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56 Best Anything But Clothes Ideas For Your Next ABC Party

At an ABC party, you can wear Anything But Clothes.

Party guests get the opportunity to be as creative and crazy as they wish.

Whether you choose to come dressed in a shower curtain, lampshade, cardboard box, or cover yourself in fruit, you’re sure to have a wild night ahead.

Here are some of my favorite Anything But Clothes ideas.

Some are really creative and others super simple, so there’s something for everyone.

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Anything But Clothes Party Ideas

1. Paper Plates 

As part of this theme, paper plates serve more than just as vessels for food. A costume could be made out of it. Make your outfit pop with a rose gold metallic color.

Paper Plates for ABC party
Source: TikTok

2. Envelopes & Stamps

Do you have piles of bill envelopes? Here’s your chance to put it to good use as a costume. This creative envelope dress can be made by cutting them up into a collage or gluing them all together. A belt made with stamps will look great on it.

Envelopes & Stamps dress
Source: Pinterest

3. Photos

It is not uncommon for us to have lots of photos with friends and family, and we value them a lot. It is now time to show it off by making an outfit out of it.

Photos dress for ABC party
Source: Tiktok

4. Balloons

One can make a beautiful costume out of balloons because they come in such vibrant colors and interesting shapes. You can use your imagination and creativity to come up with interesting costume ideas. Just be sure to wear something underneath the balloons, as they will definitely be popped by the end of the evening. 

Balloons dress
Source: Tiktok

5. Party Streamers

Need a quick outfit for your next ABC party? Grab a birthday banner or party streamer from you last teenage birthday party and wrap them around your body I’ll be good to go!

Party Streamers
Source: Twitter

6. CDs

In this day and age, we don’t use CDs. It is possible, however, that our parents or older siblings saved lots of them back when they were still popular. This outfit would look awesome with its holographic effect.

CD dress
Source: Pinterest

7. Ikea Shopping Bag

This may not be the first time we’ve seen this common idea, but in the end, it’s all about your own style and creativity. 

Ikea Shopping Bag outfit
Source: TikTok

8. Body Paint

You should only do this if you’re comfortable flaunting your body. Combine this with a box or plastic wrap to avoid going to a party completely naked. Also, you need to consider a few things when planning this clever costume idea to avoid making the other guests feel uncomfortable.

Body Paint
Source: Twitter

9. Can Tabs

Transform yourself into a warrior princess by wearing can tabs. There is a lot of effort involved, but the result is worth it.

Can Tabs dress
Source: Facebook

10. Red Cups

Partying in a red dress? That’s nice. What about a dress made of red cups? That would make you stand out!

Red Cups dress
Source: Pinterest

You might also like to read our Anything But A Cup Party Ideas which highlights the most creative alternative drinking vessels that you can bring to the party.

11. Soda Label & Cans

This is an innovative way of upcycling soda cans, labels, and tabs. Come dressed to impress like you’re on the catwalk. 

Soda Label & Cans dress
Source: Pinterest

12. Bubble Wrap

The great thing about bubble wrap is that it’s easy to assemble. It’s a good idea to choose a really nice color since the traditional one is a bit dull. Adding tapes will enhance the costume. It’s fun to do and well worth the effort!

Bubble Wrap ABC dress
Source: TikTok

For some more creative Anything But Clothese ideas check out this cool video below:

Creative Anything But Clothes Ideas

13. Bag

Use this classic outfit idea if you have a bag that you are no longer using. You may not be able to use it after using it as a costume because you will rip parts of it to fit your head, arms, and legs. 

Bag dress
Source: TikTok

14. KFC Bucket & McDonald’s Take-Out Bag

Fast food queen coming through! Make a party costume from your take-out packaging. 

KFC Bucket & McDonald's Take-Out Bag
Source: TikTok

15. Tent

This unique costume fits up to two people, so you need to get your BFF to wear it. Ensure that your movements are in sync. It wouldn’t be a good idea to rip the tent apart. 

Tent dress
Source: TikTok

16. Sleeping Bag

Do you want a costume that you can literally slide into? That’s where a sleeping bag might come in handy.

Sleeping Bag costume
Source: TikTok

 17. Popcorn

Putting all these popcorns together like puzzle pieces will require a lot of effort. Nevertheless, the result will surely draw attention. To make it even more eye-catching, pair it with popcorn bucket cut-outs. 

Popcorn dress for ABC party
Source: Tiktok

You’ll probably need to stick down the popcorn with glue, so you might like to read How Long Does Super Glue Take To Dry?

18. Cupcake Liners

Whether you are a baker or you just love cupcakes, this creative idea will work for you. Using a combination of vibrant colors, you can create an entire outfit from cupcake liners.

Cupcake Liners dress
Source: TikTok

Anything But Clothes Party Ideas For Guys

19. Trash Bin

What is more hilarious than a walking trash bin? The combination of trash bins and trash bags will make you look trashy in a hilarious way. 

Trash Bin outfit
Source: TikTok

20. Table Cloth

Among all clothes costume ideas, this is one of the easiest. You just need to cut out a hole to fit your head into it. 

Table Cloth outfit
Source: TikTok

21. Apron

Men can wear this costume as a last-minute costume. It’s just a matter of deciding what to use as a bottom. There’s sure to be something in the kitchen to pair it with. 

Apron outfit ABC party
Source: TikTok

22. Sheet

If your intention is to look like a Greek god, you can easily pull it off with this costume. It goes as easy as tying both ends to create an ethereal look.

Sheet outfit
Source: TikTok

23. Plastic Bags

There will never be a shortage of this material in our households. As a matter of fact, we have a wide variety of supermarket bags to choose from. With very little effort, you can achieve this look.

Plastic Bags outfit
Source: TikTok

24. Bath Robe

Put on an appearance as if you just stepped out of the shower. They may not look as interesting as those DIY ABC Party costumes, but they aren’t officially clothes you’d wear out either. 

Bath Robe ABC party idea
Source: TikTok

Anything But Clothes Party Ideas For Girls

25. Vines

You will look like a fairy in this fake vines costume for girls. Pull off the look by curling your hair and applying a bit of pixie dust-like makeup. 

Vines for Anything but clothes party ideas
Source: Twitter

26. Feathers

Make this as though you aim to look like a bird straight from the Amazon Rainforest. Dress in a colorful feathered dress, and you will be the center of attention.

Feathers dress
Source: TikTok

27. FRAGILE Tape

Now this one looks like a real tailored dress. Direct contact with some tapes can irritate the skin. It is always a good idea to have something under the tape to prevent direct skin contact.

FRAGILE Tape dress
Source: TikTok

28. Aluminum Foil

As it may crack and break, this is one of those risky ideas that may limit your movement. In order to avoid a party mishap, the foil needs to be stuck into something flexible and sturdy.

Aluminum Foil dress
Source: TikTok

29. Paper Doilies

Do you want to look like a classy DIY queen? At first glance, this outfit appears to be made of fabric. There is an aesthetic appeal to the paper doilies that make it look like a dress.

Paper Doilies dress for ABC party
Source: TikTok

30. Bath Towel 

It only takes a few seconds to put on and Voila! Just like that, you’re ABC-party-ready!

Bath Towel  dress
Source: TikTok

Cute Anything But Clothes Party Ideas

31. Scarf

There is always something fashionable about scarves. Make an awesome outfit by mixing patterns and designs that look great together.

Scarf ABC idea
Source: TikTok

32. Carton | Paper Towel

You may want to avoid spending a wild night at the party if you picked this outfit. You may not be able to move around comfortably, and one thing to totally avoid – spilling drinks on your outfit made of paper toweling.

Carton Paper Towel dress outfit
Source: TikTok

33. Raffle Tickets

Putting together raffle tickets is tons of fun. It’s going to look like a human raffle ticket board, which is why we’re betting on this outfit.

Raffle Tickets Anything but clothes ideas
Source: TikTok

Best Anything But Clothes Ideas

34. Deck of Cards

Lay your cards and strike a nice pose. You can pull this off in a variety of ways, depending on your creativity.

Deck of Cards dress
Source: TikTok

35. Gloves

Because the outfit is revealing, make sure your gloves are placed nicely and sturdy enough to resist snapping when you wear them. The gloves can be blown into to provide a bit more coverage. 

Gloves dress for ABC party
Source: TikTok

36. Pool Noodles

This outfit will make you look like candy. For an added touch, cut out pieces of pool noodles to be used as accessories. With lots of colors, you only need minimal effort to enhance the look.

Pool Noodles anything but clothes ideas
Source: TikTok

37. Inflatable Dinosaur

Have trouble coming up with something creative? Here’s a hilarious idea that might work for you. It might be tricky eating and drinking in this costume, though. 

Inflatable Dinosaur costume
Source: TikTok

Anything But Clothes Ideas Reddit

38. 10,000 stickers – ambiguousresult

39. Suspenders holding up a barrel/trashcan – andrewsmith1986

40. A towel held together with safety pins and shower shoes, maybe a shower cap to complete the look. ZenRage

41. Pink Saran wrap. It’s quite fashionable – DipsomaniacDawg

42. Duct Tape, solved all of life’s little problems – I_sometimes_lie

43. Chinese take-out boxes – my79spirit

44. Empty cases of beer, Wrapping Paper, Garbage Bag – jraw493

45. Caution tape, crossing guard vest, shower curtains, cardboard, beer boxes, anything edible – nashgasm

46. Body paint. Get an artist to do it. Paint a tuxedo on – wraith967

47. A sturdy oak barrel with rope overalls – Majike03

48. Put a white bedsheet over your head to scare people – Expert_Sht_Finder_

Anything But Clothes Ideas Pinterest

49. Lego

This outfit would require creativity and a lot of Lego pieces. Having a themed party is your chance to showcase your creative skills, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Lego anything but clothes ideas
Source: Pinterest

50. Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Your sweet tooth should be evident from the number of chocolate bar wrappers you’ll need for this outfit. In order to avoid consuming too many chocolates at once, we recommend you set them aside for future consumption.

Chocolate Bar Wrappers
Source: Pinterest

51. Gift Wrappers

Crop tops and mini skirts made of gift wrappers? Not a bad idea! Be sure to add a fancy ribbon or bow to complete the look. 

Gift Wrappers outfits
Source: Pinterest

52. Plastic Supermarket Bags

Who says you can’t make a corset top and a cute tutu skirt out of plastic bags? Totally possible! The more plastic bags used, the fuller and bouncier this clever skirt inspiration would be. 

Plastic Supermarket Bags dress
Source: Pinterest

53. Magazines & Newspapers

When you add extra details to this totally creative idea, it becomes even more mind-blowing. You must, however, take our advice seriously and never go near fire or anything that can cause your outfit to catch fire.

Magazines & Newspapers dress
Source: Pinterest

54. Neckties

Weaving neckties to make yourself a sweet dress for your ABC party will not take too much effort. The first thing to do is to collect as many neckties needed to complete this look

Neckties anything but clothes ideas
Source: Pinterest

55. Crisp Packets

In the case that you plan on choosing this outfit inspiration, your junk food eating habits might just prove useful. You will be a walking marketing campaign for your favorite junk food.

Crisp packets
Source: Pinterest

 56. Glitter Garland Christmas Decor

Popular party themes, whatever they are, need all the glitter and glamor to be an awesome party. Make a statement with glitter garlands that will make you stand out all night long!

Glitter Garland Christmas Decor dress
Source: Pinerest

What is an ABC party?

The ABC party is a party where guests must wear anything other than clothes. A popular theme at college parties, the concept is quite straightforward. The guests are encouraged to fashion an outfit out of unconventional materials. Making it a hilarious theme is always a plus.

What to wear to an ABC party?

Party goers may dress in cardboard, plastic bags, duct tape, feathers, newspapers, towels, or shower curtains in place of clothes. Use your imagination and be creative. This party is a casual affair, so you can wear whatever you like, but if you really want to stand out, you’ll need something unique. Make sure you have extra duct tape in case of party mishaps, regardless of how elaborate your party plans are. The last thing you want is a costume mishap ruining your night!