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What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend? (Answered!)

The best way to connect with your girlfriend is by having open conversations.

These chats will not only build trust between you two but also give a better understanding of each other.

Below are things you can talk about with your girlfriend and solidify your connection. 

Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Talk to Your Girlfriend About the Future

Talking about the future is crucial if you want your relationship to last. In order to make your girlfriend comfortable, you should talk about your future goals, ask her questions about her interests, keep the conversation light, and listen to her opinions.

Considering how unpredictable the future is, give your girlfriend some time to think and visualize it. Give her a chance to think about what she wants to do in the future. It is important that you have a fun conversation without being too serious, so give her time to think and answer any questions she might have.

Here are some conversation suggestions:

  • Discuss what you’d like your future to look like.
  • Discuss what you want to be when you’re older.
  • Ask her if there’s someone that she looks up to or inspires her.
  • Discuss your plans for the coming weekend or holidays – perhaps you can spend some of that time together.
  • Does she have any self-improvement goals?

Talk to Your Girlfriend About the Past

Although we don’t want to dwell in the past it played a part in molding who we are today. Talk about your childhood memories, past school experiences, and holiday adventures. 

When talking about your past, refrain from making the conversation about your past relationships. You may mention that briefly, but do not make it the center of the conversation. The idea is to understand each other’s upbringing and how that shaped how you two are today. 

Keep the conversation light, and remember to listen as much as you speak.

Here are some topic ideas:

  • Discuss a favorite childhood memory.
  • Discuss an embarrassing experience you’ve both had in life.
  • Find out if she’s moved towns or schools before and how that went.
  • Discuss your proudest moment and ask about hers.
  • Ask her what she wanted to be when she was younger.

Talk to Your Girlfriend About the Present

It is crucial for you and your girlfriend to understand where you are in life, what you are doing, and the goals you are working towards. You want to ensure you are in sync with what is happening in your girlfriend’s life and vice versa. 

During this time, you can discuss ways in which you can improve your relationship. By discussing the present, you will gain a clearer understanding of your lives separate from one another and together. You will both gain a better understanding of each other and what you both need in the present moment.

 You can start with some of these suggestions below:

  • Discuss your favorite shows or movies.
  • Ask your girlfriend to explain when she feels the happiest.
  • Discuss your day with each other.
  • Read up on your star signs and find out if they’re accurate.
  • Discuss your favorite date night.

Talk to Your Girlfriend About Herself

A conversation centered around your girlfriend can be very useful, especially if you are trying to grow a more meaningful connection with her.

An excellent approach is to try and find out more about your girlfriend. If you really like her, then this will be easy as you’ll probably want to know everything there is to know about her.

You can ask her about her family, friends, interests, achievements, and goals. 

Here are some things to talk about with your girlfriend relating to herself:

  • What are her interests and hobbies?
  • Ask about her family dynamic.
  • Find out who her best friends are.
  • Tell her what you like about her.
  • Talk about your fears and concerns or things that really get to you.
  • Ask her about her spiritual beliefs and values.
  • What is her biggest turn-off?

Download this list of what to talk about with your girlfriend here.

How To Start A Conversation With Your Girlfriend

How To Start A Conversation With Your Girlfriend

A conversation with your girlfriend can be intimidating at first, but if you practice some simple communication skills, you’ll be able to do it. The key is to ensure you use the right words when communicating so she gets what you mean.

Here is how to start a conversation with your girlfriend. 

Choose a Favorable Time to Talk

Find an appropriate time to talk to her, considering her routine and when best it is to talk without distractions. This can be after school, late before bedtime, on lunch breaks, or early before leaving for school or work. 

Ask Open-ended Questions

Ask her how her day is going, what she is up to, and other small details about her day. Avoid questions that require a simple yes or no, as you want to keep the conversation going. This will also help the two of you build a connection while learning about each other. 

Keep Intrusive and Nosy Questions at Bay

The last thing you want to do is appear nosy or too intrusive with the questions you ask. Be clear with your intentions and avoid asking about something you already know. 

Be Supportive With Your Responses

Show your girlfriend that you are listening and make them comfortable to talk, whether this is on the phone or in person. Listen to what she says and ask a follow-up question to keep the conversation going and show your support. 

Talk About Yourself

Remember, a conversation with your girlfriend is not an interview, so be free to talk about yourself. This can be after she has had time to speak to you about herself or in between her responses. Do not change the topic deliberately to keep the conversation relatable for you. 

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Reassure Her 

If your girlfriend tells you she is struggling or had a rough day at school, offer your support and reassurance. Do this by creating a safe space for her to vent and acknowledge what she has to say, then provide your reassurance of better days or things ahead. 

Now that you know how to talk to your girlfriend let’s look at some interesting questions to keep the conversation going.

What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend?

What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend

Deep Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. When do you feel the best about yourself?
  2. What makes you feel most fulfilled in life?
  3. What parts of spending time with me make you feel the best?
  4. What would your ideal day look like?
  5. What do you imagine our life together will look like in the future?
  6. What is the best way for me to communicate to you about our struggles in the relationship?
  7. How can I be more supportive of you in everyday life?
  8. How are you most comfortable letting me know that I am getting out of balance?
  9. Am I meeting your needs?
  10. Where were you happiest in our relationship?
  11. What was most important to you in our relationship?
  12. What can I do to make this relationship work and thrive?
  13. What scares you most about us being together?
  14. What kind of date would you want if resources were not a problem?
  15. What is the most fulfilling thing you’ve done in the past?
  16. If this relationship ended, what is one thing you would miss the most?
  17. What has being in a relationship with me taught you?
  18. When do you think you were most vulnerable with me in our relationship?
  19. What do you miss about someone you have not spoken to in a long time?
  20. What is one thing you want us to accomplish together in the near future?
  21. What is one goal or aspiration you had in childhood that you no longer want to achieve?
  22. What is your biggest strength in this relationship?
  23. What makes our relationship unique from others in our circle?

Fun Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Fun Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
  1. What is the funniest thing you’ve done to get someone to notice you?
  2. What joke do you always go for when you want to make people laugh?
  3. What is the worst advice you have ever given to your friend?
  4. If we had a band together, what name would you give it?
  5. What would you choose if I wanted to do something fun with you?
  6. What would it say if you had a warning label attached to you?
  7. What song do you think plays in the background whenever I see you?
  8. If I got arrested by the police, what crime do you think I would have done?
  9. What is one thing you tried to do once and never try again?
  10. What is the most awkward conversation you have overheard?
  11. What is the strangest thing you have eaten that you actually liked?
  12. What would your life be called if it was a series?
  13. What rumor have you created that spread like wildfire?
  14. What is the funniest and cringe-worthy pick-up line someone has used on you?
  15. What common knowledge is common to you and not to everyone?
  16. If you were to smell like food for the rest of your life, which food would you choose?
  17. What do people assume about you when they meet you for the first time?
  18. What is the most creative thing you have come up with?
  19. What do you wish people stopped asking you over and over again?
  20. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done in public?
  21. When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?
  22. What would you randomly ask from a stranger and expect to get?
  23. What food combination do you enjoy that people find disgusting?
  24. How would you look in your worst fashion choice?
  25. Which is the funniest thought you have had?
  26. If you had a child, what would be the funniest name you would give them?
  27. What is one thing you would like to try but are afraid to?

Cute Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. Can I call you every time I feel like hearing your voice?
  2. Can I hug you for a few minutes straight?
  3. What cute nickname would you give me?
  4. What makes you the happiest when we are together?
  5. What would be our ideal vacation together?
  6. What if your favorite memory of us together?
  7. What can I do to make you feel extra special?
  8. What would you want me to remember if I were to surprise you today?
  9. What is the best thing I have done for you?
  10. At what point did you decide that we were good together?
  11. What is the most romantic thing you have heard someone do?
  12. What do you talk about with your friends that I would be happy to know?
  13. What one thing never fails to make you laugh?
  14. What do I do to other people that you like most?
  15. If you were to choose a dream about our relationship, what would the dream be about?
  16. What is the most sentimental thing you have gotten yourself?
  17. What do we do together that you find exciting and enjoyable?
  18. What do you think we have in common?
  19. What would you request me to make if I offered to cook you dinner?
  20. What is the best trait about yourself that people don’t know about?
  21. What is the most important lesson your parents taught you?
  22. What is the best place for a romantic date?
  23. If you consider yourself a happy person, what are the things that make you think so?
  24. What do you want to know about me?
  25. What comes to mind when you think of the word attractive?
  26. If you were to name me after a dessert, which one would describe me the best?
  27. Would you try something new with me if I asked you to?
  28. If we were to get a pet, what would be perfect for us?

Serious Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Serious Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
  1. What is most important to you to be successful or happy?
  2. How do you think people see you?
  3. How long does it take for you to decide and make up your mind about something?
  4. Are you more of a saver or a spender?
  5. What is the best quality about people you like?
  6. What is the most thoughtful thing you have done for someone?
  7. How do you cope when people argue with you?
  8. What does a perfect future look like to you?
  9. Would you take the responsibility of taking care of your parents after retirement?
  10. At what point in life would you consider ready to get married? 
  11. Would you prefer to live in a big city, or are you open to relocating to an upcountry town?
  12. What do you do to me as a girlfriend that you would not do as a wife?
  13. What do you think we should do to make our relationship better?
  14. What memories of you as a child do you cherish the most?
  15. When was the last time you cried, and what made you cry?
  16. How would you describe me if you were to talk about me to your family and friends?
  17. When did you realize you were in love with me?
  18. Have you experienced heartbreak, and how did it feel?
  19. What matters most to you; respect or admiration? 
  20. What is on your bucket list that you would like to accomplish first?
  21. How do you deal with stressful situations?
  22. What is the best thing you have ever done to a stranger?
  23. How would you describe the kind of person you are?
  24. Have you lived with a boyfriend before?
  25. What is your ideal job?
  26. What are the things that make you mad?
  27. Would you be open to taking up therapy?
  28. Do you believe in the existence of any higher spiritual being?

Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. What is in your bag right now?
  2. Have you ever dreamt of winning a prestigious award?
  3. What do you know that you are not supposed to know?
  4. What relationship advice do you consider helpful for everyone?
  5. If your life was a book, what would be the title?
  6. What does an average day in your life look like?
  7. What is one thing you find unattractive in people that others find attractive?
  8. What is the cheesiest compliment you have received from someone?
  9. What are some clever insults you have heard from people?
  10. If you can fake an accent, which one would you be best at?
  11. If you were to date yourself, would you be in a relationship with yourself?
  12. What have you shared with others that I do not know yet?
  13. What do you wear that gets you a lot of compliments?
  14. When you cannot sleep, what do you think about the most?
  15. What is one thing that people do that gets you smiling instantly?
  16. What is the most embarrassing thing you have seen someone do in public?
  17. If I looked different physically, would you still date me?
  18. What would you do if you won the lottery today?
  19. What is one question you would ask me about the future?
  20. What should we call each other as a couple?
  21. Would you take a break from your favorite activity to spend time with me?
  22. What is one thing you like to do that is underrated?
  23. What do you have a strong opinion on that is unimportant for most people?
  24. If there was something you could cut out of your life, what would that be?
  25. What are you known for among your girlfriends?
  26. What dating advice would you give someone about starting their first relationship?
  27. What do you think about pretty privilege?
  28. Has something weird happened to you lately?

Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
  1. What is one thing that often reminds you of me? 
  2. What is your favorite body part to be complimented 
  3. What are some things that turn you on when you think about me?
  4. Is there something you have ever wanted to do with me?
  5. Which one of our dates did you love the most?
  6. What is the most attractive thing about me?
  7. What is your favorite part about a date?
  8. What kind of wedding would you want; a beach or a garden wedding?
  9. What does your ideal date look like?
  10. Is there a song you wish was written about you?
  11. What would be the best valentine’s day treat for you?
  12. Would you quit your job to move with me to a new city?
  13. Do you like my cologne?
  14. How would you like us to celebrate our anniversary?
  15. As a child, did you envision having someone like me as a partner?
  16. What is one thing that makes you feel the sexiest?
  17. What is the hottest thing I can wear?
  18. How would you like to be proposed to?
  19. What would you look forward to the most when thinking about us getting old together?
  20. What would you want me to do for you for your birthday?
  21. What is the best thing I have said to you that others would not find necessary?
  22. What is your top love language?
  23. How often would you want me to call you?
  24. Would you go on a reality TV show with me?
  25. If we were to go on a road trip together, where would we go?

Random Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. Would every participate in a food-eating competition?
  2. What unhealthy food do you always go for when stressed?
  3. Have you ever been hit on by a girl?
  4. If you had to choose between wine, chocolates, or tea, which one would you choose and why?
  5. What is the best trick you have seen in a magic show?
  6. What websites do you visit every day?
  7. Which of the popular social media platforms do you frequent?
  8. What do you like most about being a girl?
  9. If you were to change one thing about your body, what would it be and why?
  10. What is your favorite pose when taking pictures?
  11. What do you think about a couple’s photoshoot with me?
  12. Would you attend your high school reunion?
  13. When was the last time you received a letter in the mail and what was it about?
  14. What was your worst date ever?
  15. What was the most challenging phase of your life that no one knew about?
  16. What can make you lie about your age?
  17. What do you like so much that you can never have enough of?
  18. Do you laugh and talk by yourself?
  19. If you were to name a cocktail you made, what name would you give it?
  20. What would be your best pick-up line if you were to hit on a guy?
  21. What would you do for me if I fell sick?
  22. Do you have a family tradition, and would you like to keep it in the future?
  23. If you gave me your journal to read, what would be the least surprising thing I would find?
  24. What is one thing you have kept from your parents that you would be okay to tell me?
  25. How do you like to be treated when you are sad?
  26. What is one thing people do often that they should stop doing?
  27. Do you have a mantra, and what does it say?

How Do I Keep A Conversation Going With My Girlfriend?

How Do I Keep A Conversation Going With My Girlfriend

A conversation with your girlfriend needs to be interesting enough that you both want to keep talking. But it can be daunting if you do not know how to flow with the talk and spice things up as you go. 

The biggest challenge is finding things to talk about, but you can start by asking open-ended questions. You might ask her about her day or what she is doing and about her schoolwork or future goals. 

You can also ask for advice on something you struggle with and kick-off an engaging conversation. Inquire about her interests and hobbies, and hold conversations about your mutual friends and acquaintances. 

Another way to keep the conversation going is by sharing something interesting that happened to you. You could also bring in plans that both of you have and make them the topic of discussion. 

You can take charge of the conversation and talk about your aspirations and goals. Your girlfriend can offer her support, eventually feeling comfortable enough to talk about her plans. This conversation can go on for hours as you exchange ideas and learn about each other’s dreams. 

A conversation does not have to be new; it can be a follow-up of something you have previously discussed. This can be something to do with school, family, friends, plans you have, or anything else. 

When talking to her, ensure you listen carefully to what she has to say and acknowledge it; that way, she will feel compelled to speak more. Pay attention to what she is trying to communicate and offer your support if she needs it. 

Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend On The Phone

  1. Ask her about her day and what she was up to?
  2. Talk about your day and what you achieved.
  3. Discuss a TV show or a movie you are watching together.
  4. Talk about your plans for the future. 
  5. Ask her about something she is working on.
  6. Talk about her family and the relationship she has with hers. 
  7. Bring up her interests and how you can support her in them. 
  8. Talk about yours and her views on life. 
  9. Share a secret. 
  10. Talk about your past and share your fondest memories with your family. 
  11. Discuss date ideas and vacation spots you should go to. 
  12. Ask her about her passions and how she would like you to support her. 
  13. Discuss the news and other things happening around the world. 
  14. Talk about your fears and how you would like to beat them. 
  15. Be vulnerable and share a struggle you are going through. 
  16. Discuss any regret you have about your past decisions. 
  17. Bring up things that make her laugh to hold a lighthearted conversation. 
  18. Evaluate the status of your relationship, including things that you both want to work on. 
  19. Come up with a 5-year plan together. 
  20. Bring up the money conversations and discuss your individual opinions about money. 
  21. Ask her to state her expectations as far as dating you go. 
  22. Express your feeling to her. 
  23. Ask her for advice on something you are working on. 

What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend Over Text

  1. Ask her about her relationship with her family
  2. What she ate throughout the day.
  3. Ask her about a passion she is looking forward to pursuing.
  4. Talk about your favorite sport. 
  5. Ask her about her favorite fashion styles. 
  6. Ask her questions about herself and what she likes. 
  7. Talk about where you want your relationship to go. 
  8. Discuss travel plans for the future and the destinations you would want to go to. 
  9. Tell her what you notice about her after meeting her. 
  10. Share your favorite songs and discuss them. 
  11. Talk about your plans for college or university. 
  12. Share memes and make her laugh. 
  13. Discuss current trends. 
  14. Ask her about her childhood memories. 
  15. Share funny youtube videos. 
  16. Talk about what she likes to do in her spare time. 
  17. Discuss your favorite foods. 
  18. Talk about her values in friendships and other relationships. 
  19. Tell her about your favorite things to buy. 
  20. Bring up a topic on how you would spend a million dollars. 
  21. Brainstorm what would make a perfect date for both of you. 

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What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend On Facetime

What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend On Facetime
  1. Favorite movies and movie characters. 
  2. School schedules and projects. 
  3. Hobbies. 
  4. The kind of pets she prefers. 
  5. Her favorite pizza toppings. 
  6. Embarrassing moments with her choice of clothes. 
  7. Her dream home and what she would have in it.
  8. Strange dreams she has had in the past. 
  9. Her crush and why she considers them so. 
  10. Where she was born, among other childhood memories and stories. 
  11. Her favorite books. 
  12. Her sexual experiences. 
  13. Bad memories she has. 
  14. Advice about subjects in school. 
  15. Difficult moments he has gone through. 

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There are several topics of conversation and personal questions that you can ask your girlfriend. It’s a good idea to read through this list of questions and choose some conversation topics you’d like to pursue.

Couples in a long-term relationship might want to have a deep conversation and discuss their life experiences and life goals. If you’ve just started dating, you might want to start with a more simple question or try some flirty questions.