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School Pranks: The Best Pranks to Play in a Classroom!

There’s something invigorating about the idea of playing a harmless prank, particularly in the structured, rule-driven environment of a school.

A well-executed prank can be a humorous and memorable experience for everyone involved, as long as it’s done in good spirits and without causing harm or distress.

Here, we delve into some of the best school pranks, categorized into harmless pranks, senior pranks, classic pranks, funny pranks, and safe pranks.

Harmless School Pranks

These pranks are gentle in nature and are sure to bring about a good laugh without causing any inconvenience or trouble to others.

apple school pranks

1. The Apple Prank

There are several apple pranks that one could pull off in class. Here are two of our favorites.

  • Place a fake apple on the teacher’s desk before they come into the room. This simple, traditional gesture is a nod to the bygone era when students would bring apples for their teachers. Watching them take a bite out of it will be hysterical.
  • For the following apple prank, you’ll need a small knife and a bag of gummy worms. Start by carefully cutting a small hole in the top of an apple, making sure to remove the stem. Next, insert a gummy worm into the hole, leaving a portion of it sticking out. Place the apple back in their lunch bag, ensuring it looks inconspicuous. When your unsuspecting victim goes to take a bite, they will be in for a slimy surprise as they discover the hidden gummy worm.  

2. The Egg Timer Prank

The egg timer prank is a classic and harmless prank that is guaranteed to confuse and amuse your classmates. All you need for this prank is an egg timer. Simply set the timer for a short duration, like 5 minutes, and hide it in a desk or classroom drawer.

Make sure it’s positioned in a way that when it goes off, it will be difficult to find. Sit back and watch as your classmates search frantically for the source of the mysterious beeping sound. This prank works best in a quiet environment, where the sound will be more noticeable. 

3. The Sticky Tape Chair

Place clear tape over the legs of a chair and tie it to the table. When someone tries to move it, it will be stuck, causing a harmless surprise to both the person and the rest of the class. Just make sure to use a tape that is easy to remove without causing any damage to the chair.

4. The Insect Prank

Place realistic-looking fake insects in a teacher’s desk drawer, under students’ desks or in lockers and watch their reactions when they stumble upon them. Make sure to reveal it’s a prank quickly to alleviate any real fears.

5. Tape Two Textbook Pages Together

This harmless mischief requires you to discreetly tape together two pages of a textbook together with double-sided tape. When someone tries to turn the page, they’ll be momentarily puzzled.

6. Hide Alarm Clocks in Lockers

Hide a few alarm clocks in different lockers and set them to ring at various times. The sporadic ringing will cause a light-hearted stir in the hallways.

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Senior School Pranks

Senior Pranks

These pranks are a notch up, orchestrated mainly by seniors to leave a humorous legacy behind.

1. Cover the Class Completely with Tin Foil

Take aluminum foil and cover every item in the classroom. The silvery spectacle will be a visual gag for both teachers and students.

2. Put an ‘Out of Order’ Sign on the Teacher’s Toilet

A classic mischief – place an ‘Out of Order’ sign on the teacher’s toilet door and watch as they wander around looking for an alternative.

3. Cups in the Corridor Prank

Fill the corridor with cups of water, making it a tricky pathway for anyone trying to navigate through. Make sure to clean up afterward to avoid any slips!

4. Wrap the Principal’s Car in Plastic Wrap

Wrap the principal’s car in plastic wrap. It’s a harmless but hilarious sight that will have the whole school talking.

5. Cover the Field in Plastic Forks

Push hundreds of plastic forks into the field, creating a quirky, fork-filled landscape. Make sure to clean up afterward to keep the prank eco-friendly.

Watch the video below for some more fun school prank ideas:

Classic School Pranks

classic school pranks - magical clock

These pranks have stood the test of time, eliciting laughter generation after generation.

1. The Magical Clock

Set the classroom clock to run faster or slower, leaving everyone in a temporal confusion. It’s a harmless way to add a magical touch to a mundane school day.

2. The Fart Prank

Use a whoopee cushion or a sound app to create embarrassing, funny fart noises. It’s juvenile but almost always gets a laugh.

3. The Fake Test Prank

Create a fake, absurdly difficult test and hand it out to the class. Watch as your classmates or teacher struggle to answer your crazy questions and become increasingly frustrated. Just make sure to reveal the prank before things get too out of hand!

4. Paper Airplane in Ceiling

This prank is simple yet effective, and it’s sure to leave everyone wondering how the paper airplane ended up stuck on the ceiling.

This only works if you have ceiling tiles with those little holes in them. 

The trick is to fold several paper airplanes and add a staple to the point, making it easier to penetrate the ceiling tile and stick to it.

Launch a paper airplane into the suspended ceiling tiles when the teacher is not looking. It’s a classic classroom antic that often goes unnoticed but leaves a legendary mark.

5. Swap Cables Around for Keyboard and Mouse

Start by finding two computers that are close to each other or have the same setup. Then, discreetly swap the keyboard and mouse cables between the two computers. Make sure to do this while no one is around to avoid suspicion.

As your classmates try to use the computers, they’ll be left scratching their heads wondering why the keyboard and mouse aren’t functioning properly. It’s a harmless prank that is sure to bring some laughs, just be prepared for some confused looks and maybe even a bit of mild frustration!

6. Saran Wrap Doorway

Cover a doorway or passage with tightly stretched saran wrap at chest or head height. When someone unsuspectingly walks through, they’ll be met with a harmless but startling barrier.

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Funny School Pranks

Funny Pranks

These pranks are sure to elicit laughter and brighten up a dull school day.

1. The Upside-down Computer

The upside-down computer prank involves taking advantage of the few moments when your teacher leaves the room and using those moments to flip their desktop image upside-down.

All you need to do is take a screenshot of their desktop, rotate the image 180 degrees, and save it as their new background photo. When they come back into the room, they may be confused as to why their screen looks so strange.

If properly executed though, this prank can bring a lot of amusement and laughs into the classroom for all students involved.

2. The Name Peg Prank

Swap name pegs around in the classroom. It’s a mild confusion that will cause a lot of giggles as people find themselves misidentified.

3. The School Menu Prank

Create a fake, humorous school menu and replace the original one on the notice board. The wacky food items will surely catch attention and spread laughter.

4. The Note Prank

We all know that teachers don’t like it when you pass notes in class.

In this prank, you want to have a note handy so that if you get caught by the teacher, your note will say something to the effect of “I really like this class, and s/he is my favorite teacher.”

Watch their anger turn to confusion and possibly even joy when they take the note from you and read it. 

5. Change Seats Every Time the Teacher Turns Their Back

Choose a group of friends who are willing to participate in the prank. The more students involved, the better the effect. When the teacher turns their back to write on the board or talk to another student, silently signal to your group to switch seats.

Everyone should quickly and quietly move to a different seat without attracting too much attention. It’s essential not to disrupt the class or distract the teacher. Keep switching seats every time the teacher turns their back. The key is to be swift and discreet to maintain the element of surprise.

6. Body In Trunk Prank

Place a dummy or a mannequin in the trunk of a teacher’s car, slightly ajar for effect. Make sure to reveal the prank quickly to avoid any distress.

7. Glue Coins to the Floor

Glue a few coins to the floor and watch as people amusingly struggle to pick them up.

8. Put Pants and Shoes on Sticks and Place Them in Bathroom Stalls

Create fake legs using pants, shoes, and sticks, and place them in bathroom stalls. The sight is bound to cause a double take and a good laugh.

Safe School Pranks

Safe Pranks

These pranks are not only harmless but also completely safe to pull off without causing any discomfort.

1. The Balloon Prank

Fill the classroom, cupboard, or a teacher’s office with balloons. It’s a colorful and joyful prank that will brighten everyone’s day.

2. The Itchy Head Prank

While talking to your friends, start scratching your head. It might help if you get a friend to join you in the prank and say that they just heard that someone’s younger brother has lice. Keep scratching your head, and soon, you’ll see others start to scratch their heads as well.

3. The Birthday Prank

Get a group of friends to celebrate a fake birthday for a teacher or a student. The bigger the surprise celebration, the better. Get balloons and streamers and even a cake. Start singing Happy Birthday as soon as the ‘birthday person’ walks into the room. The unexpected celebration will be a happy surprise.

4. Inside Out Backpack

Turn a classmate’s backpack inside out when they are not paying attention. It’s a harmless yet funny sight.

5. Put Googly Eyes All Over The School

Stick googly eyes on posters, pictures, and random objects around the school. Transform ordinary objects into amusing characters by sticking googly eyes on them.

From classroom supplies to posters or even desktop items, the possibilities are endless. The unexpected surprise of inanimate objects “looking back” can create a playful atmosphere.

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Final Thoughts on Funny Pranks To Do at School

In wrapping up, the essence of a good prank is to foster amusement and laughter among the participants without causing harm or distress. The plethora of prank ideas illustrated above provides a perfect recipe for those seeking to add a touch of mischief to the school environment.

From water balloons to duct tape exploits, the variety of pranks covered cater to different grades and personal preferences, making it easy to find one or more pranks to pull off.

If you are leaning towards a fun prank, you might find the use of toilet paper or a harmless rubber band trick appealing.

However, for those with a knack for the more adventurous, introducing fake cockroaches into the mix could raise the stakes a bit. The thought of filling the halls with balloons or executing a well-planned day prank definitely holds a unique allure for prank enthusiasts.

Disgusting pranks like the thought of laxatives in water coolers could be too extreme and potentially harmful, hence it’s vital to consider the safety and the comfort of the individuals involved while planning a prank. Taking the well-being of every student and staff member, including animals, into consideration is paramount.

Prank calling, a classic, provides a safer outlet for those seeking to indulge in a harmless prank, provided it’s done respectfully and within the right boundaries.

The amusement pranks provide, whether it’s the laugh evoked by awesome pranks or the shock induced by others, forms part of the unforgettable memories associated with school life.

As you explore your favorite pranks or venture into trying out new ones, it’s always a good rule of thumb to ensure they are safe, respectful, and well-received.

The awesome prank suggestions like using huge water pistols to create a splash of fun, or the simplistic yet effective classic pranks, offer a wide palette for prank connoisseurs to choose from.

In conclusion, executing a well-thought-out, harmless prank can provide humorous relief from the daily school routine. It’s essential to ensure that the prank is in good spirits and doesn’t harm or distress anyone involved. So, go ahead, add a little humor to the school day, and create some memorable, laugh-worthy moments.