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250+ Cute Names To Call Your Crush (for Girls & Guys)

Do you have a crush on someone? If you’re looking for a fun way to get your crush’s attention, then check out these cute names to call your boyfriend/girlfriend. They may seem silly, but they work! And they’re guaranteed to make your crush smile.

I’m going to share with you 250 cute names to call your crush. These will help you get their attention without being cringy.

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Cute Names To Call Your Crush

Cute Names To Call Your Crush

Searching for adorable and charming names to call your crush? Look no further! Expressing your affection with cute nicknames for your crush can make your bond even sweeter. Whether you’re looking for cute names for your crush boy or cute names for your crush girl, our list is packed with delightful options. From lovable animal-inspired names to heartwarming terms of endearment, you’ll find the perfect cute nickname to make your crush feel special and cherished. Let’s dive into the cuteness overload!

1. Happy Pill

If they are the cure to your sadness.

2. Sugar

A nickname that totally describes her sweetness.

3. Smiley Face

No matter how stressful the day, their smile improves everything.

4. Heart Throb

In this nickname, he positively plays with your heartstrings.

5. Fave

Fave refers to a favorite thing or person

6. My Sunshine 

A person who brightens up your life and brings you happiness every day.

7. Good-Looking

Exactly how you want to describe his head-turning looks.

8. Prince Charming 

It only takes one look for him to make me feel like a princess.

9. Mr. Right 

It takes one person to complete your life forever

10. Gummi bear 

Call them gummi bears, so they’ll know that your life is sweeter because of them.

11. Angel Face

Someone who gives you a taste of heaven on earth.

12. Teddy Bear 

This is a fun name for your crush, especially if he’s hot and cuddly.

13. Precious

Make someone feel valuable by calling them precious.

14. Love Bug 

A cute nickname for your crush, girl, or girlfriend.

15. Cutie/Cutie Pie

The nickname lets them know you think they’re cute.

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Names To Call Your Crush Girl

Names To Call Your Crush Girl

Looking for the perfect nickname for your crush girl? We’ve got you covered! Finding the right name to call your crush girl can be a sweet and endearing way to express your feelings. Whether you’re looking for cute, playful, or romantic nicknames for your crush girl, our list has a variety of options to choose from. Discover the best name for your crush girl and let the sparks fly!

16. Beautiful

It is a huge compliment to be called beautiful.

17. Pretty

When you simply couldn’t take your eyes off her.

18. Queen

Put her on a pedestal because she’s your queen.

19. Gorgeous

She’s gorgeous from all angles.

20. Hot Cake

Everyone wants a piece of her, but you only want her for yourself.

21. Fireworks

She makes your heart explode.

22. Juliet

You are her Romeo.

23. Dreamgirl

For the girl you’ve always dreamt of.

24. Heaven

If an angel is an understatement.

25. Dumpling

Cute and cuddly.

26. Baby Doll

She’s a doll-faced charmer, and you want her to be your baby.

27. Destiny

The connection is so strong you think you are destined to meet.

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Cute Names To Call Your Crush Boy

Cute Names To Call Your Crush Boy

Looking for adorable and cute names to call your crush? Finding the perfect cute name for crush boy can add an extra layer of sweetness to your connection. Whether you’re wondering what to call your boy crush or searching for cute names that will make his heart melt, our list has got you covered.

67. Booboo Bear

Another playful nickname to call your crush boy.

68. Candy Crush

A popular name can be a nickname too.

69. Champ

If he is on his way to becoming a champion in your eyes.

70. Bro

Bro is a great nickname for a crush or someone you are in a “situationship” with.

71. Chief

For your almost perfect and confident crush.

72. Drogo

For Game of Thrones fans, this nickname perfectly fits any Khaleesi.

73. Baby Face

Who would resist staring? Give them this nickname.

74. Ace

Simply the best.

75. Baby Boy

Classic nickname. It never lost its cuteness.

76. First Love

We all have our firsts. Give this nickname to the one who holds the record.

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Unique Nicknames For Boy Crush With Meaning

Unique Nicknames Boyfriend With Meaning
Nick name for crush

Finding a nickname for crush boy with meaning can be a thoughtful way to show your affection and create a deeper connection. Our list of cute crush nicknames for boys combines creativity and sentimentality to help you find the perfect name.

28. Honey

It’s the perfect name for a cutie.

29. Stud Muffin

Comedy star Lily Tomlin came up with this sexy nickname!

30. Mister Man

Make him feel like the man of the house.

31. Captain

Because he takes take of your relation-SHIP.

32. Other Half

With this sweet, sentimental nickname, you can show your boyfriend you’re committed to him forever.

33. McDreamy

While we can’t all date Dr. Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy, by calling your boyfriend this cute name, we’ll be one step closer to our dream of dating him!

34. Mr. Big

You could take a hint from Carrie Bradshaw and name your perfect guy after hers!

35. Iron Man

Your guy’s favorite billionaire metal superhero or a Black Sabbath song might be a good choice.

36. Wookie

This cute name will only make sense to true Star Wars fans.

37. Meatball

Because this guy is the meatball to your spaghetti.

38. Bubba

It’s okay to use nicknames just because they sound cute.

39. Love

It’s what you feel for him.

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40. Cowboy

This is for a man who is always there to protect you.

41. My Everything

If he means the world to you.

42. My Man

This is how you say he’s yours.

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Contact Names For Crush

Contact Names For Crush
Contact Names For Your Crush

Choosing the right contact name for your crush can add excitement and personalization to your messaging experience. Whether you’re looking for creative crush contact names, unique ideas to make your crush stand out in your phonebook, or simply seeking inspiration to make your heart skip a beat, our list has got you covered.

Let’s find the perfect contact name for your crush and make your heart flutter every time you see it in your contacts list!

43. Pancakes

He’s not just fluffy; he’s also sweet.

44. Princess

You are her prince.

45. Dollface

An accurate description of her pretty face.

46. Precious

Diamonds, gold, and other valuable minerals cannot even compare.

47. Gum drop

For the attractive, fit, yet chubby.

48. Lucky charm

You’re feeling lucky because of this person.

49. Beautiful

You must have a beautiful crush. Why don’t you remind her whenever you call her?

50. Dimples

A heartwarming smile makes her dimples appear.

51. Baby Face

If your boo is unbelievably attractive, you might like this nickname.

52. Tinder Babe

Honestly, you might already have them saved under this name.

Code Names For Your Crush

Code Names For Your Crush

Looking for secret code names for your crush? We’ve got you covered! Code names add intrigue and excitement to your conversations. Whether you’re looking for code names for crush boy or girl, our list is packed with options that will keep your feelings under wraps while maintaining a sense of playfulness. Find clever and memorable secret code name options on our list. Let the covert communication begin!

53. Midnight

The look in his eyes reminds you of midnight.

54. Razor

For a guy who is mighty sharp.

55. Tiger

When you feel protected when he is around.

56. Night Owl

An ideal nickname for guys who never sleep at night.

57. Thunder

A guy with a thundering, hard-to-ignore presence.

58. Hulk

An ideal name for a muscular man.

59. Venus

The Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus, makes a bold yet romantic nickname for your crush.

60. Adonis

A great nickname for a man with a great physique.

61. Hercules

Is your crush handsome and muscular like Hercules? Here’s a nickname you might like.

62. Brown Eyes

The best nicknames for brown-eyed guys.

63. Candy

If your crush is as sweet as candy.

64. Einstein

This is a nickname for extremely intelligent guys.

65. Shakespeare

The name guys call their crushes who aren’t familiar with poetry or literature.

66. Midas

It’s the perfect nickname for a business-savvy crush.

Flirty Names To Call Your Crush

Flirty Names To Call Your Crush

Finding the perfect flirty names to call your crush girl can add a playful and alluring element to your connection. Whether you’re searching for flirty names to call your crush boy or girl, our list is filled with enticing options that will make their heart skip a beat. Get ready to turn up the heat with these flirty nicknames for your crush. Let the fun and flirtation begin!

77. Honey Bun 

The cuter alternative to Sweetie.

78. Hottie

Are they too hot to handle? This nickname suits them well.

79. Hot Stuff

You want her to know she’s hot and sexy.

80. Goddess

When you think her beauty has reached the ultimate level.

81. Sugar lips

Manifesting a kiss from this person soon? Settle for a nickname for now.

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82. Sweet Cheeks

For someone with rosy and chubby cheeks.

83. Snuggle bunny

When you want to flirt but you want to sound cute.

84. Snuggly

Their cuteness and comfort make you feel at home.

85. Kitten

Literally a pet name.

86. Sexy

Effortlessly classic.

87. Playboy

It’s your turn to be his bunny now.

88. Hunk

Definitely not an overused term. It has to fit the subject tho.

89. Lover Boy

An adorable nickname for romantics.

90. Macho Man

Your crush needs to have muscles, abs, a toned body, and a strong aura.

91. Naughty Boy

Try to be flirty. This type of nickname might help you.

Names For Your Crush On Snapchat

If you’ve finally discovered how to ask a girl for her Snapchat, it’s time to choose a cute name for your crush. Here are some ideas to get you started.

92. Doll Face

She’s got a pretty face that resembles Barbie.

93. Buttercup

A cute and subtle romantic expression.

94. Pumpkin

Another American term of endearment similar to ‘sweetheart’ and ‘darling.’

95. Bae

He’s your bae, boo, baby.

96. Cheeky Monkey

For the mischievous and playful.

97. Giggles

For a funny person, this is such an adorable nickname.

98. Dream Lover

To our dream guys and girls.

99. Sprinkles

For the potential “sprinkles to your cupcake.”

100. Muffin

Sweets and baked goodies are always a good idea.

101. Shy guy

There’s always that one shy guy we like.

102. Sporty

The athletic crush.

103. Perfect

No one is. But this person is perfect in our eyes.

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Secret Names To Call Your Crush

Secret Names To Call Your Crush
Secret Names To Call Your Crush Without Them Knowing

Discover our list of secret names to call your crush, allowing you to express your feelings without them knowing. These covert nicknames add an extra layer of intimacy and excitement to your interactions. This list of secret nicknames for your crush is filled with hidden gems that will make your heart flutter. Keep your special bond undercover with these secret names and let the secret love unfold!

104. Dreamboat

Dreamboat is used to describe a romantically desirable person.

105. Baby Cakes

Baby + cake = sweet terms to use for your crush. 

106. Boss

A little bro-y? Yes. But if done right, it can be the perfect flirty in.

107. Ninja

He’s probably got the moves

108. Soul Mate

A cute name to claim that you are destined to meet.

109. Smile Machine

The person who never fails to smile contagiously.

110. Smarty

We all have that one smart crush.

111. Happiness

What other name to call someone who makes you happy?

112. Baby Boo

Call him baby and keep it a secret.

113. Marshmallow

He will never know you compared him to a fluffy, sweet treat.

114. Superman

That crush who never fails to save the day.

115. Baby Bear

Cheesy but cute, and it’s okay.

116. Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Before using this nickname, remember to pick up your jaw off the floor.

117. Bad Boy

You don’t mean this literally. This is just flirty and cute.

118. Cutie Patootie

Call him the cheesiest nickname you want; yes, it’s a secret.

119. Cheerleader

If she motivates you.

120. Hero

Use this term if you don’t want to use the popular characters.

121. My boo

When he is your baby boo.

Good Nicknames For Your Crush

Good Nicknames For Your Crush
Good Nicknames To Call Your Crush

122. Squishy

A bit cartoonish but a cute nickname to call your crush.

123. Jellybean

Give this nickname a try if your guy is a pure sugary delight.

124. Baby Boy (or Baby Girl)

Take it from Beyoncé.

125. Booboo Bear

For those times when you’re genuinely infatuated.

126. Blue Eyes

More like describing the first thing you liked about this person.

127. Genie

Seeing this person is like having your wishes granted.

128. Sparkle

Sparks fly when this person is around.

129. Honey Bunny

One of those cute nicknames that shows your affection and fondness.

Funny Names To Call Your Crush

Funny Names To Call Your Crush
Funny Nicknames To Call Your Crush

130. Crush

Get straight to the point.

131. Baby Boo

When baby sounds serious, add the second word to make it sound cute.

132. Daddy

Not the paternal thing tho.

133. Fuzzy Bear

You can basically add anything to the word bear to make it sound funny.

134. Fruit Loops

Suppose you call him your favorite food’s name.

135. Hot Chocolate

Lowkey telling your crush he’s hot.

136. Mr. Fluffy

We all love anything fluffy.

137. Mochi

The cuteness of mochi should not be overlooked.

138. BB

BB is the cutest way to say baby.

139. Robin Hood

Because not all heroes wear capes.

140. Baby Rabbit

If you think the nickname baby bear is overused.

141. QT

QT is Cutie. This generation loves making short nicknames shorter.

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Cute Nicknames In Different Languages

Cute Nicknames In Different Languages

Wondering what to call your crush in a different language? Have a look at our list of cute nicknames for your boyfriend or crush in a different language.

142. Gözlerim – “my eyes.”

The Turkish term “my eyes” can also refer to someone you care about.

143. Nefesim – “my breath.”

In Turkish, this term means “my breath.”

144. Aşkım – “my love.”

“My Love” in Turkish.

145. Cielo – “Sky”

In Spanish, Cielo is a way to show affection.

146. Guapo 

“Handsome” in Spanish.

147. Amorzinho 

“Sweetheart” in Portuguese.

148. Cariño 

“Honey” in Spanish.

149. Ke aloha 

“Beloved” in Hawaiian.

150. Chang noi 

“Little elephant” in Thai.

151. Rodnoy 

“Soul mate” in Russian.

152. Elskede 

“Beloved” In Danish.

153. Knuddelbärchen 

“Cuddle bear” in German.

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend In Different Languages

154. ハニー (hanii) 

“Honey” in Japanese.

155. ダーリン (darin) 

“Darling” in Japanese.

156. 오빠 (oppa) 

It refers to “older brother” but is also used as “honey” by Korean women to their boyfriends and husbands.

157. 애인 (aein)

“Sweetheart” In Korean.

158. Sötis / sötnot 

“Sweetie” in Swedish.

159. Älskling 

“Darling” in Swedish .

160. Amor 

“Love” in Spanish.

161. Corazón 

“Heart” in Spanish.

162. คนดี (khon dii) 

“My love” in Thai. This term can be used with either a male or female.

163. หวานใจ (wǎan jai) 

“Sweetheart” In Thai.

164. Жизнь моя (zhizn moya) 

“My life” in Russian.

165. Душа моя (dusha moya) 

“My soul” in Russian.

166. Ku’uipo

 “Sweetheart” in Hawaiian.

167. E ku’u aloha / Ko`u aloha

“My love” in Hawaiian.

168. Bébi 

“Baby” in Hungarian.

169. Édesem

“My sweet” in Hungarian.

170. Kedvesem / drágám 

“My dear” in Hungarian.

171. Kærasti / kærasta 

“Darling” in Icelandic. Kærasti if it’s a man or kærasta if it’s a woman.

172. Elskan (mín) 

“My love” in Icelandic.

173. Fofinho 

Let your boyfriend know he is “cute” in Portuguese.

174. Querido / querida 

“Dear” in Portuguese. Querido when talking to a male or querida when talking to a female.

175. Kasih

The term kasih means “love” in Indonesian.

176. Sayangku 

“My dear” in Indonesian.

177. Misio 

A Polish term of endearment that means “teddy bear.”

178. Kochanie 

Kochanie means “honey” in Polish.

Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend In Different Languages

179. 자기야 (jagiya) 

“Baby” in Korean.

180. 내사랑 (nae sarang) 

“My love” in Korean.

181. 여보 (yeobo) 

“Darling” or “honey” in Korean.

182. Media Naranja

It literally means “half an orange,” meaning “my better half.”

183. Chuchuzinho

The Portuguese word “pumpkin” is a literal translation of the word “squash.”

184. Liybimaya

The Russian term for “my love.”

185. Kopela mou’ 

The Greek term for My Girl.

186. Mi Cielo

“My Sky” in Spanish.

187. Buah Hatiku

Literally, “fruit of my heart” in Indonesian.

188. Habibi Albi

The Arabic term for “love of my heart.”

189. Cara Mia

“Beloved” in Italian.

190. Principessa

“Princess” in Italian.

191. Canim

Turkish term for “my life.”

192. Koukla mou 

The Greek term for my doll.

193. Mi reina 

“My queen” in Spanish.

194. Mi corazón 

“My heart” in Spanish.

Cute Names To Call Your Crush In French

Cute Names To Call Your Crush In French

195. Mon Chou

It refers to a French cream puff called chou chantilly or chou à la crème.

196. Ma chérie (F), mon chéri (M)

My darling.

197. Mon chaton (M)

The term means My kitten.

198. Mon bijou

“My jewel” in French.

199. Ma choupinette (F)

It is derived from the words chou and choupine, both of which mean cute.

200. Ma belle (F)

It means “My pretty,” as mentioned in the Beatles song “Michelle, ma belle.”

201. Ma Belle / Mon Beau 

It means “My Beautiful.”

202. Mon Nounours

“My Teddy Bear,” or plushy in French.

203. Ma Douce (F)

The term means “My sweet.”

204. Mon lapin

“My rabbit.”

205. Mon Lapinou

“My bunny”

206. Mon sucre d’orge

My barley sugar, candy cane.

207. Mon Beau

This term refers to “My handsome.”

208. Ma coccinelles

This means “My ladybug.”

209. Mon papillon

“My butterfly.”

210. Ma douce

“My sweet.”

211. Mon étoile

“My star.”

212. Mon destin

“My destiny.”

213. L’amour de ma vie

“Love of my life” in French.

214. Mon Roméo

“My Romeo”

215. Mon rayon de soleil

“My ray of sunshine.”

Cute Names To Call Your Crush Boy In Spanish

216. Bonito

The word is used to describe a guy who is “pretty” and “attractive.” 

217. Chulo


218. (Mi) Angelito 

This means “Angel” in Spanish” A sweet pet name for a caring guy.

219. Caramelo 

Someone sweet as candy gets this Spanish nickname.

220. Chiquito 

Although it means “little one,” it is used in a different context, indicating something cute.”

221. Cariño 

The name signifies care in Spanish. There are several ways to translate it, including “dear” or “darling.”

222. (Mi) Corazón

This term means “my heart,” a sweet way to express love or admiration.

223. Papi Chulo 

It is used to describe a romantic partner or any man a person finds confident, attractive, sexy, and well-dressed as a term of endearment.

224. Querido 

This word could be translated into “beloved.” It is used to describe someone you adore.

225. Cuatro Ojos 

“Four eyes” is a Spanish nickname for a guy who wears glasses.

226. Güero 

The term could be used to describe guys with very light skin or light hair.

227. El mío 

Usually used in Venezuela to refer to a friend.

228. Lindo 

Lindo – a masculine version of the term adorable.

229. (Mi) Tesoro 

Refers to someone you’d like to keep as a treasure.

230. Maravilloso 

The best term to use for a fantastic person.

231. (Mi) Hombre

The name translates as “my man.”

232. Peluche (pehlucheh) 

The term translates to a plush animal—a nickname you can use for someone cute and huggable.

233. Trozo de pan (trohthoh deh pahn) 

You’re talking about someone who is good and innocent, as well as attractive.

234. To bueno/ta buena (teeo booenoh/ teeah booenah) 

This Spanish slang term means someone who is lovely

235. (Mi) corazón (kohrathon) 

This term refers to someone you love and consider vital in your life and means “heart” in Spanish.

236. Papi 

A literal translation of this word is “dad,” but it has nothing to do with our parents in a romantic sense.

237. Cario 

It is a lovely way to say “honey” to someone.

238. Mi cielo 

It means the same as baby or baby but has a different connotation.

239. Corazón

The word is highly adaptable; you can call a friend by this name.

240. Bello

It means handsome, and it’s a nice nickname for your crush.

Cute Names To Call Your Crush In German

241. Sonnenschein (sonenʃin) 


242. Knuddelbär (knuddlbaer) 


243. Dornröschen (dornroeschen) 

Sleeping Beauty’s German equivalent.

244. Bienchen (bi:nchen) 

It means that you are as sweet as a little bee.

245. Märchenprinz (märchenprinz) 

The equivalent of prince charming in German.

246. Honigschnitte (honikʃnitte) 

Sweet as honey.

247. Grinsebär (grinseber) 

Someone that resembles a smile of a honey bear.

248. Mausi (mauzi) 

Means “little mouse” – you are described as sweet and tiny.

249. Schnecke (ʃneke)

A snail is called a Schnecke in Germany, and strangely, it is considered an endearment.

250. Bärchen (little bear)

Catchy and cute German nickname that means bear

251. Liebling (darling)

“Liebeling” is the closest thing German has to the English word “darling.” Therefore, your Liebling could be considered your favorite person.

252. Süsse or Süsser (sweetie)

This woman’s boyfriend would call her “Süsse,” while she could call him “Süsser,” since “süss” is technically an adjective in German.

253. Engel (Angel)

Engel is commonly used to nickname women, but men in same-sex relationships can also use it.

254. Schatz (treasure)

It doesn’t take an end-of-the-rainbow trip to find Schatz, which is a word that means treasure. A German term of endearment, “Schatz,” is by far the most common. Bae = Schatzi.

255. Perle (pearl)

Perle means pearl in German. It’s a nickname you won’t hear all over Germany: It’s a favorite in the Ruhr Valley, the country’s industrial hub.