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Funny Cub Scout Skits & Boy Scouts Skits

Are you ready to add a dose of laughter and excitement to your Cub Scouting journey?

Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a collection of the best Cub Scout skits that are sure to entertain both scouts and leaders alike.

Whether you’re gearing up for a fun pack campfire, an outdoor pack meeting, or a memorable pack conference, these skits will surely leave everyone in stitches.

From hilarious 3-person skits to unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this compilation of skits covers everything you need to create an awesome skit experience for your pack.

So gather around the campfire, and get ready to embark on a scouting adventure filled with silly, funny, and memorable skits!

Best Campfire Cub Scout Skits

cubs scouts sitting around a campfire enjoy skits

1. The Viper is Coming!


  • Scout #1 (S1)
  • Scout #2 (S2)
  • Scout #3 (S3)
  • Scout #4 (S4)
  • Last Scout / “Zee Viper” (ZV)

– Roll of toilet paper

Setting: A campsite or outdoor area where the scouts are gathered.

(Scene starts with Scout #1 (S1) running in from offstage left and stops at center stage, looking panicked.)

S1: (shouting) The viper is coming! The viper is coming!
(S1 quickly runs offstage right.)

S2: (shouting) The viper is coming! The viper is coming!
(S2 quickly runs offstage right.)

(Repeat the same pattern with Scouts #3 and #4 etc, each running in, shouting about the viper, and then running offstage right.)

(Last Scout / “Zee Viper” (ZV) walks onstage carrying the roll of toilet paper with some streaming back off the roll, pretending to be the viper.)

ZV: (in a deep, hissing voice) I am zee viper. I am zee viper.
(ZV stops at center stage and dramatically turns to face the audience.)

ZV: (continuing in the hissing voice) I am zee viper. Does anyvone need a vipe?
(ZV chuckles, pretending to be the viper offering a “vipe” with the toilet paper.)

(ZV continues offstage right, still in character, leaving the audience and other scouts laughing.)

2. Mind The Train!

“Mind The Train!” is an entertaining skit that is sure to bring laughter and excitement to any Cub Scout gathering.


  • Scout #1 (S1)
  • Scout #2 (S2)
  • Scout #3 (S3)
  • Scout #4 (S4)
  • Scout #5 (S5)
  • Scout #6 (S6)

Setting: An open area with some space for the “tracks.”

(Scene starts with S1 walking center stage, bending down, and concentrating on something on the ground. S2 walks to S1.)

S2: (curious) What are you looking at?

S1: (excitedly) These tracks here. I can’t tell what kind they are. They look kind of like wolf tracks.

S2: (inspecting the tracks) Hmmm. Naw, those are bear tracks.

S1: (playfully) I don’t think so, they are too long for bear tracks.

S2: Well, let’s get Bobby to help us. Hey, Bobby!

(S3 walks to them.)

S3: (curious) What are you looking at?

S1: (showing the tracks) These tracks here. I think they’re wolf tracks, he thinks they’re bear tracks. What do you think?

S3: (scratching head) Nah, too skinny for wolf tracks. I’d say they’re skunk tracks.

(S1, S2, and S3 continue to examine the tracks closely. Meanwhile, S4, S5, and S6, holding waists to form a train, come chugging quickly down the “tracks” and bowl them all over.)

(As they get up, all scouts laugh.)

S1: (laughing) Aha! I guess they were TRAIN TRACKSl!

3. Can’t Work in the Dark Skit


  • Boss (B)
  • Scout #1 (S1)
  • Scout #2 (S2)
  • Scout #3 (S3)
  • Scout #4 (S4)

Setting: A campsite or outdoor area where the scouts are engaged in pretend work.

(Scout #1, Scout #2, Scout #3, and Scout #4 are working, pretending to rake leaves or dig with shovels. One scout stands slightly apart, raising their arm as if holding a lantern.)

B: (enters the scene, noticing the scout not actively working) Hey, what’s going on here? Why aren’t you helping?

S1: (with a straight face) I’m a lightbulb.

B: (confused) A lightbulb? We’re not pretending to be lightbulbs here! Get back to work, or you’re fired!

(Boss leaves, and the other scouts continue to do the same pretend work. When the boss returns and sees S1 still not working, he becomes furious.)

B: (angry) I told you to get back to work! You’re fired!

(S1 dejectedly lowers their arm and exits the stage.)

(As soon as S1 drops their arm and leaves, the rest of the scouts stop working and look around, pretending to be in the dark.)

B: (confused) Why are you all leaving? Get back to work!

S2: How, Sir? We can’t work in the dark!

4. The Fresh Socks Brigade


  • Scout Leader (SL)
  • Scout #1 (S1)
  • Scout #2 (S2)
  • Scout #3 (S3)
  • Scout #4 (S4)
  • Scout #5 (S5)

Setting: A scout gathering where new socks are being distributed.

(Scene starts with Scout Leader standing with a box of fresh socks as the other scouts gather around.)

SL: Scouts, gather ’round! It’s that time again – fresh socks have arrived! Come and get ’em!
[Other scouts run onstage and line up to receive socks.]

SL: Alright, let’s make sure everyone gets the socks they need. Johnny, how many socks do you need this time?
S2: I need 2 pairs.
SL: Just two?
S2: Yes, I wear one pair for a week while the other pair is in the dirty wash.
SL: (playfully disgusted) Well, that’s one way to do it! Here are your two socks.

S3: I need 4 pairs, please.
SL: Four pairs? What’s the reason behind that?
S3: I put on a fresh pair on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
SL: (approvingly) Ah, I see – a rotating schedule. Good choice! Here you go.

S4: I need 7 pairs.
SL: Excellent! A fresh pair every day, right? [gives the socks]
S4: Absolutely!
SL: Keep up the good work, a clean scout is a happy scout! Here are your seven pairs.

S5: (enthusiastically) 12 pairs, please!
SL: (surprised) Wow, 12!? You must be the cleanest scout around! Why 12 pairs?
S5: (with a grin) Well, there’s January, February, March……

SL: Looks shocked while the audience laughs.

5. The Ghost With The Bloody Finger

The Ghost With The Bloody Finger” is a versatile Cub Scout skit that can be adapted to include a variety of participants. While the core characters are a storyteller, a ghost, and a Cub Scout, additional characters like jack-o-lanterns, spiders, vampires, and more can be included to enhance the comedic effect.


  • Narrator (N)
  • Ghost (G)
  • Jack-o-lantern (J)
  • Spider (S)
  • Vampire (V)
  • Cub Scout (CS)

 Setting: A spooky Halloween night, with various Halloween characters present.

(Scene starts with the Narrator setting the spooky Halloween scene.)

N: (in a mysterious voice) One eerie night, a ghost was out walking, and he met a jack-o-lantern.

G: (approaching the jack-o-lantern) I am the ghost with the bloody finger!

J: (pretending to be scared) Ahh! (screams) (runs away)

N: (continuing) Next, the ghost met a spider.

G: (approaching the spider) I am the ghost with the bloody finger!

S: (shivering) Eek! (screams) (runs away)

N: (continuing) After that, the ghost encountered a vampire.

G: (approaching the vampire) I am the ghost with the bloody finger!

V: (acting frightened) Ahh! (screams) (runs away)

(Continue with as many characters as desired, with each one reacting in fear and running away.)

N: (continuing) Then, the ghost met a brave Cub Scout.

G: (approaching the Cub Scout) I am the ghost with the bloody finger!

CS: (calmly) Well, put a band-aid on it!

Great 3 Person Skits

3 cubs scouts planning their skit

6. Can Clarence Sleepover?

“Can Clarence Sleepover?” is a hilarious and relatable Cub Scout skit that showcases the misadventures of two boy scouts during a stormy night.


  • Mom: (Mother)
  • Scout #1 – Son (S1)
  • Scout #2 – Clarence (S2)

The skit starts with the two scouts engrossed in playing Nintendo when suddenly, a loud clap of thunder startles them.

Realizing that it’s pouring outside, they quickly scramble for a plan.

S1: Clarence, I hear something. Is it raining?

S2: Looks like it.

S1: When you came over there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

S2: I know!

S1: “Wow!” Take a look outside! It’s absolutely pouring!

S2: Wow, it sure is.

Mother: Clarence, I can’t let you go home in this storm. You’ll catch your death of cold.

S1: Mom, can Clarence sleep over? Huh, can he? Please?

Mother: Sure he can. But you come upstairs with me first and get your room straightened up.

[Mother and 1st Cub leave to go upstairs to get the bed ready while talking to each other. Clarence leaves in another direction. Mother comes back and calls for Clarence.]

Mother: Clarence, I’ve got your bed ready … Clarence? Clarence, Where are you? [Clarence comes in dripping wet]

Clarence! You’re soaking wet! Where have you been?

S2: (panting) I ran home , to get , my pajamas.

7. The Quest for the Lost Quarter

Are you ready for some laughter and hilarity at your next Cub Scouts event? Look no further than the “Lost Money Skit”! This fun and interactive skit involves several Cub Scouts and will have everyone in stitches.

The skit begins with one Scout frantically searching for his lost money. He is joined by a group of fellow Scouts as they all start circling and scanning the ground for any sign of the missing funds. The audience is captivated as they watch the boys diligently search, their expressions a mix of determination and confusion.


  • Scout #1 (S1)
  • Scout #2 (S2)
  • Scout #3 (S3)

Setting: A darkened stage with a lamppost providing the only source of light.

(Scene starts with Scout #1 (S1) searching the ground near the lamppost where the light is shining. Scout #2 (S2) walks by.)

S2: (curious) Hey, what are you looking for?
S1: (frustrated) I lost a quarter.
S2: Well, I’ll help you find it.

(S2 starts searching the ground in the same area.)

S3: (passing by) Hey, what are you looking for?
S1: (still searching) I lost a quarter.
S3: Don’t worry, I’ll help you find it. (starts searching with S1 and S2)

(Each passing Scout asks the same question and joins the search.)

[Continue until all actors (scouts) are searching the ground.]

(They search for a while, getting more and more puzzled.)

S2: (confused) Man, I just don’t see it. Are you sure you lost that quarter here?
S1: (finally realizing) No, I didn’t lose it here. I lost it over there.
S2: (surprised) What? Then, why are we searching over here?
S1: (with a sheepish smile) Because the light is better over here!

8. Ice Fishing

The skit “Ice Fishing” is a humorous portrayal of two ice fishermen who are trying to find the perfect spot to fish. The skit begins with the two fishermen, let’s call them Fritz and Hans, excitedly setting up their fishing gear on an imaginary frozen lake.


  • Fritz (Scout #1)
  • Hans (Scout #2)
  • God’s Voice (Offstage, played by the Ice Rink Manager)

Setting: An icy lake or pond where Fritz and Hans are pretending to ice fish.

(Scene starts with Fritz and Hans walking to center stage as ice fishermen.)

Fritz: (excited) Hans, dis looks like a goot spot.

Hans: (enthusiastic) Ya, Fritz, let’s start here, den.

(Hans begins using a manual ice drill to cut through the ice.)

God’s Voice: (booming from offstage) There are no fish there!

(Fritz and Hans jump and look around, puzzled.)

Fritz: (whispering) Hans, did you hear dat?

Hans: (whispering) Ya, Fritz, it sounded like a voice.

Fritz: (whispering) But dere’s no one here.

God’s Voice: (booming again) There are no fish there!

(Fritz and Hans look surprised and exchange confused glances.)

Fritz: (whispering) Hans, let’s try over der.

Hans: (whispering) Ya, Fritz, you drill the hole dis time.

(Fritz takes the drill, and they move to a new location and start drilling through the ice.)

God’s Voice: (booming once more) There are no fish there!

(Fritz and Hans jump again and look around, bewildered.)

Fritz: My gosh, Hans, we’d best try a different spot, I’m thinkin’.

Hans: Ya, Fritz, dat looks pretty good over der.

(Fritz takes the drill again, and they move to a new location and start drilling through the ice.)

God’s Voice: (firmly) Listen, you guys, I’m the ice rink manager, and THERE ARE NO FISH THERE!

Funny 2 Person Skits

9. Got Any Duck Food?


  • Store Owner (SO)
  • Customer (C)

Setting: A small store with various items displayed on shelves.

(Scene starts with the Customer (C) entering the store and approaching the Store Owner (SO) behind the counter.)

C: (with a friendly tone) Good day! Do you have any duck food?

SO: (confused) Duck food? No, I’m sorry, we don’t sell duck food here.

C: (nodding) Oh, alright. Thank you anyway.

(The next day, C returns to the store, wearing a hat and different clothes.)

C: (acting as a different character) Hello there! Got any duck food?

SO: (recognizing C but playing along) Didn’t I see you yesterday? As I told you, we don’t have any duck food.

C: (acting slightly different) Oh, my mistake. Have a nice day!

(Over the next few days, C repeatedly returns to the store, each time in a different disguise, asking for duck food.)

C: (as various characters, pretending to be different people) Hi, do you have any duck food? / Excuse me, where’s your duck food? / Hey, got any duck food?

SO: (getting more exasperated with each visit) No, no, and NO! We don’t have duck food! If one more person asks me for duck food, I’m going to nail their feet to the floor!

C: (laughing) Alright, alright. I was just curious.

(The next day, C returns without any disguise.)

C: (innocently) Hey, do you have any nails?

SO: (confused) Nails? No, we don’t sell nails.

C: (with a grin) Well, in that case, do you have any duck food? 

10. Broken Finger


  • Scout #1 (S1) – The one with the “broken finger”
  • Scout #2 (S2) – The helpful scout

Setting: A campsite or any place where the scouts can interact.

(Scene starts with S1 approaching S2, looking concerned.)

S1: Hey, Johnny, you’re good with first aid. I need your help.

S2: (eager to assist) Sure, what’s the problem?

S1: (demonstrating) When I touch my forehead with my finger, it really hurts. (touches forehead) When I push on my jaw, it’s also painful. (presses on jaw) When I press on my stomach, I almost cry. (presses on stomach) What can it be?

(Throughout the lines, S1 always pushes with the tip of the same finger.)

S2: (inspects S1, trying to figure out the issue) Let’s see… (looks in S1’s ears, listens to his heart, and has him open his mouth)

S2: (concerned) Man, I don’t know. You’d better go see the doctor right away.

S1: (worried) OK, I’ll be right back.

(S1 runs offstage and immediately returns.)

S2: (curious) So, what did the doctor say? What’s wrong with you?

Good Boy Scout Skits

11. The Elusive Echo


  • Boy Scout #1 (BS1)
  • Boy Scout #2 (BS2)
  • Boy Scout #3 (BS3)
  • Boy Scout #4 (BS4)
  • Offstage Echoing Scouts (OES)

Setting: A place with good acoustics for an echo.

(BS1 stands on stage, announcing to the audience.)

BS1: (enthusiastically) Hey, everyone! There’s a fantastic echo here. Let’s try it out! (raises his voice) Chicken soup!

OES: (offstage, echoing) Chicken soup!

BS2: (eagerly) Let me try! (shouting) Bananas!

OES: (offstage, echoing) Bananas!

BS3: (excited) Cool! (shouting) Eagles!

OES: (offstage, echoing) Eagles!

(They continue with a few more examples of different words echoing back until they reach the last Boy Scout, BS4.)

BS4: (grinning) Alright, my turn. (shouting) Baloney!

(There is no echo.)

BS4: (a bit disappointed) Hmm… let’s try that again. (shouting) Baloney!

(Still, there is no echo.)

BS4: (confused) Strange… Let’s try something else. (shouting) Mr. (Leader) is a great Cubmaster!

OES: (offstage, echoing) Baloney.

(BS4 looks bewildered as the other scouts and the audience burst into laughter.)

12. You Need A Tie, Sir

In the scorching desert, a weary traveler wanders, desperately in search of water to quench his thirst. Little does he know that he is about to encounter three rather unusual salesmen.


  • Scout #1 (S1) – Thirsty Scout
  • Scout #2 (S2)
  • Scout #3 (S3)
  • Scout #4 (S4)
  • Last One – Tie Guardian (TG)

Setting: A desert or dry landscape with an “oasis” area.

(Scene starts with S1 struggling across the stage, looking exhausted and in desperate need of water.)

S1: (panting) Water! I need water!

(S1 approaches S2.)

S2: (cheerful) Here, sir. Would you like to buy a tie?

S1: (frustrated) A tie? No! It’s 110 degrees, and the sand is blistering my feet. I want water, not a tie!

(S1 continues struggling to the next person, S3.)

S3: (enthusiastic) I have ties on a special sale today only. Would you like one? Real cheap!

S1: (exasperated) I’m dying here. I need water, not a cheap tie.

(S1 continues on to the next person, S4, and encounters more attempts to sell ties.)

(S1’s desperation increases as they approach the last person, TG, who is guarding the “oasis” area.)

S1: (spotting the oasis) An oasis! Water! And, there’s someone guarding it. It must be good, clean water.

S1: (pleading) Please, can I have a glass of water!

TG: (authoritative) I’m sorry, sir, but you need a tie to enter this oasis.

13. The Fishing Secret


  • Scout #1 (S1)
  • Fish Scout (FS)
  • Scout #2 (S2)
  • Scout #3 (S3)
  • Scout #4 (S4)
  • Scout #5 (S5)

Setting: A fishing spot by a lake or river where the scouts are fishing.

(Scene starts with S1, S2, S3, and S4 fishing together, without catching anything. FS walks onstage, waves to them, and they wave back. FS sits away from the group and starts fishing. He successfully catches a fish and repeats it a few times.)

(S1 gets up and walks over to FS.)

S1: (curious) I’ve been here fishing all day and haven’t caught anything. You’ve almost caught your limit already. What’s your secret?

FS: (mumbles with his mouth closed)

S1: (struggling to hear) What did you say?

FS: (repeats the mumbling)

S1: (a bit frustrated) Oh, never mind! (walks back to the group)

S1: (to the group) He’s kinda strange. I couldn’t understand him.

(S2, S3, and S4 each take turns asking FS the same question but get the same mumbling response.)

(Lastly, S5, the last scout, approaches FS.)

S5: (excited) We’ve been here all day and haven’t caught anything. What’s your secret?

FS: (mumbles with his mouth closed)

S5: (determined) What?

FS: (repeats the mumbling)

S5: (playfully) Come on, you can tell me, buddy! (gives FS a friendly slap on the back)

(The slap causes FS to take a big hard swallow, and he looks kind of sick.)

FS: (finally speaking clearly) I said – “You have to keep the worms warm!”

14. Bandana-Banana Skit


  • Announcer (Scouter, older scout, Den Chief)
  • Several Scouts (each with a bandana or neckerchief)
  • Scouter with a Banana (Scouter, older scout, Den Chief)

Setting: A gathering of scouts with the Announcer standing in front.

(Announcer stands in front of the group, holding a bandana.)

Announcer: You know, Scouts, a bandana is a very useful thing to have. Everyone, get out your bandana, and I’ll show you how versatile it can be.

(The Scouts all pull out their neckerchiefs while the Scouter holds a banana.)

Announcer: (continuing) One of the best uses for a bandana is to wipe the sweat off your face when you’re hot. Give it a try.

(Everyone wipes their faces with their neckerchiefs. The Scouter mimics the action, using the banana to wipe his face. The Scouts and the Scouter follow the Announcer’s instructions.)

Announcer: When you’re finished, just fold your bandana in half and stick it in your pocket.

Announcer: If it’s sunny, you can put your bandana on your head to protect yourself from the rays of the sun.

Announcer: You can use it to dry your hands.

Announcer: If you need to blow your nose, it comes in handy.

Announcer: If you need to sit on the ground, you can put it beneath you and sit on it.

Announcer: And when you’re finished, you just stick it back in your pocket.

(Throughout the skit, the Scouter with the banana tries to follow the instructions with the banana, making a mess in the process.)

Scouter with Banana: (confused) How am I supposed to do that?

Announcer: (not noticing the banana) What are you doing?

Scouter with Banana: (frustrated) I did everything you told me, but there is no way I’m sticking this banana back in my pocket.

Announcer: (realizing the mistake) Oh, I said bandana, not banana!

Funny Girl Scout Skits

15. The Hilarious Elevator Ride


  • Elevator Operator
  • 4-5 Passengers

(Elevator doors open as the Elevator Operator stands inside, ready to start the ride.)

Elevator Operator: (in a cheerful tone) Ground Floor, going up!

(A passenger boards the elevator and starts to jiggle slightly.)

Elevator Operator: (continuing) First floor, Women’s Clothing!

(Passenger #1 starts jiggling more.)

Elevator Operator: Second floor, Toys!

(Passenger #2 starts jiggling as well)

Elevator Operator: Third floor, Men’s Clothing!

(Passenger #3 starts jiggling too.)

Elevator Operator: Fourth floor, Household items!

(Passenger #4 joins in the jiggling)

(Every floor brings more passengers and more jiggling.)

Elevator Operator: Ninth floor, Electronics!

(Passenger #5 starts jiggling and hoping from leg to leg)

(As the elevator climbs higher, the jiggling gets crazier.)

Elevator Operator: (finally) Seventeenth floor, Bathrooms!

(Everyone rushes off the elevator hurriedly, mimicking a strong urge.)

Elevator Operator: (looking funny and starts jiggling) ME TOO!

(The Elevator Operator quickly leaves the elevator in a hilarious manner.)

16. Doctor! Doctor!

Different doctors and patients can fly in and out for each appointment, but the process will be more frantic and chaotic. So it is best to have the same doctor treat different patients.


  • 7 Scouts as patients
  • 1 scout as the doctor

Patient 1: Doctor! Doctor! I feel like a set of drapes.
Doctor: Pull yourself together!

Patient 2: Doctor! Doctor! Am I going to die?
Doctor: That’s the last thing you’ll do.

Patient 3: Doctor! Doctor! Everyone keeps ignoring me.
Doctor: Next!

Patient 4: Doctor! Doctor! My back feels like a deck of cards!
Doctor: I’ll deal with you later.

Patient 5: Doctor! Doctor! What’s wrong with me?
Doctor: Have you had this before?
Patient 5: Yes.
Doctor: Well, you’ve got it again!

Doctor: You’ll live to be 80.
Patient 6: I am 80.
Doctor: See!

Patient 7:Doctor! Doctor! I’ve got insomnia.
Doctor: Don’t lose any sleep over it!

Cub Scout Skits For Wolves

17. We Don’t Have A Skit 

 It is a great skit to do with younger scouts since they do not have to memorize many lines. It is also great for use with any number of Scouts because it can be adapted to any size of the group.


  • 4 or more scouts

As the Scout enters, he looks at the audience. Then he sits on the stage and starts crying loudly.

Another Scout enters. As soon as the first scout whispered something to the second, he said, “Oh no!”

Suddenly, he bursts into tears and sits next to the first.

The third Scout walks in, and the moment he heard from the second scout, he says, “I can’t believe it,” as he breaks down in tears.

As each Scout comes in, they do this until all except one are on stage.

As the last Scout enters, he asks, “What’s wrong?”

One of the sobbing Scouts answers, “We don’t have a skit.”

18. The Invisible Bench Skit


  • Scout #1
  • Scout #2
  • Scout #3
  • Last Scout

Setting: A stage or any open area where the scouts can interact.

(Scene starts with Scout #1 walking onstage and squatting down as if sitting on an invisible bench.)

Scout #2: (walks up to Scout #1) Whatcha doin’?

Scout #1: (casually) Just sitting on this invisible bench.

Scout #2: Can I join you?

Scout #1: (friendly) Sure.

(Scout #2 sits down next to Scout #1.)

Scout #3: (walks up and repeats the dialog with Scout #1)

(Each scout comes on one by one and repeats the dialog, making a long line of scouts sitting on the invisible bench.)

Last Scout: (walks up to the line of scouts) What are you guys doing?

All Scouts: (in unison) Just sitting here on this invisible bench.

Last Scout: (mischievously) No, you aren’t. I moved the bench over there. (points to a new spot)

(All the sitting scouts fall down dramatically, pretending the bench was pulled away.)

And there you have it – a treasure trove of skit ideas for Scouting success! We hope this selection of popular scout skits, uncommon skits, and simple skits will inspire your pack to unleash their creativity and put on unforgettable performances. From cub scout skits to older scouters, each skit offers a unique flavor that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

So whether you choose the invisible bench skit, the campfire program skit, or any other skit that caught your eye, remember that the heart of scouting lies in the joy and camaraderie these fun skits bring. So go ahead and bring that street light moment to your next pack program – the scouts will surely limp out from laughing so hard! Happy skitting, everyone!