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How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

Ghosting describes the act of abruptly ending all communication with someone without giving any explanation, a practice that has become all too common in today’s dating world, especially among teens.

It can be a painful and confusing experience, especially if you’re left wondering what you did wrong.

In most cases, a guy ghosts you because he is uncertain of his feelings or is not ready for a commitment and does not know how to say this without hurting your feelings.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and take it. With a little effort, you can make a man regret ghosting you and reconsider his actions.

Why Do Men Ghost You

Why Do Men Ghost You?

Ghosting is suddenly cutting off all communication with someone without any explanation. It’s a cowardly and inconsiderate way to end a relationship, and it can leave the person on the receiving end feeling confused, hurt, and even angry.

But why do guys do it? According to relationship experts, there are a few common reasons. Some men ghost because they are afraid of confrontation. He may be unsure of his feelings and doesn’t want to hurt the other person. Others ghost because they are simply not ready for a relationship.

No matter the reason, ghosting someone is disrespectful and shows that he is either immature and doesn’t know how to end the relationship, or he is not very kind and doesn’t care if his actions hurt your feelings.  

Either way, the problem lies with him, and you’re better off not being in a relationship with him. The best way forward is to move on.

However, if you’re wondering how to make a guy regret ghosting you and find ways to help you move on, we have some great tips and suggestions.

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

1. Don’t try to understand why he ghosted you

When someone ghosts you, you will want to understand why the guy did what he did, but this can be a fruitless and frustrating endeavor. The reason why he doesn’t want to have a relationship with you anymore is all about him and not about you. Instead of trying to make sense of it, focus on moving forward and healing. You don’t want a guy that ghosts you in your life anyway. 

2. Don’t initiate contact

Even if you are tempted to reach out to the guy who ghosted you, refrain from doing so. Initiating contact will only give him the satisfaction of knowing that he still has some control over you. Instead, focus on moving on and finding someone who will treat you with respect.

3. Don’t stalk him online

It can be tempting to check up on the guy who ghosted you online, but this can be unhealthy and only prolong your pain. Avoid checking his social media, looking up his name on Google, or trying to gather information about him from mutual friends.

4. Create a plan and stick to it

Making a guy regret ghosting you starts with having a clear idea of what you want and how you plan to achieve it. Whether it’s moving on and finding someone new or making him jealous and showing him what he’s missing, having a plan in place will give you the focus and determination to follow through.

5. Focus on yourself

After being ghosted, it is important to prioritize your own well-being and emotional health. This means taking time for self-care activities, such as exercise and meditation, taking up new hobbies, spending time with friends and family, and doing things that make you feel good. By focusing on yourself and your own well-being, you’ll be in a better position to forget about him, move on, and even attract someone new.

6. Boost your confidence

One of the best ways to make a guy regret ghosting you is to boost your confidence and show him what he’s missing. This means stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and taking care of your appearance. By showing off your best self, you’ll be more attractive to others and make him realize what he’s given up.

7. Speak up about your feelings

If you’ve been dating each other for a while and feel comfortable expressing your hurt about being ghosted, you can use this as a powerful way to make the other person understand the impact of their actions. Letting them know how their behavior made you feel can help them realize the hurt they caused and make them more likely to regret their actions.

Be honest, but keep it light. You can say, “I presume you’re ghosting me because you don’t want to be in a relationship any longer. I understand, as I’ve broken up with people before. However, it would have been nice if you’d let me know personally and said goodbye, which would have made it easier to move on.” 

8. Seek support from friends and family

It can be helpful to surround yourself with people who care about you and can offer emotional support during this difficult time. By talking to others about your experience, you can gain valuable perspective and feel less alone.

9. Cut off all communication

One of the most effective ways to make a guy regret ghosting you is to cut off all contact with him. This means no texts, calls, or social media interactions. By removing yourself from his radar, you’re sending a powerful message that you’re not going to put up with his behavior and that you’re moving on with your life.

10. Don’t engage in revenge

While it may be tempting to try to “get back” at the person who ghosted you, engaging in revenge tactics is unlikely to make you feel any better and could potentially make the situation worse. Instead of seeking revenge, focus on taking care of yourself and moving on. He’s not worth it. 

11. Reflect on the relationship

Ghosting can be a painful experience, but it can also be an opportunity to reflect on the relationship and determine whether or not it was healthy and fulfilling. By examining the relationship and identifying any red flags or warning signs, you can gain valuable insight and be better equipped to avoid similar situations in the future.

12. Set boundaries

After being ghosted, it is essential to set clear boundaries and communicate them to the other person. This might mean telling them that you no longer want to be in contact with them or setting firm limits on what kind of behavior you are willing to accept. By establishing boundaries, you can protect yourself and prevent similar situations from happening again.

13. Ignore his attempts to reach out

If the guy who ghosted you tries to make contact again, whether through a text, call, or social media, ignore him. This sends the message that you are not interested in engaging with someone who treats others disrespectfully.

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14. Put yourself out there

Another effective way to make a guy regret ghosting you is to put yourself out there and start dating again. This means creating a dating profile, going out on dates, and meeting new people. By showing him that you’re not sitting at home moping, you’ll make him realize that he’s not the only fish in the sea and that you’re open to finding someone new.

15. Consider therapy

If you are struggling to cope with the emotional aftermath of being ghosted, seeking the help of a professional therapist can be a valuable step. A therapist can provide a safe and supportive space to process your feelings and help you develop strategies for moving forward.

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Do guys come back after ghosting?

Do guys come back after ghosting you?

It is difficult to say with certainty whether or not someone will come back after ghosting. It depends on their reason for stopping communicating with you. 

If he wasn’t ready for a relationship but didn’t know how to say that, he might come back later when he’s more mature.

If he ghosted you because he started seeing someone else, he might try to reach out again when that relationship has ended. 

Whatever the reason, if he does come back, it is essential to consider whether or not it is healthy or advisable to engage with them again after such a callous and inconsiderate act.

Watch this video on why guys come back after ghosting:

Does ghosting hurt the ghoster?

Ghosting can hurt the ghoster if he is not a bad guy and his intentions of ghosting you don’t come from a place meant to hurt you. On the other hand, some unstable people will ghost you to hurt you, and these people don’t get hurt by their actions.

What ghosting says about a person?

Ghosting, the act of abruptly ending all communication without explanation, can say a lot about a person’s character and values.

For one, it suggests that the person is unable or unwilling to engage in difficult conversations and express their feelings honestly. 

Additionally, ghosting can indicate a lack of empathy and consideration for the feelings of others. Ultimately, ghosting reveals a person’s inability or unwillingness to be accountable for their actions and take responsibility for the impact they have on others. 

While one instance of ghosting may not be indicative of someone’s overall personality, repeated instances of ghosting can be a red flag in any relationship.

What To Do When A Guy Ghosts You

When someone that you thought you had a connection with ghosts you, it can be extremely painful and confusing. You will ask yourself why he ghosted you and start wondering about all the possible reasons, which will bring up all your insecurities.

The best way to get over someone is to:

  • Realize that their behavior is not a reflection of you.
  • Recognize that you’ve probably dodged a bullet, as you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone immature or narcissistic.
  • Decide to put yourself first and look after your mental health.

Here are some suggestions to help you and guide you on what to do when a guy ghosts you.

What To Do When A Guy Ghosts You

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Be Confident

  1. Take the setback and use it to your advantage – challenges and setbacks will always be a part of life, but that does not mean you give up. You should take the bad experience and make it work to your advantage. Take the ghosting as an opportunity to meet more guys.
  2. Believe that you are a winner – a guy ghosting you is his loss. It makes him the loser to miss out on being in a relationship with an amazing person like you. 
  3. Be confident in yourself – nothing speaks volumes like confidence. If you are not feeling it, act like you indeed are, even when you are not. When you exude confidence, you become more attractive.
  4. Speak highly of yourself – don’t let ghosting make you despise yourself. Practice self-love, speak positively to yourself and avoid negative self-talk, recite positive affirmation phrases, and have positive thoughts.
  5. Be confident in your abilities and purpose – every individual has unique gifts and abilities that determine their purpose in life. Tap into yours and use them to move on.
  6. Don’t let fear and uncertainty hold you back – just because one guy decided to ghost you, don’t let that hold you back from getting out there and trying again. Go on dates with other guys.
  7. Be confident and trust that you have a lot to offer in a relationship – ghosting might push even the most confident individuals into doubting their self-esteem. The secret lies in regaining it and believing that a great relationship is possible with the right guy.
  8. Motivate yourself – look for ways to motivate yourself to meet other guys. Not all guys will end up ghosting you, and there is bound to be one who will connect with you.
  9. Don’t be disappointed – easier said than done, but doable. Even if you get disappointed, don’t let yourself stay in that space for too long. Please focus on the future and the possibilities it holds.
  10. Don’t doubt yourself – you should not let a guy make you doubt yourself. Always believe that you are okay and there’s nothing wrong with you. The problem is probably with him.
  11. Always show up – initially, it might be hard to get up and move on and put yourself out there. Take baby steps by doing small things in your daily life and eventually get back into routine and show up and be present.
  12. Believe that you are beautiful and practice self-love – when a guy ghosts you, you might start to self-loath and think he ghosted you because you are not pretty enough. When such thoughts start, practice self-love and realize that only you can appreciate your beauty before anyone else.
  13. Trust that your life has more meaning – besides being in a relationship with a guy who decides to ghost you look for other things to focus on. You will realize it has so much to offer.
  14. Be patient with yourself – take a while to take care of yourself, and analyze what you want from a guy. Take all the time you need before putting yourself out there again, and understand even small steps count.
  15. Cut him off – someone who ghosts you should not have access to you at all. Don’t leave any room or chance of you reconnecting anytime soon. The fact that you have to chase him for communication is already a red flag.
  16. Don’t let your emotions determine your decisions – from a place of hurt and pain, you could end up making decisions you might regret. Take time to recollect and make decisions when you are calm.
  17. Let go of guilt and anger – remember that a guy ghosting you is not your fault. Please don’t be angry at yourself and feel like you did something that led to his decision. You are probably just not meant to be.
  18. Focus on your mental health and well-being – get yourself out of a rut by putting routines and rituals in place that you will practice and commit to even when you don’t feel like it. 
  19. Match his energy – communication should be more, not less. If he ghosts, you also ghost him and resist the urge to get in touch. The most basic communication skills should be enough to hold a decent conversation.
  20. Live out loudly – continue living your life and enjoying it to the fullest and exert your revenge by posting on your socials, making sure he sees that you moved on.

Watch this video on how to move on after someone has ghosted you:

Move On

  1. Set boundaries – even if the guy tries to reach out again to reconnect, remember it’s okay to say no. By setting boundaries, you are not being a bad person and don’t feel like you have to diminish them to please someone else.
  2. Acknowledge your feelings – whatever feelings you get after the ghosting are valid and matter. If you feel hurt and confused, remember that is normal and okay. Please don’t ignore the feelings; work through them for the sake of your mental health.
  3. Start over – be willing to allow yourself to begin the search for an ideal guy again. Let yourself start again as many times as you need to. You might find someone who will not ignore your feelings.
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself -when a guy ghosts you, the problem is with him, not you. Be kind and gentler to yourself during such a period. Don’t allow negative feelings to overcome you.
  5. Celebrate small wins – don’t let your life revolve around the ghosting episode. Once you shift your focus, you’d be surprised at how much you have accomplished and what needs to be celebrated.
  6. Date other men – be open to going out on dates and meeting different guys who will make you feel emotionally safe and show you affection. The fact that one decided to ghost you does not mean all are the same. 
  7. Always remember you are lovable – ghosting might leave you feeling like you don’t deserve love. Remember, you are an amazing woman worthy, and you will find the right guy with genuine feelings for you.
  8. You are not everyone’s cup of tea – just like you don’t like everyone you interact with, keep in mind that not everybody has to like you as well. If someone wants you, they should initiate conversation from their side.
  9. Respect yourself – this guy has already proven their indifference concerning your presence in their life. No matter how great the guy was, don’t beg, nor should you try reaching out countless times to see if there’s a chance of you reconnecting.
  10. Find ways of being a better version of yourself – reevaluate and learn about things you love and focus your energy and efforts on those. This, in turn, brings you the joy which radiates outwardly and makes you even more attractive.
  11. Be yourself – be authentic to yourself. Don’t change who you are just because a guy decided to ghost you. Work and focus on yourself and be the best version you can be.
  12. Let go of the past – things or people from the past always find a way of creeping back into your life. Practice letting go of hurtful situations like a guy who ghosts you. He belongs in the past and should definitely stay there. In due time he will be a distant memory.
  13. Unfollow him on social media – if you had started following his life on socials, no time like after he ghosts you to unfollow him and give him a dose of his own medicine. It also deters you from stalking him online.
  14. It’s not a race – most people are in relationships or just getting into relationships. That does not mean you have to rush into one as well. Consider the ghosting a blessing and take a step back to review your choices and relationship status.
  15. Take yourself on dates – just because a guy ghosts, you don’t have to stop going on dates. Treat yourself to nice dates now and then, and get comfortable with being alone rather than rushing into a bad relationship.
  16. Don’t give up on finding love – you should not feel discouraged from finding a guy who will adore you even after you’ve had a negative experience with another.

Watch the following video to help you get closure after someone has ghosted you:


  1. Do something fun – instead of wallowing in self-pity and pain, go out there and have fun with family and spend time with friends. Post pictures online in case the guy who ghosted you is cyber-stalking you.
  2. Ignore imposter syndrome – defy thoughts that make you feel like you are not good enough just because you got ghosted. Believe in yourself and embrace the idea of you being deserving of genuine happiness.
  3. Join a dating app – create online dating profiles to meet different guys. If you don’t prefer online dating, you can join various social groups and start connecting and interacting with many people.
  4. Face your fears – it might seem a bit scary to get back out there after being ghosted. Don’t let your fear stop you from living your life. You will never know the outcome unless you give it a try. Be realistic with your expectations, and remember you don’t have to fall in love immediately.
  5. Try out new things – you’d be surprised at how much the world has to offer. This is a perfect time to get out of your comfort zone, find out what is out there, and meet other guys.
  6. Trust your instincts – it is often said a woman’s instincts are never wrong. If, at some point, you start feeling like you are about to make the biggest mistake of your life, trust that feeling and do what is right.
  7. Explore new places – be adventurous and discover that there are always so many fun and interesting places to see, and you might end up meeting other guys in these spots.
  8. Remember, you deserve love without limits – you should get into a relationship with someone who will love you unconditionally and enjoy incredible experiences and each other’s company.
  9. Take a break from social media – you can take a couple of days off. If this is not possible, you can turn off notifications on certain social media posts, mute or restrict accounts and unfollow people connected to the guy who ghosted you.
  10. Reflect – someone not reciprocating the same energy as you is not right for you. If it feels wrong, don’t do it. If he ghosts you, he abuses and emotionally manipulates you, and he is not good for you. Let him go.
  11. Put yourself first – don’t ignore your needs, and remember you are responsible for your own happiness no matter who you start a relationship with. If a guy ghosts you, take care of yourself before you do anything else.
  12. Remember, you are not a people pleaser – you don’t need to go out of your way to please anyone, like a guy who decides to ghost you.
  13. You deserve a fresh start – take the ghosting as an opportunity to start all over again and move on from someone willing to minimize and invalidate your feelings.
  14. It’s okay not to take every chance – consider the ghosting a blessing in disguise. Not every opportunity that presents itself is meant to lead to a committed relationship.
  15. Ignore him – if you happen to meet in public, give him the cold shoulder. Don’t entertain his advances, if any, or encourage communication. Let ghosting you be one of his biggest regrets.
  16. Look and keep going forward – don’t wallow in self-pity, hoping the guy will come back. Keep your goals in mind and on the possibilities the future holds.
  17. Don’t settle for anything less – have an idea of the kind of guy you are looking for, and don’t compromise.
  18. Don’t let the ghosting period be your focus – as hurtful and painful as it was, don’t dwell on it for days on end. Keep living your daily life and focus on other things.
  19. Learn from the situation and try to do better next time – every situation in life presents itself as an opportunity to learn, internalize the lesson and grow from it. Take note of some red flags you might have noticed, and be keen when starting with a different guy.
  20. Resist the urge to fix and save the guy – once he ghosts you, it’s not your responsibility to tackle the issue, even though it seems like a problem. You can only be responsible for your own happiness and can’t rescue someone from their drama.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that you have control in this situation. You can make a guy regret ghosting you by not responding or reaching out and ignoring him if he does try to contact you. Keep yourself busy and remain positive, confident, and in control.

The best revenge is living well, so focus on yourself and the kind of life you want to have. Remember that you are worthy of respect, and no matter what happens, your self-worth should never be questioned.

By making healthy choices for yourself, not only will you make the guy regret what he did but also achieve happiness without needing someone else to validate it.