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13 Fun Challenges For Teens To Do With Friends

Spending time with friends can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you might find yourself looking for something new and exciting to do together. That’s where challenges come in – they offer a great way to bond and create memories while trying something new and sometimes even silly.

From viral internet challenges to classic games with a twist, there are plenty of fun challenges for teens to do with their friends that are sure to leave you laughing and having a great time.

Let’s have a look at some of the best challenges that are guaranteed to add some excitement to your next hangout session.

Fun Challenges For Teens To Do At Home

The internet is a gold mine of challenges that you can do with friends. Some of these challenges can be done spontaneously, and others need a bit more planning.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. The Bean Boozled Challenge

This one’s been around for quite some time, but if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a good one to try with your besties.

You each choose a jelly bean, and either it tastes like a juicy pear or like a booger! Yuck! Take up the challenge if you don’t fear being Bean Boozled! 

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 Watch how it’s played:

2. Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Get a good laugh with your friends with the try not to laugh challenge.

If you have time, try to find videos online that you think are hilarious, have your friends watch them, and see who laughs first.

The last person to laugh gets a prize, and the others who laughed first receive a consequence.

Watch how it’s played:

3. The Whisper Challenge

See which one of your friends can read lips best.

Write down a few phrases on small pieces of paper and roll them up.

Then, one person says the phrase aloud while the other tries to guess what it is.

The challenge is that they need to guess what’s being said with headphones on and loud music blasting in their ears.

Watch the video below to see how it’s played:

4. The Reddi Whip Flip Challenge

Got a bottle or two of whipped cream lying around?

Try this fun challenge to see who can flip a blob of whipped cream into their mouth the fastest.

You can also try to see who can flip the most blobs within a given time.

Watch how it’s played in the video below:

5. What’s In The Box Challenge

Challenge your sense of touch! Get a box and cut a hole on two opposite sides, just big enough for your arms to fit.

Place an item inside and have your friends guess what that item is, going only by how it feels.

Watch how it’s played:

6. Blind Make-Up Artist Challenge

See who can best make up their partner while being blindfolded. This challenge is hysterically funny as, undoubtedly, the models won’t look great at the end of the challenge. 

7. Hamburger Challenge

A non-participant purchases several hamburgers from different fast-food restaurants. To minimize waste, each burger can be cut in half since it’s unlikely that the entire burger will be consumed. Participants must put on their blindfolds and taste each burger and guess which restaurant it came from. Each correct answer earns them a point. The participant with the most points at the end of the challenge is declared the winner.

8. Blind Food Tasting Challenge

This is a fun challenge for young and old. You can choose just about any food you have around the house. Some have even used baby food. Just be sure that the food isn’t too hot to avoid burning someone’s mouth. It’s probably best to serve it on a spoon so that you don’t stick anyone with a sharp fork or skewer either.

9. Raw Onion Challenge

Probably best for older teens as younger tweens might not be able to handle this challenge. Participants must compete to see who can eat a whole raw onion (without drinking anything). Be sure to get someone to film it as it will most likely be a great TikTok to share. 

10. Minute-To-Win-It Challenges

There are so many fun minute-to-win-it challenges to play with your friends.  From watermelon ninja to heart transplant and cookie face, you can visit our Fun Minute To Win It Games For Teens post for some amazing games to play.

11. Tortilla Slap Challenge

This is still a seriously fun challenge for teens to play. The objective of the game is to avoid laughing, which is a pretty difficult task since you will have water in your mouth while someone smacks you in the face with a tortilla. As absurd as it may seem, the result is totally hilarious.

If you need a good laugh then have a look at the tortilla slap challenge compilation video below:

12. Say Anything Challenge

To attempt the Say Anything Challenge, you’ll need your best friend and some tape. Each person takes turns drawing a category from a bowl. The aim is to avoid stumbling or saying ‘ah or um’ and maintain a steady pace.

When a category is selected, every participant must utter a word that fits the category. For instance, if the category is animals, the first person might say “dog,” the second person “cat,” and so on. The individual who gets stuck and cannot think of a word receives a piece of tape on their face from their opponent. The person with the most pieces of tape over their mouth at the end of the game loses.

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13. Russian Roulette Egg Challenge

fun challenges for teens

Boil a few eggs and leave one raw. Participants must each choose an egg from the carton. Once everyone has an egg they must smash it against their heads. The loser is the person who gets raw egg on their face.

There are so many more amazing challenges that you can do with your friends and family at home. I hope these have given you some ideas to get you started.