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How To Respond To Wassup (Sup or What’s Up)

“Wassup” or “Sup” is a casual way to ask, “What’s up?”

It’s similar to “What’s going on?” and “What have you been up to?”

It’s an informal way of asking “How are you?” or saying “Hello” to someone.

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How To Respond To Wassup

How To Respond To Wassup

A proper wassup reply depends on who asked it and the context in which it was asked. However, the most common reply to “Wassup” is “Nothing,” “Not much,” or “Not much, you?” In this context, you return the greeting by confirming that everything is okay.

If you’ve been wondering what the best “Wassup” reply is, then keep reading to find the correct response in different circumstances.

How To Respond to “What’s Up”

When someone greets you with “What’s Up?” the expected answer is usually a short greeting. They’re not expecting a lengthy explanation or in-depth answer but just a quick greeting in response. 

Appropriate responses to “What’s Up,” if you just want to give a quick response, can include:

  • “All good”
  • “Hey”
  • “Same old.”
  • “Can’t complain.”
  • “Nothing”
  • “Not much”
  • “Nothing much.”

A typical response to “What’s Up,” if you have some time to chat, can include:

  • “Good, how are you?”
  • “Not much, you?”
  • “Nothing much; how about you?”
  • “Nothing new…what about you?”
  • “All’s well. How about you?”
  • “Same old, same old. Anything new in your world?”
  • “Counting the hours until the weekend!”
  • “Do you have time to chat? I’ll need at least twenty minutes…”
  • “How long’s your attention span? I’ve got a lot to share.”
  • “Let me share my life story! Just kidding!”

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“What’s Up” Funny Answers

Wassup funny answers

Wassup was all you could hear in the school halls after ‘Scary Movie’ came out in 2000. Watch the Wassup clip in the video below:

Some funny answers to Wassup are as follows:

  • “I don’t know. I’ve never been there.”

This response is from the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and needs to be delivered with a deadpan face for extreme effect. 

  • “My brother just got a sloth for his birthday.”

Responding with anything absurd is always funny. They’ll most likely ask, “Really?” You can just say “No” and walk away.

  • “The ceiling”

This answer is a sarcastic yet funny response. You can change it to sky or stars if you’re outside. 

  • “Hopefully Not My Rent”

This is a funny response that anyone who’s goofy and can find it relatable will laugh at. Depending on who you’re talking to, ‘my rent’ is a funny answer to give when you hear ‘what’s up?’

  • “Apparently not your zipper!”

This response is funny because the person you’re talking to will likely look down at their jeans or trousers to check if their zipper is undone. The person might panic a little at first but will laugh when they realize you’re just kidding around.

Also, if their zipper is actually down, that might just be a good and not-so-weird way to let them know.

  • “My cholesterol”

Hopefully, that’s not true, but as we get older, we may be worried about our cholesterol, so this answer may not be as tongue in cheek as you’d expect. 

  • “My blood pressure”

This response might mean that your blood pressure is going up just by seeing them, so it might not be the nicest response. You could change this to “My anxiety levels.”

  • “The opposite of down”

If you want a sarcastic response, you can’t do better than using this one. 

  • “A chicken’s ass when it eats.”

Surprising answer? Yes, and super funny too.

  • “A two-letter word”

This response is funny for ‘what’s up’ because you get to pretend like the other person was asking a genuine question, like, “what is ‘up'”? So, you give the literal definition of the word ‘up’. 

You can also sometimes say “a two-letter word indicating direction,” that is, the word ‘up’ is a two-letter word and indicates a direction.

You will need to be able to deliver this confidently and with a very dry sense of humor, or it might fall flat. 

  • “Yes”

This response is quick and funny because it doesn’t make sense in terms of the greeting ‘what’s up?’. It would take seconds for the other person to realize your answer didn’t make sense. By then, you or they might have walked away, which makes it even funnier.

  • “Oh! That was a great movie.”

This response is funny for ‘What’s Up’ because you’re actually pretending like you don’t understand what the other person is talking about or that the other person is asking an entirely different question. There’s an animated movie by Pixar titled ‘Up’, so giving this answer is you pretending that they are simply inquiring about the movie.

Check out the funniest Budweiser Wassup ad in the video below:

How To Respond To A Wassup Text

How To Respond To A Wassup Text

Give A Compliment

Giving a compliment is a great way to reply to “what’s up” if you’re interested in the person texting you. When they ask you what’s up, they expect you to tell them about yourself, but focusing on them will be a pleasant way to surprise them. For instance, you could say;

  • “Great, now that I’m talking to you.”
  • “With you around, I always feel good.”
  • “I’m fine, I hope you are looking as good as ever?”

Be Optimistic

If you want to charm someone with a reply to ‘what’s up,’ being optimistic might just be the right answer. This would help build rapport and leave them with a good first impression. You can say;

  • “Everything is good; I’ve been making lots of progress recently.”
  • “Always good news; I am doing as fine as ever.”
  • “I am really happy; life has been good.”

Something Funny

If it is a close friend or a best friend that has texted you, you might want to make them laugh with your sassy response. You can do this by turning that common question into a way to share something funny. Your answers could be something like;

  • “If the world was perfect, my salary.”
  • “Oh, I wish my grades could be there.”
  • “Ten bars of chocolate, if I wasn’t too lazy to go shopping.”
  • “Let’s see… my energy levels?”
  • “The price of gas”

How To Respond To Wassup In A Flirty Way

How To Respond To Wassup On Tinder

Make It Obvious

If you feel like you’re in the mood to be very flirty, a nice response would be;

  • “Nothing much. Wanna come round?”
  • “Yay, you’ve finally noticed me.
  • “Much better now that I’m talking to you.”

Be Subtle

Perhaps you want to flirt but not come across as too strong; a more casual response would be; 

  • “I’m not sure; let me look at my schedule.”
  • “Can’t wait until the weekend. What are you up to?”
  • “All kinds of stuff. Wanna catch up soon?”

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How To Respond To Wassup On Tinder

You need to decide if you’re open to starting a conversation with someone that sends a ‘Wassup’ on Tinder or any other dating App. Hopefully, they’d be a lot more creative to try and get your attention and get to know you better. However, if you don’t mind, then the following could be possible responses:

  • “Well, Sightseeing On Tinder.”

If you’re laid back about starting a conversation with your match or feel nervous and unsure what to say on apps, you can start your conversation like this and chip in a few questions about Tinder. For instance, “What is the strangest profile picture you have seen?” or “What is the weirdest match you have had?”

  • “How Did You Know This Was My Favorite First Message Ever?”

A light joke like this would help add some humor to the situation without offending anyone.

  • “Do You Mean Where I stay? The Rent!”

A sense of humor often goes a long way to put the other person at ease and vibe off your energy. 

  • “Wow! That Picture Of You Is Making My Heart Race.”

A nice compliment about their appearance will tell them that you’re attracted to them and not shy to let them know.

  • “Instead Of Swiping And Typing Here, Why Not Let Us Get Drinks Tonight?”

If you feel the need to take a break from messaging and meeting new matches all the time and instead want to meet physically, ask your date for a drink. It might just be what they’re waiting for.

  • “Oh! Just Some App.”

If you feel tired of Tinder, you can make a joke about it with your match. They might resonate with how you feel.

How To Respond To Wassup From A Guy

How to respond to whatsup from a guy

Here are some examples of a ‘Wassup’ reply to boys:

Normal answer 

  • “Not much, you?”
  • “All good”

Want to be sassy 

  • “Not sure; why don’t you tell me.”
  • “What do you think?”

Want to come across as smart 

  • “The ceiling is up.”
  • “My ceiling fan is up.”
  • “The sky is up.”
  • “A two-letter word”
  • “Literally anything that should be up”

Want to show some love

  • “The love I have for you”

Trying to make a joke

  • “Currently robbing a bank, can’t talk now.”
  • “Let’s see … my stock portfolio.”
  • “Why are you asking? You wanna marry me? haha”

How To Respond To Wassup From A Girl

Here are some examples of a Wassup reply to a girl:


  • “Hmm… Let’s See… The sun is up. I’m up, you’re up, and I am here wondering what you’ve been up to”
  • “Nothing much, mind grabbing lunch with me?” (could apply to dinner or breakfast, depending on the time of the day you’re texting).


  • “I’m doing good, you?”
  • “I’m trying to fix up something on my laptop.”
  • “I’m doing well, thank you.”


  • “I’m fine, how about you?”
  • “Good. Want to know how my day went?”
  • “Nothing much had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and stayed home all day.”
  • “I’m a tad bit too lazy.”
  • “Not much. Wanna go see a movie?”

How To Respond To Wassup To A Friend

How To Respond To Wassup From A Friend

Check out these examples of Wassup replies to a friend:

  • “My blood pressure, too high”

This is a good response if you’re getting older. You might be trying to keep your blood pressure from rising, and making light of the situation is an excellent way to achieve this and still pay attention to your medical issue.”

  • “Same old, same old.”

This is a friendly response to give if you’ve not been up to anything new recently.

  • “My rent!”

This is a funny and friendly response to give, especially if you have been friends with the person for a long time.

  • “Ah, can’t complain.”

A good response, too, if you have nothing new to discuss with your friend. 

How To Respond To Wassup From A Work Colleague

“I’m fine, thank you.”

Saying wassup might be an informal way of greeting, and even a colleague at work can use this common greeting. Saying “I’m fine thank you,” however, helps maintain the cordiality between the both of you without giving a formal answer or being too informal with your reply.

  • “I’m cool, any updates?”

A colleague at work could say wassup because they are trying to get your attention before giving you an update about something that has happened. Giving this reply shows that they’ve gotten your attention, and you’re listening to what they have to say.

  • “It’s been a busy week, but all’s good.”

Let them know that you’re okay even though you’ve been working hard. 

  • Briefly Explain What You’re Doing

A work colleague saying wassup could sometimes be a senior colleague. If this is the case, they might need to know what you’re doing to understand how far you have gone with your work. 

A work colleague could also say wassup based on a previous discussion or a work assignment. Briefly explaining what you’re doing is a polite response. 

What does Wassup mean?

Wassup is a short form of “What’s up?”. It means “What is going on?” or “What is happening?” It is an informal way of saying “Hi,” “Hello,” or “Hey” to someone, or a friendly way of asking someone how they are doing.

Why do they say Wassup?

People say Wassup because they are greeting you in a friendly manner, asking how you are doing or what is happening. They can also say Wassup because they are trying to catch your attention or get you to listen before speaking about something or asking you a question.

Is Wassup rude?

Wassup is not considered rude. It has been around for a long time and is used by many people, so it is not often considered a rude way of greeting or asking about someone’s welfare. Wassup is a polite enough question, although only appropriate for informal greetings.

What can I say instead of Wassup? 

Instead of Wassup, you can say “Hello, Hi, Hey” or ask them how they’re doing. You can also ask, “What Are You Doing,” or “How are you doing” since ‘What’s up’ is a way of finding out about a person’s welfare.

What’s another word for Wassup?

Other words for Wassup are:

  • What’s up?
  • Sup?
  • Hello
  • Hey
  • Howdy
  • What’s happening?
  • How are you?
  • How’s it going?
  • What’s new?
  • What’s good?


Wassup is an informal way of saying ‘Hi’ to someone. It’s a way of asking how they’re doing. A short response is usually expected; however, if you feel they want to chat, you can ask them a question in return. 

This article has detailed how to respond to wassup differently in person, on Tinder, in a flirty way, to a friend, or even to a colleague at work. Wassup, although very informal, is not considered rude. Other ways you can say Wassup include Hey, Sup, How are you, What’s happening, and Howdy.