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How To Respond To “Hey Cutie!”

What Does Hey Cutie Mean?

When someone says “Hey Cutie,” it means that they think you’re good-looking. They may be flirting with you, or it could just be a friendly greeting. In its most basic definition, the term refers to a person who is appealing, attractive, pretty, or charming.

Read on to find out how to respond to Hey Cutie, whether you just want to be friendly or ready to flirt with your crush.

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What To Say When Someone Calls You Cute

What To Say When Someone Calls You Cute

When someone calls you cute, the correct response may depend on who is saying it. If it’s a close friend, who calls everyone ‘cute’ or uses similar ways to greet others, then it can be seen as a friendly greeting. However, if a crush says, “hey cutie,” then they might be flirting with you. 

The best way to respond is in a positive, casual way. For example:

“That’s kind of you to say.”

Be brief if this isn’t a relationship you are interested in pursuing. Just tell them that you appreciate the compliment and don’t give the impression that you’re into them.

“You just made my day.”

You should let the person know that you appreciate the compliment. You can reassure them that they weren’t being overly bold by playing up how happy you are to hear them call you cute.

“Thanks! I appreciate it.”

It’s never a bad idea to use this friendly answer. After someone compliments you, it’s polite to thank them, so let them know you appreciate it. It’s easy to get started in a friendly or more intimate relationship with a simple “thank you.”

“I guess you caught me on a good day.”

Humility goes a long way. It’s okay to be self-deprecating when people call you cute, but a response like this makes you seem more approachable.

“A compliment from you? I must be dreaming.”

Sometimes it’s okay to be exaggerated. You’ll show them that you’re really into them. A response like this can start a flirtier friendship or possibly lead to something more.


The use of emojis over text keeps things fun. The best way to respond to a guy who called you cute over text is with an emoji. Emojis can be used alone or in combination with other responses. When you use the heart-eyes emoji, you’re showing a guy that you appreciate what he said.

“That means a lot coming from you.”

A vague response will catch her interest. This will cause them to wonder if you are interested in them, which can really get their attention. A little mystery is always a part of the game of attraction.

“You’re pretty cute too.”

See if you can spark something more by returning the compliment. Light-hearted flirting can lead to something more serious or just a bit of fun by letting a person know that you think they’re cute too.

“What makes you say that?”

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fish for more compliments. You might be able to create a flirtier relationship by getting them to talk more about what they like about you.

“I think so too!”

As a flirting technique, some cockiness can pay off. Having a little bit of confidence and swagger always attracts people, so don’t be afraid to show it off. The best part is that a comment like this can always be played off as a joke.

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Cute

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Cute

Have a look at some response examples below and choose your perfect response:

“I was going to say the same thing, but you beat me to it!”

This is you telling her that she’s cute, only that her speed is on an advanced level

“And you’re beautiful.”

It will boost her self-confidence to receive a short and cute compliment like this.

“It’s nice to hear that from someone other than my mom.”

You may not sound like the funniest person here, but she will surely laugh at the idea of your mom being the only person who thinks you’re cute.

“Thanks! Wow, it’s amazing what a shower can do for my looks.”

It shows that you have a sense of humor and is sure to spark a fun conversation between the two of you.

“The fact that you said that to me today? I’m feeling pretty lucky.”

This is how you show her that a simple compliment from her means a lot to you.

“Say more! I love a good compliment.”

This will make you look like the cutest person if you add heart eyes emojis.

“Don’t be shy—what’s cute about me?”

This is a clickbait reply example. You either want to know more about why she thinks you’re cute, or you really want to engage in a conversation.

“Am I the kind of guy you like?”

Let’s say you immediately grabbed the chance to ask her if you are her type.

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How To Respond When A Guy Calls You Cute

How To Respond When A Guy Calls You Cute

“Hey there handsome.”

Although handsome is similar to hot stuff, it is sweeter and a more genuine compliment.

“You’re so sweet, that made my day!”

Complimenting him makes him feel important. It’s a casual approach to make him feel good about himself.

“Just the guy I wanted to talk to.” 

The key to a real conversation starter is to be straightforward. It shows him he’s your first choice but not necessarily the only one you’re talking to.

“Oh man, that’s bad. Why do I like it?”

A witty response will make the other person feel more comfortable. Get back to him by throwing a funny reply and playful question while also letting him know you appreciate it.

“Is that how you greet all the girls you talk to?” 

Show him that you’re aware that this may be one of those low-effort first messages a guy can send to a girl. By giving him a little push, you are showing him he has to work for what he wants.

“Hey there, hot stuff.”

Boosting his ego and showing him you’re open to flirting will inspire him to do the same.

“Thank you, but you can call me _____ ( your name).” 

By telling him that you’d prefer to be called by your name only, he understands the relationship is more formal and that nicknames are not appropriate.

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How To Respond To Hey Cutie On Tinder

How To Respond To Hey Cutie On Tinder

You can use any of the following responses on Tinder or Bumble:

“I knew it. You’ve got great taste.”

Compliment acknowledged, preference approved!

“I’m cute, and you’re cute as well. That’s called a match!”

Be quick to give a flirty compliment back and assume compatibility.

“With this message, you made my day!”

Polite responses will never go out of style.

“I guess that makes two of us!”

This is a low-key way of saying two cute people make a good couple.

“Thanks, that’s cheered me up.”

Having someone feel like their compliment made a difference to someone will make them feel good about themselves.

“You’re really cute, too.”

This direct approach is an ideal tinder response if you think the other person is worthy of the compliment. You’re calling your crush cute and accepting their compliment.

How To Respond To Hey Cutie On Bumble

How To Respond To Hey Cutie On Bumble

Here are some ways when you get a message on Bumble like ‘Hey cutie”:

“You’re gonna make me blush.”

Feel free to show your flirty side with this response.

“You’re really cute, too.”

Giving back the compliment will go a long way.

“Aw thank you!”

Short responses don’t mean boring responses. It’s really up to the person to make follow-up questions.

“Sorry, you must have me mistaken for someone else.”

Wait for what the person has to say when you give this playful response.

“Coming from you, that means a lot.”

A nice and cute way of taking a flattering compliment.

“You must be looking at a mirror.”

This is how you say he is cute without actually telling him ‘You are cute.”

How To Respond To Hey Cutie Reddit

How To Respond To Hey Cutie Reddit

Hey, you got good taste – MrBond90

“That’s what my mom used to say!” – Fynn_the_Finger

“Shut up baby, I know it.” –  manic_schoolbus

“I look especially fantastic at dinner on Friday night.” – HaroldSax

“Cute enough to buy me a drink sometime?” – scatmanbynight

“cute enough to date?” – Stevenson123

“You obviously have very good taste.” – SantaAnaXY

“flattery will get you everything” – Ebriate

How To Respond To A Hey Cutie Text

How To Respond To A Hey Cutie Text

While “Hey cutie” isn’t the most classic opener, there are several flirty responses that you can use:

“Aw thank you! The people around me must be wondering why I’m smiling so big at my phone.”

It happens to most of us when we get messages that make us smile.

“Well thanks – if you could see me, I’m full on blushing!”

Creative replies mean being descriptive in your responses to avoid dry texting.

“Thanks so much – I really like your (insert something you like about the person).”

Make it sweet and personal by thinking of a physical quality or personality trait you like about the person.

“Aw thanks. That’s really sweet.”

As for the sender’s point of view, this response will make them feel appreciated.

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Can you say cutie to a guy?

‘Cutie’ can be used to describe both men and women. Not all guys will like being called cute; however, it’s still a compliment, and if they like you, then they won’t mind at all. Your guy friends probably won’t like being called ‘cutie’ but won’t mind it if you’re flirting.

What do you call a guy instead of cute?

While some men take the compliment ‘cute’ positively, most men say they prefer being referred to as hot, amazing, sexy, rugged, or handsome instead.

What’s a better compliment than cute?

In its definition, cute means “attractive in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty.” It sounds pleasant enough and is certainly used with the best intentions. However, the term is sometimes overused. Alternatively, you can try:

  • charming
  • beautiful
  • adorable
  • pretty
  • fox
  • knockout
  • stunner
  • Queen
  • babe
  • goddess

Here are another 250+ Cute Names To Call Your Crush (for Girls & Guys)

In conclusion, if someone says, “hey cutie,” you now have several responses that you could say back. And remember, responding casually at first is probably best until you know if they’re just being friendly or actually flirting and trying to start a real conversation.