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DIY Money Origami (Ideas & Tutorials)

Paper money can be folded into clever origami figures to make a cash gift more exciting and personal.  

Origami doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily make many different origami figures by following these simple step-by-step instructions. 

We have compiled a list of easy DIY money origami that anyone can make. The following are 20 amazing money origami projects for all levels of experience. Are you ready? Let’s discover how to make an origami butterfly, a paper flower, sunglasses, and a lot more!

How To Make Origami Money?

If you’re looking for easy ways to fold money for gifts then just follow the easy tutorials listed below. With any DIY it’s important to follow the step-by-step instructions and practice.

It might be a good idea to cut up some paper into dollar bill proportions, to start practicing with at first. Once you have the hang of it, you can make your perfect DIY dollar origami gift in any $ amount you like.

DIY Money Origami

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift idea or just a fun way to present cash, folding money into artistic shapes is a delightful and easy way to add a personal touch to your monetary gifts.

From easy dollar bill origami to Christmas money origami, there are countless cute and cool ways to fold money. I’ve chosen various money origami ideas, including creative ways to fold money for a gift, simple yet effective folding money into shapes techniques, and even special designs for occasions like birthdays.

Whether you’re a beginner or an origami enthusiast, our money folding ideas will guide you through the process of creating charming and memorable gifts.

Let’s dive into the world of origami with money and discover how to fold money in creative, easy, and adorable ways!

1. Money Origami Shirt and Tie

Tired of giving dad socks for his birthday? This origami shirt and tie is one of my favorite dad gifts.

Using United States dollars is easiest for making this shirt as it is long and thin. If using other currency you can fold the edges in first to make them thinner.

2. Valentine Money Origami Hearts

Folding this origami heart is very easy. Just follow the tutorial to create these super cute little hearts that you can give on Valentine’s Day, or even add to any gift to add some extra love.

3. Money Origami Dollar Bill Box

These cute little money boxes are easy to make and create an excellent gift box. Watch the video at a slow speed to follow the step-by-step instructions easily.

4. Easy Dollar Origami House

Looking for the perfect housewarming gift? You can make a beautiful dollar bill origami house!

Perfect gift for any new homeowner so that they can purchase exactly what they need.

5. Dollar Bill Origami Butterfly Lei

As students begin their new lives, leis are a wonderful way to show them that you are proud of them.

In addition to candy and money, graduation leis can take many forms.

You will stand out from the crowd with these dollar bill origami butterflies.

6. Christmas Tree Money Origami

Holiday gifts such as money are a popular choice.

Fold dollar bills into cute evergreen trees to add a festive touch to your gift.

Just make sure your mini-trees don’t get lost in the holiday chaos.

7. Money Origami Flowers

A graduation lei can come in many forms, but a money lei is the most iconic type.

In this ribbon money lei tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a much more comfortable lei using a ribbon lei as a base.

You can make this DIY money origami lei quickly and easily. Money leis have never looked so festive or pretty!

8. Money Origami Rose

Making an origami rose from paper money is an authentic and romantic way to express your care. Designed to be used alone or as embellishments for more significant gifts, these roses can be created with any denomination of bills.

This DIY dollar bill rose is made with five bills. This tutorial is a little more advanced but it takes less than an hour to complete this project.

9. DIY Dollar Ring

Follow this DIY video tutorial to make an amazing dollar ring.

It’s super cool and makes the perfect gift for anyone.

10. Money Origami Bunny

Money origami is an exciting way to give a gift for a special occasion.

Try this easy DIY money origami bunny for beginners.

One of the cutest Easter gifts for children made from a dollar bill.

11. Money Origami Dress

With this dress, you can transform a cash gift (or tip) into something unique and memorable.

You can even give a dress and suit in origami money as a wedding gift to your friends.

12. Dollar Bulldog Origami

Discover how you can make a bulldog out of money using this easy origami tutorial.

It’s great to give to a kid or a server as a tip. Look at how cute this is!

13. Dollar Bill Jet Fighter Origami

Here’s a cool origami project you can do with a dollar. Making a little homemade gift and attaching a gift card is always appreciated.

This jet fighter origami gift is sure to please kids.

14. Modular Money Origami Star

Interested in learning how to fold a modular DIY money origami star? Learn more by checking out this tutorial.

The money origami stars make a great way to present a cash gift in a more personal way.

15. Money Origami Wreath

Origami wreaths make great tree decorations, bookshelf centerpieces, or even gifts.

You can make the design with your patterned origami papers cut to size if you lack the cash to fold multiple wreaths.

16. Dollar Bill Origami Sunglasses

Follow the easy tutorial to create a cool pair of sunglasses. This cool money origami makes a great gift for teens and even to leave as a tip to impress your partner, and put an even bigger smile on your server’s face.

17. Dollar Bill Origami Elephant

Make out-of-the-ordinary origami by using different kinds of paper, like an elephant made from paper money.

This origami elephant takes a bit more practice when it comes to more intricate folds.

With a little bit of practice and patience, you’ll have this cute little elephant.

I couldn’t resist sharing this cute origami elephant pendant.

elephant origami jewelry

18. Origami Money Flowers

Give your congratulations with a bouquet of money. You can arrange your flowers into a bouquet after you’ve made them. This is the perfect graduation gift.

19. Origami Money Camera

The camera is not your average one, crafted with nothing more than a dollar bill and some origami. Although it has limited functionality, this buck camera still makes a great gift!

20. Origami Money Shirt

With these simple instructions, you can fold an Origami Shirt made out of money.

Getting one of these makes a perfect cash gift or a tip.

I found some ways to fold a dollar bill shirt, but this is the most straightforward and easiest.

21. Origami Money Pixie Shoe

There’s nothing more adorable than a dollar pixie shoe made out of origami.

Beginners can fold this without much difficulty.

22. Origami Dollar Bill Turtle

Have you ever been unsure what to get someone but wanted to give them a gift?

This fun origami concept combines money with origami, to create the perfect gift.

It takes less than 15 minutes to make a turtle from a dollar bill for a friend or significant other.