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100+ Christmas Bible Trivia Questions & Answers

This Christmas Bible trivia game contains a collection of questions and answers about the Bible, specifically related to the Christmas story.

Learning more about the Bible can be fun, and testing your knowledge of this unique, memorable holiday can be entertaining.

Let’s test your knowledge with these Christmas Bible trivia games.

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Christmas Bible Trivia Questions And Answers

Christmas Bible Trivia Questions And Answers

Whether you split into teams or ask these trivia questions around the dinner table, give yourself one point for each correct answer.

1. What is the traditional name for the celebration of Jesus’ birth?

Answer: Christmas

2. According to the Bible, where was Jesus born?

Answer: Bethlehem

3. Who visited Jesus as a baby in the manger?

Answer: Angels

4. What was the name of Jesus’ father and mother?

Answer: Joseph and Mary

5. What does the word “Christmas” mean?

Answer: The word Christmas comes from the phrase “Cristes Maesse,” which means the Mass of Christ, first recorded in 1038.

6. Who gave Jesus the nickname “Emmanuel”?

Answer: The prophet Isaiah foretold that a virgin would give birth to a child named ‘Immanuel.’

7. What does the name “Emmanuel” mean?

Answer: “God is with us.”

8. For how long did the wise men follow the star to find Jesus?

Answer: Twelve days

9. How many wise men visited Jesus when he was born?

Answer: Three

10. What gifts did the wise men bring to Jesus?

Answer: Gold, frankincense, and myrrh

11. Who was the first person to hear about Jesus’ birth?

Answer: The shepherds

12. How did the shepherds find out about Jesus’ birth?

Answer: An angel told them

13. What were the shepherds doing when they heard about Jesus’ birth?

Answer: They were watching their flocks at night.

14. What did the shepherds do after they found Jesus?

Answer: They spread the news about Him.

15. What does the Christmas star represent?

Answer: The star of Bethlehem

16. Which angel appeared to Mary and Joseph?

Answer: Angel Gabriel

17. How did Mary conceive Jesus?

Answer: by the power of the Holy Spirit

18. What is the name of Jesus’ cousin, son of Elizabeth and Zechariah

Answer: John the Baptist

19. In what direction did the wise men travel to find Jesus?

Answer: West since they came from the East

20. In which river was Jesus baptized and with whom?

Answer: River Jordan by John the Baptist

21. What other name also refers to the wise men in Matthew?

Answer: Magi

22. In which book is the genealogy of Jesus described?

Answer: Matthew 1

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Christmas Bible Quiz True Or False

Christmas Bible Quiz True Or False

Here are some True or False questions for your Christmas quiz. We’ve avoided difficult questions to allow kids and teens to be able to participate as well.

True or False:

23. The Christmas story is found in the New Testament of the Bible.

24. Jesus was born in a manger.

25. The word “Christmas” is written in the Bible.

26. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

27. Jesus was born on December 25th.

28. The Christmas tree is a pagan symbol.

29. Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world.

30. The Christmas story is found in the book of Matthew.

31. “Frosty the Snowman” is a famous Bible Christmas story.

32. The first recorded Christmas celebration was in Rome in 336 A.D.

33. The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas began with the Three Wise Men.

34. Jesus was born in Egypt.

35. The parents of Jesus are Mary Magdalene and Joseph.

36. Jesus is born through the Holy Spirit and the Virgin.

37. The shepherds visit Jesus after he is born by following the moon.

38. The shepherds say that Jesus is the Messiah and praise God for his birth.

39. The wise men bring Jesus gifts of gold, diamonds, and myrrh.

40. The prophecy that a Messiah would be born in Bethlehem was fulfilled at Jesus’ birth.

41. Jesus’ birth tells us that he is God incarnate in human form.

42. Santa was named after Saint Nicholas.

43. Joseph was told to flee his family to Egypt by an angel in a dream.

44. John the Baptist was born ten months before Jesus.

45. The three wise men told King Herod that the King of the Jews had been born.

46. The birth of Jesus is recorded in the book of Matthew 3:13-17.

47. Prophetess Ana dedicated baby Jesus to the temple.

48. Jesus was a descendant of the tribe of Rueben.

49. The Massacre of the innocents targeted boys below the age of 6.

50. Jesus is said to have been baptized in the town of Bethany.

51. The name Immanuel means ‘God is with us.’

Christmas Bible Trivia Multiple Choice

Christmas Bible Trivia Multiple Choice

These basic knowledge questions about Christmas in the Bible make for awesome trivia questions you can ask as a family game.

51. Who was the first person to be born in the New Testament?

  • John the Baptist
  • Jesus
  • Joseph
  • Elizabeth

52. What biblical event marks the birth of Jesus?

  • The Crucifixion
  • The resurrection
  • The ascension
  • The Nativity

53. Which biblical figure visited Mary and Joseph soon after the birth of Jesus?

  • An angel
  • A shepherd
  • Kings from the East
  • Simeon

54. What did the three wise men bring to Jesus when they visited him?

  • Gold, frankincense, and myrrh
  • Gifts for baby Jesus
  • Church bells
  • Maps of the Holy Land

55. How many wise men were there?

  • One
  • Three
  • Twelve
  • Forty-two

56. Where can this Bible verse be found? “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

  • Isaiah 9:6
  • Luke 2:21
  • Matthew 1:19
  • Luke 2:1-3

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57. What did the angel tell the shepherds?

  • “Behold, I bring you good news of great joy for all the people.”
  • “Do not be afraid, for I know where to find Jesus who has been born.”
  • “I bring you news of great joy that will be for all the people and bring earth peace.”
  • “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.”

58. Where did the star of Bethlehem lead the shepherds?

  • A palace
  • A stable
  • A Cattle trough
  • A Feeding Trough

59. Who spoke to prophetess Anna when she saw baby Jesus?

  • John the baptist’s mother
  • Angels
  • Santa Claus
  • The Holy Spirit

60. What did the shepherds do when they saw Jesus?

  • They went home.
  • They spread the news to everyone they met.
  • They fell on their knees and worshiped him.
  • They gave him their gifts.

The Birth Of Jesus Questions And Answers

The Birth Of Jesus Questions And Answers

61. How did Herod feel when he heard Jesus was born?

Answer: He was angry

62. What did Herod tell the shepherds to do?

Answer: Find the baby Jesus and come back with the baby so he could worship him too

63. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him may have everlasting life” where in the Bible is this phrase?

Answer: John 3:16

64. What did an angel tell Joseph in a dream?

Answer: “Get up, take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt.”

65. According to Luke 2:39, to which town did Mary & Joseph return after the dedication of Jesus?

Answer: Nazareth

66. Where was Jesus laid after he was born?

Answer: In a Manger

67. What heavenly body did the shepherds follow to see baby Jesus, Luke 2:8-14?

Answer: A star

68. Who were the first people to visit the baby Jesus, Luke 2:8-14?

Answer: Shepherds

69. To which country did Joseph’s family escape when they heard that babies were killed?

Answer: Egypt

70. What does the name Jesus mean?

Answer: God saves

71. Why did an angel appear to Joseph in a dream?

Answer: To tell him that Mary would conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit.

72. What was Jesus’ city of birth?

Answer: Nazareth

73. What is the significance of the birth of Jesus?

Answer: Salvation and the forgiveness of sins.

74. Who warned the wise men not to return to King Herod?

Answer: God

75. What gifts was Jesus given at his birth?

Answer: Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense

77. When did Joseph, Mary, and Jesus leave Egypt for Nazareth?

Answer: After the death of King Herod

78. As per Luke 2:13-14, who sang when Jesus was born?

Answer: Heavenly Host

Bible Christmas Jeopardy Questions

Bible Christmas Jeopardy Questions

Here are some great Bible quiz questions you can use with friends and family at your next holiday party game.

79. Who were the three wise men?

Answer: Gaspar (or Caspar), Melchior, and Balthasar.

80. How many shepherds followed the angels to find Jesus, as per Matthew 2:11?

Answer: The Bible does not give a number; however, it does state that there were twelve witnesses to the birth of Jesus.

81. What did the shepherds find when they got to Jesus?

Answer: “A baby wrapped in cloths lying in a manger.”

82. What does the star of Bethlehem represent?

Answer: The star was seen as a sign sent by God to lead the wise men to the Christ child. It was a light of hope and salvation amid the darkness.

83. Where did Joseph and Mary go for their annual pilgrimage?

Answer: Jerusalem

84. Why couldn’t Joseph have just stayed in Nazareth?

Answer: An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to flee as King Herod wanted to kill Jesus.

85. Who was King during Jesus’ birth?

Answer: King Herod

86. What animal did the wise men follow to find Jesus?

Answer: They didn’t follow any animals; they followed a star.

87. Who sang at Jesus’ birth?

Answer: A heavenly choir of angels.

88. In Luke 1:26, how long was Elizabeth pregnant when Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary?

Answer: Six months

89. What were Mary’s other sons’ names?

Answer: James, Joseph, Simon, and Jude.

90. Why did Joseph move from Nazareth to Bethlehem, as recorded in Luke 2:3-4?

Answer: Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem to participate in a census ordered by Caesar Augustus. He ordered that everyone should be accounted for and pay taxes.

91. Who was Jesus’ foster father?

Answer: Joseph

92. What was Baby Jesus wrapped in according to Luke 2:7?

Answer: Swaddling clothes

93. Why did Herod want to kill Jesus?

Answer: The wise men called Jesus ‘the king of the Jews,’ so Herod saw him as a threat to his rule.

94. What does the star of Bethlehem mean for Christians today?

Answer: The star of Bethlehem represents a light of hope and salvation during darkness.

95. Where is Bethlehem located in the Bible, as per Matthew 2:1?

Answer: In Judae, south of Jerusalem.

Nativity Quiz Questions And Answers

Nativity Quiz Questions And Answers

96. What is the name of the town where Jesus was born?

Answer: Bethlehem

97. Where was Jesus born?

Answer: Although it is often said that Jesus was born in a stable, the Bible only says that there was no room at the inn and that Jesus was laid in a manger. As a manger was used to hold feed for animals, it was believed that they were forced to stay in a room for animals, i.e., a stable.

98. What was Joseph doing for a living?

Answer: Carpentry

99. What is the name of the prophet who prophesied the birth of Immanuel?

Answer: Isaiah

100. What were the first words spoken by the angel to the shepherds?

Answer: “Do not be afraid.”

101. What were the names of Mary and Joseph’s other children?

Answer: James, Simon, Joses, and Jude

102. What did the angel tell Joseph to name the baby, Matthew 1:21?

Answer: Jesus

103. How many angels appeared to the shepherds?

Answer: One

104. What was the name of Herod’s wife?

Answer: Herodias

105. Which book in the Bible describes nativity best?

Answer: There are two Christmas stories in the New Testament, one in Matthew 1–2 and the other in Luke 1–2. There are some similarities between them. They differ, however, in their characters, plots, messages, and tones. Both convey essential perspectives on the birth of Jesus.

106. What is the name of the roman ruler during the time Jesus was born?

Answer: King Herod

Where is the Christmas story in the Bible?

The gospel of Luke and Matthew contain the Christmas story. Isaiah 9:6 describes the prophecies on the birth of Jesus. Luke 2:20 tells the shepherd’s experience with baby Jesus, and Matthew 2:1-3 depicts the nativity of the Messiah.

What does the Bible say about Christmas?

The Christmas story is recorded in the Bible in the book of Luke 1. It tells of the birth of Jesus Christ and the events surrounding his birth. Mary and Joseph were visited by an angel who told them that Jesus would be born and save the world. The shepherds were also told of Jesus’ birth by an angel and went to see him.

What does the Bible say about Christmas trees?

Christmas trees are not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Although it may seem that the book of Jeremiah 10:1-5 describes a Christmas tree, further studies have shown that it describes idolatry and carving wooden images from trees for worship. Christmas trees and Christmas traditions were celebrated years after the birth of Jesus.

Did Christmas use to be a pagan holiday?

Although the celebration of Christmas (Christ’s birth) was not a pagan holiday, there is a link to winter-solstice rituals observed by various pagan groups.

As a result of Constantine I’s conversion to Christianity in 313 AD, Christian priests began making efforts to appropriate the winter solstice holidays to achieve an easier transition from paganism to Christianity for his people.

Since the world was supposedly created on the Spring equinox (late March), it would also make sense that Jesus would have been conceived on that day. As a result, Mary, who was pregnant with the Son of God, would give birth to him nine months later on the Winter Solstice.

Over the years, the activities around Christmas had pagan tendencies, like lighting the Yule log, gift-giving, and decorating evergreens.

However, this does not mean that Christmas is a pagan holiday. The Christmas holiday is celebrated in many Christian countries to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, a biblical figure.