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44 Cute Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend

Harmless pranks can test your boyfriend’s sense of humor and add a spark to your relationship.

You’ll need to have good timing and pretty decent acting skills to come up with something that will catch your boyfriend off guard.

Here are some awesome prank ideas that you can do on your boyfriend.

Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend In Person

When you play fun pranks on your boyfriend in person, you get to watch the action unfold right before your eyes.

You will love the expression of utter confusion on his face, and the coolest part is that when everything is over, you can both laugh about it together.

We’ve got some silly yet hilarious pranks for you to pull on your boyfriend the old-fashioned way.

Walkie Talkie Prank

Hide walkie-talkies everywhere in his house: in his cupboard, in his kitchen, in the bathroom drawer, and keep meowing into them from yours.

It will feel like he has a cat following him all the time, and he won’t be able to tell where the sounds are coming from.

Magic Trick Prank

You’ve probably seen this one before, but it’s still funny.

Tell your boyfriend you’ve learned a new trick. Place a coin under a bottle filled with water. Cover the lid with a cloth and act like you’re casting a magic spell to get the coin inside the bottle.

After you are finished, take off the cloth and ask him if he can see the coin inside the bottle.

When he looks down, press on the bottle and the water will splash up in his face.

Watch this hilarious video to see how this prank works:


Buy some googly eyes from your local craft store and put them on every object in his room or on every item in his school backpack.

It’s a pretty cute prank and will keep him thinking of you every time he finds more googly eyes staring at him.

Matching Tattoos

Get a fake temporary tattoo of your boyfriend’s name, and say you’ve booked an appointment for him so that he can get a tattoo of your name as well.

It will be pretty funny to see his reaction and make him squirm trying to get out of having to get your name tattooed.

The Remote Prank

You will need a universal remote to pull this funny prank idea off.

The only thing you have to do is switch channels while he’s watching. Be sure that he doesn’t see you doing it.

It’s a classic prank that remains fun.

Embarrassing Ringtone

Change his phone’s ringtone to a loud, embarrassing tone and call him while you’re in public.

He would initially be clueless, but after realizing it was his phone, he’d be startled and flustered.

 The “We Need To Talk” Prank

With a serious look on your face, say the phrase, “we need to talk.”

This anxiety-inducing phrase will cause him to stop whatever he’s doing so he can mentally prepare for the serious discussion.

Creepy Crawlers

Is he afraid of the creepy crawlers? You’ll enjoy this silly prank if the answer is yes.

If you want to mimic a shadow, put a cutout of a cockroach or spider behind the lampshade. You can also use toys you can purchase online to make it look more realistic.

Fake Prank Cockroach
Teanfa 12 PCS Vintage Mock Fake Plastic Cockroach Scorpion Insects Joke Toys Prank Scary Trick Bugs for Party


Love to experiment with different outfits? If so, this is a cute prank you can pull on him.

Dress differently every 30 minutes and act completely normal. Keep doing this until he notices.

If he’s not very observant, you might need to grab his attention with your outfits, so be as outrageous as you can!

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Text Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend

Texting pranks can be hilarious, especially as you can plan ahead and keep him waiting before you respond.

To avoid unnecessary arguments, make sure he is in a good mood before you prank him.

Remember always to keep it clean and not mean.

Ex-Girlfriend Prank

This is one of those classic pranks for boyfriends.

Send him a text saying, ‘Babe, your ex just called me and told me that she needs to talk to me.’ She’s coming over now to tell me about something important.’

He’ll freak out because he’ll have no idea why she wants to talk to you or what she’ll say.

Future Mother-In-Law

You can play a funny texting prank on your boyfriend by pretending to be your mother and sending him text messages from an unknown number.

Find out if he is serious about this relationship and his future plans with her daughter.

To freak him out, keep asking awkward questions and act as a curious mother.


If he’s a fan of your long hair, make up a message telling him that you just got a major makeover.

Tell him that your hair is cut short and mention an awkward color you know he won’t like. See how he reacts to it.

You can even use some fun apps like Snapchat and send him a photo of your pretend new hair color.

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Infinite Typing

Send a couple of messages to hint a juicy reply is on the way, but instead of sending another message, copy and paste the gif below of the ‘typing’ indicator, which is looping continuously.

infinite typing gif

You appear to be typing for years, and the recipient waits for a reply with impatience for what seems an eternity.

Texting Lyric Prank

Send your boyfriend a message that’s actually song lyrics, and see how long it takes for him to realize what you’re doing. Hopefully, he has a sense of humor.

Watch this video to see how it’s done:

‘I love You’ Prank

Here’s a clever prank for you to get your boyfriend to tell you that he loves you without him realizing it.

Simply text him the following questions:

  1. What comes after H in the alphabet?
  2. What is the opposite of hate?
  3. Fill in the blank a, e, i, o, …
I Love You Prank Text

Image source: Pinterest

Auto-Correct Prank

If you know your boyfriend’s phone password, this will be an easy prank to pull off.

Change a basic word like ‘I’ or ‘No’ or ‘and’ to something crazy like ‘poo,’ ‘sawdust,’ or ‘curry.’

You can even replace ‘yes’ with ‘no.’ This will be hilarious because every time he’ll type ‘I’ it’ll turn into ‘poo.’

On an iPhone, go to settings, general, and keyboard. It will ask you to enter a phrase and shortcut.

You can choose any of these or come up with something of your own. It will definitely confuse him!

Who Are You?

When your boyfriend texts you, pretend that you’ve lost all your contacts on your phone and ask, ‘Who is this?’

Get him to prove his identity and make him remember all the exciting details of your relationship, such as the first gift he gave you.

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Good Luck Prank

Wish him good luck for an event that’s not happening. Simply send him a message wishing him good luck and success for today.

You can either switch your phone off for a while, so he’s left wondering what he’s supposed to be doing today, or you can keep playing along with vague answers.

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Funny Food Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend

Are you a fan of pranks and snacks? Then why not try a food prank or two on your boyfriend.

Toothpaste Oreo

Simply remove the cream filling from the Oreo cookies and replace it with toothpaste.

For a maximum surprise, select just one Oreo to fool him, while you enjoy the rest of the yummy ones.

Chips Packet Prank

Empty a chip packet and fill it will cotton rounds instead. Use double-sided tape to seal the packet again.

Remember to blow some air into the package before sealing it to make it look more realistic.
Here are some more silly pranks to play on your boyfriend:

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Mayonaise Filled Donuts

Get his favorite donut from the store and simply fill it with mayonnaise.

As soon as his teeth sink into the rich, tangy taste of mayo instead of cream, he will quickly figure out it’s a prank.

Moldy Sandwich

Mold-infested sandwiches are not something you would usually want to serve your boyfriend.

Paint some moldy-looking splodges on the outside of a sandwich bag to pack his lunch instead.

Fake mold will only disgust him for a bit but won’t harm him for real once he eats the sandwich.

Condiment Label Swap

Swap out the contents of his frequently used condiments.

For example, you can swap out the mustard and ketchup bottle contents.

It won’t totally ruin his sandwich, but he’ll definitely be confused and surprised.

Caramel Covered Onion

Make some caramelized apples, but make one with an onion instead of an apple.

Peel the skin off a large onion and cover it in caramel sauce.

When everyone is enjoying their yummy caramel apple, give him his special treat to enjoy as well.

Watch his stunned face when he realizes this isn’t an apple at all.

Cake Prank

You will need two large, round meatloaves. Using a pie plate, place one meatloaf, spread a layer of mashed potatoes, and top with the other meatloaf.

Finish by covering the entire cake with mashed potato icing. Add some decorations made of ketchup. Yum!

April Fool’s Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend

April 1 is the perfect time to plan a hilarious prank on your boyfriend. You can try these April Fool’s prank ideas on your boyfriend to get some inspiration.

april fools pranks

Happy Birthday Prank

Change his birthday to April 1 on Facebook and Twitter. He will get confused by all the birthday wishes.

You could even take it a step further by having a gift delivered to him at work or sticking a Happy Birthday banner on his school locker.

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Break Up Prank

Tell your boyfriend that if you broke up, you would get back with your ex.

Watch his reaction before reminding him that HE would be your ex if you split up.

He could either think it’s an adorable prank or a very annoying prank – wait and see!

Early Bird

This is quite an amazing prank if you can pull it off.

Change the clocks an hour early and begin your morning routine right away. He might be a bit confused if it’s still dark outside, but all the clocks say it’s 7 am.

Act normally and see how long it takes them to grasp this prank.

He might even get to school or work before he realizes that something’s not quite right.

Ring Down The Drain

This prank will work if you are already engaged to your boyfriend.

Place your engagement ring in a safe place and pretend you lost it down the drain.

See how far he’ll go to retrieve it.

Doodly Face

Doodle face

It’s an old-school prank that’ll cost you nothing and is pretty easy to pull off if he’s a deep sleeper.

With a marker, draw on his face while he’s sleeping. Perhaps some glasses and a mustache would be funny.

As soon as he looks in the mirror, he’ll know it’s April Fool’s Day!

Just be sure not to use a permanent marker!

Fake Spill

Mix white glue with nail polish or paint and pour it out on wax paper to dry.

When it’s completely dry, and the glue has solidified, transfer the whole thing to his white carpet or his laptop keyboard.

Car Prank

This prank is perfect for your boyfriend if he values his car more than anything else.

Tell them that you would like to make a quick grocery run and ask to borrow his car.

Then, call him and tell him that you came out of the store and his car is gone, and you’re not sure if it’s been stolen or towed.

Be prepared that he might get quite upset if you pull this prank on him.


You can play this prank on your boyfriend if you already live together in a house you both own.

You can make or borrow a real estate signpost that you can place in the front yard with a “Sold” sign affixed to it.

Overspending Alert

Does your boyfriend find the stuff you order online a little shocking? Save a bunch of empty boxes from your recent deliveries and make sure he doesn’t see them.

Tape all the empty boxes back together on April 1 and spread these new deliveries across the sidewalk and front porch of your home.

Watch him turn pale as he imagines the amount of money you must have spent.

Balloon Prank

Blow up three balloons. Place a dollar note in two balloons and glitter in the last balloon.

Hold the balloons behind your back and tell him that you have a surprise for him.

Ask him to pop the balloons one by one. Start with the dollar balloons, and just as he’s getting excited, let him pop the glitter balloon and get glitter all over himself.

Shampoo Prank

Rub out all the letters on his shampoo bottle except the word poo. If possible, you can get even more creative and leave a message like the one below:

Shampoo prank

Image Source: Owned

Tiktok Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend

From the cheesiest pranks to the funniest, Tiktok has it all.

Several have gained a lot of traction, so make sure you have your camera ready.

It will surely be epic if done correctly and with the right timing!

Hickey Trick

Put some makeup on your neck to make it look like you have a hickey, then walk around as though nothing is wrong.

Do your best to avoid him when he confronts you about it, and record his response.

‘I Love You’ Out Of The Blue

If you don’t usually say “I Love You, ” it will be fun to catch his reaction.

While filming him, say, “I love you,” and see how he reacts.

Hopefully, he smiles and says it back.

A Baby With You

Randomly tell him you want to have a child with him and see how he reacts.

Singing Girlfriend

Sing loudly in front of him as if it’s something you always do. Keep doing this until his attention is drawn to you.

Hot Guy

Act like you’re browsing social media stuff on your phone and say, “Wow. That guy is so hot.”

You’re not making him jealous on purpose; you just want to see how he reacts to it.

Trust Issues

Check to see if he hands over his phone to you right away when you randomly ask him if you can look at it.

Viral Dance Moves

Rather than recording your dance moves, you should capture your partner’s candid reactions.

Your phone camera should appear to be filming you, but make sure the camera is recording your boyfriend’s reaction instead.

Hoodie Prank

Wear your hoodie backward and stand in front of the refrigerator backward so you can scare him when he walks over.

Pranking each other can be loads of fun as long as it stays funny and you don’t hurt someone’s feelings intentionally or embarrass them in front of others.

And remember that if you love pranking your boyfriend, then you should be prepared to be pranked back sooner or later.