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Libra Teenage Girl Personality (17 Traits You Need To Know!)

Libra teenage girls are very social, charming, friendly, and fun. Libra girl personality traits also include being diplomatic and fair—they avoid conflict at any cost. Librans seek justice in everything, prefer to look on the bright side, are always smiling, and love to make those around them happy.

A girl born between September 23 and October 23  is a Libra – the 7th sign in the zodiac and is one of three air signs (the other two are Gemini and Aquarius).

Famous Libra women include Serena Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kim Kardashian. Find out: How To Become Famous As A Teenager

In this post, we’ll look at the distinct traits of teenage Libra girls.

Libra Teenage Girl Personality Traits

Libra is symbolized by the symbol of the scales, representing symmetry, balance, and justice.

This imagery suggests that Librans are skilled at building relationships, upholding fairness, and supporting others.

As an air sign, they are witty, intelligent, social, and make excellent conversationalists.

Librans are often associated with beauty, harmony, intellectualism, and connoisseurship.

Also, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and femininity.

Libra Teenage Girl Personality

Let’s take a look at the Libra teenage girl personality traits.

Libra Girls Are Charming & Crave Companionship

Libran girls are born charmers who are typically surrounded by admirers.

This sign loves having people around, is always socializing, and enjoys keeping the group entertained.

A Libra will enjoy any social activity from a young age, including sports, dance, or volunteering.

As a result of their friendly nature, Librans are natural flirts. They love engaging in harmless flirting, so don’t take it personally if you’re in a relationship with a Libran.

As a result of being highly social, the Libra girl craves companionship and never wants to be alone. This Zodiac sign makes a fabulous friend and an excellent romantic partner.

Be aware that her awareness of safety around strangers might need some work. She’ll always want to please people, which may override her sense of “stranger danger” from time to time.

As a parent, friend, or partner, you should guide her to build a more robust internal radar in situations that require some caution.

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Libra Girls Are Great Conversationalists

A Libra is usually a master of conversation who can hold court in any social situation.

Libras use their intelligence, wit, jokes, and clever ideas to charm their audience.

She is a social butterfly who makes great party guests and keeps the conversation flowing with exciting and entertaining banter.

Their active imaginations and quick thinking make them great companions and excellent problem solvers.

Those born under this star sign are socially curious and are fascinated by how humans communicate and think.

If you know a Libra, the term “chatterbox“ might come to mind. Sometimes criticized for being superficial and insincere, always remember that her intentions are genuine.

Libra Girls Are The Life Of The Party

This zodiac sign is one of the most extroverted and loves to be the center of undivided attention.

They are enthusiastic and lively with a natural sense of humor, making them fun to be around.

Libras love a good party and want to ensure that everyone else has a good time—people rarely get bored around them.

They’ll do whatever it takes to remove any bad vibes or negativity if the party takes a nose-dive.

They’re also most likely to party hop—they have severe social FOMO!

Libra Girls Are Romantic & Idealistic

Libra is one of the zodiac’s most romantic signs and prefers to see the best in people and situations.

They have a reputation for falling in love easily, but they take their time when it comes to commitment.

So while they may come across as aloof at first, they’ll eventually open up to become affectionate and romantic.

They are sweet and attentive partners who know what to say and how to treat you right.

Libras love making big romantic gestures with impressive gifts, fabulous dinners, and amazing surprises.

Libra Girls Are Generous & Flexible

Libras are notoriously generous with their belongings and their time.

The Libra girl will be the first to give a friend the shirt off her back.

She wants to ensure that everyone is safe and happy and will do anything to make that a reality.

Libras are known for their flexibility and are happy to let their partner or friends call the shots.

Just keep a close eye on her that she doesn’t get taken advantage of—she’ll do almost anything to see someone smile!

Libra Girls Value Ethics & Fairness

The scales that symbolize Libra suggest that they highly value ethics, fairness, and social justice.

She realizes that every argument has several sides, and she’s curious to hear them all.

Due to her strong sense of justice, she keeps an eye on what’s fair, listens to opposing viewpoints, and doesn’t jump to conclusions or react out of anger.

Librans strive to keep the world a fair and equal place.

Friends and family usually sense Libra’s fair-minded approach and consult her to solve problems and issues.

Libra Girls Are Diplomatic Peacekeepers

The Libra girl is a born diplomat and mediator who can consider right and wrong on both sides of an argument.

She won’t choose sides and is great at finding the middle ground.

Her ability to see things from multiple angles can lead to a heavy dose of anxiety and indecision.

She loves to seek fairness and justice and will be the first to step in and help if you need to settle a dispute or make a decision.

Libras love being liked and will find it hard to ignore if someone dislikes a decision they’ve made.

Libra Girls Like The Finer Things In Life

Libra girls love fashion and beauty and often end up in the fashion industry as a result.

Her strong sense of style means she has an eye for expensive and beautiful things.

Libras place great value on personal appearance—she loves to look good and keep up with fashion trends.

The typical Libra girl will seldom leave the house without the best outfit for the occasion—and a glance in the mirror before they walk out the front door.

At the same time, Libras love to be pampered and treated with outings to the best restaurants, art galleries, theaters, and parties.

They love watching and interacting with people while absorbing fine food, wine, art, and culture.

Libra Girls Are Calm, Kind & Easy-Going

Libra girls are gentle and mild-mannered, which helps them quickly bond with others.

She can be quiet and calm even when arguments get heated—not easily swayed by passionate exchanges or the latest opinion.

Libras are easy-going because their love of balance means that they don’t need to be the center of attention all the time.

She is kind and soft-hearted, often showing great love for animals—the type of person who’ll pick up stray animals or rescue a bird with a broken wing.

Libras are impressionable and can take the sorrows and misfortunes of others to heart.

It is not uncommon for a Libra girl to burst into tears of compassion.

Libra Girls Love Music

Libras love art, culture, and a good party, so it’s no wonder that they also love music.

Music gets the party started and helps the uninhibited fun continue deep into the night with friends.

Libra girls enjoy getting the most out of life and appreciate the beauty of music and the atmosphere that it can create.

Libras usually know all the lyrics to their favorite songs because they love finding meaning in the music and words.

As a result, Libras can also make great musicians and singers.

Libra Girls Hate Chaos & Mess

Libras are perfectionists who thrive on order and balance, which means they cannot tolerate chaos and mess.

Libra girls prefer places and situations that are serene and calm.

This Zodiac sign requires her surroundings to be clutter-free and in order.

Libras dislike chaotic or unpredictable situations that disrupt the balance and harmony in their lives.

For example, they are likely to be upset by a loud and angry response to their polite request.

Libra Teenage Girl Flaws

As you can see, Capricorn teenage girls have many positive traits, but this doesn’t mean they are perfect.

Libra Teenage Girl Flaws

Find out some of her flaws below:

Libra Girls Can Be Indecisive

Libras always wants to weigh up the pro and cons of every decision they make.

As a result, the Libra girl will use logic and thorough analysis to get the best of every experience and situation.

They also want to please everyone and have difficulty committing to one thing, even if it seems trivial.

This trait can be helpful in some situations but can also drive friends and partners crazy!

Libras can spend hours weighing the pros and cons of even the most minor decisions and don’t like anyone rushing them.

Libra Girls Struggle Managing Time & Can Be Unreliable

Libra girls are so busy socializing or enjoying life that they lose track of time.

They often don’t appreciate precisely how long it takes to do something.

So they might only start getting ready 10 minutes before a party or dinner date and end up being late as a result.

Libras also have severe social FOMO and are known to party hop.

Just remember that they might not always show up on time!

Libra Girls Hate Confrontation

Libra girls love peace and quiet, which means they’ll avoid confrontations.

They don’t like getting into arguments and will avoid them at all costs.

Remember that Libras are peacemakers by nature and will always aim to find a compromise when there is an argument in a group.

Libra Girls Can Be Superficial & Vain

Libra girls love beautiful things, which carries over to their outer beauty.

It’s not uncommon for them to become obsessed with how they look, take selfies everywhere they go or spend hours grooming themselves.

They might put themselves on a pedestal and be less likely to hang out with people they deem less attractive (or not attractive enough).

Libra Girls Can Be Vengeful

Libra girls dislike any kind of hostility, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get angry.

If they feel that someone tipped the scales of justice unjustly, they’re likely to try and set things right.

When a Libra has been wronged, they can overcompensate, manifesting in “sugarcoated hostility.”

This tit-for-tat behavior can turn into deviousness in an attempt to even things out.

Libra Girls Can Be Self-Indulgent & Self-Pitying

Libra girls enjoy the finer things in life, which means they can be extravagant and indulge themselves lavishly.

When things don’t go according to plan, they can become self-absorbed, focusing on the negatives and feeling like everyone is against them.

They can have difficulty seeing the bigger picture and hyper-focus on themselves and perceived injustices.

The Libra Female (Video Overview)

The video below is a great explanation of the Libra female:

Libra Girls In Relationships

You’re almost guaranteed to have fun when you’re around a Libra girl.

She is always open to trying new things and helps those around her be more open-minded.

Her outgoing nature and idealism rub off on friends and family.

She might enjoy lots of flings but is serious when it comes to committed relationships.

As an extrovert, she’ll show you many signs of outward affection and work hard to keep the spark alive.

Libras dislike confrontation, so remember not to be overly critical while being open and upfront about your feelings.

She loves getting out and about, so try new experiences together to help you strengthen your bond.

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Libra Teenage Girl Personality Traits – Conclusion

Libra is a cardinal air sign meaning that they’re the thinkers, communicators, and doers of the Zodiac.

This beauty-loving air sign falls into the “beautiful people” category who lead beautiful lives in beautiful houses, wear beautiful clothes, and are often surrounded by beautiful friends.

They fear being alone but are afraid to commit for fear of being disillusioned with love.

Libran women are the queens of compromise, making them great leaders, brilliant friends, and life partners.