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41 Answers To Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

When we like someone or are in a relationship, it may be difficult to ask guys certain personal questions no matter how curious you are. If you’re afraid to ask guys questions then you might find the answers below. I’ve listed and answered some common questions girls are afraid to ask guys and shared some videos where teens ask their guy friends to answer some as well.

questions girls are afraid to ask guys

1. Is it possible for guys to be friends with a girl without developing feelings?

Guys can be friends with girls. Men can definitely form platonic friendships. However, if anything does develop between two parties, it is important to be honest about it and have an open discussion.

2. Do you mind if your girlfriend has lots of guy friends?

This really depends on the strength of your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of guy friends if you’re in a healthy, trusting relationship, particularly if he likes hanging out with your guy friends. However, if they openly pursue you, that’s a different story. Nevertheless, you should not change your friends for a guy; if he loves you, he will love your friends as much as you do. Make sure to make your boyfriend feel secure and important, and don’t flirt with your guy friends.

3. Is cheating something you can forgive?

Most relationships end because of cheating. Cheating isn’t only about how it occurs but also how it is perceived by those who have been cheated on. Some guys find it completely unforgivable.

The definition of what most guys use for “cheating” goes beyond having sex with someone else. Knowing his definition of cheating is crucial in a relationship.

4. What makes men so ashamed when a woman makes more money than they do?

The world is changing so rapidly. Why would a woman’s salary cast a shadow on a man? Men, however, might still feel emasculated and insecure. We believe that money adds no value to a person’s personality, so it should not matter who earns more.

5. Who should pay on the first date?

Generally, guys insist on paying for the first date. It’s not uncommon for girls to want to split the bill to demonstrate that they are equally contributing to the partnership. It’s usually a good idea to offer to split it, and then he can decide to pay or split with you. 

6. Is it offensive for guys when a girl asks them to split the bill on a date?

There’s no big deal to it, but sometimes guys feel compelled to pay. It might be a good idea to offer to split, or if he insists on paying, then you can get movie tickets next time or drinks later.

7. Is too much time spent getting ready a pet peeve for you?

Some girls take forever getting ready. Getting dressed is not very challenging for men, but waiting around for their girlfriend can become a problem. Just assume that no one enjoys waiting around for whatever reason, and choosing what to wear would probably be included in that. 

8. How do you flirt?

Girls may not always be able to tell if a guy is flirting because they may assume he’s being nice. In case you keep friend-zoning guys accidentally, learning what a guy’s favorite flirting moves are will explain to you how to tell the difference between flirting and being friendly. Most guys will make eye contact and try to spend lots of time with you (in-person and online).

9. How do you feel about girls making the first move?

Guys are traditionally the ones who make the first move and ask girls out. As the times change, women are increasingly empowered to make the first move and decide who they want to date. Most guys would definitely enjoy a girl making a move as they’re just as insecure as you are.

10. Do you mind if I message you while you’re out?

This is a great question to ask. It is common for guys to have “guys night” with their friends. It might not necessarily be that he does not want to be contacted during those times, but that he might not be checking his phone and not have time to respond to your message. Taking time apart is a good thing, and you’ll show him you’re considerate of the time he spends with friends. Expect that if you message him, he will only respond later or the following day. Don’t get upset, or you might come across as needy.

11. Do you like to keep in touch throughout the day?

It’s OK to message your guy, but everyone has their preferences regarding how much contact is desired. When he has too much going on, the feeling can be suffocating and overwhelming and will divert his attention away from work and other stuff. You may need to agree on when you can have a daily conversation that is enjoyable for both of you.

Uncomfortable Questions To Ask Guys

Uncomfortable Questions To Ask Guys

11. Why did you break up with your ex?

It is common for women to be curious about their partners’ past. Some believe it is also relevant for the man’s future. In reality, that shouldn’t be the case because, according to men themselves, they tend to change depending on who they are with. Past events may not always indicate a person’s personality, but it’s interesting to know. Be sure to ask this question in a more relaxed, general way and not be too inquisitive in case he doesn’t want to answer the question. 

12. Did you ever think about your ex while we were together?

Obviously, a “yes” response would mean war! However, many women are obsessed with finding out everything they can about their partner’s ex. Girls shouldn’t get too obsessed with their boyfriend’s past because it will do them no good. Plus, the uncomfortable nature of this question probably won’t allow you to get an honest answer.

Questions To Ask Guys About Girls

Questions To Ask Guys About Girls

13. What is the first thing you notice about a girl?

We all want to know what catches the attention of the man we like. What makes a girl stand out? Each guy is unique, so it’s fun to discover what attracts them. However, it will most likely be her face and then her personality. 

14. When do you know if you have feelings for a girl?

Boys are the same as girls; they’ll know they have feelings for someone when they are curious about them and think about them and wonder what they’re doing.

Watch the video below for more questions for guys about girls and the answers:

15. Does virginity matter to you?

Most guys won’t judge you if you’re no longer a virgin. However, if he’s religious, he might not be interested if you’ve had previous sexual partners. And some guys won’t date a girl whose body count is higher than theirs. 

16. Are you concerned with how a girl dresses?

Not every guy cares about how a girl dresses. A girl who also dresses in a style they find appealing is what they’re looking for. Some guys won’t even give it a thought. In fact, they won’t notice what you typically wear. However, some guys have specific style preferences, and you’ll probably see that by how they dress themselves. 

17. What’s the most attractive thing about a girl?

Guys are often attracted to a woman’s confidence, just like women are to men. It is unusual to come across men attracted to damsels in distress these days, but knowing the answer directly from a man is extremely helpful. He might think that you’re fishing for compliments, so be sure to listen to his answer and not make it about you.

Awkward Questions To Ask Guys

18. How many women have you slept with?

This is probably the most awkward question you could ask a guy. It can be very difficult to get an honest answer to this question. Do you really want to know? Do you think it would be cool for him to ask you? What would you think if he did?

19. Have you ever been attracted to another guy before?

Guys will probably find this a weird question, and it might be a difficult question to answer. Many teens are still trying to discover their sexuality and might not want to discuss it yet. 

20. How much money do you make?

From where he lives, how he dresses, and what kind of job he has, you may already be able to tell if he is well off. Is the specific number still necessary? If you want to know about a guy’s finances, wait until you’re engaged or living together.

Questions To Ask Guys About Their Body

Questions To Ask Guys About Their Body

21. Do guys feel insecure about their bodies?

Guys definitely feel insecure about their bodies. They also worry about their weight, muscles, and overall appearance. Nobody likes falling out of style or losing their hair. It’s important to always tell guys that you think they look good since they too love hearing compliments. 

22. When you wear skinny jeans, do you crush your nether regions?

That’s possible. A guy should not have a problem if he’s wearing skinny jeans that fit properly.

23. How does the size of a guy’s member affect his confidence?

In some cases, it does, especially for younger and developing guys.

24. Is it really painful when guys get kicked “down there”?

Of course, it is. Like there is an immediate total body pain sensation. This can knock someone to the ground and knock them out for a while. 

25. Does riding a bicycle crush your nether region?

Not at all. The nether regions of a guy are much more forward than one would think. The bike seat is perfectly suited for this, but if you’re not used to riding a bike, you might feel uncomfortable.

Questions To Ask Guys About Girl Stuff

Questions To Ask Guys About Girl Stuff

26. Are guys attracted to girls who have long hair?

They don’t mind it at all. A guy usually prefers a girl’s hairstyle or length that makes her feel comfortable and confident. 

27. Do you prefer girls with a lot of makeup or without a lot of makeup? 

Many guys actually prefer girls who wear little to no makeup, contrary to what many girls believe. Make-up only enhances the natural beauty you already have. He won’t mind seeing you without makeup if he loves you for who you are. He may even prefer it!

28. How do you feel about periods?

It’s unpleasant to see blood on the sheets or in the bathroom. Purchasing tampons and pads fall under this category, which varies considerably. It’s not for everyone; some men won’t mind it, and some outright refuse. Some find it uncomfortable to discuss, while others don’t.

29. Why do you always assume we are on our period when we are in a bad mood?

Women’s moods are affected by various things, and it isn’t just their periods! You may have heard the infamous phrase: “Are you on your period?” whenever someone is in a bad mood. Do men ever consider that they could be the cause of their bad mood?

Questions Guys Are Scared To Answer

Questions Guys Are Scared To Answer

Nowadays, guys are far more open to answering common questions about relationships; however, personal questions and deep questions can get guys a bit hot under the collar.  

30. How come guys aren’t more in touch with their emotions?

Men ignore negative emotions because they don’t know how to deal with them or because they want to look more masculine. Others prefer facts and logic to feelings, being more rational and pragmatic. 

31. Do you take a lot of time to commit?

When it comes to their partner taking their relationship seriously and becoming exclusive, most women want to know how long it takes. While some guys commit from day one, others need time to commit. Even though you might want to know when your guy is likely to move forward with the relationship – and whether his timing matches yours – this is not dependent on his past but on your relationship with him today. 

32. Are we exclusive?

No one doubts that commitment is a scary subject, but it is also important to remember that men and women approach commitment differently. In any relationship, it’s essential to be on the same page, regardless of what it may be. Despite the necessity to ask this question to men, anything about exclusivity could easily be a source of anxiety.

33. When do you plan to get married?

It’s a tricky question and really depends on your age. Most people, including men, will have some thoughts on marriage but might not have the details worked out yet. This question should be more of a general inquiry as no one can really answer this. It depends on when you’re emotionally ready, financially stable, and meet the right person. 

34. Why do guys go ghost all of a sudden?

Guys probably don’t like answering this question because the reason they ghost someone is the same for girls. He’s just not that into you. No matter the reason, you must not blame his “ghosting” on yourself and begin to doubt your worth. If he ghosts, then just let him go. Ghosting is quite disrespectful and rude, and it’s actually a relief to have them out of your life.

Questions To Ask Guys TikTok

35. Here are some popular videos of questions to ask guys on TikTok:

  • Does skin color matter? 
  • Do guys like it when girls give them cute nicknames?
  • Do guys like it when girls play with their hair? 
  • Do guys ever wear their girlfriend’s clothes?

Watch the video below for the answers: 


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36. Asking my guy friends questions girls wanna know:

  • What’s something you wish girls did for guys more? 
  • What’s the first thing you would do if you were a girl?

Watch the answers below:


asking my guy friends question girls wanna know part 1 🤌🏻 lmk more questions u wanna know ❤️‍🔥

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37. Questions girls wanna ask guys but are too scared to:

  • What’s your definition of cheating? 
  • Can guys and girls be just friends?
  • Do guys get as insecure as girls do?
  • What’s your biggest turn-off?
  • Do you stalk girls’ Instagrams?

Watch his honest answers below:

Guys and girls have their own views on cheating. The best way to find out is to ask him, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. Avoid asking him during an argument, but rather during casual conversations.

38. Ten Questions to ask your man

  • Am I supporting you emotionally?
  • What is your biggest fear?

This question applies to those who are already in a long time relationship. Though the relationship may be smooth-sailing, checking on your man if your support reaches him is still worth knowing. Not only to see if you’re lacking but also to check on his mental health. A guy needs to be comfortable and honest enough to answer this question. 

Questions A Girl Should Never Ask A Guy

Questions A Girl Should Never Ask A Guy

39. What’s your ex like?

Certainly not a question to be taken lightly. There is nothing wrong with being curious. But discussing this topic can easily trigger jealousy. Ideally, you should first analyze where you stand in your relationship and why you want to know this. Only after you’ve come to terms with the fact that he had a life before you can ask this question.  Remember that he had feelings for her, and while he doesn’t want to upset you, he most likely won’t want to criticize her to make you feel better.

40. When can I meet your parents?

This question relates to not only your relationship but also his relationship with his family. You probably won’t be able to meet his family for some time if he has a bad relationship with them. He’ll arrange it when he’s ready, so it is best to wait for him to initiate the meeting between you and his parents. You wouldn’t want your man forcing it out of pressure. Enjoy building a relationship with him first before involving the family. 

41. What’s your credit score?

This question introduces the topic of money in a less direct way than asking straight up, “How much do you make?”. As a relationship progresses, you could ask questions regarding finances. Keeping tabs on money is very important since it permeates almost every aspect of a relationship. But just like asking how much money they make, you should be married or living together to be comfortable enough to discuss it.