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Gartic Phone Game: More Than Just Digital Pictionary

Gartic Phone is a popular online multiplayer game inspired by the classic party game “Telephone” (also known as “Chinese Whispers”), with a  visual twist.

In Gartic Phone, players draw and guess to keep a story going. The game often results in hilarious outcomes as drawings and guesses evolve and divert from the original prompt.

In this article, we’ll explain how to play this hilarious game and share our top Gartic Phone prompts, sentences, and phrases. 

What is the Gartic Phone Game?

Gartic Phone is an incredibly entertaining and hilarious online game similar to the classic telephone game. Gartic Phone puts a unique twist on the concept, combining it with the power of drawings.

The game starts with a prompt, which can range from simple phrases like “pink balloon” to more complex ones like “papaya with eyes singing.” Each player then has a limited amount of time to depict the prompt through a quick drawing.

After the time is up, the drawing is passed on to the next player who must guess what the original phrase or concept was based solely on the visual representation. Now, this is where things often take an unexpected and hilarious turn. Just like whispers in the telephone game, misinterpretation, and creative license come into play, resulting in hilarious and often absurd guesses.

Once the next player has made their guess, they then create a new drawing based on their interpretation, and the cycle repeats. With each passing turn, the original phrase or concept undergoes a transformation, becoming more distorted and comical.

The beauty of Gartic Phone lies in its simplicity and unpredictability. No matter how clear or obvious the prompt seems, players’ imaginations can lead to bizarre and unexpected directions. From drawings of thorny stems turning into moldy mothballs to black mice morphing into fat flying flies, the possibilities are endless.

But it’s not only the drawings and interpretations that bring joy to players; it’s also the big reveal at the end. At the conclusion of the game, all the drawings and guesses are displayed in sequential order, creating a chain of absurd and hilarious transformations. It’s like watching a comedy skit unfold before your eyes.

How to Play Gartic Phone Game?

Gartic Phone can be played casually with friends or in larger groups and is especially popular as a party or streaming game. It’s accessible on both computers and mobile devices, making it easy for anyone to join in on the fun.

To start playing Gartic Phone, all you need is a device with an internet connection, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Here’s how to play Gartic Phone:

1. Setting Up the Game:

  • Visit the official Gartic Phone website.
  • Click on “Play” to start a new game or join an existing one.
  • If you start a new game, you can choose the number of rounds and other settings.
  • Once done, you’ll get a link to share with your friends so they can join your game.

2. Gameplay:

  • Writing Phase: Each player starts by writing a prompt or phrase. This could be anything from “a cat wearing a hat” to more complex scenarios.
  • Set the timer: Once the prompt is chosen, a timer is set for a specific amount of time, typically around 60 seconds. This time limit adds a sense of urgency and excitement to the game.
  • Drawing Phase: Players are then given someone else’s phrase and must draw it to the best of their ability within a limited time.
  • Pass it on: When the timer runs out, the drawing is passed on to the next player in the game. Now, it’s their turn to guess what the original prompt was based solely on the visual representation. This is where things can get interesting and hilarious!
  • Guess and draw: The next player must try to decipher the drawing and write down their guess or interpretation of the prompt. Once they have made their guess, they create a new drawing based on their interpretation, and the cycle continues.
  • Repeat and transform: As the game progresses, each player’s guess becomes the next player’s prompt, and the drawings undergo a hilarious transformation with each turn. It’s like a game of visual Chinese whispers, where the original prompt gradually gets distorted, resulting in unexpected and amusing outcomes.

3. End of Round:

  • Reveal and enjoy: Once everyone has had their turn, it’s time for the big reveal. All the drawings and guesses are displayed in sequential order, creating a chain of absurd and funny transformations. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the laughter as you witness the evolution of each prompt.

4. Tips:

  • The game isn’t about being the best artist. Stick figures and simple drawings work just fine.
  • When guessing, it’s best to be as descriptive as possible.
  • The fun is in seeing how the story evolves, so don’t worry if things go off track. That’s part of the game!

Playing Gartic Phone is not only incredibly fun but also a fantastic way to stimulate your creativity and imagination. It’s a game that guarantees laughter and memorable moments, no matter your artistic skills or age.

Watch the video below to see how to play:

Funny Gartic Phone Sentences

Gartic Phone is not just any ordinary drawing game – it’s a hilarious roller coaster ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. One of the most entertaining aspects of this game is the funny sentences that players come up with as prompts.

These silly and absurd game sentences add an extra layer of humor to the already laugh-inducing gameplay.

gartic phone game sentences

Here are some humorous Gartic Phone sentences that players can use:

1. A giraffe trying to fit inside a phone booth.

2. An octopus baking a pie with its eight arms.

3. Dinosaurs having a dance-off under a disco ball.

4. A penguin sunbathing on a tropical beach.

5. A snail racing a turtle with jetpacks.

6. Aliens trying to assemble IKEA furniture.

7. A dragon with hiccups trying to light a campfire.

8. A kangaroo and a koala having a tea party.

9. A fish riding a bicycle on the ocean floor.

10. Cows doing yoga in a field at sunrise.

11. A potato giving a motivational speech to vegetables.

12. A vampire drinking a smoothie at a juice bar.

13. Bigfoot taking a selfie in front of a mirror.

14. An astronaut playing basketball on the moon.

15. A mermaid DJing at an underwater music festival.

16. A llama in sunglasses driving a convertible.

17. Zombies participating in a marathon.

18. A unicorn and a narwhal playing chess on a rainbow.

19. A robot trying to knit a sweater.

20. A cactus doing a hula hoop routine.

Players can take these prompts and let their creativity run wild, drawing out the scenarios to the best of their abilities.

The game’s fun lies in seeing how these sentences are interpreted and evolve through drawings and guesses!

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Funny Gartic Phone Prompts

One of the most entertaining and hilarious aspects of playing Gartic Phone is the funny and outrageous prompts that players come up with.

These prompts take ordinary phrases and turn them into laugh-out-loud sentences that are sure to leave everyone in stitches.

Funny Gartic Phone Prompts

Here are some of our favorite funny Gartic Phone prompts:

1. A sloth winning a 100-meter dash.

2. An owl with an insomniac problem.

3. A chicken crossing the road… to a rock concert.

4. Elephants forming a conga line in the jungle.

5. A walrus auditioning for a talent show with a saxophone.

6. A cat trying on different superhero capes.

7. A hedgehog rollerskating through a maze.

8. A bear and a bee having a picnic.

9. An armadillo disco dancing in roller skates.

10. A pizza slice surfing on melted cheese waves.

11. A frog prince refusing to be kissed.

12. A wolf in grandma’s clothing at a fashion show.

13. A loaf of bread protesting against toasters.

14. A moon taking a day off and sunbathing.

15. A dolphin reading a bedtime story to fish.

16. A mushroom with an umbrella avoiding rain.

17. A ghost stuck in a bubblegum bubble.

18. A spaghetti noodle rock climbing meatballs.

19. A snowman building a sandcastle at the beach.

20. An alien teaching a class on “Understanding Humans”.

These prompts are meant to be light-hearted and amusing, making it fun for players to draw and interpret in various creative ways!

Funny Phrases for Gartic Phone Game

Funny phrases are the lifeblood of Gartic Phone. They are the catalyst for outrageous drawings and endless laughter. 

Funny Phrases for Gartic Phone Game - astronaut meditating in space

Here are our favorite funny ideas and list of phrases:

1. Dancing ballerina on a blue boat.

2. Restless roosters doing yoga on yoga mats.

3. Fat flying flies wearing tiny blue coats.

4. A short-legged giraffe in a bathtub.

5. Papaya with eyes singing like a superstar.

6. Gigantic spider knitting a cozy jumbo-sized sweater.

7. Horny kumquats exchanging secret passwords.

8. A winged dog with laser eyes.

9. An astronaut meditating in space.

10. A dog chasing its own tail.

11. A guppy in a shark tank.

12. Dracula drinking dark drool.

13. Micky Mouse eating candy floss and colored candies.

14. Fit flamingoes have sexy dance moves.

15. Grumpy mummies dance in space.

Funny phrases are the fuel that propels Gartic Phone to new heights of laughter and creativity. From dancing ballerinas on a blue boat to papayas crooning like superstars, these fun ideas and prompts ignite the imagination and create moments of joy and hilarity.

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Weird Sentences for Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone, the hilarious and unpredictable drawing game, is famous for its weird and wacky sentences that leave players in stitches.

These absurd and outrageous prompts take creativity to a whole new level, challenging participants to conjure up the most bizarre and surreal images imaginable.

Imagine trying to depict any of the following scenes:

1. Guilty pleasure Michael Jordan is eating raw fish on a subway surfer with a pink balloon tied to his yoga mat.

2. Nicolas Cage riding a gigantic spider while wearing a chicken quesadilla.

3. Restless roosters dancing ballet on thorny kumquat.

4. Black mice riding blue boats with thorny stems for oars.

5. Papaya with eyes singing ‘I’m a little teapot’ while wearing a pink balloon hat and doing yoga on a blue coat.

6. Humpty Dumpty dancing the tango with a gigantic spider.

7. Jackie Chan riding a roller coaster while eating Taco Bell.

8. Mickey Mouse afraid of heights and eating coconut lovers ice cream.

9. Fat flying flies eating blue chair ice cream while doing yoga on a subway surfer.

10. Restless roosters dancing ballet in thorny kumquats.

11. Black mice riding toy robots on thorny stems.

12. Moldy mothballs doing the tango with a giant spider.

13. A lettuce boat with paddles made from thorny stems.

14. A pet guinea pig eating a jar of ice cream. 

15. Dogs bark at Christopher Columbus waving a gift card.

16. A camel getting over hump day.

17. Brave soldiers selling cars for cash.

18. Tons of toadstools eating lots of rice.

19. Chicken rice with crispy coconut toppings.

20. Fresh fish with ballet shoes.

Quirky Sentences for Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone is a game that truly celebrates the weird and wacky. From the moment you start playing, you’re immersed in a world where phrases like

Quirky prompts can lead to some of the most unexpected and delightful outcomes in Gartic Phone.

gartic phone prompt - paper plane getting lost in a tornado of books

The following list of ideas and quirky sentences should get players’ creative juices flowing:

1. A paper plane getting lost in a tornado of books.

2. A cactus wearing a tutu and dreaming of ballet.

3. Sandwiches building a fort to fend off hungry humans.

4. A shoe tying its own laces in a knot, looking confused.

5. A refrigerator backpacking around a kitchen, taking pictures.

6. A piece of toast parachuting from a toaster.

7. A planet playing hopscotch with stars.

8. A rainbow sneezing and colors going everywhere.

9. A clock running late for its own alarm.

10. A flower pot plotting a great escape from the windowsill.

11. A balloon with a fear of heights attending therapy.

12. A teapot steaming with anger in a tea duel.

13. A rubber duck leading a parade in a bathtub.

14. A pencil sketching its own self-portrait.

15. A kite surfing the internet on a windy day.

16. An egg practicing karate, hoping not to crack.

17. A hat daydreaming of becoming a spaceship.

18. A cookie detective searching for the missing milk.

19. A fan cheering loudly at a sports game.

20. A bookworm digging tunnels in a digital tablet.

These quirky scenarios should spark fun interpretations and draw out players’ imaginations in hilarious and unexpected ways.

Good Gartic Phone Prompts

One of the joys of playing Gartic Phone lies in the prompts that kickstart the wild imagination and comedic genius within each player. 

Teens often appreciate prompts that resonate with their experiences, interests, and the world around them.

Here are some engaging Gartic Phone prompts tailored for teenagers:

1. A superhero powered by Wi-Fi strength.

2. An alien’s first day at high school.

3. Emojis hosting a talent show.

4. A skateboard rebelling against a pair of roller skates.

5. A pizza slice on a quest to find the perfect topping.

6. Social media icons battling in a dance-off.

7. A unicorn’s guide to acing school exams.

8. A dragon and a teen partnering for a TikTok dance.

9. Zombies organizing a prom night.

10. A book character accidentally stepping into a video game.

11. A mermaid’s vlog about underwater fashion trends.

12. A guitar dreaming of becoming a famous YouTube star.

13. Virtual reality glasses giving a tour of a fantasy world.

14. A selfie stick’s adventure in an amusement park.

15. Headphones and earbuds in a musical tug-of-war.

16. A smartphone dating a vintage typewriter.

17. A cactus joining a band as a drummer.

18. A backpack’s diary about its journeys through school.

19. The secret life of school stationery after hours.

20. A gaming console’s vacation to an arcade paradise.

These prompts can inspire creativity and relatability, reflecting the blend of pop culture, technology, and school life typical for many teenagers.

Dirty Gartic Phone Sentences

While Gartic Phone is a game that’s meant to be funny and lighthearted, there are times when the prompts take a turn towards the dirty and risqué side.

These dirty Gartic Phone sentences add an extra layer of laughter and cheekiness to the game as players try to navigate through the outrageous and sometimes inappropriate combinations.

Here are some cheeky Gartic Phone phrases to spice up your game:

1. That squirrel just stole my bikini top!

2. The moon blushes after the sun gives it a kiss.

3. A penguin in Hawaii looking for his swim trunks.

4. Pet rock has a crush on a pet plant.

5. Mermaids’ annual ‘no fins allowed’ dance-off.

6. The secret life of garden gnomes after midnight.

7. A cactus winking at me.

8. Unicorns throwing a better party than the rainbows.

9. The cookie jar caught red-handed, sneaking a cookie!

10. That goldfish thinks he’s the king of the seven seas.

11. Tomato turning red because it saw the salad dressing!

12. The moon borrowed the sun’s sunglasses.

13. A detective snail on the trail of the speedy tortoise.

14. The fridge meets the oven at a cool-hot date.

15. The marshmallow’s guide to not melting at campfires.

16. Flamingos throwing the ultimate leg-up dance challenge.

17. Mr. Potato Head trying on Mrs. Potato Head’s accessories.

18. The cat’s secret diary: Plot to Become Supreme Overlord.

19. Bedbugs putting on their tiny dancing shoes!

20. Your farts smell like cheeseburgers.

These cheeky phrases are bound to result in some fun, quirky interpretations in Gartic Phone!

Inappropriate Gartic Phone Ideas

Gartic Phone is no stranger to outrageous prompts, where players let their creativity run wild to deliver laughs and unexpected twists.

While the game largely revolves around innocent and fun drawings and sentences, there’s a mischievous side that compels some players to push the boundaries of appropriateness.

When it comes to inappropriate Gartic Phone prompts, one should be aware of the importance of consent and setting boundaries.

1. Know Your Audience:

While inappropriate prompts can be side-splittingly funny for some, it’s important to gauge the comfort level of all players involved. Gartic Phone is meant to be a light-hearted and enjoyable experience for everyone, so it’s crucial to establish boundaries and respect individual preferences. Consider the group dynamics and ensure that participants are open to exploring the wilder side of the game. Always prioritize a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to have a good time.

2. The Art of Suggestive Subtlety:

Inappropriate prompts in Gartic Phone don’t necessarily have to be overtly explicit. The true humor lies in the suggestive subtlety that prompts players to use their imagination. Whether it’s a sly reference or a clever innuendo, crafting prompts that balance wit and naughtiness adds an extra layer of creative challenge to the game. It’s all about finding the sweet spot where the prompts remain playful and entertaining without crossing personal boundaries.

Balancing wit and cheekiness without crossing boundaries can be a fun challenge. Here are some subtly suggestive Gartic Phone prompts:

1. A cucumber attending a spa day.

2. Peaches having a more voluptuous day than usual.

3. The eggplant’s popularity contest.

4. A banana practicing its best flirt.

5. The melons’ pool party went bust!

6. The secret whispers between a nut and a bolt.

7. Two cherries gossiping about the grapes.

8. When the hotdog admired the bun.

9. Carrots at their high-heel fashion show.

10. The sausage feeling a bit grilled at the BBQ.

11. The risqué adventures of the whipped cream can.

12. Two olives dancing tango on a pizza.

13. The oyster’s secret pearl presentation.

14. Lipsticks having a chat about who gets kissed the most.

15. The donut wondering who took its center.

16. The toast blushing after a buttery compliment.

17. The baguette’s long journey in the bakery.

18. The milkshake brings everyone to the yard.

19. The lemon and lime’s zesty night out.

20. The marshmallow getting too close to the chocolate.

These prompts are designed to be playfully cheeky without being overt, making them great for players who appreciate a touch of innuendo. Enjoy!