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What Is The Average Waist Size For Teenage Girl?

Every teenager has a unique body shape, size, and composition; therefore, there is no standard waist size. However, studies have measured the average or mean waist size by age.

Based on recent studies, the average waist size for a teenage girl between 13 to 19 years in the United States is 32.6 inches (82.8cm) and increases every year. This is about a size 12 dress or medium pant size.

Although the shape and size of a healthy body vary, your waist circumference can assist you in identifying potential health issues, including conditions like diabetes and the risk of heart disease.

This article digs deep into how waist size changes with age, how to measure your waist, and how waist circumference relates to height and weight, important parameters to keep in mind while comparing average measurements.

What Is The Average Waist Size For Teenage Girl in 2024?

What Is The Average Waist Size For Teenage Girl

According to a report by the CDC, the average waist size for teenage girls is 32.6 inches. Teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 19 fall under the medium to large body size, a size 12.

Teen girls’ shape and size change every year. As teens step into adulthood, the waist size increases as well.

It is important to note that the waist size can be smaller than the average for some girls, especially those naturally petite. The same goes for girls that are taller or generally plump.

This does not mean there is something wrong with being on the extreme end of the waist sizes. Bodies are all different and what matters the most is that we are healthy and within the recommended BMI, used to categorize underweight, overweight, healthy weight, or obese people.

The Mayo Clinic highlights that health risks increase with increasing waist size, regardless of your Body Mass Index. You can measure your weight to BMI ratio here to determine if you are within the recommended range.

Average Waist Size By Age

Average Waist Size By Age

Your waist size will change each year, and it may go down or up depending on whether or not you add substantial weight. Generally, the waist size will increase each year considerably as you get older.

Here is a table describing the average waist sizes, weight, and height by age:

AgeAverage Waist in CMAverage Weight in KGAverage Height in CM
12 years76.653154.8
13 years78.557158.1
14 years80.662.2161.8
15 years80.462.4161
16 years82.265.7161.9
17 years84.267.9163
18 years85.268.8162
19 years8871162.2
AgeAverage Waist in InchesAverage Weight in PoundsAverage Height in Inches
12 years30.2116.960.9
13 years30.9125.862.2
14 years31.713763.7
15 years31.6137.563.4
16 years32.4144.963.7
17 years33.1149.764.2
18 years33.6151.663.8
19 years34.6156.563.9

From this chart, you can see that the waist size increases each year.

Note that the chart is not a standard definition of the waist size you should have at a specific age. Many factors influence your waist size, including weight, height, and overall health.

That said, you can use this as a guide to understanding where your waist measurements lie. But, keep in mind that your waist size could be larger or smaller than the numbers indicated, and that is normal.

As long as you are healthy and within a normal BMI range, you should not worry much about how big or small your waist is.

Average Waist Size By Height

Your waist-to-height ratio will help you determine if you are at risk for any health issues due to your waist size.

To calculate this percentage, divide your waist measurement by your height, then multiply by 100.

According to the CDC, the average 19-year-old American has a waist of 33.62 inches and is 64.29 inches tall.

healthy waist-to-height ratio should be equal to or less than 0.5. When your weight reaches 50% of your height, that indicates obesity.

In recent years most women, regardless of age, have a waist size more than half their height hence the prevalence of obesity in the US.

From this observation, the average size of women’s waist is increasing every year in the US. Therefore, there should be an increased focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather than comparing oneself to the average measurements of other girls.

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Average Waist Size For Women

Average Waist Size For Women

There is no standard or normal waist size for women as factors such as age, height, weight, and overall health come to play.

Healthy bodies come in various waist sizes; therefore, size charts do not measure health.

Even so, the average waist size can help you determine whether or not you are at risk for health conditions.

According to the CDC, the average adult US woman has a waist size of 38.5 inches, and falls between sizes 18 and 20.

Teens have an average waist size of 32.4 inches and fall in the medium to large size, which is a dress size 12.

Average Waist Size For Teenage Guy

The average waist size for an 11-year old boy is 27 inches. At 16, most teenage boys have a waist size of 32 inches. Guys tend to have a bigger waist than girls, but the increment in size is similar.

The average waist size for most teen boys is 29 inches. Petite teens have a waist size as small as 26 inches, while plumper ones can have a waist size as big as 34 in their teenage years.

How To Measure Your Waist

Measuring your waist is essential to keep track of fat around your mid-section. Visceral fat builds up around the organs and can increase the risk of developing chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

To measure your waist:

  1. Find the top of your hips and the bottom of your ribs.
  2. Place a measuring tape around your midsection, at a point between the hips and the ribs. Usually just above your belly button.
  3. Make sure the tape is tight but not digging into your skin, and read the measurement.

Here is a resourceful video:

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Waist-Hip Ratio

Another way to calculate whether your waist size is in the healthy range is to use the waist-to-hip ratio.

The waist–hip ratio (WHR) is the ratio of the circumference of the waist to that of the hips. This is calculated by taking your waist measurement and diving this by your hip measurement .

For example, a person with a 30″ (76 cm) waist and 38″ (97 cm) hips has a waist–hip ratio of about 0.78.

The WHO states that abdominal obesity is defined as a waist–hip ratio above 0.90 for males and above 0.85 for females, or a body mass index (BMI) above 30.0

How Many Inches Should A Teenage Girl Waist Be?

The average waist size for a teenage girl is 32.6 inches. However, this is not a standard for measuring a healthy waist as other factors, such as height, age, and BMI, come into play.

As long as your BMI and waist-to-height ratio falls under the recommended number, you should not worry about a waist size smaller or bigger than 32.6 inches.

Average Waist Size For Teenage Girl In Cm

The average waist size for a teenage girl is 82.8 cm. Younger teens have an average waist size of 76 cm, while older ones have an average waist size of 86.3 cm.

Average Waist Size For Teenage Girl UK

The average waist size for a teenage girl in the UK is 76 cm. A healthy waist size for women in the UK is anything under 80cm, while anything above 88 cm can increase health risks.

Average Korean Waist Size

The waist size for Korean teens is between 72 and 76 cm. The difference between the smallest waist size and the biggest waist size in Koran teens is slight. Korean teens are mostly petite and tall, which explains why their average waist size is smaller than teens in the US.

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