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Snapchat Etiquette: Do’s & Dont’s – A guide on appropriate Snapchat behavior

Navigating the dynamic world of Snapchat can be a maze for both newbies and seasoned snappers alike.

As with any social media platform, there’s an unspoken code of conduct to ensure positive interactions and meaningful connections.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into the do’s and don’ts of Snapchat etiquette, ensuring you not only enhance your Snap game but also respect and engage with fellow users in the best possible manner. Let’s snap to it!

Basics of Social Media Etiquette

Basica of social media etiquette - teen girl taking a selfie

Look, we all get it. Social media is pretty much stitched into the fabric of our everyday lives. It’s where we catch up, share bits of our journey, and voice our thoughts. But like anything powerful, there’s a code of conduct we should follow.

First off, always think twice before posting or sharing content that might be illegal, misleading, or just plain sketchy. This means steering clear from sharing stuff without the proper rights and definitely not spreading rumors or engaging in anything scammy.

Next up, let’s talk about privacy. It’s crucial. Tweak those privacy settings to a level you’re comfortable with and be mindful about the info you share. Handing out personal deets like your home address or phone number? Probably not the best idea, given there are some not-so-great people out there.

And here’s something you might not have considered: colleges and employers are watching. They peek at social media profiles to get a sense of who you are outside of essays and resumes. So, it’s a good strategy to keep things on your socials clean and reflective of the person you’d want them to see.

All in all, social media etiquette boils down to being smart and considerate online. Stay true to that, and we can all contribute to a friendlier digital space.

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Snapchat Tips

Snapchat tips - teens on snapchat

Snapchat is a popular social media app with its own unique set of etiquette and best practices. Here are some essential tips for using Snapchat:

1. Reciprocate snaps and watch stories

Snapchat revolves around sharing snaps and viewing stories from your friends. It’s important to reciprocate snaps and watch your friends’ stories to maintain a healthy and active social presence.

2. Maintain streaks

Streaks are a significant part of Snapchat culture. They represent a continuous exchange of snaps between you and your friends for consecutive days. Keep your streaks alive by sending snaps daily, but remember to reciprocate and avoid relying solely on automated snap-sending apps.

3. Avoid posting when angry, tired, or rushed

Snapchat is a real-time platform, but it’s essential to think before you post. Avoid sharing content when you’re angry, tired, or rushed, as it could lead to regret later. Take a moment to reflect on the potential impact of your posts before uploading.

4. Understand the temporary nature of snaps

Snaps are temporary by nature, disappearing after a set period of time. However, be aware that recipients can still take screenshots or use third-party apps to save your snaps. Think twice before sharing any content that you wouldn’t want to be saved or shared beyond its intended lifespan.

5. Difference between Stories and DM’s

Stories are snaps that you feel comfortable sharing with all your Snapchat connections – remember that these might not all be your real friends. DM’s are direct messages that you only send to people you actually know. 

6. Understand privacy and location settings

Snap Map displays your location on a map in real time so all your Snapchat friends can see where you are. If your friends have opted into Snap Map, you can see their locations, too. The risk is that not all your Snapchat friends might be real friends, so rather turn this off or leave it in Ghost mode unless you’re at a specific event where you want your friends to find you.

By following these tips, you can navigate Snapchat’s unique social landscape with confidence and ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.

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Snapchat Etiquette: Do’s and Dont’s

Snapchat has become a popular social media app, but it’s important to use it responsibly and adhere to proper etiquette.

Snapchat Etiquette: Do's and Dont's - teen girl on phone

Here are the key do’s and don’ts for appropriate Snapchat behavior:

1. DO: Reciprocate snaps and watch stories

Maintain an active social presence by reciprocating snaps and watching your friends’ stories. It shows engagement and keeps your connections strong.

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2. DO: Maintain streaks

Streaks are an important part of Snapchat culture. Keep your streaks alive by sending snaps daily. However, avoid relying on automated snap-sending apps, as it’s better to have genuine interactions.

3. DON’T: Over-snap

We’ve all rolled our eyes at the person who takes endless snapshots of every single thing they do while on holiday.

“If you’re on an adventure, just capture a highlight or two,” comments Emily Roberts, a 15-year-old from New York. “The point is to share a moment, not the entire day. Once we get the gist of your experience, that’s plenty. Uploading every single snap is overkill.”

It can become tedious for viewers. “Scrolling endlessly can get really tiring,” mentions Luke Parker, a 17-year-old from Denver.

4. DO: Use privacy settings effectively

Snapchat offers various privacy settings such as Snap Map and contact settings. Utilize these features to control who can see your location and contact you, ensuring your safety and privacy.

5. DON’T: Screenshot someone’s photo without permission

Taking a screenshot is not illegal, however, sharing it is another matter. Plus it’s just not cool and can make the other person feel very uncomfortable.

6. DON’T: Share inappropriate content

Remember that Snapchat is a social media app used by people of all ages. Avoid posting content that is age-inappropriate, explicit, or could be considered offensive. Be mindful of the potential impact of your content.

7. DON’T: Engage in unwanted contact

If you receive snaps or messages from unfamiliar or unwanted individuals, it’s best to block or report them. Use Snapchat’s safety protections to safeguard yourself from any abusive behavior or unwanted contacts.

8. DO: Doodle and Use Stickers

Snapchat has added many new features, including a variety of fun stickers, which can be used to spruce up a snap.

9. DON’T: DM snaps to your friends that are also in your stories

Your friends can easily view your snaps in your story, so there is no need to individually DM them.

Imagine if every time I posted an Instagram post, I sent a direct message to all my friends asking, “Did you see this?

Save DMs for more personal or private conversations.

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10. DO: Tailor your direct snap to the person you’re sending it to

When sending a direct snap to someone, it’s important to consider their interests, preferences, and comfort level. Don’t send the same pic to everyone.

Take the time to personalize your snap and make it relevant to the individual you’re sending it to. This shows that you value their friendship and can help foster stronger connections on Snapchat. 

11. DON’T: Over-share

When it comes to Snapchat, it’s important to be mindful of what you share in your stories. Over-sharing personal or private moments might be better kept to yourself or shared with a select group of close friends. Before posting a snap, consider if it’s something you would want the world to see or if it’s more appropriate to keep it within a smaller circle. Remember, once it’s out there, it’s hard to take back.

12. DO: Beware of open-boxing

‘Open-boxing’ is another thing that makes people uncomfortable. It’s when you open someone’s direct snap but don’t reply. It sends the message that you’re intentionally blowing them off.

13. DON’T: Respond if you get open-boxed

If someone leaves your Snapchat message on “opened” without responding, it’s a clear signal that they might not be interested or available to chat.

Don’t take it personally or continue sending more messages. Give them space and respect their boundaries. Remember, not everyone is always available or able to respond immediately.

14. DO: Limit the people you connect with

When using Snapchat, it’s important to be mindful of who you add to your friends list. Keeping your network small can help ensure that you have a more intimate and trustworthy group of contacts.

Only add people you know in real life and trust, as this will help protect your privacy and safety. Avoid accepting friend requests from strangers or people you don’t have a connection with.

It’s better to have a smaller network of genuine friends than a large network of strangers.

For parents who are new to Snapchat, it’s OK to follow your own children, but don’t follow their friends. Follow your own friends instead.

15. DO: Choose wisely when it comes to streaking

Snapchat streaks have become a popular feature among users, where they maintain a continuous streak of daily snaps with a friend.

While streaks can be fun and exciting, it’s important to streak wisely. Don’t start a streak with someone if you don’t plan on keeping it up consistently. It can be disappointing for the other person if you suddenly stop sending snaps without any explanation.

Also, remember that streaks shouldn’t become an obsession or interfere with your daily life. It’s okay to take breaks and prioritize other things in your life.

16. DON’T: Have full conversations over Snapchat.

There is a reason why people invented texting.

17. DO: Share selfies in moderation

Taking selfies is a fun and popular way to share moments on Snapchat. However, it’s important to remember that everything should be done in moderation.

Constantly posting selfies can come across as attention-seeking or narcissistic. Instead, try to strike a balance by sharing a variety of different types of photos and videos.

“Don’t post long videos of your face on your story, especially if you put weird filters on them,” says Luca Dobbs. “That’s just not cool.”

18. DON’T: Use landscape mode

When using Snapchat, it is generally best to avoid using landscape mode for your snaps. Snapchat’s interface and design are optimized for vertical or portrait mode, so using landscape mode may result in your snap looking awkward or cropped. Stick to vertical mode to ensure your snaps are visually appealing and properly showcased on your friends’ screens.

Make a video or pan the camera if you want to show a larger scene.

19. DO: Format text and use captions

Snapchat has many options to make your text pop. Whether you’re highlighting, using diverse color palettes, or employing bold and italic fonts, always ensure your message remains at the center stage.

20. DON’T: Place text at the top of your snap

It’s fun to use colors and bold text on a snap. But there’s an art to it.

Positioning your text is crucial. Avoid placing it at the very top where Snapchat overlays can obscure your message.

Make sure your background and text have a clear contrast. For example, white backgrounds shouldn’t be paired with white or yellow fonts so that your message doesn’t get lost.

21. DO: Play with Doodles and Stickers

Snapchat’s array of stickers and doodle tools offers an avenue to embellish your snaps, infusing them with character and a touch of whimsy. But don’t go overboard.

22. DON’T: Overthink it. DO: Have fun

It’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed when you first start using Snapchat. But don’t worry, you’ll quickly get the hang of it! The more you use the app and interact with your friends, the more you’ll learn about Snapchat etiquette and how to navigate the various features. So, embrace the learning process, and don’t be too hard on yourself. In no time, you’ll become a Snapchat pro.

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Snapchat Etiquette: Final Thoughts

Snapchat, like many social media platforms, offers teens a unique space to communicate, share images, and express themselves creatively. With its assortment of Snapchat filters and creative tools, the app stands out among other social media channels.

However, as with all social networks, there are rules and guidelines that should be adhered to. Ensuring that age-inappropriate content, adult content, and explicit content are avoided is paramount, not just for mental health but also for building genuine relationships.

Parents and guardians can harness the gear icon to access parental controls, promoting an age-appropriate content experience tailored for their teens. The optional security feature and chat settings further provide protections for teens, keeping safety concerns at bay.

Active users should be mindful of their friend list, selecting friends wisely and being cautious of their public profile.

 We also encourage teens and adults alike to stay updated with articles and resources about the type of content that’s appropriate and what constitutes abusive behavior on the platform.

While Snapchat’s content in Stories and video content can be fun and engaging, everyone needs to remember the basic rules and stay vigilant about the content they encounter and share.

By doing so, Snapchat can remain a positive and safe space for its vast community of users.