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Book Review: He’s Not Lazy by Adam Price

If you’re concerned that your teenage son seems lazy and doesn’t take responsibility for his future, then you need to read:

“He’s Not Lazy: Empowering Your Son To Believe In Himself” by Adam Price, PhD

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Is your teenage son struggling at school?

He might be a capable teen but seems unmotivated to the point that you think he’s just being lazy.

Dr. Adam Price explains that’s the wrong conclusion to draw and one that leads to the wrong parenting approach.

He argues that many young conflicted teens do want to succeed, but are afraid to fail, and so do not try.

Dr. Price gives good insight into the adolescent mind of a boy and the challenges boys are uniquely facing in today’s electronic driven (social media, video games, etc.) culture

It offers solutions and some very common sense, practical tips on how to move forward.

He explains that ‘helicopter parenting’ only exacerbates the issue.

Parents need to step back and give their boys more room to fail as a means of growing toward independence.

We need to let them learn their life-lessons from living their own life.

Parents of tweens, teens and young adult men should read this book.

It will give you some realistic tools to deal with attitudes and behavior. As well as lots of good insight for communicating with teenagers.

This book can help you become an ally with your son, as he discovers greater self-confidence and accepts responsibility for his future.

He’s Not Lazy – Interview With Adam Price The Author

You might also find this podcast interesting where they discuss this topic more in depth.

Topics that they cover include:


  • The prevalence of unmotivated boys in our culture and schooling
  • Why simple unmotivation is different from depression or other clinically-diagnosed problems
  • Laziness vs. fear and avoidance
  • Are more young men disengaged today than a couple decades ago?
  • How boys handle stress differently from girls
  • Why academic pressure is more acute nowadays
  • Why it’s okay for boys to be late bloomers
  • The physical and emotional changes of adolescence
  • How parents typically respond to this type of teenage behavior
  • The dangers of overprotective parenting
  • Why your kids shouldn’t be treated like royalty
  • An exercise to determine how much you do for your kids, and how to start letting them do more on their own
  • What it looks like to set boundaries in a way that also allows autonomy
  • Why letting kids fail is absolutely necessary
  • How parents should approach their teens’ bedrooms (in regards to cleanliness)
  • How long does it take for these principles to start to take hold?
  • Your primary job as a parent (hint: it’s not about making your kid(s) happy)
  • How to get disengaged boys to talk

This book is available from Amazon: He’s Not Lazy by Adam Price

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