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Best Apps For Turning Chores Into Games

Children learn responsibility by being assigned chores on a regular basis.

The tasks your children are personally impacted by, such as cleaning up their rooms and doing their laundry, will allow them to become more independent at the same time.

If you’re wondering how to get your children to do chores but don’t know how to get them started, try turning chores into a fun competition or game.

The following chores apps can help turn chores into games for your children. Pokemon Smile is a great chores app for teaching your child personal grooming habits. With Epic Win, chores earn your teen experience points, which they can use to get items and treasure for their character. Rooster Money is an allowance app that assists parents in giving their children an allowance for completing chores.

Pokemon Smile Is A Great App for Teaching Personal Grooming

pokemon app for kids chores

In order to introduce chores to young children, personal care can be a good starting point.

It is important for a young child to understand that even in the household everyone has responsibilities such as making their bed, picking up their toys, and brushing their teeth.

A simple chore like brushing your teeth can be turned into a fun and interactive game with Pokemon Smile.

Using the camera function, the app shows your child where and how quickly to brush their teeth.

Purple creatures represent the “bacteria” on their teeth, which are taking over the Pokemon on screen.

In order to rescue these Pokemon, they must brush their teeth.

Epic Win Is An Amazing App For Overall Chore Management

kids app for chores

Epic Win makes boring “To Do” lists more exciting.

The app is user-friendly for tweens and teens. 

In the app, you start by selecting an adventurer and giving them a name.

They simply add the tasks to their list, set an alarm, and then check them off as they are completed.

Every task is assigned an experience point value based on its “difficulty.”

So if your child does not like doing the dishes, you can assign that chore a higher score than a chore they like, such as taking out the recycling.

They earn experience points as they progress, gaining items and treasure along the way.

Even mundane tasks will become fun and exciting with Epic Win’s cartoonish artwork and lively soundtrack.

Rooster Money Is The Best App For Giving Out Allowances

allowance app for teens

Using an app to keep track of your child’s allowance could help teach them to manage their finances.

By giving them their allowances via an app or prepaid debit card, they are taught delayed gratification, saving, and giving to charity.

One app that can help children develop these skills is Rooster Money.

Parents can specify the reward system for the app as a monetary amount or as stars.

You decide when your child receives their allowance if they have completed their chores.

Children can also choose to “bank” their stars or money for large purchases or charitable donations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pokemon Smile is an app that makes chores fun and interactive and also uses the camera function to make the chores more interactive.
  • Epic Win is an app that is easy to use and it allocates points for doing specific chores that can gain your character items and treasure.
  • Rooster Money is an app where the parents set up a reward system and when a child completes their chores, they get an allowance.

An article published in Wired magazine asserts that children who routinely do chores around the house are much better at managing time, delaying gratification, building strong relationships with family members, and learning valuable and practical skills to be used outside of the home”.