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51 Fun Water Balloon Games (For Kids, Teens & Youth Groups)

Summer is fast approaching, which means there will be a need for interactive games for kids.

Water balloon games are engaging for kids but equally fun for teens and youth groups.

The best part is that they are easy to tweak and twist for more interactive and fun parties.

If you are looking for unique water balloon game ideas, this article highlights popular and easy-to-play games.

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Fun Water Balloon Games

fun water balloon games

Water Balloon Toss

This game works well for individual players, two players, or teams.

Individually, the player must toss the water balloon as high up in the air as possible.

With a partner, players have to stand across each other and toss the balloon between the two, moving farther away with each toss.

The pair that stands farther apart and keeps the balloon intact the longest wins the game.

Diving Catch Game

This is one of our son’s favorite water balloon games.

If you have a swimming pool, you can have fun playing this game.

While diving or jumping into the swimming pool, one person tosses a water balloon to you, and you have to try and catch it before you hit the water.

You can play in teams, and the team that catches the most balloons wins.

Water Balloon Hide and Seek

This game is like the usual hide and seek, but the found person has to be tagged with a water balloon.

If the player is tagged before they get to the base, they are out of the game.

The lead player has balloons and uses them to tag the players.

The tagged one becomes the new leader and has to carry water balloons while finding the others.

Water Balloon Painting

Dip water balloons into washable paint and press them on a canvas to paint.

They will spread the paint wildly on the canvas as they burst, creating unique pieces.

Water Balloon Slippery Toss

The game starts with players soaping up their hands with dish soap, making them very slippery.

They then have to carry a slippery balloon to the finish line without dropping or popping them.

Tic Tac Toe Game

Start by drawing a tic tac toe on the ground or a board using sidewalk chalk.

Two players take turns to get three in a row but with water different colored water balloons.

Shaving Cream Cleanup Game

Apply shaving cream on two tennis balls and set water balloons in a bucket.

Divide the players into two teams and share the balloons evenly.

The teams have to throw water balloons at the shaving cream balls and try to rinse off the cream.

The first team to have a clean tennis ball wins. Or the team with the cleanest tennis ball once all the water balloons have been used wins.

Water Balloon Fights Games

Water Balloon Fight

Water Balloon Fight

A little chaos with water balloons is as fun as it can get. You will need lots of water balloons for this classic fight game.

Fill as many balloons as you can fit in a bucket and divide players into two teams.

Members can fight by throwing water balloons at players from the other team.

This water balloon fight can also work with individual players.

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

You will need a lot of water balloons for this game. Fill at least one hundred balloons and split the players into teams.

Create a playing area with a centerline and have an equal number of players on each side.

Teens must try to hit players from the other team with the water balloons, eliminating anyone that gets hit.

The last player standing wins the game for their team.

Capture The Flag

Capturing the flag is a fun game but even more exciting with water balloons.

Instead of tagging someone or tagging them for a Nerf gun, the players can tag each other with water balloons.

Water Balloon Races

Water Balloon Relay Race

This game requires at least two players for each team. The game starts with runners lining up behind the starting line. Once the start alarm goes off, the first person on each team gets a water balloon and runs the course.

The goal is to run the course without bursting the balloon open. If the player keeps the balloon intact, they pass it to the second runner, continuing the cycle. If the balloon pops mid-way, the player must get a new one and start over.

Water Balloon Spoon Race

Spice up your water balloon activities with the addition of spoons.

Teens must balance the water balloons on spoons and keep them intact while running a course.

The game can work perfectly for small groups and big teams, as long as there are enough balloons and spoons for all.

Paper Towel Tube Relay

Kids can balance a water balloon on the end of an empty paper towel tube and run a course.

The teen that gets their water balloon to the finish line in the shortest period wins.

If they drop their balloon they can run back and get a new balloon and start again.

Water Balloon Nose Roll

Each player needs to roll a water balloon across a yard or a course using only their nose.

You can set a timer and track the player that gets the balloon across the track in the shortest time.

Plastic Fork Relay

This water balloon relay race is like the spoon race, but it needs a team of two players holding a water balloon with two forks.

If the balloon bursts, the players have to go back and start again.

The team with all their players on the other side wins.

Sweat Pant Relay Race

Get a couple of oversized pairs of sweat pants and select a player for each team to wear one.

Have the players carry water balloons in the sweat pants to the finish line.

The team that gets the most balloons to the other side in the shortest time wins.

Obstacle Course Race

Build an obstacle course that the kids can run through to the finish line.

Each player has to carry a water balloon and keep it safe throughout.

You can make it fun by adding ropes kids can crawl under, stools they can jump over, or a slide they can go down for more fun.

This water balloon pop game can work perfectly for individual players or teams.

If the balloon pops midway, the player must go back and start again.

Water Balloon Cleanup Race

This is a perfect game to play at the end of your water balloon games day.

After an epic water balloon fight or race, make the cleanup process more fun by playing a game.

Line up players at the start line and set a timer.

The player that collects the most pieces of water balloons from the playing area wins a prize.

Water Balloon Challenges

Water Balloon Toss With A Towel

This game is a variation of the balloon toss, with the addition of towels.

Two sets of two players stand across each other, holding a towel.

The idea is to toss the water balloon from the first set of players to the other without bursting it open.

Blindfold Toss Game

Add fun to the toss by blindfolding one person on the team.

The player that does not have a blindfold on can throw a water balloon at their team members.

They should call out the person’s name to whom they will throw the balloon and try to throw it directly into their hands. The other player has to try and catch it without bursting it.

The team with the most catches wins the game.

Water Balloon Guessing Game

This game can be a great ice breaker for new groups of teens or kids.

Fill the balloons with different things such as pasta, rice, maize, beans, etc.

Then add a little bit of water and have players guess what is in the balloons they select.

It’s best to use thick, dark-colored balloons so that teens can’t see what’s inside and have to squeeze the balloons and feel the contents.

Don’t blow the balloons up, or they will pop too easily.

The player with the most correct guesses wins the game.

Angry Birds Water Balloon Game

Fill water balloons and draw an angry bird’s face on them.

You can draw the piggies (or targets) either on the pavement or on a wall with chalk.

Get your tweens to take turns throwing the water balloons at the piggies.

If you have a group of kids, you can divide them into two teams.

The first team to wash off their piggie is the winner.

Using a slingshot to launch your balloons could be a great idea to make this Angry Birds water balloon game even more authentic.

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Water Balloon Net Catch

If you are looking for an interactive water balloon catch game, this net catch is a good choice.

Use large nets to catch the water balloons trying not to bursting them open.

You can have an empty container to hold all the ones you catch.

The person or team with the most balloons intact wins.

How Far Can You Throw?

The question is not who can throw the balloon farther but rather who can throw it farthest without breaking it.

The game starts with all players lined up at the start line. The first player throws the balloon as far without popping it.

Everyone other player takes a turn and throws as far as they can. The person that throws the balloon the farthest while keeping it intact wins.

It’s best to play this on a flat surface and not on grass, as balloons will pop easily on grass.

Alternatively, teams can use a slingshot or catapult to try and hit a target very far away.

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Water Balloon Yo-Yo

You will need water balloons and rubber bands for this game.

Cut the rubber band in half and tie it to the end of the water balloon.

Players have to yo-yo the balloon and the person that yo-yos the longest without popping the balloon wins.

Water Balloon Back-To-Back Challenge

This water balloon drop game is interactive and fun for small and large groups.

Two team members must try to hold a water balloon between their backs; therefore, they have to face away from each other.

Without popping them, they have to hold the balloons between their backs and make it to the finish line.

Water Balloon Basketball

If you have a basketball hoop, you can replace the ball with water balloons.

If not, use an empty bucket as the hoop and set it strategically.

In this kids’ water balloon basketball game, teens take turns tossing balloons through the hoop or into the bucket.

The player that can make a basket from the farthest wins the round.

Water Balloon Juggle Game

The Juggle game is fun and as messy as it can get with water balloons.

Each teen gets three balloons, and they need to try and juggle them.

The winner will be the player that can juggle the water balloons the longest without dropping and bursting them.

Water Balloon Bowling

Water balloon bowling can be twice as fun as regular bowling.

Create a slippery ”bowling alley” with a plastic table cloth. It helps to mist the table cloth with some water.

Set up some empty water bottles at the end of the lane.

Players get to throw water balloons at the pins and see how many they can throw over.

Scoring is done in the same way as regular bowling.

At the end of the game, the winner gets to throw any remaining water balloons at the other players.

Water Balloon Ring Toss

This game is ideal for all ages and requires readily available materials.

Place several hula hoops, one behind the other, on the ground.

Each player gets a turn to throw balloons into the hula hoops.

If they can throw a balloon in the first hula hoop without the balloon popping, then they get another chance to throw a balloon into the next circle, and so on.

The winner is the teen who successfully throws a balloon into each hoop without them popping.

Circle Turn Game

This game is an ideal water balloon timer game for groups.

It starts with two teams, each holding a balloon between their stomachs.

Without using their hands, they must turn and make a complete circle without dropping or bursting the balloons.

The team with the most unpopped balloons after a predetermined period wins the game.

Milk Jug Catch

This water balloon catch game needs two empty milk jugs, with the bottom cut off but the handle intact.

Be sure the tape up the edges so that they don’t pop the balloon.

Players need to throw balloons back and forth, like in a classic water balloon toss, but this time they must try to catch the balloon in the milk jugs.

If the balloon pops, they’re out of the game.

Water Balloon Pop Games

Back to Back Squeeze

Playing this game is a fun way to get kids wet.

Two players stand back to back and hold a water balloon between their backs.

They can lock their arms together to hold the balloons better and try to burst the balloon.

The pair that bursts the balloon the first wins.

Water Balloon Hot Potato

If you are familiar with the hot potato game, this game has a slight twist, using water balloons instead.

Players stand in a circle and throw the water balloon to the person on their left while music plays.

As soon as the music stops, the person that last threw the water balloon can pop the balloon over the head of the person holding the balloon.

Tip: you might need a toothpick to pop the balloons more easily.

This game is more interactive than competitive; therefore, a great ice breaker for new groups.

Water Balloon Squat Race

This water balloon challenge will get you wet and can be a great interactive game for groups.

Split into teams if you have a large group or play one player at a time if you are a few people.

Each player will need to race to where a water balloon is placed and then squat and sit on it to pop it.

This water balloon game for kids will have them screeching with laughter as they try to pop the balloons.

Water Balloon Musical Chairs

Teens can have fun playing this game, thanks to the addition of water balloons to musical chairs.

Players must walk around the chairs while the music plays.

Have one less chair than children playing, and place a water balloon on each chair.

When the music stops, the teens must rush to grab a chair, and they’ll pop the water balloon by sitting on it.

The person who doesn’t sit on a chair in time is out.

Take another chair away, and place new balloons on each chair.

The game continues until there’s only one person left sitting on a chair.

Everyone playing will get wet, so be sure that it’s played outside and they are wearing swimming costumes or have a change of clothes.

Water Balloon Target Practice

This water balloon target game requires you to choose something as your target.

You can draw the target on the driveway or a tree trunk or set a bottle on a table.

Each player has to throw the ballon as close to the target as possible, earning a point each time they hit the target.

Water Balloon Pinatas

Water Balloon Pinatas

Tweens and teens both love this fun water balloon pinata game.

Hang water balloons on a clothesline where players can take turns hitting them.

You may want to blindfold older teens to make the game a bit harder.

The player that pops the most balloons wins the game – and will be totally wet as well.

Splash and Score Baseball

This splash-out water balloon game is competitive and fun.

Split teams into two. One group is batting while the other is fielding.

Teens must throw a water balloon at an opposing player. If they hit the water balloon, they can run to first base.

All fielders will have buckets with water balloons that they can throw to the opposing team while they’re running to the next base.

Be sure to place the water balloon buckets far enough away from the bases to give runners enough time to try and get to the next base.

The winner is the team with the most players making it to the home base.

Water Balloon Dart Game

Mark several water balloons, giving them different points, and set them up as targets.

Players have to hit the balloons accumulating points as marked on the balloons.

The player with the most point at the end of the round wins.

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Pop The Sharks

Great for younger kids, this game requires you to draw a shark face of several balloons then throw them in a pool.

Kids can then try to pop the ”sharks” for a predetermined period. The kid with the most popped balloons wins.

Trampoline Water Balloon Splash

Add filled water balloons to trampoline fun and track the player that pops the most balloons as they jump.

You can set a timer and let everyone go wild as they try to pop the balloons.

Water Balloon Stomp

Water Balloon Stomp

This water balloon splash game is fun and engaging for kids.

Place lines of balloons on the ground, preferably on a deck or driveway.

Your tweens can then pop the balloons within a set timer.

The teen that stomps the most balloons wins the game.

Alternatively, you can tie a water balloon to each teen’s ankle, and players must try to stomp on other players’ balloons. Once someone has stomped on your balloon, you’re out.

The last player with an intact balloon wins.

Water Balloon Duck Duck Goose – Splash

Instead of patting players’ heads, use water balloons to hit the players.

Everyone sits in a circle, and one player walks around gently patting the heads of other players with the water balloon, saying ”Duck, Duck, Duck” each time they touch another player’s head.

When they finally shout ”Goose”, they must pop the balloon on that person’s head and run around the circle and sit down again before the player catches them.

It’s then the other player’s turn to take a balloon and continue the game.

Water Balloon Games For Teams

Fill The Bucket

Fill The Bucket Water balloon game

The game is best played in teams.

Start by placing two buckets on one end filled with water balloons and two empty buckets on the other end.

Teens need to grab a water balloon, run to the other bucket, and fill the bucket with water, i.e., burst the water balloon and fill their buckets with water.

After a predetermined period, the player or team with the fullest bucket wins the game.

An alternative way to play this game is that instead of running to the bucket, you can also get teens to throw balloons at the empty bucket and try to fill the bucket that way.

Catch and Duck

In this water balloon catch game, two teams stand at least 30 feet apart.

Each team gets two buckets, one filled with water balloons and another empty one.

The teams throw the balloons at each other while trying to catch those thrown at them.

They keep the balloons they catch in the empty container, and the team with the most balloons wins.

Water Balloon Feet Pass

The game starts with two teams with an equal number of water balloons.

The teams have to line up side by side on the ground with an empty container at the end of the line.

The goal is to pass the balloons using the feet, with the last one ensuring the balloons get to the empty bucket.

The team with the most balloons at the end wins.

Leaky Water Relay

This water balloon relay race is perfect for teams.

Teams race to fill a container using leaky balloons.

The game starts with water balloons, with one person pricking each balloon at the start of the race.

The players have to run as fast as possible and empty the balloon into the container.

The team that has the most water in their container at the end wins.

Water Balloon Tub Toss

Two teams start with empty buckets and another filled with water balloons.

Teens must throw the filled balloons into the tub on the other end of the playing field.

The team that gets the most balloons in their bucket wins the game.

The catch is all the balloons have to remain intact.

Laundry Basket Catch

You will need two laundry baskets, one for each team, and plenty of filled water balloons.

Players will throw water balloons over to their team’s basket.

Each balloon that is caught and does not pop earns the throwing team a point.

Water Balloon Volleyball

Teens will love this fun water balloon volleyball game.

Players have to pass the water ball over the net without breaking it.

If the players on the other side catch the balloon, they have to throw it over the net to earn a point.

The other team gets the point if it breaks or is not caught.

Water Balloon Games Safety Tips

Playing with water balloons can be fun, but it can get messy and cause unforeseen accidents. Here are some safety tips to ensure a fun experience while staying away from injury:

  • Ensure an adult fills the balloons or, if kids are involved, they should be supervised.
  • Do not fill the balloons to capacity, the less the water, the safer they are to play with.
  • Keep children under six away from water balloons.
  • Limit the number of players at a given time.
  • Ensure that players are of a similar age (within a three-year age range) to avoid stronger players hurting smaller players.
  • Avoid blows to the face.
  • No ganging up on one player.
  • Provide eye protection for children if using any type of launcher or catapult.
  • Ensure the balloons are not made from hazardous materials
  • Ensure there is a supervisor before, during, and after the game.
  • Always pick up all the popped water balloons after a game.

How To Fill Water Balloons?

Many water balloons will come with an adaptor that you can attach to most taps, making filling your balloons easier.

You can see how to fill a water balloon and tie it easily in this video below.

Alternatively, you can use a water balloon pump to make your job a lot easier.

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For an even easier way to quickly fill many balloons in minutes, I recommend you try the Bunch O Balloons options.

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Watch how easy and quickly these balloons fill up:

Water balloon games are perfect games to play on a hot summer day. I hope you found some fun Summer ideas and games to play with your kids that highlight the beauty of summer fun.