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What Are Girlfriend Jeans? Styling Guide Included

What Are Girlfriend Jeans?

Girlfriend jeans are a relatively new concept as a spin-off of boyfriend jeans. The style suits your curves and emulates the boyfriend style but still shows off your body shape. GF jeans usually have a higher-cut waist and are more fitted overall, but they still appear relatively relaxed. A tapered and tighter version of boyfriend jeans, these jeans look like a slimmer version.


What are girlfriend jeasn
Girlfriend Jeans: Macy’s

Girlfriend Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans

Girlfriend jeans are usually slim and will help you display your curves, which is the main difference between them and classic boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are baggier and won’t show off your curves. Boyfriend jeans usually sit lower on your hips than girlfriend jeans, having a more relaxed, slouchy look. Both styles are often worn above your ankle. Girls who want jeans with a relaxed fit prefer the boyfriend-style baggy jeans. Girls who want to flaunt their curves and shapes tend to prefer girlfriend jeans.

Girlfriend vs Boyfriend Jeans
Jeans: Macy’s

Straight Jeans vs. Girlfriend Jeans

Straight jeans generally have a constant leg width from top to bottom. That means the leg openings are quite wide by your ankle! Legs are not tapered near the ankle, whereas most girlfriend jeans have a high waist and straight, slim legs. They usually have a slim fit to help you show off your curves. 

traigh leg vs girlfriend jeans
Jeans: Pacsun

Watch how to style your girlfriend jeans in the video below:

How To Wear Girlfriend Jeans

Girlfriend jeans + Oversized tees 

For this year’s fashion, oversized clothes are back, and girlfriend jeans with oversized tees will look perfect. Style your jeans with upturned cuffs, so your ankles are exposed. Wear ankle boots for a smart and stylish look. Or go for white sneakers for a more casual vibe.

Girlfriend jeans & Oversized tees
Source: Pinterest

Girlfriend jeans + Blazers

Put a neatly tailored blazer and chunky-heeled boots on her jeans for a sophisticated look. Jeans in a faded, dark-blue wash look great in white sneakers if you’re in for a more casual look. A checkered, plaid, striped, or even neutral-colored blazer will bring your outfit right up to date!

gf jean & blazer
Source: Pinterest

Girlfriend jeans + Cropped tops

It’s all about cropped tops during summer, which look great with girlfriend jeans. If you don’t want your entire midriff to be seen, wear high-waist jeans. You can wear a trendy cropped top and just show a little skin around your waist with mid-rise girlfriend jeans. Wear this outfit at festivals, during vacations, and during leisure time. It’s trendy and comfortable. 

gf jeans & cropped tops
Source: Pinterest

Girlfriend jeans + sweaters

During the cooler months, you can wear jeans with no collar and an oversized sweater. In contrast to previous years, oversized sweaters this year have wider, baggy sleeves carved into the thigh to give your body a more shaped appearance. Knit sweaters and cardigans with tons of texture are hot this season, so look out for chunky sweaters and cardigans. 

gf jeans & sweaters
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Should I Get Boyfriend, Mom, or Girlfriend Jeans?

boyfriends vs girlfriend vs mom jeans
Jeans: Macy’s

There are some simple things you need to keep in mind in order to make the right decision between these three popular denim styles if you want to keep up with the current fashion trends.

Boyfriend Jeans

Go for boyfriend jeans if you want a casual, laid-back appearance. These slouchy-yet-trendy jeans feel incredibly comfortable and loose. Low waist boyfriend jeans are best for people with a slim, straight body type. Known for their loose, flowy fit, boyfriend jeans pair well with casual clothes like crop tops and tight tees.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans look great on women with a curvier body type and hourglass figure. Because of the high cinched waist of mom jeans, they hide a little belly pooch as well. In addition, mom jeans will also make your legs look longer and accentuate your curves if you have a pear-shaped body, as the cinched waits and tapered legs accentuate that shape.

Girlfriend Jeans

You can choose girlfriend jeans for a more classic look that suits various body types, including those with rounder or apple-shaped figures! These jeans represent a slimmed-down version of the popular boyfriend jean. Their relaxed seat is complemented by tapered legs and a high, fitted waist that goes well with loose shirts.