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40+ Great Games To Play When Bored In Class

It’s not uncommon to feel bored in class, especially during lectures that aren’t engaging or when you’ve already finished your work. While it’s important to stay focused and participate in your classes, taking a short break to play a game can help refresh your mind and keep you alert.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of games you can play on your computer or phone when you’re bored in class. These games range from simple classics to more complex and challenging options, so there’s something for everyone. Just be sure to use them responsibly and not let them interfere with your learning!

Games To Play When Bored In Class On Computer

There are many things you can do when bored in class, but if you’re allowed a computer then games are a great way to pass the time. Computer games can be a fun and engaging distraction. Here are some games that you can play on your computer, ranging from classic favorites to newer and more challenging options.

1. Minesweeper: A classic game that comes pre-installed on most Windows computers.


Games To Play When Bored In Class On Computer is a massively multiplayer online game! Go ahead and stomp other players, grow huge, and reach number one. Just don’t get stomped!

3. Spider Solitaire: Spider Solitaire is a popular and entertaining single-player card game where the objective is to arrange a tableau of cards in descending order by suit. The goal is to build complete stacks of cards from King to Ace to remove them from the tableau, ultimately aiming to clear the entire tableau and win the game.

4. Hearts (card game) online: Hearts is a classic trick-taking card game where the goal is to avoid collecting points represented by heart cards and the Queen of Spades. Players strategically play cards in each trick, aiming to either win or lose certain tricks to minimize their point accumulation and avoid being the player with the highest score at the end of the game. The online version can be played in single and multiplayer modes.

5. Spades (card game) online: In the game of Spades, the objective is to accurately predict the number of tricks you and your partner can win in each round. By winning the predicted number of tricks, you aim to accumulate points and reach or exceed the pre-agreed target score before your opponents, employing strategic bidding and play to outmaneuver them. The online version features the game in one suit, two suits, and four suit modes.

6. Unblocked Games – Google Sites

Games To Play When Bored In Class On Computer

You can play these unblocked games at school using this link.

7. 2048: A popular and addictive number puzzle game.

8. Tetris: A timeless game that can be played online or downloaded on your computer.

9. Speed Racing

Speed Racing

The goal of Speed Racing is to earn money, win races, and discover new paths by competing against other drivers on a variety of tracks. In order to get started, you need to choose a color for your vehicle.

10. Quick, Draw!

Quick draw

Quick, Draw! This game is both a game and a training tool for neural networks. A word is presented to you, followed by a short time limit to doodle it. Based on machine learning, the system will guess what you are drawing.

11. Trivia Machine

Trivia Machine

MiniClip has a variety of trivia games, including Trivial Pursuit. From films, history, and music, you can choose from a variety of options. Elementary, scholar, and genius are the three skill levels. It’s okay if you don’t like this particular trivia game; there are plenty of others to choose from.

12. Mackerelmedia Fish

Mackerelmedia Fish

The Mackerelmedia Fish is perfect for those who enjoy the strange and unusual. It’s an interactive game that leads you through a retro internet simulation. What is the goal of the game? You should research that yourself. There are many twists and turns in this hilarious, beautifully animated game, so it’s best to have as little information as possible before playing.

13. allows you to control a snake within a neon environment, extending your length by sliding into light orbs. It’s a competition against others that are longer than you are. Wrapping themselves around you will enable them to grow longer. You can do the same thing with smaller snakes as well.

14. The Secret Of Monkey Island

The Secret Of Monkey Island

LucasArts’ 2D adventure game The Secret of Monkey Island uses a third-person perspective and point-and-click interface. Using verbal commands, Guybrush Threepwood navigates and progresses through the game by speaking instructions to fit the environment together to rescue a monkey stranded on an island. There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular logic games available. The game is perfect for passing time when you’re bored.

15. Books Tower

Books Tower

Stack as many books as possible without causing the tower to collapse. The new volumes slide from left to right, and you must click to make them fall. Stacks will tumble if you click incorrectly, so time your clicks carefully.

16. Dominoes


Dominoes are one of the best games to play when you are bored online against a machine or against other players. Multiplayer and one-on-one games are both available on many websites. In general, online dominoes are more complicated than their traditional counterparts, but those who appreciate them will find them enjoyable.

17. QWOP


Another great time waster, when bored at school, is the web game QWOP. Successfully running 100 meters is the goal. The only problem is that it’s not as easy as it sounds since you have to manually control the runner’s calves and thighs. It might take you a while to get off the starting line, but at least you’ll have fun.

18. I Spy With My Little Eye

I Spy With My Little Eye

It is a favorite of younger children. Whenever you’re bored, this game will help you pass the time. In order to play this game, there must be at least two players. An item within reach is identified by one player. It is up to the other player to guess what the item is.

19. Threes


The popular mobile game Threes has been adapted for the web. Using a four-by-four grid, you slide numbered tiles to form multiples of three. Stacking and reaching rare tiles will give you the highest score. The game may seem simple in concept, but it’s incredibly difficult to play for more than a few minutes before there are no moves left.

20. Gridland


The match-three element of Gridland makes it an amazing arcade game. To build up your town and its defenses, you must match the same items together successfully. As night approaches, a swarm of terrors will descend upon the village! Playing the game is simple but challenging, and combining big combinations requires fast thinking.

21. Solitaire


Playing solitaire is a great way to pass the time whenever you want – anywhere, anytime you want. With a game of solitaire, you can liven up your day no matter where you are, whether it is at home on a lazy day or at work taking a break. A quick win will revive your spirit after a dull task.

22. Cookie Clicker: A simple but addictive game where you click to bake cookies and buy upgrades.

23. A multiplayer game where you play as a cell and eat other cells to grow larger.

24. Run 2: A fun and challenging side-scrolling game where you navigate through obstacles to reach the end.

25. Super Smash Flash 2: A fan-made version of the popular Super Smash Bros. game.

26. Helicopter Game: A simple game where you navigate a helicopter through obstacles without crashing.

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Games To Play When Bored At School

1. Word Definition

With this game, students can gain a deeper understanding of high-level vocabulary words. Students are asked to write down what they think a word means. The definitions are read aloud, and students vote on which option is most likely to be correct. During this game, students may benefit from tips on identifying familiar words within the more complex vocabulary.

2. Bingo

Students can use this game to review lesson content and study for exams, particularly when learning complicated vocabulary words or multiplication tables. Students are given grids containing different questions or mathematical expressions. Students listen for answers to items from a corresponding list, then mark the grid when they hear it. Rounds are won by students who mark their entire grid with the most correct answers.

3. Jeopardy

Students can earn points by participating in this contest and learning teamwork skills. A question or mathematical equation is written on an index card, and points are listed on the other side based on the difficulty of the content. Place the cards on a board or screen separated into categories for teams to select from and answer.

4. Pictionary

Students can use this classic approach to visualize their understanding while playing a fun team game together.

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5. Guess a classmate

The purpose of this game is to help students regain their concentration and practice their deduction skills after a break. The students close their eyes and place their hands on the table. A few students are chosen to walk around the classroom and gently tap other students’ hands. This student guesses which classmate tapped their hand and switches roles if they are correct.

6. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissor – This classic hand game is always a hit with kids. With this fun game, you can cast off boredom with some competitive gaming.

7. Finish The Sentence

Students in middle school can use this game to learn memorization and concentration skills. On a board, you write half of a sentence followed by a blank space. Each student begins by adding an item to the blank space. The others then repeat each previous addition before adding theirs.

8. Puzzles

It encourages students to work together and visualize abstract academic concepts through this creative group game.

9. Pass The Object

Students can exercise as they review numerical expressions and important terms in this game. Students are divided into groups and given soft objects or small balls to toss. A question is then presented, which is answered by the student before the ball is tossed to another student. Rounds are won when each student in a group finishes passing the object.

10. Charades

Engaging students in this simple yet classic game is a great way to get them out of their seats and get involved in the lesson.

11. Hangman

Hangman is a game that can be played by multiple players. One player selects a word, phrase, or sentence and the other(s) attempt(s) guessing by suggesting letters, with a limit on the number of guesses. It was originally played using pen and paper, but electronic versions are now available.

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Websites To Go On When Bored At School

When you’re feeling bored at school and looking for a way to pass the time, the internet can be a great source of entertainment and distraction. Here’s a list of websites you can visit to stay entertained, learn new things, or even be more productive during those slow moments at school.

1. Freerice


Make the most of your procrastination by doing something good. Freerice sponsors will donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme for every correct answer you get on this online vocab quiz.

2. Duolingo


With Duolingo, you can learn a new language and cross something off your bucket list! It’s also a fun app that you can download on your phone, so you’ll never miss a lesson.

3. Pottermore


Get ready for the ultimate digital wizarding experience if you’re obsessed with Harry Potter and the rest of the Hogwarts gang at the fun website Pottermore.

4. Scream Into The Void

Scream Into The Void

There is no limit to what you can express on this website. Whenever you are outraged about anything in your life, hit the “scream” button, which will allow you to get it all out into the void.

5. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood

The Rainy Mood app gives you all the benefits of rain without the puddles! It’s perfect for setting a relaxed and chilled-out mood.

6. Autodraw


Using Autodraw, you can doodle freehand, and the site will guess what you were trying to draw. Everyone can enjoy it, whether they are artistically inclined or not.

7. Weave Silk

Weave Silk

With Weave Silk, you can create beautiful, mesmerizing works of art. As well as being a website, you can also download it to your phone or tablet.

8. Lizard Point

Lizard Point

Are you not a big fan of geography? By taking virtual quizzes, Lizard Point helps you broaden your horizons without the pressure of tests and exams.

9. Habitica


Have you ever imagined how your life would look if it were 8-bit? Through Habitica, you can discover and improve your virtual life one quest at a time! Your real life becomes a game with Habitica, a free habit-building, and productivity app. You can achieve your goals to become healthy, hardworking, and happy with Habitica, a game that motivates you with in-game rewards and punishments.

10. Incredibox


A merry crew of beatboxers will help you create your own music! There is no doubt that this will keep you entertained for a few hours at least. The Incredibox music app gives you the chance to create your own tracks with the help of a merry band of beatboxers. Select one of 8 impressive atmospheres and start laying down, recording, and sharing your mix.