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Sexual Hand Gestures Meaning With Pictures

Definition of Sexual Hand Gestures

Sexual hand gestures encompass a range of nonverbal signals that symbolize or convey messages related to sexual activity, body parts, or intimate desires.

These gestures are often used to express explicit or provocative sentiments in a nonverbal manner.

They can include actions such as touching, pointing, or mimicking specific body parts or sexual acts.

While the specific meanings may vary across cultures and individuals, sexual hand gestures generally aim to evoke a sexual response or convey a suggestive message.

It is important to note that these gestures are typically considered inappropriate or offensive in most social contexts and should be used with caution and respect for others’ boundaries.

Types of Hand Gestures

There are various types of hand gestures that exist across different cultures and regions. These gestures can be categorized based on their connotation, meaning, and intensity. Some of these gestures are intended to express emotions, some are used for insulting, while others can be used as a form of flirtation.

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In this article, we’ll focus on examples of sexually explicit hand gestures like the middle finger or the “Wanker”, which are well-known examples typically associated with intense anger or offense. The clenched fist and Fig sign are other examples of offensive gestures with sexual connotations.

Sexual Hand Gestures Meaning With Pictures

1. Middle Finger

Middle Finger Sexual hand gesture
Middle Finger/Flipping The Bird = F*ck You!

Ah, yes, the infamous middle finger gesture. In Western cultures, the middle finger gesture is commonly known as an obscene gesture, also called ‘Flipping the bird.’ Historically, it has been used as a sexual insult dating back to ancient Greece where it represented the phallus. Specifically, the gesture is commonly interpreted as an indication of sexual intercourse involving the insertion of a finger into a particular orifice.

The sexual meaning of the middle finger is clear – it’s a way of telling someone to go and have sexual intercourse with themselves.

This gesture is universally considered offensive. 

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2. Clenched Fist

Clenched Fist sexual hand gesture
Clenched Fist = Up yours!

The closed fist usually signifies power and unity rather than a sexual meaning. However, in some contexts, it can be associated with sexual acts or fantasies. In certain cultures, it can represent a desire to exert dominance or control over a sexual partner.

Shaking a clenched fist at someone could insinuate fisting which is the act of inserting the hand into someone’s rectum or vagina.

It’s worth noting that sexual hand signs vary widely depending on geography, culture, and the context in which someone uses the hand gesture. Overall, it’s important to be mindful of the cultural connotations before utilizing any hand gestures.

3. The Shocker – 3 Fingers Up

The Shocker hand sign
The Shocker = Two in the pink, one in the stink 😱

Have you ever wondered “What does 3 fingers up mean sexually?” Well, this sexual hand sign is commonly known as “The Shocker”.

To execute it, one extends three fingers up (index, middle, and little fingers) while bending the ring finger down. The index and middle fingers are held together, and in some variations, the thumb is either tucked against the palm or extended outward.

This gesture is meant to symbolize a sexual act in which the index and middle fingers are inserted into the vagina and the little finger into the anus, causing a “shocking” sensation. If the thumb is extended, it’s meant to represent simultaneous clitoral stimulation.

This gesture is colloquially referred to as “two in the pink, one in the stink,” which alludes to the number of fingers inserted into the vagina and anus, respectively. It’s important to note that while this gesture may be seen as playful or humorous in some contexts, it’s not appropriate to use it in public or with individuals who may find it offensive or inappropriate.

4. The Wanker

The Wanker hand gesture
The Wanker = Masturbation / Go F Yourself

I think we can all relate to this one. A compilation of hand gestures would not be complete without it. Fisting pumping is the universal sign for masturbation. Masturbating is the same everywhere – I imagine there aren’t many places where you can frantically fist-pump at somebody. 

There is an interesting variation of the gesture in Greece and Portugal in which the palm is pointed toward the ground, implying that the person prefers to wank other men rather than himself. 

It’s considered highly offensive and vulgar, particularly in British culture where it originated. The wanker gesture is often used to insult or demean someone and is not appropriate for professional or social settings.

5. The Cutis

The cutis gesture is a lesser-known sexual hand gesture that is primarily used in India and Pakistan.

It involves putting the tip of your thumb in your mouth while your other fingers stand straight up. Some people make the gesture with their fingers curled in. After making the gesture, you flick your thumb out of your mouth while screaming, “Cutta!” (“Screw you!”)

It’s a severe insult to not only you but your entire family – like saying you’re abominable as a family.

It’s worth noting that the meaning and interpretation of hand gestures can vary greatly across cultures, and it’s important to be sensitive to these differences.

6. The Fig

The Fig sexual hand gesture
The Fig = Screw you!

The “Fig” hand gesture is a lesser-known but highly offensive sexual gesture. It involves making a loose fist with the thumb protruding out between the index and middle fingers, resembling the shape of a fig.

The closed fist with a wraparound thumb gesture is typically used as a vulgar insult or to imply a sexual act. It originated in ancient Rome where the gesture was called mano fico, or fig hand, since the thumb-in-fist resembled the private parts of a woman. “Fica” means fig in Italian, and it is also slang for vulva; the Romans associated figs with fertility.

Despite its ancient roots, the fig gesture remains a taboo symbol in modern Western cultures.

Interestingly, the letter “T” in American Sign Language is very similar to this gesture.

7. The Corna

The Corna sexual hand gesture
The Corna = I’m sleeping with your wife

The “Corna” hand gesture is commonly known as the ‘Sign of the horns’ or the ‘Rock-on’ sign and is used in Western cultures to signify rock and roll. However, it can also have a sexual connotation, indicating that one’s partner has been unfaithful and is a cuckold.

It is formed by extending the index and little fingers and holding the middle and ring fingers down using your thumb. 

This insult is often used in many Mediterranean and Latin countries, such as Colombia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Mexico.

It’s important to note that while the gesture can have sexual implications in some countries, it’s also widely used in a non-sexual context and is considered a symbol of positivity and empowerment in certain subcultures.

So, before assuming the worst, it’s important to consider the context and intent behind the corna hand gesture.

8. Forearm Jerk Gesture

Forearm Jerk Gesture
Forearm Jerk = F you!

Also known as Bras d’honneur, the Iberian slap or Italian salute, it is an obscene gesture that communicates contempt and is equivalent in meaning to “F you,” similar to giving the finger.

An arm is bent in an L shape, with the fist pointing upwards; the other hand grips or slaps the biceps of the bent arm as it is emphatically raised to the vertical.

This Italian hand gesture is often combined with the word ‘Vaffanculo” meaning “F you!”.

9. Backward V Sign

Backward V Sign
Backward V sign = F off!

There are two versions of the age-old ‘V sign’: one with the palm facing outward and one with the palm facing inwards. In the United States, the two hand signals have the same meaning – “victory,” popularized by Winston Churchill. It is also used as a peace sign for “peace and love,” popularized by anti-Vietnam protesters in the 1960s.

However, if you’ve been wondering ‘What does the V sign mean sexually?’ then you would be referring to a backward V sign, where you place your outside hand toward your target, you’re basically saying “Up yours!” or telling someone to ‘F off.’

This insult has been around for a long time in Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand, as well as many other English-speaking countries.

Italy also considers the V sign rude, especially if your nose is placed between the two fingers, which resembles a crude vaginal sign.

10. V Sign with Tongue

V Sign with Tongue
V Sign with Tongue = Cunnilingus

The V sign with tongue gesture is considered to be an obscene gesture with sexual connotations. The gesture involves sticking out the tongue between two fingers forming the V sign, signifying cunnilingus. There is usually wriggling of the tongue.

This gesture is commonly associated with hip-hop culture as well as in popular culture and is sometimes used as a derogatory gesture, often directed at women.

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Sexual Hand Gestures In Other Countries

Sexual hand gestures can vary widely across different cultures, with some being interpreted very differently depending on where you are. In some parts of the world, certain hand gestures could be seen as a harmless form of playfulness, while in others they may be considered downright offensive.

It’s important to understand the nuances of nonverbal communication when traveling or interacting with people from other cultures. A seemingly harmless gesture in your own culture could potentially cause offense or even lead to a misunderstanding in another. 

Let’s have a look at some of these hand gestures that may get you into trouble elsewhere.

11. OK Sexual Hand Sign

OK Sexual Hand Sign = A-hole

The OK hand gesture involves touching the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb to form a circle while extending the other three fingers, which has a variety of meanings in different cultures.

In North America and other Western countries, the OK hand gesture is generally seen as a sign of approval or agreement.

To answer your question ‘What does the ok sign mean sexually?’ we have to turn to other cultures and countries, where the gesture can have different meanings altogether. In Brazil, for example, making the OK hand gesture symbolizes a bodily orifice – the a-hole. It’s an insult that could get you in trouble if you’re visiting.

In Japan, as well as in some other countries, it can simply be used to represent the number zero.

As with any nonverbal communication, it is important to be aware of context and cultural norms when using the OK hand gesture or interpreting its meaning. While it may not necessarily have a sexual meaning, it is always best to err on the side of caution and be mindful of how the gesture may be perceived in different settings.

12. Nose Brush

The nose brush involves the person gently brushing their nose with their index or middle finger, with the intention of drawing attention to their nose and therefore, their face.

In some cultures, this can be a flirtatious or seductive move. In Jordan, for example, men can signal their romantic interest to a potential lover by brushing their forefinger across the bridge of their nose.

13. Hit That

Hit That
Hit That = Let’s have sex!

The ‘hit that’ hand gesture has often been associated with sexual innuendos, as it mimics the motion of making love.

Making a fist with one hand and then repeatedly hitting the palm of your open hand is used to sign “Shall we have sex?” in the Middle East.

However, it is important to note that in some settings, the gesture could indicate that you want to hit someone. 

It is important to consider the social norms and cultural background of the person making the gesture before jumping to any conclusions.

14. High Beams

The ‘high beams’ hand gesture is often used to refer to visible erect nipples through clothing. Though it can be used jokingly among friends, it is most often used in a sexual context or to objectify women.

In Lebanon and Syria, it may be used to signal to a woman that you’d like to caress her breasts. 

It is important to remember that such gestures can be offensive and contribute to a culture of harassment. As sage advice, it’s always best to avoid using this type of gesture and instead treat others with the respect and dignity they deserve.

15. V On The Nose

The V on the nose gesture is believed to represent the female genitalia and therefore used as a crude way to refer to sexual activity.

In the Middle East, Central, South America, and typically Latin America, the fingers represent the lady’s genitalia and the nose the man’s.

It’s considered a crude hand gesture in any culture.

16. Finger Hole

Finger Hole
Finger hole = Go Screw Yourself

This finger gesture involves inserting the index finger of one hand through the circle formed by the other hand’s index finger and thumb.

This hand sign is often used in reference to sexual activity and is considered to be a crude gesture in many cultures.

17. Crossing Your Fingers

Crossing Your Fingers
Crossing your fingers = C-word

Crossing your fingers isn’t typically associated with any sexual meaning. In most cultures, crossing your fingers is a sign of good luck or a hopeful wish. It’s also commonly used when making a promise or pledge. In more recent times, this common gesture has been used as a way to tell a white lie or deceive someone.

However, in Vietnam, crossed fingers are seen to resemble female genitals. When done while looking at someone it is considered an obscene gesture, or calling them the c-word.

18. Mouza

Mouza sexual hand gesture
Mouza = Middle Finger

In Greece, holding up your hand, open palm extended towards the receiver is the equivalent of giving someone the middle finger. 

Where in the US it may look like you’re saying ‘Stop!’ or ‘Talk to the hand’, in Greece you could be insulting someone.

19. Scopare

Knocking the air is a proposition for sex. It basically means “Let’s go f*&^!”

For more interesting Italian gestures watch this video below:

20. The Pinky Finger

The pinky finger extended outwards, can indicate a specific sexual insinuation about a guy’s manhood i.e. the opposite of BDE.