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Aquarius Teenage Girl Personality Traits (13 Traits You Need To Know!)

Aquarius teenage girls are creative visionaries who want to change the world. Aquarius girl personality traits include being intelligent, independent, assertive, and stubborn with a strong sense of social justice. She can be unpredictable and quick to anger. As friends, they’re fun, quirky, and easy-going.

A girl born between January 20 and February 18 is an Aquarius – the 11th sign in the zodiac and is one of three air signs (the other two are Gemini and Libra).

Famous Aquarius women include Jennifer Aniston, Shakira, Ellen Degeneres, Paris Hilton, and Oprah Winfrey. Find out: How To Become Famous As A Teenager

In this post, we’ll look at the distinct traits of teenage Aquarius girls.

Aquarius Teenage Girl Personality Traits

Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer, who gives life and seeks to share information and spiritually nourish the world.

Aquarius is not a water sign like Pisces despite the Water Bearer’s symbolism.

As an air sign they seek out stability and can be committed, focused, and resilient. However, they can also be tenacious, stubborn, unpredictable, and rebellious at times.

Aquarians are known to be friendly as well as intellectual, abstract thinkers. They’re down-to-earth types who enjoy conversation with others, but it can take some time for them to open up.

Also, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of originality, innovation, ingenuity, and expanded consciousness.

Aquarius Teenage Girl Personality

Let’s take a look at the Aquarius teenage girl personality traits:

Aquarius Girls Are Visionary & Progressive

Aquarians are forward-thinking people who want to change the world and make it a better place.

They’re known to have a grand vision of the future, both their future and the future of society.

Empathy, justice, and freedom guide this Zodiac sign—they feel a profound responsibility to help others.

She’s likely to get involved in activism and social justice projects.

Her lofty goals might include working tirelessly towards fighting climate change or solving world hunger.

Aquarius Girls Are Intelligent Problem Solvers

Aquarius girls have curious minds and are intelligent problem solvers who have a strong desire to fix things around them.

She might be interested in science and technology because she wants to improve the world.

She often gets lost in thought while analyzing something or identifying potential solutions to problems.

Aquarians are excellent sources for unbiased, well-researched answers to issues or questions.

Plus, they can hold a conversation about anything, often making them the most fascinating person in the room.

Aquarius Girls Are Creative, Original & Quirky

This star sign is famously unique, original, and creative, so they get drawn toward anything fun and innovative.

They love to think outside the box and develop new solutions that nobody else can.

Aquarians pride themselves on their originality and creativity and want to be recognized for their efforts.

Sometimes they express their creativity by wearing strange clothes or sporting a bizarre hairstyle.

They might come across as quirky or eccentric and gravitate towards friends or partners who embrace their methods of self-expression.

Aquarius Girls Are Assertive & Stubborn

Not known for “going with the flow,” Aquarius girls are not easily swayed by the crowd.

They’re self-assured, assertive, and know what they want in life.

When they make up their minds, they stick with their decision.

They’re committed to their beliefs, so if you want to convince them of something, make sure you have facts and figures ready.

She’ll typically stand up for what’s right and won’t be afraid to share her opinions if you like them or not.

Aquarius Girls Need Their Independence

Aquarius teen girls love their personal freedom and dislike feeling controlled.

Give her space to express herself and her ideas.

Alone time is often as necessary as eating and sleeping.

You might find that she loves spending time on personal projects. Another favorite is traveling alone.

You’ll be sure to drive her away if you threaten her freedom, autonomy, or personal space.

Aquarius Girls Are Calm & Easy Going

Aquarians don’t feel the need to prove themselves constantly because they’re comfortable with who they are.

As a result, they don’t sweat the small stuff and come across as calm and easygoing.

If someone says nasty things behind their back, they won’t immediately try to “fix” the situation—they’re more likely to let it go.

If there is an argument, they’ll try to diffuse the situation and calm everyone down.

Aquarius Girls Are Always Changing

An Aquarius girl is constantly evolving, changing, and adapting to the world around them.

Personal growth is an ongoing, never-ending process for her.

The same applies to her projects and passions.

She might change her mind about the direction of an idea or change course entirely.

As a result, she might come across as unpredictable, and keeping up with her can feel frustrating at times.

Aquarius Girls Dislike Sappy Romance

Aquarius girls generally dislike sappy romance and sentimentality.

She’ll prefer sincere, genuine, and original displays of your feelings towards her.

You can forget Valentine’s Day but don’t forget her birthday!

Aquarius Girls Avoid Conflict At All Costs

This astrological sign is free-spirited and dislikes unpleasantness and confrontation.

There is no place for conflict in her world which she deems completely unnecessary.

She usually is introverted and reserved, preferring to keep her emotions to herself.

Aquarius Teenage Girl Flaws

Aquarius teenage girls have many positive traits, but this doesn’t mean they are perfect.

Aquarius Teenage Girl Flaws

Find out some of her flaws below:

Aquarius Girls Can Be Unpredictable & Moody

You’ll rarely know what is happening inside an Aquarian teen girl’s mind because she plays her cards so close to her chest.

At the same time, Aquarius typically places a lot of pressure on themselves—you’ll rarely know if something is bothering them.

However, additional external stresses can cause a sudden release of emotion, resulting in fiery bursts of anger.

She can also become moody because she seldom wants to discuss her emotions.

Aquarius Girls Can Be Cold & Emotionless

Sometimes Aquarius girls come across as emotionless.

Her practical and less emotional way of looking at things can make her come across as cold and insensitive.

Her mind is always busy, meaning that she can overthink things and seem detached from others.

She thinks with her head and not her heart—this might cause her to lack empathy.

Aquarius Girls Can Be Condescending

As intelligent and deep thinkers, Aquarians are often convinced that they are right while everyone else is wrong.

As a result, she might come across as a condescending “know-it-all” who truly believes her opinion is “fact.”

You might find this trait a source of frustration when you propose a solution or exchange ideas with her.

Aquarius Girls Can Be Overly Idealistic

As futuristic visionaries, Aquarians seek perfection in their pursuits.

Also, their goals might be slightly delusional compared to what is achievable.

As a result, her idealism can lead to irritation, a bad temper, or a deep dissatisfaction that can lead to depression.

The Aquarius Female (Video Overview)

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Aquarius Girls In Relationships

Aquarius girls love activities that engage them creatively and intellectually.

Think of taking her to a play, museum, art movie, or bookstore.

She loves a stimulating conversation and values a strong mental connection most of all.

Aquarius girls are sensitive deep down and will take time to warm up to you.

They might be chatty, but it’ll take quite some time before they share any of their feelings or emotions with you.

Remember that they don’t care about appearances but rather authentic connections.

They don’t play by the rules and will do whatever makes them happiest at the moment.

Don’t try to control them, give them space and let them set the pace of the relationship.

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Aquarius Girls With Friends & Family

Aquarius girls are incredibly devoted to friends and family.

They’re fun, quirky, and easy to get along with, so they’re generally popular.

Some people feel uncomfortable at times because of their condescending and self-righteous attitude.

Also, it can be challenging for them to make close friends due to their dislike for being emotionally vulnerable.

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Aquarius Teenage Girl Personality Traits – Conclusion

Aquarians are fun, friendly, easy-going, and enjoy engaging in conversation.

Opening up emotionally to others can be difficult for them.

So be prepared; it might take a while to get to know them beyond their intellect and outward quirkiness.

An excellent way to understand an Aquarius girl is to find a common interest that you can share, such as an interest in technology or art.

She’ll make an awesome friend and partner who’ll be loyal and cherish you for who you are.

Just be sure not to betray them because they don’t forgive easily!