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Unique & Cool Valentine’s Gifts For Teens

Find your favorite Valentine’s gifts for teens, tweens, as well as gifts that couples can share.

Valentine’s might not be celebrated by everyone but it’s a great excuse to remind those special people in our lives, just how much we care about them.

I’ve selected my favorite Valentine’s gifts for teens, some gift ideas for tweens, as well as gifts that couples can share.

Find the perfect gift for your teenage son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend from one of our many gifts listed below. I’ve even thought of the unromantic people in our lives, and have added some gag gifts, to make them smile, and feel loved at the same time.

Table of Contents

Valentine’s Gifts For Teenage Girls / Girlfriend

Giant 5-Foot Valentine’s Teddy Bear

You can’t go wrong with this 5-feet long teddy bear to express how you really feel on Valentine’s Day!

He’s ultra-soft and huggable  – just like you 😉

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Custom Fleece Blanket

Surprise your Valentine with a personalized fleece blanket from FurbabyPrints with an illustration of her pet.

There are several heart backgrounds to choose from, making this the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for teens.

Make it the most romantic Valentine’s yet, but surprising her with a romantic picnic as well.

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

The Lovebox spinner is a modern version of the classic love note, through which you can send messages to your loved one.

Sending a message through the easy-to-use app will make the heart on the bamboo box spin, letting them know there’s a message waiting for them. When they open the box, they can read your message on the mirrored screen inside.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

The Black & White Lovebox can display emojis and messages, while the Color Pix version can also send photos.

The Lovebox Connected Messenger is compatible with a dual-band Wifi network or standard 2.4Ghz home Wifi.

It is unfortunately not compatible with 5Ghz or with most universities’ Wifi systems. So if you want to send it to a college student, you could find out if there is a “guest” Wifi network or contact your institution’s IT team to find out how to connect to their network.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Love Throw Pillows

Teenage girls love spending time in their rooms, so some gorgeous love throw pillows will certainly be a constant reminder of your love for them.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens
Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Red Heart Pillow

Send a direct message with this red heart pillow. The best way to express your love does not require you to think too hard.

The greatest gift you can give is your heart. Give a red heart pillow as an expression of your love and let someone know you care.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Quote Jar Candle “Love You”

Valentine’s Day can be especially magical when you add a little sparkle and a romantic fragrance!

Lavender, geranium, warm mahogany, and earthy wood-scented soy wax candles are an ideal gesture for showing your care.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens


Roses That Last A Year

Every girl loves receiving roses, but have you heard about these roses that last a year?

Real roses are preserved using a non-toxic process making your roses last up to a year. Also called longevity or eternity roses, these are the perfect gift to show her that your love is made to last.

This is by far my favorite Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens
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Valentines Gifts For Teen Boys / Boyfriend

Here are some super cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas for teenage boys.

Hug Club Personalized Blanket

Perhaps your teenage son is not dating right now, but he loves to cuddle with his pet cat or dog? Well, then this Best Friend – Hug Club personalized blanket from FurbabyPrints is the perfect gift for him.

Send in a photo of his pet, and they will illustrate it and print it on a blanket (or phone case, etc.)

They can even illustrate a photo of him and his pet if you prefer.

There are several cute design options and background colors to choose from.

Hug Club Best Friend blanket valentine's gifts for teens

“Best Boyfriend Ever” Memory Book

It will be easy to show your boyfriend just how much he means to you, and it will help you remember all the special moments you’ve shared together.

There are touching quotes throughout the book, pages to revisit special memories and add photos.  The 9 things I love about you page and the awesome coupons page are definite romance boosters.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Curve Crush Cologne Spray

Got a crush on someone? You can’t go wrong with this Curve Crush Cologne Spray that smells like fresh greens, moss, and warm musk.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Instant Print Digital Camera

With this mini photo and video camera, you can not only take classic polaroid photos and print them immediately, but you can also record full 1080 HD video.

It uses zink zero ink paper technology so that you won’t need extra toner or film for your prints.

You can even connect it to your smartphone or tablet and edit and print those photos too.

Take it on date night to record and print your unforgettable memories.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

You’re My Lobster Mug

Any fan of Friends will recognize this line from their favorite character Pheobe, where she explained that Rachel is Ross’s lobster.

Gift this love mug to your lobster this Valentine’s Day.

You're my lobster valentine's gift for teens

Marvel Deadpool Tee

For the man in your life who’s a Deadpool fan with a wicked sense of humor, this t-shirt will make him love you even more.

Comments suggest that the sizing runs a bit small, so consider purchasing a size up just in case.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

V is for Video Games T-shirt

If your son doesn’t like romance stuff, but you still want to get him something special, then this t-shirt might be the perfect option.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Mug

There’s nothing wrong with giving your boyfriend a subtle reminder of all the things he loves about you.

This funny mug will undoubtedly put a smile on his face.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Valentine’s Gifts For Couples To Share

Soulmate mugs

Remind your special person of your love every morning with this romantic couple’s coffee mug set.

They also offer this cute design on glasses, pillowcases, and gift sets.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Long-Distance Couples Bracelets

It can be difficult to be far away from someone you care about, especially on Valentine’s Day.

You’ll always be with each other no matter how far apart you are with these simple and adorable bracelets for your bestie, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

Simply download the app that connects the set and tap your bracelet to let your other half know that you’re thinking of them.

Choose the bracelet set to receive both bracelets at one address, or choose single bracelets to receive two bracelets at two different addresses.
couples long distance bracelet

Love Lamp

When you touch your lamp, your loved one’s lamp will light up as well.

There are more than 200 color options to choose from, and you can add as many lamps together so that you all stay connected.

This would be a perfect gift for someone special as well as friends to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Heart-Shaped Gifts

Mini Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

What better way to say “I Love You” than with a heart-shaped breakfast to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Quick and easy to use, the light turns off when your waffle is ready.

Add some berries and cream to your mini waffles, and your sweet-toothed teen will be set for the rest of the day.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Pressed Flower Heart Pendant

Every girl loves jewelry, and I adore this cute pressed flower heart pendant. It’s unique and handcrafted with real dried flowers preserved in resin.

Each pendant is one-of-a-kind due to each one having different flowers in it.

I think this would make a perfect Valentine’s gift for a girlfriend or daughter.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Pandora Knotted Hearts Ring

We can’t talk about Valentine’s Day gifts without thinking about jewelry.

The interlinking hearts in this sterling silver knotted hearts ring symbolizes your commitment and unbreakable bond with one another.

It’s a gorgeous ring on its own but can be stacked with others as well.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

LGBTQ Rainbow Pride Valentine’s Day Gifts

Gift your Valentine some rainbow-colored gifts to show how much you care.

Rainbow shoelaces

These are so cute and would brighten up any pair of shoes. Why not get two pairs and match with your Valentine.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

‘Love is Love’ Hoodie

Great design and comfy too, this “Love is Love” hoodie is a great gift for the LGBTQIA community on any occasion.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Black & White Agate Rainbow Pride Bracelets

I love couples’ gifts, and these black Agate and white Howlite rainbow gay pride relationship beaded bracelets are perfect to gift and match together.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Rainbow Hearts T-shirt

These cotton tees come in different colors, all showcasing the gorgeous rainbow pride hearts.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Friends

Best Friend Soul Sister Necklace

It’s the perfect day to show your bestie how much they mean to you on Valentine’s Day.

This interlocking circles friendship necklace is the perfect gift that she will treasure for a lifetime.

It comes in this gorgeous gift box, so it’s ready to give immediately.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Best Friend Mug

This cute Love Mug is the perfect gift for your BFF.

It even has a cute ‘My BFF’ stamp on the inside of the mug.

It is shipped in a gorgeous gift box, so you can even send it to them directly and let them know how fabulous you think they are.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Ticket Stub Diary

Not everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend, but hopefully, you have a BFF that you spend a lot of time with.

This unique gift allows you to preserve your tickets from special concerts and events. It’s a great reminder of all the activities you’ll do together.

This ticket stub organizer comes with 20 acid-free plastic pages with lined paper inserts on which you can write all your notes and record your memories.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Fun Throw Pillow

Gift your BFF this cute throw pillow for their room. Printed on both sides, this fun and vibrant pillow cover is the perfect decorative pillow for any teen room.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Why You’re My Bestie Book

You get to fill in the love and tell your BFF why they’re your bestie and what you genuinely love and appreciate about them.

Such a thoughtful novelty gift.  It’s small (4.5 x 3.25 inches), but it’s perfect for filling in quotes and answering questions about your best friend.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Valentine Gift Basket Ideas

Making up a personalized gift basket is a beautiful way to celebrate that special someone in your life.

I’ve scoured the internet for some unique items that you can add to your gift box. Here are my top suggestions for you to include in your Valentine’s Gift Basket.

Make Your Own Gift Basket

These gorgeous fabric storage baskets are great to fill with all their favorite Valentine’s day goodies.

I’ve selected this size and the grey & white color as these can be used for boys or girls, and you can personalize them for your teenage son or daughter.

However, there are several other colors, sizes, and fabric options to choose from if you prefer something different.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Start by filling your gift basket with their favorite treats, some homemade biscuits, and then choose some of your favorite gifts listed below to complete your Valentine’s Day Gift Basket.

Heart Socks Gift Box

If you’re looking for something different, this heart socks gift box is a unique way to show that special someone in your life just how much love you have for them.

These cotton knee-high novelty socks fit US Women’s shoe sizes 6-9 and are made for ladies with thinnish calves as they are long and quite tight on the calf.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Heart Shoelaces

Here’s another unique and super cute Valentine’s gift for teenagers. These high-quality laces are the perfect accessory for canvas sneakers.

love shoelaces

Get a pair for yourself and your boy/girlfriend to show off your love this Valentine’s Day.

There are several different lengths.

47 inch (120 cm) for 5 pairs of holes in your shoes.

55 inch (140 cm) for 7 pairs of holes in your shoes.

63 inch (160 cm) for 8-9 pairs of holes in your shoes.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Giant Reeses Kisses

You can’t forget to add something sweet to your gift basket. This giant Hershey’s Kiss definitely says “I Love You.”

Giant Hersheys Kisses

Red Heart-Shaped Glasses

I’m utterly obsessed with these cute oversized rimless glasses. Get your Valentine to see you through rose-colored glasses and feel the love. Your teenager will love these funky glasses as part of their Valentine’s day gift.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Heart Balloons

No celebration is complete without balloons, and Valentine’s Day is no different. Who wouldn’t feel super special coming home to a room filled with heart balloons?

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Burts Bees Lipbalm

Get those lips ready for smooches with Burt’s Bees moisturizing lip balm.

Freshen and nourish your lips with Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm, bursting with four delicious flavors: Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Coconut & Pear, and Pomegranate

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

CraveBox Gift Basket

If you don’t have the time to put together a gift basket yourself, then you can still impress your Valentine with a ready-made Crave Box.

Show them just how much you crave their company with the Crave Box, and hopefully, they’ll share some of their treats with you too.

The Crave Box includes the following treats: 1 ZeeZee’s Grahams, 1 Chex Mix, 1 Famous Amos Cookies, 1 Cheez-its, 1 Goldfish, 1 PB Crackers, 1 Pringles, 1 Mini Cookies, 1 PurePop, 2 Rice Krispies, 1 ZeeZee’s Bar, 5 Fun Dip, 3 Mott’s Fruit Snacks, 6 Twizzlers, 2 Aiheads, 2 Tootsie Pops, 3 Kirkland Chewy, 5 Laffy Taffy, 3 Quaker Chewy, 1 Pirate’s Booty, 1 Nature Valey Oats & Honey.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Brownie Gift Basket

If you don’t have the time or skills to make your own treats, then this Brownie Gift Basket will let you pretend like you’ve done all the hard work yourself.

This chocolate lovers Gourmet Bakery Collection includes a variety of treats all sure to deliver a smile; 2 Chocolate Mini Bundts, 2 Chocolate Whoopie Pies, 8 Assorted Brownies-Flavors (Chocolate Cheese, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Chip Blondie and/or Walnut, Assorted Rugelah-Flavors (Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Sugar and/or Apricot).

I’m already drooling and hope that they’ll share.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Spa Gift Basket

Most teenage girls love pampering themselves with a hot bath and some soothing essential oils.

This luxury 15pc spa gift basket has it all: bath bombs, bubble baths, bath salts, shower gel, soap petals, hand cream, body butter, pouf sponge, body brush, and a handmade tote bag as well.

Romantic and pampering Valentine’s gift for teenage girls.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Gourmet Sausage & Cheese Gift Basket

For the manly man in your life, who’s not into sweet treats, this gourmet sausage gift basket might be more up his alley.

This 7 piece gift basket includes Dan’s Original summer sausage, cheddar cheese, Elki water crackers, honey roasted peanuts, and Dan’s sweet hot mustard. This makes a great gift for your teenage son or boyfriend.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Tween Valentine’s Gifts

Get your tween into the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s Day, even if they’re not quite old enough to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

These tween-friendly gifts are fun and an excellent way for them to share in the fun.

Dab T-shirt

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Flying Paper Valentine’s Day Cards

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Cootie Catcher Valentine’s day cards

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

School Valentine Ideas

Lovebug Cards

If you’re looking for something cute for your kids to exchange with their classmates, these funny Valentine exchange cards are a fun option. This pack includes 30 Love Bug cards with 6 different bugs.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Strawberry Scented Scratch and Sniff Cards

The box includes 28 strawberry scented scratch and sniff cards for kids to exchange on Valentine’s Day.

There’s a space to write from who the card is, and to whom they are giving the card. With 28 cards and envelopes, they should be able to share with everyone in their class.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Playhouse also makes a grape scented Silly Monster scratch & sniff exchange box, as well as an A-Maze-ing Animals Maze Game Valentine Exchange Box for kids. Lots of options to choose from and keep them busy.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

This cute Valentine’s Day coloring book is great for keeping little ones entertained.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Rainbow Magic Scratch Art Set

These adorable rainbow scratch paper hearts are great for sharing with kids in class and giving them a craft to do as well.  It comes with 36 scratch paper hearts in 9 different shapes, plus ribbons and wooden styluses for scratching.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Funny Valentine’s Day Gag Gifts

‘Love Stinks’ Whoopee Cushion

For the unromantic or someone who’s just come out of a relationship, this whoopie cushion might put a smile back on their face.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

‘I Didn’t Fart…’ Mug

“I didn’t fart, my butt blew you a kiss” mug is a funny gag gift for anyone with a sense of humor.

Our tween and teen boys both find it hysterically funny and think it’s an excellent gift.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

Funny Gag Toilet Paper

‘I Love The Shit Outta You!’ toilet paper is a fun gag gift to put all around the house on Valentine’s Day.

This will surely make even the grumpiest teen giggle and start the day with a sense of humor.

Unique & Cool Valentine's Gifts For Teens

I hope that I’ve given you some inspiration in finding the perfect Valentine’s gifts for teens.

Whether you’re buying for your teenage son or daughter, or you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift for your teen boyfriend or girlfriend, there should hopefully be something unique in this list to let them know just how much you care.

Happy Valentine’s Day 😘

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