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Why Teens Should Question Health Information On TikTok

Are the ‘experts’ sharing health information on TikTok really credible?

Recently TikTok has reached a new high boasting 100 million users.

A lot of information is spread on this platform which is great for learning in short time frames.

The issue is that not everyone spreading information is qualified to do so.

This can be concerning when the health information on TikTok they’re listening to is unsupported.

It’s important to make sure your teen understands how to differentiate between people who have the authority to speak on a topic.

Many popular accounts may look professional and have many followers.

Some of these speak pseudo-science that sounds smart but is actually misleading teens.

Why Teens Should Question Health Information On TikTok

Key Takeaways:

  • 100 million Americans use TikTok monthly and adults are starting to join the social media platform as well.
  • TikTok has community guidelines but they don’t have any kind of application that a person needs to fill out in order to get verified.
  • If your teen has health questions about a TikTok video, make sure to teach them how to evaluate someone’s credibility.

This has also made it yet another environment where teens are vulnerable to manipulation and susceptible to misinformation from supposed “experts” of all kinds, including health experts.”

The best way to guide your teens about how to evaluate what they see or hear on TikTok, or any social media channel, is to watch the videos with them.

Then you can walk through the process of finding out if this person is actually an expert or professional in their field.

You can click through to their website. See what credentials they have. Follow links to their other social media platforms, like LinkedIn, which should give you a clearer idea of how credible they really are.

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