anyone can experience them. It is generally a healthy experience that leaves us feeling happy and positive.

4. People in relationships can still have crushes

Having a crush doesn’t require a person to act upon it. Proper understanding could provide insight into strengthening your existing relationship.

In fact, according to research conducted by Cambridge University, crushes are fairly common and do not seem to negatively impact established relationships.

5. Even friendships can lead to crushes

A crush most likely develops from knowing and interacting with someone well.

6. Crushes can develop between people with similar personalities

A crush is more likely to form when we find a person we can identify with, as well as someone with similar interests

7. Interests play a big role in compatibility

Contrary to popular belief, it may be more beneficial to be similar than dissimilar when it comes to attracting someone.

8. Your crush likely finds you more attractive than you do

We tend to overestimate the level of attractiveness others perceive in us – but underestimate the level of attractiveness we see in ourselves.

9. There is joy in flirting

Researchers have found that flirting boost self-confidence and happiness while reducing anxiety and depression. But remember to take precautions on being flirtatious and don’t make any moves toward your crush without knowing exactly what you’re after.

10. Crushes are sparked by your online profile pictures

Make sure your photos are impressive if you want to attract someone. But you should also remember that no one is perfect; don’t let blemishes and flaws bother you.

11. We like people who make us laugh

A good sense of humor is attractive. And since laughing is a wonderful feeling, if someone can make us laugh effortlessly, they become our favorite person.

12. You mention your crush a lot

We tend to talk a lot about the person we are crushing on. Your thoughts of them will likely lead you to mention their name to mutual friends and anyone else who is willing to listen.

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13. Crushes make your heart race

When you are attracted to someone, your body reacts to the hormones. As a result, whenever you see your crush or hear their voice, your heart races, and you feel nervous in an instant.

14. It’s hard to make eye contact

Making direct eye contact is suddenly challenging if you have a secret crush on someone.

15. Imagination is better than real life

Imagining yourself in a scenario where you are talking to your crush is way easier than approaching the person in real life.

16. A crush and love at first sight are two different things

A crush is an intense, often temporary, feeling towards someone that you idealize. You can’t stop thinking about them and feel butterflies every time you see them. Having a crush on someone is often one-sided.

Love at first sight is more usually mutual. You feel that you already know them and have an instant connection with each other.

Psychological Facts About Crushes

Psychological Facts About Crushes

It’s easy to believe the stereotype that teenage crushes are all about looks and physical attraction, but there’s much more complexity when it comes to understanding them.

Psychological facts suggest a crush is actually an expression of our personality traits and feelings of attraction. Let’s investigate this further!

1. If someone smiles at you, you are more likely to like them

A smile breaks down barriers. Thus, they are significantly more likely to catch your attention this way.

2. Crushes make us mimic the behavior of the person we like

Perhaps this is just the result of an impulse to connect and engage with your crush. As long as you don’t change your personality to mirror their behavior, it’s nothing to worry about.

3. Your ideal is perfection

Crushes often see perfection in someone. You cannot see their flaws, no matter how obvious they may be to others.

4. You are most likely to admire a person that reminds you of your parents

Having such high regard and admiration for our parents makes us want to meet someone like them.

5. You can’t lie to your crush

Psychologically, it is hard to lie to someone you like. Also, you are likely to share things you didn’t necessarily need to share.

6. They may look attractive to you, even if others may not think so

Romanticizing your crush distorts reality. The same goes for someone who likes you.

7. First impressions take 7 seconds

Studies show that within seven seconds of meeting someone, people could tell whether they liked them – without being physically attracted.

8. Crushing on someone is influenced your sense of smell

This means when we smell the scent of our crush’s perfume, our brain instantly associates it with all the positive feelings we feel when that person is around.

9. Emojis make people seem likable

You can show your crush how you feel with a simple emoji smiley face randomly in a chat. Your crush will most likely find it cute.

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Crush Facts About Guys

Crushes are like a roller coaster, taking you through waves of intense emotions and thrilling experiences.

Guys have their own unique approach to crushes; they often get caught up in physical attraction first, then figure out if the person is someone with whom they can build an emotional connection.

Crush Facts About Guys

Here are some interesting facts about guys and their crushes that will help shed light on this universal phenomenon.

  1. If a guy has a crush on you, he teases you a lot.
  2. When a guy finds a girl attractive, he holds his stare for an average of 8.2 seconds.
  3. Guys are attracted to girls’ smiles.
  4. Guys tend to call their crushes cute nicknames.
  5. Boys tend to have a crush on girls they spend more time with.
  6. They cannot hide their smile when their crush is around.
  7. A guy may act cute when his crush is around.
  8. No matter what the situation, he will make you laugh.
  9. The longer guys hide their feelings, the harder they fall.
  10. When a guy has a powerful crush on you, he replies to your messages quickly.
  11. A guy is usually nervous around his crush.
  12. A guy pays attention when his crush is talking.
  13. Boys make eye contact when they like a girl.
  14. If a guy has a crush on you, he makes the first move.
  15. He can be really nervous just asking for your number or social media.
  16. He winks at you for no reason.
  17. He introduces you to his friends.

Crush Facts TikTok

It’s widely believed that TikTok is the go-to place to find out new trends, learn popular dances, and get facts on crushes. 

Let’s take a look at some of the crush facts found on TikTok:

  1. Physical attraction often sparks first when it comes to crushes – you may be drawn in by someone’s facial features or overall appearance.
  2. People tend to talk more about their celebrity crushes than their real-life ones, as they feel safer discussing them publicly.
  3. According to a BBC article, it takes between 90 seconds and 4 minutes for someone to decide whether or not they have feelings for another person after meeting them for the first time.
  4. Crushing can actually give us a boost in confidence since we become aware of our attractiveness and ability to attract others.
  5. Other people can usually tell if someone likes you. Better than you can.
  6. The more you talk about your crush, the more you fall in love with them.
  7. If you have fallen for someone for more than 4 months, it’s considered love.
  8. You’re 99% sure that your crush doesn’t like you. But that 1% keeps you going.
  9. When a boy likes a girl, he’ll look her in the eye. When a girl likes a boy, she’ll look away.
  10. Once you fall in love, those feelings never leave. Though you may no longer like the person, you will always care to some extent.
  11. If you catch a person looking at you, and they pretend to look somewhere else.
  12. Girls tend to flick their hair or touch the hand or the shoulder of the person they’re crushing on. While boys tend to use more hand gestures when they’re talking.
  13. If someone has a crush on you, they mirror your behavior.
  14. They make fun of you not to hurt your feelings but to make you smile.
  15. If you have a crush on someone, it’s harder to lie to them.
  16. Your crush sees you as 20% more beautiful than you are.
  17. You think of your crush every night before you go to sleep.
  18. When you have a crush on someone, you notice every detail about them, no matter how small.

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Crush Zodiac Signs Facts

When it comes to crushes on people, some zodiac signs are more powerful than others; they have a greater capacity for intense crush-related emotions and sexual attraction.


Aries is one of the most passionate zodiac signs when it comes to love – they may fall quickly and hard.

When it comes to having a crush, Aries are among the most confident signs. Aries will not hold back in expressing their feelings of affection.


The hard exterior of a Taurus conceals a deep emotion. The Taurus pursues a crush to have a meaningful connection with the person they like. Taurus has an immense amount of devotion towards their crushes, which can make them possessive or even jealous from time to time.


It can be hard to figure out whether or not a Gemini has a crush because of their ambivalent nature.

Gemini is known for having multiple crushes at one time and being flirty with everyone during social situations.


Cancer is sensitive by nature, so if they have a crush, they’ll be overwhelmed with emotion. And because water signs rarely express their romantic feelings, the sign could manifest as shyness.


Like other fire signs, Leos aren’t very subtle. They are not afraid to speak up and make the first move.


It is Virgo’s nature to support others and show kindness. Virgo can be shy around their crush but will be fiercely loyal in relationships. They will go out of their way to help their crush and make everything easier for them without being asked.

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Libras are pretty straightforward when it comes to their crush. Even if they act shy, they aren’t; Libras do not hide their affection.

If you’re crushing on a Libra, here are 17 Libra teenage girl personality traits that you need to know.


Despite their loyalty, intensity, and passion, Scorpios conceal their feelings for their crushes. At times, they may seem distant, but they’re just reading you carefully. Scorpio exhibits strong feelings of jealousy if their partner shows any attention to anyone else.


Initially, a connection may be challenging for this sign, as it is characterized by an intense need for independence. You are definitely on their radar if they invite you on their trips or solo adventures.


It is normal for Capricorns to take their time before they approach. Their goals in life are their primary focus, so they are cautious and disciplined about pursuing someone. However, Capricorns tend to remain committed once in a relationship.

Read all about the distinct traits of teenage Capricorn girls.


Be flattered if Aquarius invites you into their social circle since they value their social circle highly. There’s a good chance they’re interested in you if they do this.

Aquarius enjoys exciting activities such as daring dates that involve thrilling experiences with their crush. To discover more Aquarius teenage girls’ personality traits, click HERE to read more.


Since Pisces are naturally romantic, they may have a crush that is difficult to tell apart from their usual daydreaming. Pisces loves deeply and expects a lot out of life and relationships alike. They often wear their hearts on their sleeves, making them vulnerable yet endearing partners despite being guarded initially. It is common for them to want to be with their crush all the time.

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Ultimately, each zodiac sign brings something unique and special when it comes to matters of the heart – understanding these nuances can help people better appreciate those they admire while navigating through the complexities of crushing and dating.

Teenage Crush Facts

Teenage Crush Facts

Crushes are like a spark of electricity, igniting emotions in teenagers that is both thrilling and confusing. Teenage crushes can be incredibly strong, often leading to intense feelings of sexual attraction and body language cues. So what are the facts about teenage crushes?

1. Teens learn from having crushes

We are said to mature psychologically through crushes, according to scientists. Their experiences in early life may teach them how to deal with feelings of love in a way that will serve them well in the future.

2. Teens prefer crushes on friends rather than celebrities

Teens soon forget about their celebrity crush if they also have a crush on someone closer to them. Being close to someone is much more potent than crushing on someone who didn’t know you existed.

3. Compliments are powerful

The key to attracting someone is to compliment them. When attracted to someone, we tend to give more compliments, according to a recent study.

4. Teens get attracted to someone they can lean on

Be bold and lend a helping hand if you want to grab someone’s attention or get them to like you. According to a recent study, people who are empathetic and generous to those in need are more likable.

5. Crushes are a part of growing up

It’s normal for us to crush on someone — it just means that we’ve developed an emotional attachment to them. Additionally, having a physical attraction toward someone can be very common too.

Being aware of these facts can help us better understand how we should handle our feelings when it comes to crushes and help us move forward in a healthy way.

6. It feels like you have butterflies in your stomach

Crushes can make us feel like we’re on cloud nine! They often come with positive feelings, physical attraction, and butterflies in your stomach.

We might find ourselves daydreaming about our crush or blushing when their name comes up in conversation.

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Facts About Crushes And Dreams

Dreaming your crush likes you back

The dream of having your romantic interest reciprocate your feelings may symbolize your confidence and optimism about how things will turn out. Alternatively, perhaps you have a shot with your crush because your intuition tells you so.

Dreaming about an old crush

Dreaming about the past may indicate that something is triggering your past memories in your current life. Perhaps you are seeing someone new who reminds you of your ex-crush.

Dreaming that your crush rejected you

This could mean that your intuition warns you that it may not work out and prepares you for what is to come. It could also be a manifestation of your own insecurities rather than a sign that your crush isn’t into you.

Dreaming about a celeb crush

The celebrity you dream about might be someone you identify with or are attracted to, and you want to embody these characteristics. The message could also indicate your desire to embody those qualities yourself.

Dreaming that someone has a crush on you

You might be subconsciously highlighting your best qualities when you dream someone likes you. In other cases, if you dream about someone having a crush on you, you are actually crushing on them in real life.

How long does a crush last?

Crushes don’t always last forever — they usually fade away after some time has passed or if something changes between the two parties involved. As long as you still have an idealized image of the person you have a crush on, whether in real life or for a celebrity, your feelings can continue.

However, they might do something that shatters that perfect image you have of them, or someone else might come along that draws your attention away from your crush.

That being said, it’s still possible for some crushes to be the real deal and to turn into romantic relationships later down the line! When your crush reciprocates your feelings, and you start dating, you might not call it a crush anymore as you’re moving more towards loving that person.

While this isn’t guaranteed by any means, it’s definitely something worth considering before writing off all hope entirely.

How many crushes does the average person have?

It depends on several factors—particularly the age and gender of the individual. Teen girls, for example, usually experience 2-3 crushes a year on average. In comparison, boys can have 1-2 crushes per year.

Why are teenage crushes so strong?

According to a study by Dr. Carl Pickhardt published in Psychology Today, teenagers often project idealized characteristics onto other people that they highly value and desire to be associated with.

As a result, they attach strong positive feelings to this perfectly wonderful image that they’ve created. It is because of the idealization that teenagers’ crushes feel so powerful. They won’t notice any negative aspects of the person their idealizing and will therefore feel a strong attraction towards them.

In addition, teens are dealing with hormone overload and are experiencing these romantic feelings for the first time. The euphoria one feels the first time you have feelings for someone is intense as you haven’t experienced it before. Over time it becomes more normalized, and a part of daily life, and these feelings won’t be as intense.

Why do we develop crushes?

In psychological terms, crushes develop when an individual projects their ideas and values onto someone they perceive to possess certain qualities they desire and want to spend time with.

Neurochemistry contributes to infatuation. A crush is brought on by a combination of dopamine-driven reward, noradrenaline-driven arousal, and hormonally-driven bonding. 

You can thank brain chemistry the next time you develop a crush and cannot get them out of your mind!

How Do I Tell My Crush I Like Them?

How Do I Tell My Crush I Like Them

Ah, the age-old question: how do I tell my crush at school that I like them? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here.

You could go up to them and say, “Hey, guess what? I think you’re really hot!” Or, if that’s too direct for your taste, you can always play it cool with a secret love note hidden in their locker. But let’s be real – neither of these approaches seems realistic.

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So what should you do instead? The best way to deal with crushes is by taking things slowly. Start by flirting subtly; nothing too overt or aggressive. Smile when you catch their eye, give them compliments on their outfit or make jokes they’ll find amusing. Make an effort to spend time with them and suggest doing things that you both enjoy. This will help establish trust and show them that you have feelings without coming out and saying so.

In short, the key to dealing with crushes is patience. Showing interest in someone takes time and effort – but ultimately, it could lead somewhere beautiful. So don’t rush into anything – take your time and enjoy the process as much as possible! Who knows where it might lead?

How Do I Know If My Crush Likes Me Back?

You can start by observing subtle signs your crush gives you. Are they sending you flirty texts? Do they laugh more when around you than others? If so, these signs could mean that they like you too! However, this isn’t always the case; sometimes, we might misinterpret our crush’s actions as something else due to feelings of hope and anticipation.

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How Do I Make My Crush Like Me?

How Do I Make My Crush Like Me

It’s such an overwhelming feeling when you can’t help but be drawn to someone, and all you want is for them to feel the same way about you! But it isn’t always easy – sometimes it feels impossible. But never fear – there are a few things that may give you the edge in getting your crush to take notice.

First thing’s first: confidence is key. Whether we’re talking about attracting potential partners or anything else in life, having a healthy dose of self-esteem will boost your chances exponentially. Make sure to stand tall with shoulders back, smile wide, and speak up when necessary – these small acts of courage can go a long way towards making yourself more desirable.

And don’t forget: kindness is attractive too! Don’t force yourself into being something you’re not; instead, show off what makes you special and unique by giving compliments, sharing stories, and generally being kind whenever possible.

It helps if you have some interests in common – they could provide great opportunities for bonding over shared experiences or activities together (a movie night here, bowling there). Plus, it allows both of you to talk freely without worrying about awkward silences due to a lack of conversation topics!

If nothing comes immediately to mind as far as hobbies or interests go, why not suggest trying something new? This could mean going on a nature walk or joining a sports team, depending on what works best for both of you.

Building relationships takes effort, but with enough patience and understanding, anything is possible. Hopefully, these tips gave some insight into how one might win over their crush’s heart – good luck!


I hope this article has given you an idea of the facts about crushes. It’s estimated that 80% of people have experienced a crush at least once in their life, so chances are it will happen to us all eventually.

Knowing how to handle your feelings and act on them is key when it comes to navigating relationships. If you’re unsure about whether or not you should tell your crush, take some time to think things through before making any decisions. Developing communication skills beforehand can help you better understand yourself and your emotions instead of rushing into something without considering potential outcomes.

Being honest with yourself is the most important thing when managing your crushes. Don’t be afraid to take risks if it feels right for you – but remember that there’s no rush! Take things slow and enjoy getting to know each other as friends first before diving headfirst into a relationship. Good luck!