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How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him?

Teenagers face a host of complex emotions during their adolescent years. One such experience is being “blocked” by a romantic interest.

What does being on the receiving end of this digital snub feel like for a guy?

Our in-depth article will examine how a guy may feel when he realizes that the object of his affection has blocked him.

From the initial sting of rejection to the lingering sense of loss and confusion, we will explore the full spectrum of emotions that this seemingly simple act can unleash.

Read on to gain a deeper understanding of how a guy feels when you block him.

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How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him?

How a guy feels when you block him will depend greatly on how he feels about you. If he likes you, he will feel many emotions which we will discuss below. However, if he’s a player and you’re not that important to him, he might not even realize or care that you’ve blocked him.

How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him

Either way, it sends a powerful message that you don’t want them in your life anymore. Let’s look at how he might feel when blocked:

1. He Feels Hurt

No one can ever get used to the feeling of rejection. So when you block a guy you were in close contact with, the immediate reaction would be feeling hurt. He probably won’t know why you blocked him, so he could feel blindsided, especially if you were close and communicated often.

2. He Feels Confused

Blocking someone can be sudden and unexpected, and a guy may feel confused about why you decided to do it. He may question what he did wrong or try to understand the reasoning behind your decision. He will wonder what he may have done to make you angry enough to block his number and social media accounts.

3. He Will Question The Past Relationship

He might question the validity of the past relationship and his own actions within it. He might wonder if everything you two did was real or if it was all a lie.

4. He May Feel Miserable

The guy will feel so miserable for losing you, especially if he feels that you’re the “one that got away.” He may even try to find other ways to reach out to you, such as fake social media accounts.

5. He Could Feel Sad

Blocking him means you want nothing to do with him. His sadness will be coupled with a sense of rejection, causing him a great deal of emotional pain.

6. He Might Feel Nervous

When you block a guy, he will be nervous that you have already moved on to the next relationship. He may also feel as if you discovered something he was doing behind your back, like chatting and hanging out with other girls.

7. He Could Feel Like He’s Being Punished

He may feel like he’s being punished for something he doesn’t even understand. This might leave him feeling that you’re being unfair.

Additionally, he may become defensive, as he may feel he is being falsely accused. In order to resolve this, open and honest communication may be required.

8. He May Feel Guilty

Once he realizes that you’ve blocked him, he’ll start to wonder what he did wrong. With all the possible reasons why he upset you enough to block him, he may find a few that he feels guilty about. Without being able to apologize for them, that guilt might intensify.

9. He Might Feel Jealous

If he did not expect you to leave him, then he would have feelings of jealousy. Once you block him, he may try to retaliate by jumping into a relationship almost immediately.

10. He May Feel Insecure

If he feels you blocked him because you’re interested in someone else, he might feel insecure. The feeling of insecurity will be heightened if he reflects on the relationships and realizes that he failed to meet your expectations. At this point, his ego will be at its lowest, and he may try to reach out to you.

11. He Will Feel Like You Don’t Care

People often perceive blocking someone as showing a lack of concern or care for them. A guy who has been blocked may feel like you don’t care about his feelings or experiences.

He may feel as though you’re unwilling to resolve any problems in the relationship. As a result, he may feel rejected and abandoned, which can be hurtful.

12. He May Feel Insulted

Blocking him without telling him beforehand may make him feel insulted. He may ask himself why you blocked him before talking to him about it. His ego may be bruised.

13. He Might Feel Disrespected

Blocking another individual can be interpreted as a lack of respect. If a guy is blocked, he may feel disrespected by the decision, as if his opinions and feelings aren’t valued. As a result, he may feel resentful and angry toward the person who blocked him. Trust and respect in the relationship can also be damaged by it, making reconciliation and progress difficult.

14. He May Feel Angry

The pain of rejection by being blocked can easily upset a guy, especially if he didn’t have the chance to explain himself.

Most men like to have the final word in a disagreement, and preventing them from doing so can make them angry. It is likely that blocking him will exacerbate his anger if you were in a heated argument before the conversation ended.

He is also more likely to get angry or upset if he is frustrated with his dating life in general.

Watch the short video below, which answers the question, “Does The Narcissist Even Care If You Block Them?”

15. He May Feel Resentful

If he doesn’t understand your reasons for blocking him, he will most likely resent you for rejecting him this way. Unless you talk it out, this feeling of resentment probably won’t go away any time soon, as he will continue to blame you as a defense mechanism.

16. He Might Feel Like He’s Being Manipulated

It is not unusual for someone who is blocked to feel like they are being manipulated by the person who blocked them. He may feel like his choices are being taken away from him and that they’re trying to control him. 

17. He Could Feel Stressed

He may feel stressed and depressed, especially if you share many things and hang out for many hours in a day. Blocking him may cost him his sleep, mainly if you did not discuss cutting off communication between you two.

18. He May Feel Devastated

He may be devastated as his first reaction. He may replay your last conversation and try to figure out if he said anything wrong. It may take him a while to heal from the sudden breakup.

19. He Could Feel Relieved

The chances of this are slim to none, but we cannot rule it out. If you had been going through a rough patch in your relationship, you fought and disagreed a lot, and he may be relieved that it is over. The feeling of relief may also be because he is not aggressive, and blocking him eliminates the possibility of confrontation.

How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him Reddit

How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him Reddit

A guy will feel offended when you block him out of the blue. He will also feel hurt, angry, or confused, especially if he feels you blocked him without reason.

He may feel sad because blocking him means you want nothing to do with him. Then he will miss you and all the moments you shared.

A guy may feel numb when you block him as a front to avoid showing any emotion. Numbness may be a defense mechanism he uses due to fear of feeling anything, especially feelings of rejection and hurt.

He may be shocked that you ended things without letting him know. Feelings of guilt may also be a part of the process. He might realize that he made a mistake that cost him your relationship.

He might resent you for taking the initiative to break up with him. He may feel you did not give him enough time to apologize or make things right.

Alternatively, if he doesn’t really care for you, he might not feel much at all. The reason is that he may feel you are the coward in this situation because blocking him will seem like you are hiding. He may take the rejection quite well and assume that you’re avoiding confrontation.

Is He Mad That I Blocked Him?

Is He Mad That I Blocked Him

It’s impossible to know for sure if someone is “mad” at you for blocking them without directly asking them. However, it’s likely that they may feel upset or hurt by the action.

Signs that he might be mad are if he tries to make contact, demands answers, or jumps into a relationship immediately after you block him. However, the anger may be a front that he uses to cover up the fact that he feels the rug has been pulled from under him.

It’s best to consider the context of the situation and your relationship with the person before making any assumptions.

If You Block Him, Will He Come Back?

There is a meager chance of him returning after you blocked him, primarily because of his ego. He would rather stay away than show any sign of weakness by coming back to you. He may want to come back if he texts you with a different number. However, it is up to you to decide if you will take him back.

The Psychology Of Blocking Someone

Blocking may have a psychological impact on either party. For the blocker, it is always a self-protection mechanism from confrontation, mainly if the person is emotionally dependent on the person they are now blocking.

1. Blocking is often a form of self-defense

One of the main reasons people choose to block someone is to protect themselves from emotional harm. This could be due to past experiences of abuse, harassment, or betrayal or simply because the person being blocked triggers negative emotions. In these cases, blocking can be seen as a form of self-care and boundary-setting, allowing the individual to reclaim their power and agency.

2. Blocking can be a form of avoidance

The blocker is avoiding a conversation that may be emotionally draining to them. Usually, the blocking party may have self-esteem issues and cannot communicate their hurt, anger, or disappointment, so they resort to hitting the block button.

3. Blocking can be a sign of immaturity

Blocking someone because you’re upset with something they said or did, without giving them the chance to talk it out, or apologize, can be a sign of immaturity. 

4. Blocking may be a form of power play and playing mind games

The person blocked knows that blocking someone else will impact their psychological well-being. So rejecting the other person makes them feel like they have power over the other by cutting them off with the press of a button.

5. Blocking could be a form of revenge

However, blocking can also be used as a form of retaliation or punishment. When one party in the relationship feels hurt or angry, they may retaliate by blocking the other. The party being blocked may have cheated or emotionally hurt their partner. So the blocker takes revenge by ending things without as much as a goodbye. This type of blocking can be toxic and harmful, as it is often rooted in feelings of anger and resentment rather than a genuine desire to protect oneself.

6. Blocking is a means of exerting control

Some blockers will block their partners and unblock them, sometimes even reaching out to them to feel like they have the most power in their relationship. The blocker may even try to validate their reason for blocking the other party by justifying their actions to prove that they have been treated wrong.

7. Blocking can happen if someone is unable to cope

Blocking is a form of shutting down and denying other people access to you that they may have had before. The blocker may feel defeated and unable to cope with heartbreak, so they prefer blocking and shutting people out as self-defense.

8. Blocking can hurt both parties

The act of blocking someone can also have unintended consequences. For example, the person being blocked may feel hurt, confused, or rejected, which can lead to feelings of abandonment or low self-worth. Additionally, the person doing the blocking may also experience feelings of guilt or remorse for their actions.

9. Other Options Available

Other options are available, such as unfollowing or muting, which may be more appropriate in some situations, particularly in a professional setting.

When He Realizes You Blocked Him

When He Realizes You Blocked Him

You may wonder,” I blocked him what now?” or “Perhaps I blocked him, and he doesn’t care.” Well, every action has a consequence to it, and blocking someone is no exception. You can expect anything from rage to depression, hurt, or retaliation because he may be going through a series of emotions.

When you block a guy, you have to be prepared for anything. A guy may be unhinged when he realizes that you blocked him, especially if you showed no indication of blocking him before now. He might try to contact you via a fake social media account to try and get closure.

Otherwise, a guy may jump into another relationship immediately after discovering that you blocked him. This might be a form of revenge for him, to prove that you are easily replaceable in his life.

If you live in the same area, he may come around your house to try and talk to you. He might even try to convince you to forgive him and give him another chance to right his wrongs.

He might be unbothered if he was in another relationship before you blocked him. He may be hurt for a while or utterly oblivious to your blocking him because he is already emotionally invested in another relationship.

Reasons To Block Someone

You may have heard people say, “he ignored me, so I blocked him,” or “I blocked him because he hurt me.” Well, these are not the only valid reasons to block someone. Insecurities, regular fights, and unfaithfulness are also significant issues that would cause you to block someone.

Reasons To Block Someone

1. To set boundaries

Sometimes blocking someone is crucial for you to have peace of mind. Setting boundaries is necessary for every relationship, and sometimes people in your life don’t know how to respect them. Blocking them might be the only way to have peace of mind.

2. Help you move on

You may block someone to set yourself free and move on with your life. When you break up with someone and want to get over them, seeing their face all over your feed may not be such a good idea. You might need to block them so that you heal and move on with your life.

3. Protect yourself from abusive messages and comments

Cyberbullying ought to be one of the most subtle yet harmful forms of abuse. Most people don’t even recognize abusive online messages as a form of bullying.

These abusive messages can bring about negative energy in our lives, and the best remedy for that would be to block your abuser on all social media platforms and your contact list. Protect your peace and avoid them at all costs; otherwise, the whole situation will drain your energy.

4. Cut out negative comments/people

You might choose to block someone who shares hate speech or any form of negativity on their social media platforms. People who constantly complain can be draining, so you might choose to unfollow or block them if necessary.

Watch the quick video below where she explains the reason why she feels the need to block someone:

Is it okay to block someone who hurt you?

Yes, because sometimes blocking them might be the only way to have peace of mind. Seeing the feed of someone who hurt you endless times over your social media will only delay your healing process. The best thing would be to block them and move on as soon as possible.

Is blocking someone a good way to move on?

Blocking someone might be one of the best ways to move on because if an adult conversation cannot solve your issues, then it may be time to take an extreme step. However, blocking them may not be a smooth process. It will hurt for a while, but the sooner you block them, the sooner you move on, and the pain subsides. A study published in the National Library of Medicine found “that exposure to an ex-partner through Facebook may obstruct the process of healing and moving on from a past relationship.”

When should you cut a guy off?

It would be best if you cut him off when you no longer feel respected or valued or are in an abusive relationship with the guy in question. There is no good reason why you should stay in an abusive relationship.

Does blocking a guy make him miss you?

Blocking a guy will make him miss you, especially if he is the one who messed up and caused the breakup. Upon reflecting on his actions, he might realize that he lost someone important in his life and regret his actions.

However, as he will be hurt by the rejection, don’t expect him to show you any kindness, as his sadness will be heavily overshadowed by his wounded pride and shattered ego.

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Is it better to block or ignore an ex?

It depends on whether or not you believe there is any chance of reconciliation. Blocking an ex is better than simply ignoring them because they might keep texting and calling you if you ignore them. Ignoring your ex’s advances might make them think there is a chance for reconciliation. Blocking is a straightforward way of communicating that you no longer want them in your life.

If you still have an amicable relationship with your ex, he might want to contact you on National Ex-Girlfriend Day, so you need to decide if you want to keep the lines of communication open or not.

Should I block him during ‘No Contact?’

If you started ‘No Contact’ with your ex because he cheated, then blocking him may be the best thing to do for you to heal. Blocking him is the best strategy to protect yourself. Otherwise, the No Contact rule will be counterproductive if he reaches out to you and you respond. It is also a great way to put an end to an on-and-off relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

Should I tell someone I’m blocking them?

No explanation is needed when you block someone because that defeats the purpose of cutting off communication. If anything, he may try to talk himself out of the situation even if he hurt you repeatedly. However, if you deem it necessary, you can warn him that you plan to block him if he doesn’t stop being abusive, etc.

Is blocking someone toxic?

Blocking someone is not necessarily toxic if it is done to protect your mental health. You can block anyone who is abusive or has a negative effect on your mental health without feeling guilty about it. Blocking them might be the thing that sets you free and jumpstart your healing journey.

However, if you use blocking to get even with someone, control the narrative (have the last word), or avoid having a personal discussion with someone close to you, it can be seen as toxic behavior. You should always try to talk it out with someone and only block them once their behavior towards you is unacceptable.