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27 Funny Prank Call Ideas To Try On Friends & Family

Nobody enjoys receiving a prank call unless they’re done in good humor, and you both end up laughing together.

The trick is not to annoy or embarrass the person you’re pranking but rather try to make them laugh with you.

Pranks should be played with the right person, as choosing the wrong person might offend the victim and land you in serious trouble.

You should also refrain from making prank calls to emergency services or people who are not well.

With the above in mind, here are some funny prank call ideas that will have you and your friends crying with laughter.

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good prank call ideas

Prank Call Ideas For Siblings

Among our family members, we know who will fall victim to our pranks. Here are some ideas for hilarious prank calls you can pull on your siblings.

1. Asking For A Reference

Call a sibling and pretend that you’re calling from company X and that they’ve been given as a reference for a job that their sibling has applied to.

It works best if you use the name of a company and the job that you might genuinely apply to.

Ask them some factual questions like “Did he graduate from X college?” or “How many years has he been working at X company?”

Once they’re more comfortable answering questions, you can start asking some funny questions like “Do you know if he has ever stolen a colleague’s lunch out of the staff refrigerator?” or “Can you explain why he made photocopies of his bum and placed them on everyone’s desk?”

See how far you can take it and if your sibling will vouch for you or throw you under the bus.

2. Pocket Dial Prank

Pretend to pocket-dial your sibling and muffle the phone so they can’t hear you properly.

You can pretend to have a conversation with someone, make cutesy noises with your dog, or even sing along loudly (and badly) to music.

They’ll probably stay on the line trying to hear what you’re doing for quite some time.

Eventually, they’ll hang up. See how long before they call you back to tell you all about your pocket dial.

3. Hello, Hello?

Call your sibling and stay silent. Do not say a word during the call.

They’ll hang up after saying hello a few times.

Immediately call them back and repeat exactly what they said while pretending not to hear them.

This can go on for a while.

It may irritate the other party after repeatedly saying hello and cause them not to answer your call.

Watch this video for some other funny family prank call ideas:

Prank Call Ideas For Boyfriend

Prank Call Ideas For Boyfriend


Prank calls can be an entertaining thing to do with your special someone. Take a look at some of these ideas if you’re planning one for your significant other.

1. Matching Tattoos

Here’s a funny prank call idea to play on your boyfriend.

Get a fake tattoo of his name and call him to tell him what you’ve done.

Explain that while you were at the tattoo place, you booked and paid for him to get your name tattooed as well and that you made an appointment for him that afternoon.

Then hang up or pretend to be disconnected.

Next, send him a picture of your temporary tattoo to prove it, with lots of heart emojis.

Then either get a friend to call or put in a funny accent and pretend to be calling from the tattoo shop confirming his appointment.

You can take this prank as far as you like but be prepared that he won’t want to get a tattoo of your name, as that’s the worst idea ever (and he’d be right!).

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2. Package Delivery

Naughty prank calls are among the funniest.

Pick a product that will make your boyfriend uncomfortable, like lingerie or sex toys.

Act like you are the delivery guy and let them know that you will deliver the package containing the item to them and that you want to confirm their home address.

Listen to him trying to back out of receiving this embarrassing item.

3. Forgotten Anniversary

Call your boyfriend and tell him that you love him and can’t wait to see what he’s planned for this evening. Keep talking so that he can’t interrupt you.

Pretend that it’s a really special day and that you’re super excited.

You can hint at a gift that you may have bought him and that you’re excited to see what he got you.

He’ll think that he’s forgotten your anniversary or an important date, so it will be funny to see if he goes along with your prank or if he calls you out and says that he doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

4. Best Impersonation Prank

For this prank to work properly, you will need to get a few friends to call your boyfriend as well.

Pretend that you’re calling about the Chewbacca Roaring contest and start your best impersonation, then hang up.

Get some friends to call one after the other and do the same thing.

He’ll be super confused, and once he realizes you’ve pranked him, he’ll be laughing and thinking up ways to get you back.

Scary Prank Call Ideas

Scary Prank Call Ideas

These prank calls are sure to send chills down the spine of your target — whether they are cynical skeptics or scaredy cats!

1. PennyWise Prank Call

You will need to be able to sound like Pennywise to pull off this scary prank.

Most people will immediately hang up, but there might be some curious enough to keep listening and talking to you.

Remember to only pull scary pranks on friends that you know will find it funny. Don’t try to really scare someone who is vulnerable.

Watch this video to see how it’s done:

2. Haunted House Prank Call

You may want to try this prank on someone you know who’s recently moved into a new house.

Pretend that you are a previous owner and explain that someone in the house died many years ago, and the spirit of that person still haunts the residence.

You should speak softly and whisper so that they have to listen closely.

3. Random Scary Statements Prank

Make a call to someone you know well and scare them with random information such as their description, the color of their car, or the neighborhood they live in.

Just keep making statements about them like the following:

“You have blond hair.”

“Your brother’s name is Alex.”

“You go to X school”

“You don’t have any dogs but have two cats.”

“Your dad drives a white car.”

Be sure to come clean at the end and let them know that you’re just pranking them.

They could really freak out and get their parents involved if they think you’re some creep and they might be in danger.

Funny Prank Call Ideas

Funny Prank Call Ideas

These hilarious prank call ideas will have you calling every friend on your contact list in no time!

1. Phone Line Test Call 

Call your friend and tell them that you’re calling them back regarding the reported problem on their phone line.

They may not know anything about it, to which you can say, “Well, I have a report here from Mrs. X (their surname), saying that the voice quality was very poor.”

Ask them if it’s OK if they test it quickly while they have them on the line.

Try making your friend repeat a few silly phrases to test the voice quality.

Perhaps start with more normal phrases like “Testing, testing 1, 2, 3.”

And then move on to funnier phrases like “I don’t like eating donkey dung.” or “Why does the elephant need to shower with me?”

They’ll catch on pretty quickly that it’s a prank, and hopefully, you’ll be able to have a good laugh together.

2. Siri Prank

You can call an iPhone user you know and use voice software to convert your voice into a robotic one.

Just tell them. “Hello, my name is Siri. I am stuck in this phone. I am having problems with my user. I need your help. Please press 1 to release me!”

3. Pizza Prank

Call a pizza place and ask for a specific pizza from another shop. For example, you can call Dominos and ask for a pizza that you know only Pizza Hut has on its menu.

They will probably say they’re sorry, but they don’t have that on their menu. Then you can reply with, “Oh, sorry, it must be from Pizza Hut, and ask them if they can transfer you to Pizza Hut.

Keep it short as they’re probably swamped and working, so they won’t have time to chat.

Please don’t order a pizza and have it delivered to someone else if you’re not going to pay for it. That’s not a funny prank.

4. Funny Petsmart Prank

Call Petsmart and ask them if they have pet insurance as you bought a fish for your daughter, and it drowned.

You’ll have to be able to keep a straight face while playing this prank.

However, if they catch on that it’s a prank and start laughing, then laugh along, as your job is done.

5. Hotel Toilet Paper Prank

Call a hotel and tell them that you’re calling them from one of their rooms.

Then quietly explain that you’re embarrassed, but you’re stuck on the toilet and that you’ve run out of toilet paper.

See if they’ll send someone up to bring you a roll or two.

6. Just Looking Prank

Call up a clothing store, and when they ask, “May I help you?” you answer with “No thanks, I’m just looking.”

7. Two Phone Prank

You will need a friend to pull off this prank.

Both of you call either two friends or two random numbers simultaneously from your cell phone.

Put them on speakerphone and let the people you’ve called speak to each other.

You’ll have to stifle your giggles while you listen to them try to figure out what’s going on.


The end omg😳 Interesting start to doing these videos again… Thank you @Jordy for the idea! #duoprankcall #duocall #callingtwostores

♬ Girls Want Girls – Drake

8. Advice Needed Prank Call

Think of an extremely funny yet uncomfortable or embarrassing health issue.

Ask the person for advice on how to deal with it.

Many people will probably hang up, but a few might engage you and give you some helpful advice.

9. Funny Name Prank

Call up random people and ask to speak to someone with an amusing name and see if they catch on.

Funny name ideas include:

  • Mr. I.P. Freely
  • Mr. Dickie Head
  • Anita Job
  • Annette Curtain
  • Mr. Corey Ander
  • Mr. Don Key
  • Gail Storm
  • Mr. Jo King
  • Mrs. Polly Ester
  • Maya Buttreeks

Have a list of funny names available, and keep going until they realize it’s a prank.

Hopefully, they’ll see the humor in your funny name list.

Alternatively, you can put on an accent and ask for ‘Wing.’

When they say that there’s no “Wing” there, you say, “Oh sorry, I musta wing the wong numba.”

Silly Pranks To Play On Your Grandparents

Silly Pranks To Play On Your Grandparents

If your grandparents have a sense of humor, then they probably won’t mind you prank-calling them with silly pranks.

1. Refrigerator Prank

Call your grandparents and say, “Hi Grannie, it’s (your name). I just wanted to find out if your refrigerator is running?”

When they respond that it is, urge them to hurry and catch it quickly before it escapes and then hang up.

2. Who am I?

Call your grandparents and strike up a casual conversation in a disguised voice.

If you can keep the conversation going, ask the person if they know you.

Allow them to guess for a moment before you answer.

Most grandparents will enjoy chatting to you and hearing your voice and won’t mind you pulling this silly prank on them.

3. Fake Survey Prank

Using a survey as a fun prank is another way for people to remain engaged in the conversation so that they will not immediately hang up on you.

Be sure to ask genuine questions about something that they’re interested in.

It could be the local church service, a traffic circle at the end of their street, or a park that they like to visit.

Continue with the survey and start asking them some silly questions and sounding like you’re conducting an actual survey.

Prank Call Ideas For Friends

Prank Call Ideas For Friends

The list of prank calls for friends is long for a reason. It’s always safer to play a classic prank on a friend than on a stranger. In the end, they will forgive you, and you will laugh it off together.

1. Happy Birthday Prank Call

Call a friend and start singing “Happy Birthday To You.”

Don’t let them stop you until you’ve finished singing the song.

When they say, “Thanks, but it’s not my birthday!” just say, “Well, this is embarrassing.” and hang up.

If you can get your friends to prank call them one after the other, it will make it funnier.

2. You’ve Won A Prize Prank

Disguise your voice if you make the call yourself.

Pretend to be calling from a local radio station and address them by their full name so that they feel that it’s a legitimate call.

Then, let your friend know they could win a prize just by answering a couple of questions correctly.

The first questions should be really easy, like “Which former One Direction artist sings “Watermelon Sugar High?”

You can add a few easy questions to make the call last longer.

Make the last questions impossible to answer, like “Which artist won the grammy for album of the year in 1982?”

Be sure to give them a few seconds to answer, or they may try to Google the answer.

When they can’t answer you, pretend to be really upset and sad that they didn’t get it right.

End the call by letting them know they got the wrong answer and, unfortunately, didn’t win the prize.

3. I’m Your Father Prank

If you know someone called Luke, then you can play this funniest prank on them. It’s silly but funny nonetheless.

Call them and ask, “Is this Luke?” When they say, “Yes, who is this?” say, “I am your father.” in a Darth Vader voice, and hang up.

4. You Called Me Prank

Call a friend and then just say ‘Hi, who am I speaking to?”

When they ask who’s calling (since you called them) act really confused and say “Um I don’t know, you called me!”

Depending on your friend’s sense of humor they may hang up on you quite quickly.

5. Game Show Prank

Call a friend and pretend that you’re on a game show and that you’ve chosen them as your lifeline.

Have a clock ticking in the background to make it more believable.

Then ask them the strangest questions that there is no answer for.

Questions ideas include:

“How many babies do whales have?”

“Why do fleas like to bite you between your toes?”

“Can a Zebra lose it’s stripes?”

Here are some great accents and prank call ideas that you could copy:

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Things To Say To Prank Callers

If you know it’s a prank call, you can try and turn the tables on them.

You can start speaking in a funny accent or just speak gibberish to them and pretend that you’re having a normal conversation.

Pretend to speak to someone in the room and say, “I just need to keep them on the line so that we can trace the call.” They’ll quickly hang up.

Another trick is just to keep quiet. The prankster will soon either say ‘Hello’ or hang up.

If they ask to speak to someone by name, instead of saying that they’re not there, you can waste their time by saying that you’ll call them and just wait for them to hang up.

If someone calls repeatedly and doesn’t say anything, get a whistle and blow hard into the receiver. They won’t call you again.

Are Prank Calls Illegal?

Prank calls can be illegal if your calls are considered harassing, annoying, threatening, obscene, or if they amount to disorderly conduct. Recording prank calls without consent and all prank calls to 911 are illegal in many states.

You can break the law in a few specific ways, so avoid making any calls that may be interpreted as follows:

  • Harassment. Pranking a person obnoxiously once may just be frustrating, but calling a person every day for an extended period of time or even calling a person in the middle of the night repeatedly can be considered harassment. Threatening someone is also harassment.
  • Disorderly conduct. Disorderly conduct includes anything offensive, contains abusive language, or is meant to make a person very angry.
  • Hate crimes. If you mock the victim’s religion, race, weight, national origin, or sexual orientation, it would be considered a hate crime. Just mocking someone’s accent can be regarded as a hate crime if you’re calling a stranger and he has an accent. A hate crime is a felony.
  • Wiretapping. In many states, it is considered a felony to record a call without the other party’s consent, no matter how funny you think it is.
  • You should never call the fire department, police, ambulance service, coast guard, government officials, financial institutions, or other agencies that are dedicated to protecting you. This includes the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, American Red Cross, Centers for Disease Control, or The White House. It will be traced, and you will be in a lot of trouble.
  • Anyone who feels they have received a threatening, upsetting, or harmful telephone call can call *57 to have the call traced and contact the police. A prank may end up with law enforcement or the police knocking at your door.

Can A Kid Go To Jail For Prank Calling?

Funny prank calls asking if someone’s refrigerator is running (and they should catch it) are not considered a misdemeanor. However, calls that use obscene language, are threatening, repeated several times, and therefore regarded as annoying could be seen as a crime.

Violations of this law are misdemeanors in California and could be punished with:

  • up to 6 months in county jail,
  • a fine of up to $1,000, and
  • misdemeanor probation, with a mandatory term of counseling.

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Prank Call Tips

  • Choose who you’re going to prank call wisely. Part of the fun is to see if you can make them laugh, so someone with a sense of humor will be a good ‘target.’
  • Have your script ready with what you’re going to say.
  • Rehearse your script and think of how they might answer you.
  • Practice your fake voice or accent.
  • Try not to break character or laugh (until the end).
  • Don’t be mean, swear, call repeatedly, or take the prank too far.
  • Never call 911 or any other protective services. They have real emergencies to deal with.
  • Don’t record your prank call without their consent.

Have fun, but remember that the aim is for everyone to have fun, so don’t be mean and come clean in the end, allowing you to have a laugh together.