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What Are Boyfriend Jeans? Including Style Guide

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

‘Boyfriend jeans’ is a term used to describe jeans that look like a person has borrowed their boyfriend’s worn-in jeans. Its style is derived from boys’ jeans, with a slouchy, relaxed, loose fit through the thighs and waist. They are typically mid-low on the waist, are often distressed, and should look oversized when worn.

what are boyfriend jeans
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Why are they called boyfriend jeans?

The boyfriend jeans craze started in the 1960s after Marilyn Monroe appeared in them on the Misfits set. When women began borrowing jeans from their boyfriends’ closets, a new fashion era began in which manufacturers designed jeans for women based on the look of men’s jeans. Therefore, women have gone from borrowing their boyfriends’ jeans to owning pairs of their own.

marilyn monroe boyfriend jeans misfits
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How should boyfriend jeans fit?

Despite boyfriend jeans’ oversized fit, boyfriend jeans shouldn’t be too baggy. They should be loose enough to fit around your thighs but not so loose that another person can squeeze into them. Although it’s not strictly required, they should rest a few inches above your ankle. Consider your height and the type of shoes you are wearing when choosing a length.

Watch the video below to see how to wear and style your boyfriend jeans, and which body types work well with boyfriend jeans:

Relaxed Fit vs. Boyfriend Jeans

Jeans that are designed for a relaxed fit are often made from soft, sturdy denim and cut to flow well over your curves. Despite the relaxed nature of the boyfriend jeans style, it’s important to choose jeans that fit your figure well. They should always fit well at the waist and hips.

Boyfriend Jeans How To Wear

With a plain white t-shirt

White t-shirts are a simple everyday outfit that pairs well with boyfriend jeans. A plain white tee is a wardrobe staple. As far as outerwear or bottoms are concerned, it goes with everything. Due to its simplicity, it is a perfect canvas for a wide variety of styles.

boyfrirend jeans with plain white tshirt
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With a turtleneck

A turtleneck is versatile enough to be paired with skirts and jeans of all kinds, including boyfriend jeans. When worn with boyfriend jeans, a turtleneck top shows off a great figure while covering your shoulders and chest.

boyfriend jeans with a turtleneck
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Boyfriend jeans with a leather jacket

If you’re wearing your boyfriend jeans with a t-shirt, sneakers, or boots, pair them with a biker jacket. You’ll fall in love with this effortless, sexy look.

boyfriend jeans with a leather jacket
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With a camisole

There is something very feminine about a cami, whether worn as it is or layered under some outerwear, so it peeks out a bit. With boyfriend jeans, you can look classy and feminine when you pair them with a camisole. Especially if the cami is made of silk, it dresses up boyfriend jeans.

boyfriend jeans with a camisole
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Boyfriend jeans with a crop top

With a printed, billowy crop top, you can give your ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans an unexpected touch of boho style. 

boyfriend jeans with a crop top
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With a trench coat

Trench coats are a staple for fall, and there’s one for everyone. A trench coat layered over boyfriend jeans is another nice way to dress up the look. When choosing a trench coat, you can go for neutral colors or browns, but if you love some color, you may opt for something brighter.

boyfriend jeans with a trench coat
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With halter top

This outfit is ideal for those who have worked hard to trim down, allowing you to show off your results without revealing too much skin. It will emphasize your collar bones and make an interesting feminine contrast to the baggy jeans.

boyfriend jeans with a halter top
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What Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans


Sneakers and boyfriend jeans are an easy everyday outfit choice that goes with just about anything. When you have an active day ahead, sneakers are a must. Or whenever you’re uncertain, you can always go for a sneaker. It’s a safe choice for your relaxed outfits, or even if you’re wearing something nicer up top but want a more striking contrast. Boyfriend jeans go with so many sneakers! You can go for retro sneakers (Vans or Converse), sporty kicks, high-tops, and slip-on. 

Strappy Sandals

The sleek look of strappy sandals is a perfect complement to boyfriend jeans, which can be worn on a date night as well as for a night out with friends.

boyfriend jeans with strappy sandals
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Combat Boots

A pair of combat boots and boyfriend jeans look fab together. The shoes are comfortable enough to run errands while still looking sharp. If you’re looking for a cozy fall or winter look, try pairing slim-fit boyfriend jeans with black studded combat boots. Add a knit turtleneck sweater and a stylish bag to complete the look.

bf jeans and combat boots
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Style your boyfriend jeans in a more relaxed silhouette with pointed-toe flats in a lively hue. Layer on classic pieces such as a pullover or knit blazer, and finish your look with a sleek crossbody bag.


Pumps look great with almost anything, including boyfriend jeans. Simple pumps with a pointy toe are an all-time favorite. You will see many celebrity images of ladies wearing boyfriend jeans with classic pumps. The combination of pumps with high heels and an oversize blazer elevates casual jeans and tee outfits. If you wish to dress up the look, you can wear darker BF jeans, a fancy top, and a stylish purse. 

boyfriend jeans with pumps
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Ankle Boots

The leather ankle boots or low boots will go perfectly with boyfriend jeans during the cooler months. Make your outfit more casual by rolling up your jeans. Finish your look with a lacy cami or a simple button-down, and add an edgy jacket to complete your look.

bf jeans with ankle boots
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How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans In Winter

Boyfriend jeans + Coats & Jackets 

Adding a coat or jacket to other pieces of clothing is the best thing to do for winter outfits.

1. Look effortlessly stylish with a light wash pair of boyfriend jeans and a warm wool coat.

boyfriend jeans with coat
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2. The marsala sweatshirt looks great with cuffed boyfriend jeans, suede ankle boots in the same shade, a fringe chain handbag, and a stylish jacket. 

The marsala sweatshirt looks great with cuffed boyfriend jeans, suede ankle boots in the same shade, a fringe chain handbag, and a stylish jacket.
Source: Styloholic

3. A distressed pair of boyfriend jeans provide an edgier look. To complete this look, pair combat boots with a bomber jacket.

bf jeans with bomber jacket
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4. Complete the look with a white button-down shirt with boyfriend jeans, a beige wool oversized coat, and a black leather bag, and finish it off with black loafers.

bf jeans white shirt
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5. A puffy jacket looks great with boyfriend jeans with a cropped hemline and sleek ankle boots. 

6. You can pair your boyfriend jeans with a statement coat and sneakers to make your look even more interesting.

7. Adding a gray coat, white sneakers, a tote, and a chunky scarf to a nice pair of boyfriend jeans will make you look warm and cute.

boyfriend jeans grey coat sneakers
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Boyfriend jeans + Turtleneck & Sweaters 

1. Matching a loose grey sweater with distressed boyfriend jeans, white sneakers, and a black velvet crossbody bag will create a casual outfit that is absolutely chic.

grey sweater
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2. Dressing up in light blue distressed jeans with a modern navy turtleneck, stylish pumps, and matching clutch is another interesting outfit idea. 

navy turtleneck
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3. This cool casual outfit features a sweatshirt and jacket in a neutral color, ankle boots, and an infinity scarf to complete the look.

winter boyfriend jeans look
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4. A distressed pair of jeans teamed with a hoodie and Timberland boots make a cool boyish ensemble.

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5. On a chilly day, a stylish outfit consists of boyfriend jeans, a classic black sweater, ankle boots, and a small bag.

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans With Boots

Chunky Boots

Whether you choose chunky boots like Doc Martens, combat boots, or flat Chelsea boots, you’re sure to look stylish with boyfriend jeans. A pair of cut-out booties with a one-and-a-half-inch heel is also a good choice. 

Heeled Booties 

The most popular way to style boyfriend jeans is wearing them with heeled booties, whether casual or dressy. Stay warm while grounding the look, lengthening your leg line, and perfect for the winter. An alternative to the heeled bootie is the wedge shoe. 

Peep-Toe Booties 

An ideal choice for spring is peep-toe booties or sandal booties, whether with heels or flats. Suede makes this style extra comfy and pairs nicely with boyfriend jeans.

Knee-High Boots

Here’s the style everyone’s raving about for the cold weather. To keep your ankles warm, pair your favorite boyfriend jeans with a pair of slouchy knee-high boots. A super casual appearance can be made to appear chic and somewhat polished with this outfit if you style it correctly. You can wear it to virtually any occasion.

Chunky Chelsea Boots

You’ll like this look if you like to take your everyday style to new heights. With a patterned shirt, baggy boyfriend jeans, chunky Chelsea boots, and a short kimono, you will take on the world with a definitive fashion statement.

Timberland Boots

Combining baggy distressed boyfriend jeans with Timberland boots and a sweater creates a terrific fall outfit.

Combat Boots

Put on black studded combat boots with slim boyfriend jeans for an edgy fall and winter look. The top will look amazing with a turtleneck sweater and a stylish handbag.

Ankle Boots 

Get ready for Sunday brunch in seconds with this stylish ensemble. Wine-colored ankle boots and an extra-long cardigan will keep loose boyfriend jeans looking stylish without making them look sloppy.

Cowboy Boots

Even though western boots may seem like a risky choice, they look absolutely stunning with a pair of slouchy jeans. An oversized tee or button-down shirt will complete the look.

How To Make Boyfriend Jeans From Men’s Jeans


When it comes to finding the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, it is not an easy task, and if you are the type of person who will not spend a fortune on ripped jeans, you may want to consider DIYing them. You will learn in this tutorial how to easily give an old pair of loose jeans a fresh new look by making a few simple changes to them.


Start by cutting the hem. The purpose of this is to keep your jeans from becoming too bulky when you roll them. Using a safety pin, cuff them just above the ankle. Once you have removed your jeans, cut the hems at the bottom of the cuffs.


Now it’s time to distress your denim. Start with a small snip using scissors for big rips around the knees. For frayed edges, widen the hole with a butter knife. You can also rip it yourself as it grows. Make small slits with scissors for smaller distressing details. Afterward, you should rough up the holes using a sandpaper block.

Step 3:

Roll your denim 2-3 times to create the perfect boyfriend jeans. Now your jeans are ready!

For a casual, laid-back look, choose boyfriend jeans. These slouchy yet trendy jeans feel incredibly loose and comfortable. The straight leg cut enables these jeans to glide over figure flaws and fall in a straight line from hips to hem. Boyfriend jeans are known for their loose, flowy fit and can be paired with many items like tees or crop tops, as well as boots or strappy heels.  

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