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Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

Teenagers are not always easy to shop for, especially if they’re in the monosyllabic stage.

They’re going through so many changes, so you can understand that their interests are changing fast as well.

This is why I’ve created this list of gift ideas for 14 year old boys as a guide. Made with different 14-year-old boy personality types in mind, I share gifts for gamers, outdoorsy types as well as book worms.

All of these gifts have been, researched and hand-selected so that we are confident that you will find the perfect present here.

Bedroom Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

Teen boys love their private space.

Their bedroom is where they go to escape from the craziness of the world.

He’ll appreciate gifts that will help him unwind and relax in his “man cave”.

Video Game Themed Posters

We’ve all heard our teenagers tell us “You can’t pause a game!”, well now they can display these common gamer sayings up on their walls.

The posters include the following sayings:

  1. You Can’t Just Pause a Game
  2. When Life Gets Hard it means you Just Leveled Up
  3. Video Games Don’t Make us Violent, LAG Does
  4. Just Five More Minutes

Grab some 8″x 10″ picture frames and you’ll have a gift every gaming teenage boy will love.

Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

color changing cinema lightbox - gift idea for 14 year old boys

Offering them a great way to express themselves, teens will love writing their own messages, sayings, and slogans on this color-changing cinema lightbox.

We’ve also had a few interesting messages left by our son’s friends.

With its back-lit design, it cycles through a spectrum of colors or merely stays on your chosen hue, like classical white.

It comes in three sizes: mini for your desktop or side table, standard, and large for parties.

The lightbox comes with 100 characters (letters, numbers plus blank tiles), which can be arranged into three slots in a variety of creative combinations.

The characters are lightweight and portable.

Powered by batteries or USB.

Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

musical sleep mask gift idea for 14 year old boys

Even noticed how teen boys often pull their hoodies right over their eyes?

Well, now they can use this cordless mask to block out any light and noise, while they listen to their favorite tunes.

He might not use it to fall asleep but I’m sure he’ll use it to block out the rest of the world and annoying siblings, especially while you’re on the road.

Clothing Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

Clothing and fashion can play a huge role in a teenage boy’s life.

Often they want to express themselves and their unique sense of style.

Other times they’re looking for something more practical, or even just fun and silly!

Star Wars Jedi Fleece Bathrobe

Star Wars Jedi Fleece Bathrobe

The force will be with your teen when he wears this Star Wars bathrobe.

The bath robe’s large hood, sash belt, and wide sleeves are classic Jedi robe features. Different Star Wars details are embroidered on the sash and robe, including a lightsaber hilt on the side of the waist.

This robe is one size fits all and measures 47 inches from shoulder to bottom.

Made from premium quality polyester fleece, it’s soft, lightweight, and warm. It’s machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Do Not Disturb Socks

Do Not Disturb Socks

Socks like these are perfect for teens who love playing video games and hate breaking their concentration.

Using their feet to speak, these gag gifts send a message loud and clear “do not disturb I’m gaming.”

The message and a video game controller are printed in latex on the bottom of the socks.

These will get a laugh out of everyone when they see your teen wearing them.

The socks come in a size US 6 up to 12.

Not only are they funny, but they’re also comfortable.

The socks are made from quality cotton. They are breathable while guaranteeing plenty of warmth for their feet.

The printing gives the socks a non-slip by offering some extra traction.

To wash them, the socks can either be hand or machine washed and keep them with clothes of similar colors. The latex is durable and won’t get scratched off when being washed.

Plaid Flannel Shirt

Plaid Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are classics thanks to their excellent designs and great colors.

Their versatility allows them to be worn just about anywhere. They can be worn loose and unbuttoned for a casual look or buttoned up for a dressier appearance.

There are over forty designs of this shirt. There are many flannel shirts on the market, but this one stands out for its quality.

The soft cotton fabric used in making this shirt makes it comfortable and strong.

To wash, either hand or machine wash in cold water and hang dry it after. The shirt doesn’t shrink even after repeated washes.

Electronics Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

Anything related to gadgets and electronics is sure to be a hit with teen boys.

If you’re not sure what gadget he wants right now then consider buying accessories for a gadget that he already owns.

Multiplayer Laser Tag Guns With Vests Set

Multiplayer Laser Tag Guns With Vests Set

Flannel shirts are classics thanks to their excellent designs and great colors.

Using ArmoGear’s laser tag set, teenagers can turn their homes into laser tag arenas.

With this set, your teen has access to the latest guns and targeting vests.

Even in low light, these guns have an effective range of 200 feet.

An ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold them for long periods.

Different modes of the gun such as a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, or rocket, affect how the gun plays. There is a button on the side to switch between modes and to reload they pull a lever on the bottom.

The vests have great hit detection, vibrating and making sounds when someone gets hit.

They come with LED lights to display the wearer’s health, and they can also be used for teens to play in the dark.

To get the jump on their enemies, the vests even have an invisibility feature that turns off all lights for a few seconds.

Cocoon Grid-It Gadget Organizer Case

Cocoon Grid-It Gadget Organizer Case

The Cocoon organizer case is an excellent option if your teen tends to lose things.

All his things can be kept in the organizer case, so he will know where they are.

The bags have amazing woven elastic bands around the back that can clip items firmly in place. The bands are made from nylon which cushions the items so they don’t get damaged.

While the bag is spacious enough for more than a dozen small items like charging cables, it is also able to hold larger items like an external hard drive.

It’s designed to spread out objects so that the case does not become too bulky.

This bag also has a zippered compartment to put anything that doesn’t fit in the elastic.

Watch the video below that demonstrates how well the elastic bands still hold everything in place after 3 years of use.

Beginner Electric Guitar Kit

Beginner Electric Guitar Kit

An electric guitar kit gives teens everything they need to learn how to play their favorite tunes.

This electrical guitar has a basswood body and maple neck and fretboard.

Along with the guitar, it comes with a portable beginner’s 5W amp (amp power adapter & batteries not included with purchase), as well as a guitar strap, guitar cable, pitch pipe, 3 pick sampler & online lesson. Everything is packed neatly into a bag to keep it all organized.

The amplifier is small but big enough for practice and provides solid sound quality. Perfectly suited for beginners.

Book Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

Although most teens choose to spend their time on social media or playing games rather than reading books, they are starting to show interest in self-improvement and trying to understand the changing world around them.

Teenagers may read eBooks or articles online, but the dopamine pull to just ‘check’ what’s new on YouTube, messages, or social media feeds is very strong.

We, therefore, need to find books to motivate teens to read for pleasure.

Here are some books that are fun or useful for teens to read.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Your son can use The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens as a guide as he navigates his teenage years.

The book has received endorsements from people like Michael Phelps and Steve Young.

There are tips in the book to improve self-esteem, deal with peer pressure, and much more.

The new edition of the book now addresses issues like cyberbullying and social media.

Rather than just giving tips, the book offers a guide to forming them into habits and letting them stick.

Its message is conveyed through cartoons, clever ideas, and great quotes. Teenagers from around the world have also contributed by sharing their inspiring stories.

The balanced approach the book teaches can prevent the feeling of feeling overwhelmed. With all the things teens are exposed to, learning these lessons can be crucial.\

You can read our full 7 Habits Of Highly Effect Teens book review here.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Paperback Boxed Set

Our son absolutely loved this series and devoured these Percy Jackson books. We didn’t realize that there are actually more series by Percy Jackson, but now that we do, we’ll certainly get them for him too.

The Percy Jackson & The Olympians box set includes the following books:

  1. The Lightning Thief
  2. The Sea Of Monsters
  3. The Titans Curse
  4. The Battle Of The Labyrinth
  5. The Last Olympian
Percy Jackson & The Olympians box se

The Heroes Of Olympus Box Set includes:

  1. The Lost Hero
  2. The Son Of Neptune
  3. The Mark Of Athena
  4. The House Of Hades
  5. The Blook Of Olympus
Heroes Of Olympus Box Set

The Trials Of Apollo Box Set includes:

  1. The Hidden Oracle
  2. The Dark Prophecy
  3. The Burning Maze
Trials Of Apollo Box Set

These series are based on Greek and Roman mythology.

He has also written the Kane Chronicles based on Ancient Egyptian mythology, which includes:

  1. The Red Pyramid
  2. The Throne Of Fire
  3. The Serpent’s Shadow
Kane Chronicles

Lastly, Magnus Chase and the Gods Of Asgard, based on Norse mythology, includes:

  1. The Sword Of Summer
  2. The Hammer Of Thor
  3. The Ship Of The Dead
Magnus Chase and the Gods Of Asgard,

Fitness Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

As you reach the next stage of your life, continuing to exercise is more important than ever.

Not only does it keep you strong and fit, but it can also be a great way to deal with stress.

Thankfully there are plenty of gifts that can help you stay in shape even in the comfort of your own home.

Rotating Push Up Bars

Rotating Push Up Bars

Push-ups are a great exercise for teens to strengthen their muscles.

To make the workout more efficient, a set of push-up bars can make push-ups easier and work more muscle.

The Perfect Fitness push-up bars can support up to 400 pounds. At the bottom, they have a set of treads that locks the push-up bars firmly in place.

They measure around 10 x 8.25 x 6.2 inches and weigh 4 pounds which makes them easy to carry around.

The push-up bar has ergonomic handles that allow teens to have a comfortable grip to hold. The extra elevation that comes with them allows teens to burn more calories.

With push-up bars, the weight is distributed and reduces pressure on their wrists and elbows.

An adjustable ball-bearing system enables the bars to be adjusted. With these different positions, teenagers can exercise different muscles like abs and triceps.

In terms of quality, the push-up bars are comparable to gym equipment.

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction Guide and Carry Bag, Set of 5

Teens can still get a great workout at home, even without expensive exercise equipment.

Exercise bands can be a great alternative to dumbells and are less taxing than weights.

Besides working their biceps, resistance bands also work their abs, legs, and backs.

The bands are made from flexible latex to let them stretch.

Each band is color-coded according to its resistance level that can go as high as 74 pounds.

They can be light enough to serve as warmups for more serious exercises or intense to be their own workout.

Physical therapists recommend teens who have injuries or muscle issues use resistance bands.

These resistance bands come with their own carrying bag to keep everything organized.

Accessories Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

Timex Weekender Watch

Timex Weekender Watch

For some boys, getting their first watch is a rite of passage. This classic Timex watch has many options to choose from.

Despite its low price, the watch is stylish and hard-wearing.

The watch features durable materials such as genuine leather and scratch-resistant glass.

Weather-resistant components allow your teen to use it in rain or shine.

The watch face measures 38 x 20 mm, which they can read comfortably without squinting.

An extra feature is a backlight which lets them use the watch even in the dark.


Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Teenagers need a wallet, but carrying an old-fashioned version can be an inconvenience.

The solution is an updated minimalist wallet that teens can slip in and out of their pockets.

The design of the NOMATIC wallet is a sleek and modern style that makes teens feel more adult. Its slim design cuts out all the non-essential parts of a traditional wallet to make it less bulky.

While staying ultra-thin, the inside of the device has room for fifteen slots. An outer strap flips up and keeps the cards from falling from the wallet.

The backside has an extra pocket where you can store things like keys and cash.

Outdoors Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

Light Up Basketball and Rim

glow in the dark basketball hoop & ball

Play on into the night!

If your teenager loves basketball, then he’ll love being able to continue playing after the sun sets.

This light-up basketball rim kit includes an LED lights mini rope that you can wrap around your existing basketball hoop, as well as a light-up basketball.

The LED lights are nice and bright and are available in eight different colors. They are encased in a protective tube protecting them from slam dunks and wet weather.

The light-up basketball comes with two LED lights that give off a fiery glow. The impact-activated device lights up when it hits the ground. When they’re not using the ball, the lights automatically shut off.

Both the hoop and basketball are battery operated using AA and watch batteries respectively.

Inflatable Air Sofa Lounger

Your teenage boy will love lounging on this super comfy air sofa.

It’s super lightweight and easy to carry to any outdoor event. Or he can use it as extra seating when he has friends over and packs away easily afterward.

You don’t need a pump to inflate this lounger, simply pull it through the air to inflate. You trap air into the lounger by closing the sleeve opening after each movement and keep the mouth closed until you begin the next movement. If there’s some wind it fills with air really quickly. If there is no wind then it will take a few more movements to fill up.

Fully inflated, the air hammock is 7 feet long and can support up to 500 pounds, and can stay inflated for up to 6 hours.

It has a pillow-shaped headrest to provide support for his neck while lying down.

It also has a larger pocket ideal for magazines, tablets, or flip flops; and a smaller pocket perfect for cell phones and smaller accessories. It even has an elastic bottle holder.


A skateboard is a perfect gift for teens into sports or in need of a way to get around the neighborhood.

Teens can choose from eight different eye-catching patterns, including diamonds, lightning and, arrows. For teens who are feeling patriotic, there is also an option for the American flag.

The design is printed with a thermal transfer process that makes it scratch-resistant.

Balancing durability and weight, the WhiteFang skateboard is perfect for beginners.

Its sandpaper-like surface provides your teen with a firm grip when he uses it.

The board measures 79 cm long, which is plenty of room to adjust their footing during practice.

The wheels are well balanced to make turning and moving easier.

The quality is better than many boards you’ll find in Walmart. Perfect for beginners, but not for pro skateboarders.

Don’t forget the protective gear and helmet to keep him safe.

Starting high school is among one of the biggest changes teens will experience. They’re going to be there for the next four years too and having the right stuff can go a long way in making it an easier transition.

Anti-Theft Backpack


A new backpack can be a great gift for your son as he begins high school.

With the padded and lightweight design, teens will have no trouble carrying their books.

It measures 19.29 x 11.8 x 5.43 inches on the outside. There are multiple divider pockets, which can hold a laptop the size of 15.6 inches, a phone, note pad, pens and pencils, gym clothes, lunch, and a water bottle.

Speaking of electronics, the backpack comes with a USB port so they can charge their phones while walking.

A zipper lock prevents items from being stolen from the bag.

Lunch Box

Mazforce lunch boxes ensure that your teen won’t have to worry about buying lunch every day.

The lunchbox is designed with an open space interior, so there is plenty of room for food. They can place things that need to be in a zip-up pocket on the top to prevent items from getting crushed.

All bags are made FREE from PVC, BPA, phthalate, and lead materials and have experienced rigorous quality control tests. The leakproof aluminum inner lining protects from leaks or spills.

A front pocket stores utensils and two mesh side pockets hold drinks. The outside of the bag is waterproof, so their lunch won’t get wet in the rain

This can be carried by either its top handle or clipped onto one of their backpacks.

Everything You Need to Ace books

Get your teen The Everything You Need to Ace series study guides so he can succeed in his classes.

From the sciences to world literature, these guides teach every subject in high school.

Using one of the oldest tricks, the book borrows notes from the smartest kid in class and uses them to guide him.

There are no long paragraphs in the book that will bore them to tears.

This article summarizes the key points into digestible chunks and highlights important terms.

For visual learners, the book also makes use of things like diagrams, pictures.

Afterward, your teens can take quizzes in the book.

While not a complete lesson plan it does cover all the basics. Using this will come in handy when reviewing for tests.

These simple explanations are perfect for my son, who has ADHD and has a hard time paying attention.

I hope you’ve found some guidance and inspiration when it comes to gift ideas for 14 year old boys.