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66 Funny & Cool Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

Anything But A Backpack Day is when students come to school with funny household items instead of backpacks to carry their school supplies. Students all over the United States have risen to the challenge and come up with the most unique and creative alternatives to backpacks. 

Whether you want to push a wheelbarrow, use a cooler box, or carry your notebooks in a piñata, I’ve shared some of the most unique and interesting Anything But A Backpack day ideas with you.

Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

1. Fan

Using a fan as a backpack is one of the most creative ideas we’ve seen, not to mention hilarious at first glance.

Pro Tip: Take the blades off to give you more space for your belongings to fit. 

fan backpack
Source: Twitter

2. Mini Fridge

Just when you thought some small to midsize household appliances are hilarious enough. How about this outrageous idea?

Mini Fridge Backpack
Source: Twitter

3. Pizza Box

A pizza box is a surprisingly convenient way to store your supplies. Add some extra humor to the situation as it may appear that you casually brought pizza to school.

Pizza box backpack
Source: Amy Choi

4. Shovel 

It might be a bit inconvenient for you to carry around, but the laughter and attention you’ll receive will be worth the inconvenience.

shovel backpack
Source: Twitter

5. Rolling Cart

Home goods such as rolling carts are often found in the pantry. They can undoubtedly slay in school hallways too!

rolling cart backpack
Freshman Caroline Lou uses a rolling cart to hold her things on “anything but a backpack day” for spirit week on Nov. 22, 2021.

6. Pitcher

If you are the type who brings very minimal items to school, this one is a perfect idea. It is sized perfectly to hold a pen, a notebook, and your mobile phone. 

pitcher backpack
Source: Twitter

7. Inflatable Pool

This sure looks like a fun and colorful idea to show up with in class.

inflatable pool backpack
Source: Twitter

8. Baby Walker

Hopefully, the baby won’t need it while you’re in school.  

Baby Walker
Source: Twitter

9. Bird Cage

We don’t see anything wrong with a bird cage carrying a laptop and other supplies for “Anything but a Backpack” day.

birdcage backpack
Source: Patriotledger

10. Jack-O-Lantern Bucket

This time there will be no trick-or-treating while the Jack-O-Lantern carries your stuff to school.

Jack-O-Lantern Bucket
Source: scnstargazer

11. Guitar Case

Leave your guitar out of today’s agenda. Even if you’re not too musically inclined, you can still participate in Anything but a Backpack day. 

Guitar Case
Freshman Colin Kearney uses a guitar case for “anything but a backpack day” Nov. 22, 2021.

Anything But A Backpack Day Spirit Week Ideas

12. Umbrella

A nice and easy carrier to use for school. Note: you can carry it open or closed. 

Umbrella backpack
Source: Twitter

13. Spare Tire

As it turns out, spare tires have another purpose. Possibly a bit heavy though?

spare tire backpack
Source: Twitter

14. Shopping Cart

The fact that you can carry heavy items, including your classmates’ stuff, there’s no doubt that it is a popular item to bring on Anything but a Backpack day in school.

shopping cart backpack
Source: Twitter

15. Nightstand Drawer

This is definitely an elegant way to keep your school stuff secure as you travel from class to class for an entire day.

Nightstand Drawer
Source: Steve King

16. Toaster Oven

If a microwave is too big to carry around, this will suffice. 

toaster oven backpack
Source: Twitter

17. Kayak

If you want to go big, this is an oversized item that is popular and will get massive attention. 

kayak backpack
Source: Hallshomework

Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas For School

18. Toy Car

It doesn’t have to be pink. But bonus points will be earned if it’s a Barbie Cadillac.

Toy Car
Source: MrsTravisMath

19. Fishing Net

Catching grades, not fish. The fishing net is a simple item that gives more room for your school stuff. 

20. Picnic Basket

No regular backpack allowed? Why not bring a picnic basket? 

21. Baby Stroller

Carriers with wheels are often the most convenient.

22. Airfryer

It’s time for this trendy household item to shine, not in the kitchen but school. 

airfryer backpack
Source: Twitter

Funny Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

23. Mop Bucket

Who would have thought books and notes would look good in a mop bucket? 

mop bucket backpack
Source: Twitter

24. Garbage Bin

Here to collect knowledge, not garbage! 

Garbage Bin
Source: Aerial MVS

25. Wheelbarrow

Who wouldn’t burst into laughter when bumping into a classmate rushing through the school hallways carrying this huge item?

26. Toy Shopping Cart

The easiest way to get one is to take one from your younger sister, who loves to play grocery shopping. 

Toy Shopping Cart
Source: Twitter

27. Toilet

What could be funnier than seeing something you’re not supposed to see next to a classmate? 

Source: StanSmithTV

28. Baby Car Seat

Secures and carries books and notes on their way to and from school!

Baby Car Seat
Source: Twitter

29. Kangaroo Onesie

You can look cute all day in an adult onesie with a pouch that serves a practical purpose.

Adult Onesie
Source: Twitter

30. Microwave

This has already gained so much popularity and has become an instant favorite. It’s hard not to laugh when you see someone carrying a microwave to school. Legends are like… “Mom, I need to borrow the microwave.” 

Source: Twitter

Unique Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

31. Barrel

Hard to obtain and obviously challenging to carry around. But definitely unique!

Source: Twitter

32. Boat

If you think a kayak is oversized, then you haven’t seen this. This automatically falls in the unique category because we’re sure only a few will dare. 

boat backpack
Source: Twitter

33. Rice Bag

You probably have to eat a lot of rice to have such an oversized bag. Here’s another way to carry tons of school supplies, and pretty unique as not everyone will have this at home.

Source: QynneKelly

34. Beyblade Stadium

Only a Beyblade fan knows!

beyblade stadium
Source: Twitter

35. Dollhouse

It was time for your dolls to evacuate – their dollhouse is off to school.

Source: Twitter

36. Lawnmower 

As long as it has wheels and room to carry a few things, it doesn’t matter what it is. But this surely deserves an award. 

Source: Twitter

Easy Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

37. Cereal Box

This is one of the classics. Save that empty box of cereal from going to the trash. Instead, take it for a ride to carry your school belongings. 

Cereal Box
Source: Twitter

38. Watering Can

Give it an artistic flair by adding a bit of design to it. And obviously, empty before use!

39. Doughnut Box

Admittedly that’s a big donut box. Your lappy can sit comfortably in this with a bit more space on both sides.

40. Hobo Stick Bag

Every kid has made a bindle bag on a stick or possibly imagined running away with one filled with snacks. Super easy but no less creative to wow the crowd!

hobo backpack
Source: SteveKing

Anything But A Backpack Day Tiktok

41. Helmet

Something with very minimal space. A good choice for people with fewer belongings to carry around. 

Source: TikTok

42. Hanger

It doesn’t get any simpler than this, does it? It’s surprising how much a hanger can hold, actually!

Source: TikTok

43. Cooler

Apparently, there is a better way to use a cooler. Use it as an alternative backpack for a day!

Source: TikTok

44. Kitchen Sink 

Easy to carry, funny to look at. It’s a sure winner! 

Source: TikTok

45. Popcorn Machine

This kid understood the assignment. This anything but a backpack idea is Hot & Fresh!

Popcorn Machine
Source: TikTok

46. Chair

Probably not the easiest to carry your school stuff but at least you can sit comfortably once you’ve gotten tired of carrying it around.

chair backpack
Source: TikTok

47. Blanket

Not the neatest way to carry your stuff. You might be surprised with a chaotic mess later. But it still works.

Source: TikTok

Anything But A Backpack Day Instagram

48. Traffic Cone

We’ve seen students use this to hold drinks at ‘Anything But A Cup’ themed parties, however, it evidently has many practical uses.

Traffic Cone
Source: Instagram

49. Piñata

A taco piñata for the taco-lover is not a bad idea.

taco pinata
Source: Instagram

50. Wooden Crate

Just the right size will keep your things in place. 

wooden crate
Source: Instagram

51. Pet Carrier

We will never look at a pet carrier the same way again.

Pet Carrier
Source: Instagram

52. Treasure Chest

What’s good enough for pirate treasure is good enough for school supplies. Flaunt this vintage beauty at school and feel like a pirate!

treasure chest
Source: Instagram

53. Tool Box 

Perfect for the tools of any trade – even for carrying the tools for school.

Source: Instagram

Anything But A Backpack Day Facebook

54. Folding Crib

It’s so spacious you can squish yourself in while in class. 

Folding Crib
Source: Facebook

55. Pillow Case

It wouldn’t be easy to carry around if you have heavy items like books and a laptop, but it is easy to get and comfortable to carry. 

pillow case
Source: Facebook

56. Paper Shredder 

Just be very careful not to accidentally shred your school notes.

paper shredder
Source: Facebook

57. Vacuum Cleaner

This idea goes with the hope that you unload and clean it before making it a backpack alternative.

vacuum cleaner
Source: Facebook

58. Pot

It doesn’t matter how many school belongings you must carry around. Take your reliable cookware for a trip to school. It will do the job for you.

Source: Facebook

59. Hammock and Toy Grill

The fact that they are in the same frame shouldn’t be a coincidence. The outdoorsy vibes are complete with a hammock and a grill (only the toy version though).

Hammock x Toy Grill
Source: Facebook

Anything But A Backpack Day Reddit

We checked what people had answered when students asked for recommendations for their ‘Anything but a Backpack’ day at school. Here are some of the best and most bizarre answers.

60. Fishbowl – Michi-Fan-01

The idea seems easy. But something breakable like glass might be challenging to carry around. Always check restrictions.

61. Suitcase or Briefcase– Intelligent_Point311

We’ve seen kids carry suitcases. And we’re 100% sure they borrowed it from their Dads. Some even come to school in suits to match the briefcase making it more hilarious.

62. Beer Case – -teddosaurus-

Why carry simple baskets and crates when you can bring a beer case? Make sure not to sneak beers in school though. 

63. Skateboards – u/coolguy84938483

Skater boys and girls unite! This thing can even carry you around and not just your school things.

64. Washing Machine – apaczkowski

If others can bring a fridge. Then why not try your luck on a washing machine? 

65. Your Little Brother – Educational_Heart132

My personal favorite. Only if your parents would allow you to take your younger sibling with you to boss around all day and carry our things.

66. Coffin – R0LL1NGTHUNDR

This is definitely the most bizarre item suggested that students should bring. We also wonder if anyone out there would actually have a coffin handy. 

What is anything but a backpack day?

The Anything But A Backpack Day is when students bring their supplies to school in funny household items. The only absolute rule is that it can’t be too dangerous, nor can it be a backpack. In October 2021, the trending hashtag #anythingbutabackpack started to become popular on Tiktok.

What day is anything but a backpack day?

Anything But A Backpack Day has not been associated with a specific date. 

However, since it has been a trend on Tiktok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, many schools have taken up the activity and included it in their school spirit week.

Who started anything but a backpack day?

It all started in the Jefferson School District 251 in Idaho when a shooting incident happened in May 2021 that led the school board to be on high alert. In a statement, the local Board of Education banned backpacks in schools. On the following day, students brought in items to protest and make fun of the new rule.

According to Jefferson School District 251 Superintendent Chad Martin, it was “good to see the students turning it into a positive thing.” The hashtag #anythingbutabackpack was adopted on Tik Tok shortly after that first day. Many schools have now adopted this trend during spirit week as a way to reignite school spirit.