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11 Proven Techniques On How To Deal With Difficult Teenagers

Discover the 11 surprising proven techniques that can teach you how to deal with difficult teenagers.

Have you ever wondered how to deal with difficult teenagers’ attitudes?

There a few things that can help, that may surprise you!

  1. First, set boundaries, but do not call them rules.
  2. Try not to take their behavior personally.
  3. Allow them to become independent.
  4. Try to stay calm – this is a tough one but also one of the most important. I learned some great tips from Amy McCready on how to stay calm here.
  5. Focus on the behavior, not the child. His behavior is negative, but he is not a ‘bad’ child.
  6. Talk to your teen to find out why they were behaving negatively. You can also discuss how their behavior affected others.
  7. Show empathy and try to restore your relationship.
  8. Keep your sense of humor.
  9. Consequences need to be relevant.
  10. Wait until everyone is calm to address the behavior.
  11. Be authoritative in body and language.

How to deal with difficult teenagers

Key Takeaways:

  • When setting behavior management rules for teenagers, it is very important to be firm and consistent.
  • When you let them know about the true dangers of social media, they are more likely to listen to you, since you are not just setting “rules” for the sake of setting them.
  • Managing teenage attitude and behavior can be tricky – especially when they know how to push your buttons, but never forget they are still young.

Try to remember that no matter how your teenager is behaving, it is more than likely just normal teenage behavior. You are not doing anything wrong”

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As a mom of two boys, I've been through the many ups and downs that parenting brings. However, I absolutely love reading and learning about better ways to communicate with my teens. I try to understand what they might be going through in their various stages of development. Communication, understanding, kindness, respect, and leading with love can help us maintain a positive bond with our children, from toddlers to teens and beyond.

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